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25 is still far As salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu friends the Day of Arafah I'm sure you want to make his still far let's do it together

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open your hearts hands up hands down just open your heart now we're going to have an amazing evening together you worried don't worry about it. I stole federal law How do I beam in cooler than being one or two a day you could say a stole federal law ha Robbie min Cooley them being what do boo la stockfeed hola hola. Alvim a stowford Hola. Hola. A selfie de la Halloween stuff. Hola. Hola. Alvim

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still federal law halau li Mala de la ilaha illa who will hire you will pay you more do boo la

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Robina Atomium Lana No Ron our Filipina in NACA Allah cliche in Kadir rub Bill federal water Hemanta hierarchy mean rugby, rugby knee vollum to nerf CFL fairly rugby near vollum do not see fall fairly

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or be in near vollum to nerf see fall fairly or below fear Warham in in NACA law who enact a law who and Delilah and I assume a crumb or bill or fear or water hum in NACA law who and del azul at Karim

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Allahumma theatre Lee called law boy Yaya was to new B Kula above Miami. Hola como fear li them b What tuba isla? Yeah, in Naka and del agua Pharrell wpforo Rahim in naka de la or fool Rahim.

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Hola como theater li them b We're to Bala. Yeah. In Naga and de la of rural Rahim. Allah Mo Farah li water hum me Allahumma salli wa dini. Robina alumna and forcing our Ilam dolphin Lana water Hamner, land Hakuna and Amin Aloha serine Allahu Allah, Houma. mouthfeel erotica, O Seru minzu be whare Metallica Oh are in the minimally Subhanak Allahumma will be handy guy shadow Allah Illa Illa and a selfie Luca What do you like? Allahumma fearly Wally Wally the year Rob Burnham Houma Kamara Bayani Saphira Robina in

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Finland Goulburn Joaquina dabba now, Robin folfiri Lana DUNU urbanna what is so often fee Lena was a bit awkward Domina on sunnah al COVID carefree and Robin alfalfa Atlanta Zulu been our coffee run say

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Allah brah Robin of Atlanta Wally Wally the year with me Nina Yomi Akuma hisab Robin

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and Bhima Robina and fildena Warhammer what antihero rocky mean? Robina was coo coo Lashay Ramadan wa Ilma folfiri fulfill Leela Dnata boo boo subby laka team what are they him? What working him walking him either but to him working him either bulging him

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Rob Bill Phil Lee what tuba I lay in NACA and the wobble Raheem Rabil Phil, Lana Willie one in Alladhina Saba guna Bill Eema and Robin Allah that lotta Jana Robin Allah that John field Gulu B na Lila Lila de na

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man who Rabbana Robina

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go Oh, four Rahim. rabanne Allah the fifth Natali Ludhiana cafardo Fifth Lana Robina in

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Inaka and the lousy Zool Hakeem

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are a bit fiddly while he while he the year walima duckula Beatty Mina Mina, well, meaning our minute Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad, Allah Murphy Lee Hartley at the wotja Li y Salafi fee Emily wama and Arla Moby him in the Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad, a beautiful time Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Juan de Mohammed on the 20 minute of the fourth hour for us for 20 years.

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Do you make for hours and more four and a half hours of worship? A selfie Allah Oh Allah I ask for your forgiveness a stowford Allah Oh Allah accept your forgiveness a cellfood Allah Oh Allah I forgive others a cellfood Allah I forgive myself a stone futile ly forgive myself for mistakes that I've made a self it Allah I am a miracle and the miracle of forgiveness comes through me as Estelle federal law for with every other human being making is still far at this exact moment alumna Sonny Mohammed a self did Allah a stuff that Allah a stuff that Allah

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Subhan Arabic Allah Allah is that they are mostly foreigners Salaam and Alan Morsani in one hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.