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AI: Summary © The EAD Al Katy celebration is discussed, including the use of the term " Cole" in English and its relation to the title of the book of fasting. The importance of natural prayer practices and dressing oneself in public is emphasized, along with the need for prayers during large annual gatherings and reciting the daily act of eating the penalty god's act. Prayer is emphasized as a way to address prayer needs and missed meal times. Visitors are encouraged to pray during the night to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, and to keep everyone in a safe place during the night.
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dear brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh maybe peace, mercy and the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala he on all of you. Welcome to the show Ramadan to date with Dr. Zakir I'm your host use of chambers and today we will be discussing the topic. EAD alfetta Dr. Zakir Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato while ago philarmonic mercato. Well, Dr. Zakir yesterday, of course, we discussed the topic as a cattle fitter. And we had some very interesting discussion about that subject and some questions from our viewers. And today, we need to move on to AIDS either fit, which is a wonderful celebration for the Muslims, but I would

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very much like you now to define the term eet Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah wasabia Jemaine, Ubud also Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, rubbish Elisa de were cilia, Marie Wyler, determine lasagna, Kali, the word it means something which is habitual,

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it also means to return it also means to repeat In short, it means, it is a recurring event and it can also be used for a particular place, which people visit periodically. It can also mean

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a time period where a particular act is done regularly.

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The plural of it is add, it is a day of gathering, the EAD is derived from the Arabic word other, which means to return and people return this event every year. That's it. And RB he says that, the reason he is called because it returns the happiness every year.

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And the word eat, some people say it also derived from other which means the custom which means tradition, so, people accustomed to celebrating each day for the word each day, I find a Muslim amad one number 300 number 12006

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masala solemn one day enters the city of Medina. And before in the days of the Hillier in the days of ignorance, the people of Medina used to celebrate two days of sports and amusement. One was the day of narrows,

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which was the new year. The other was the day of Mahara Jan, which was the final day of the year. So Prime Minister awesome says that you people in the days of Julia used to celebrate two days with sports and amusement. Now, Allah Spano, tala replaced it with two better days, the days of not that is the day of sacrifice and the day after that the day of breaking indicating the day in the to eat we have it will other and the it will settle they have replaced with the previous days of jelenia. So here we come to know that Allah subhanaw taala has replaced the days of jalur pupils to enjoy with play an amusement with days that a better day of sacrifice, that your forgiveness, etc. which

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is much better for them for this world as well as for DACA.

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Okay, just like okay, Dr. Zack here in the morning, if the aid is a requirement for the Muslims to go out and do the prayer, could you explain for the benefit of myself and the viewers? What are the rulings regarding the IED prayer?

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As far as the prayer for it is concerned? A Beloved Prophet Muslim said it's mentioned as a Muslim model number two in the book of fasting, and ID number 2534. Abu huraira. May Allah be pleased with him, he said that the Prophet masala sallam, he said that fasting is prohibited on two days.

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On April 5, and

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that no two days of Eden, it will fit the breaking of the fast any day of the that the day of sacrifice, these two days is prohibited. So no one can fast on these two days, as far as the ruling is concerned about the Salah for illustrated the difference of opinion amongst the scholars and the different schools of thought. According to Imam Shafi and Mr. Malik Shafi, then the Maliki's they say that the eat Salah is a sonata makanda. It is a very important skill now known as Musab

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based on the Hadith that the veteran who comes and says that Allah subhana wa Taala has not made as compulsory any Salah

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other than the five prescribed Salah which is mentioned in Morgan Wallen number two, page number two to three. So based on this idea that no other cell is compensated besides the five times rescape Salah, they say that this Salah of Israel fitted and either other it is from the macula according to the humbly school of thought dumble is they say it is physically fire. That means the forest as long as some people from the community do it, it's enough. It's not forgiven every individual for the fire. And the third ruling that is a horrible mamajuana for me, Allah have mercy on him. He said that it is it is Vijay and this view it also have shaken me Tamia that bring it to fitter salah and

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it will allow Salah deferred and the ruling is based on the verse of the Quran of salsa, Chapter Chapman read it was number two we save in nothin alcocer four cylinder

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four cylinder be governor means and turn to the Lord in prayer and sacrifice.

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So it indicates that you have to offer the Salah of Israel other and then sacrifice.

