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Bismillah Aloha Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam right I should have freedom be able to city

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or Medora so ly sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Salim and Cassia sera

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just as

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Imagine we just listen to the Quran behind our shirt mashallah bless him and grant him the knower of the crown that he has given him in his heart in his life. Inshallah

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imagine the state of the Sahaba renowned

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will listen to this column for the first time

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we sold

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Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa,

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in the voice of the one who received the kalam of Allah

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the wise also lies and Allah highly here on how to use I was

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doing the ad which aggravated some sort of not

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imagine the Sava are listening to this recitation

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and also has LM is

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the occult those tell Pharaoh Romberg

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in Ghana of

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you'll see this server Aleykum Madara volume this VM well you have any way I like him then nothing

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they raided the Xavi standing behind in a very solemn

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and he's listening he's a human being like me maybe made some mistake maybe he did something

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and here is the result of him saying we're

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now gonna

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seek forgiveness from Europe journal and he is the most forgiving and it was possible

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usually some Aleykum withdrawal and he will send the bond you're in

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boom do the Kobe avoid evil bunny

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where you're like I'm gonna do like one how

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Allah's Vidal is the one who will help you and He will give you in that and he will support you

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with wealth and with children.

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And he will give you a garden and he will give you rewards.

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Imagine what they must be feeling.

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We listen to the same column of others rather ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us control and also

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that we listen to the collab

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with the RSS

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with this sense and with the awareness of who is speaking, who's collaborated.

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And that is why no one is Rob says. Ma komla Thoreau and

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Eva Cora

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work on your failure Kakuma

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and who is this Hola Hola, eva Nicola. Whosoever is m our diva call. Why there is no comma Rafi in Orono Shams se Raja wala one but I mean, our audience.

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Just imagine this is the kalam of Allah Jalla Jalla.

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Allah's route did I say

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the halal laws or how long

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it was rather than saying

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nor is it I was at St. Louis we will basically

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he says what is the matter with you?

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How is it

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that you

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Do not have the all and majesty and glory of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in your hearts

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How is this possible that you do not have the glory and majesty of Allah in your hearts

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and then

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he says, caught the fall of Algoma dwara

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and he truly created you in stages of development

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and he says

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the Hello

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users do not see how Allah subhanaw taala recreated the seven heavens, one above the other

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and then he placed

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in those seven heavens

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the sun

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or geography in

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with the cover of a neuro ojala Shams era and he said he put there the cover the moon

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as a lamp

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then he bought the Shams

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the wood the

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as a radiant lamps the moon is like a lamp but it's like reflected light and the sun is the one which gives

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the light itself

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which is also something that we know today scientifically.

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point here is that and there are many eyes in the Quran already where Allah subhanaw taala spoke about his glory and His Majesty

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and sorrows in Nevada last night he loved them he had what did you rather alter the Valhalla Anakin was

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gonna lay the diversity

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on the hara, Mirage and so on. Right? And that's about that I mentioned all of these. His advisor Allah gave you this he gave you made the earth and He made them out and then he gave us sleep as a blessing for you and He gave you as well as he gave you your spouse's

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and so on and so on right now, these are signs Allah subhanaw taala. And when we listen to the Quran, when we read the Quran when we started in Salah, the whole idea is to have this glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala in our hearts,

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to bring it into the heart to reflect on it to think about it and say that here I am standing

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and listening to this divine message this Divine Words which was spoken first by ALLAH SubhanA wa jalla wa Salaam and Julius RAM spoke to Amazon seller and Rosaura. Sasaram spoke them to the SIVA and to them we get we get these words.

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And that is how they had the effect. The Quran is first and foremost the spoken word, it is not the written word.

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It's a spoken word it was heard. And the sound entered the heart, the words and the meanings and the sound entered the hearts of people and change their hearts. Imagine today we wonder how somebody changes, everyone has also changed? How come they change so fast? Right? How did it change so fast? Is it to the real?

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First and foremost, it is none of your business. If you look at somebody is changing. It is none of your business to judge them and say is it rare? It is not real. They're changing. They're changing what they do. But if you really want an answer, I see the state of Oregon Katara Golan for example.

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What can be a bigger change than the change of ceremony? Here the man who pulled out his sword naked sword in the hand. He announces that he's going to go and he is going to kill Rasul Allah is Allah Serena Williams Deli.

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He makes his announcement opening I'm going to kill Mohamed salah.

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And then he heads them

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and after that

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complete change right 180 degrees change.

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Why? Because he heard

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he heard the Quran locally. In his sister's house with old story I won't go into the details. But he heard this ayat of surah Taha

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in his sister's house,

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and completely changed his life.

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And the same man who went to kill Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam became the greatest friend also

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Send them the greatest support

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and remain true like that throughout his life

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a man for over a 07 said, if our goes one way,

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and you've shared that is going the opposite direction when he sees somebody certain changes the direction he will take some of the street

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you will not cross seven hours away

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he may do I said yeah, like give me Shahada.

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They want to dye the shade

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to his daughter, our mother, Omar Hafsa.

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Or the Alana. She said to me, she said my father, how can you die he when you are in Medina,

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you are in the safest place in the in the whole, you know, Muslim rule, the jihad and the end of what is happening in Iraq and it is happening in qadisiya in the desert. You are here in Medina how who is there is no danger you

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know, what are the laws there? My job is to ask Allah

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that's it.

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Just for Allah to give.

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Then what happened?

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He was dealing the law that

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he was deciding for our leading struggle

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so why don't love me by then.

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When Allah wants to give,

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Allah gives the best.

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If center Amara had been shade, walking in the market, you will still reject

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or no Allah gives him the best. His dealings are the Father as the

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reciting Quran when the man comes and stabs him.

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So, he is is dying in a state of Budo.

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In Murchison, Sharif

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reciting Quran

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this is the anatomy the light and that's what I'm going to give you.

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Avec Davi ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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make the bring the reality of His glory and majesty to our hearts

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to fill our hearts with His knower and with discretion and with Osama

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and his glory and majesty and to change our lives in a way that he is with us Inshallah, and to take us in a state where his business

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masala Allah Allah, Allah will carry values