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So based on this well they say it is complicity of the insula and there are various other sided in which Professor solemn has commanded

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the Muslims that they should offer Salah not only to the general Muslims, even to the woman who are menstruating. He said go for a Salah even if you don't have to offer Salah he said the veil woman even the virgin whether they're young or matured they should go for it salah and the menstruating woman even if they can't offer they should at least go to the masala it's mentioned in a sable hurry on number one in the book of Salah How did number 351 as well as number two to four and various other details. The Prophet even said that the children should go

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and based on this hadith Mr. Monifa Malema surname and chicken potamia now labels want him to they said that offering a salad is fun. There's one more thing so not without wine number one, in the book of Salah Hadith number one is to succeed. The Beloved Prophet masala Sallam said

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that we have to eat together that is illustrator and the Jew masala image Am I supposed to be very clean. So, he says that after offering the eagle feathered Salah. He says that those who do not want to offer Juma Salah may not do it if they don't want to. But we will offer you masala indicating that because you offered it will fitter Jew masala which is more important than the five prescribed Salah

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your Prophet said if you offer a drill fitter in congregation

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do masala may not be offered that day, but natural they have to offer the normal to her Salah. So this surely indicates that it will fit there is a further salah and I agree with the view of Imam Abu hanifa and love mercy on him as well as check him with a Malay Muslim. I mean inshallah and of course it's such a wonderful opportunity for the Muslims to gather and you know, feel good about themselves and we need lots of opportunities to feel good about ourselves right now inshallah. Dr. Zakir Could you explain when the eat prayer is first allowed to be prayed early in the morning and when's the last time it can be prayed? As far as the timing of the ether is concerned? It can be

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prayed anytime after the sun rises approximately three meters above the horizon

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till it reaches the meridian and majority scholars, they say that one of the sunrises, about the height of a spear above the horizon that the naked eye but nature and till the time it reaches Zenit

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You can offer the print in between this. So before Digital's and it is the last time and earliest time is after it rises from horizon one spear above the height of the rising didn't. So no doubt are number one, in the book of Salah Hadid number

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1131 of the lab number Sir, he was one of the companions of the Prophet. He, one day goes to offer Salah during the day of breaking of the fast or the day of sacrifice of the Salah.

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And he disliked the Imam, he delayed in offering the Salah. And we said, as rebels, the prophet at our times, by this time, the prayer used to end that's in the phone. So praying early is preferable in the phone. And according to Edna Kodama writes, in his book, alimony in volume number two page number 224. He says that as far as it is concerned, it is a sacrifice, it should be paid as early as possible. After the sun rises after one Spear of heightened horizon, it should be paid as early as possible because people have to go back home they have to sacrifice then later on, they have to cook the food so that you know they can have the meat of the sacrifice afternoon. And as far as the Salah

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for induced fit is concerned, it should be delayed, so that people can give the car to fit

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to those who are supposed to receive it. As the Prophet said that gives the catalyst further before the Salah.

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So it's preferable to delay the ill fitted Salah. So this is a ruling as far as the timing of insulin is concerned is the answer Dr. Zakir? Could you explain to me what is the authentic method for performing the prayer and perhaps you would give us a short description for the benefit of the viewers watching today as far as EAD is concerned, there are different types of Muslims pray and their different opinion but as far as you go for authentic sources, the Quran and the Hadith, then you have one common method and what is authentic sources of all the say Hadith if you collect we come to know that I find the eat fella is concerned whether it will fit or other we have to offer to

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Salah to Raka Salah, two units of Salah its mission the hadith of sunon bakkie one number three book of Jew masala added number 5719 Omar, may Allah be pleased with him, the law on who he said that the tireless prayer is to rocket. The other prayer is to recall talking about each other.

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And the Juma prayer is to rocket This is the full length of all these prayers as it came from the Messenger of Allah that we need Salah should be to rocket

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when we do that before it Salah there is no other and there's not a comma. It's mentioned in

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say Muslim one number two in the book of Salah Hadith number one nine to nine, Java samura he said that he prayed along with the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala would eat on more than one or two occasions and there was no other no karma that made for each Salah there should be no other no karma it's different than the normal congregation Salah why number three that there is no Salah before the it salah and after the Salah.

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There's no to rasuna before after that, and it's mission in the habit of so number one number one in the book of salah and the number one when feifei were near boss milab pythian he says that the Prophet came out to play the East Salah on Saturday and your foot to recut and before that and after that he did not pray that one of the Salah there are no other prayers. Further point number four when a person starts to eat Salah he should say the ihram that's allowed but and then said open supplication. This is followed by seven takbeer in the first rocket and the second rocket he should say fight like be difficult attending sources of

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so number

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one number one in the book of Salah Hadith number 1145 and 1146 we have Ayesha de la man Lupita. She says that the Prophet when needs to offer that it will fit or Salah

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The internet has a lot that means fellow bodied.

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He used to say seven takbeer

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in the first circuit and fight a bit in the second part, this is authentic way of offering a Salah after that

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a person should say owls Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, they're cursed and In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most merciful and then he should decide sort of out there

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and after citified there in the first pocket, inside sort of cough Tip Number 50 followed by in the second card sort of cover chapter number 54. Or in the first card, you can decide sort of chap number 87. And second, the card sort of gotcha Japanese rated, both these types of first and second account have influence from authentic ad, but even if a person besides any other surah any other will still do Karanja the salary accepted. These are the recommended ones it should not be the Prophet is it for the moon after the eat Salah there is a coda

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of the insula especially say Buhari on number two in the book of tweets and ID number 962. Now bhasma repeatedly said that he has offered it Salah with the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa sallam with Abu Bakar but Omar with man man lobby please at the mall

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and all of them they offered the it Salah first then was horrible for the bar. All of them they gave the for the bar after offering the Salah. It further mentioned in Sona without

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on number one in the book of Salah Haddad number 11514 Mozilla seldom after afraid salah and before starting the coda of it. He said that all those who want to listen to the football can listen to the football, all those who want to go, they can go

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now here's a very important point. Most of the times we will find in the foot bar of eat Salah most of the moms say they don't get up it is wrong. And they prevent them from going and they say you have a sin and they say many things. It's haram to get up etc. Imagine the profit muscle of Solomon he gave the hotbar he said if you want to listen you can listen if you want to go you can go Does it mean that the Imam the goodbye that they give today is much more important than Akbar fornals wasallam It's a pity that they had they said that buffaloes Rossum said, If you only have to get back in if you want, you can go but it's preferable to have docudrama, but the Prophet gave

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permission that if they want they can go and further it's mentioned in sort of a doubt are number one in the book of Salah is number 1068. The Prophet said that both the ego has synchronized The Illustrated and the fed the Fed is called as weak lead. So those who do not want to offer the Juma Salah may not do it because the Esalen congregation is sufficient but we will offer the Juma Salah that means imagine the prayer is so important in congregation so if it falls in the same day it Salah sufficient Juma Salah may not be perfectly prayed is good. But those who don't pray to my Salah it becomes compensate that they should pay the dual surah.

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This was in short regarding the authentic way of offering the Salah. Okay, which is aka. Dr. Zakir I'm sure that throws a lot of light on the absolute authentic method. As you say that there are many different people out there doing different things and it'll be nice for us to do what the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi Salaam has recommended us to indeed champion of zakat. Could you explain the importance of women attending the prep place? As far as ETL is concerned?

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It's compulsory for all the men to attend.

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And even the children including the woman, irrespective whether they're young or they're old, as a singer, whether they're married, even if demonstrating the Prophet said they should attend, even though they don't have to have a Salah left written and the various petite. We speak about this. It's mentioned in say Buhari one number one in the book of Salah did number 351. That amiata Menlo predator, she said that we were commanded we were ordered that all the woman even the menstruating woman, and the will woman, they should go for each Salah even though the menstruating woman should keep away from masala mean they should not have a Salah that they should go and when one lady when

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woman asked the Prophet the Prophet

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What if a woman does not have a veil? For the profit applied? She should share the veil of a companion. That means she should borrow the will from the companion. Even though she did not well, she should borrow it is that important to attend the congregation.

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And no matter continue, then save that. Hello, Peter, that we've asked at least to attend the gathering and the invocation. You know those menstruating woman who cannot pray, at least they should attend the invocation and the gathering. It further mentioned in say Buhari one, number two, in the book of two Aedes, Hadith number 975.

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Omnibus mellow peace with him. He said, that when he was young boy, we went with the Prophet for the Salah. And he said, he doesn't remember whether it will allow it will fit.

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And after the Salah, the prophet gave the sermon. And then he addressed the woman

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and he preached to them. And he said that they should give arm they should give charity.

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It further mentioned in say Buhari, one, number one, in the book of ministers, handed number three to four, that have some and Lupita she says that we did not allow our virgin woman to go for it Salah, and she continues, then a lady comes. And she says that my sister was the wife of one of the companions of the Prophet.

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And we used to attend to the soldiers during the fights in the battlefield. And she continues, and the Prophet said that the menstruating woman, and the whale woman should go for each Salah.

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And if she does not have a will, she should borrow the whale from the companion, later on Matthew malarkey that she enters. So she has that have you heard so and so so and so thing?

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So she said, Yes, that's what the prophet said that even the menstruating woman and the matured virgin woman and the young virgin woman

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and married woman, they should go for each Salah. And if the whale woman does not have a whale, she should borrow the whale from a companion. So half Samurai PETA does menstruating woman? She said yes. Don't they go at the alpha. so they can go to they can go find vocation they can go to attend the gathering though they don't have to offer Salah it's mentioned in Masonic shaybah volume 200 number 5786 that abnormal libraries that's him, he used to take complete of a family for the Salah as much as the family that he can take he takes for the Salah. So this shows that the woman they should go for the

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Salah, even though the minister does not offer slightly for the gathering and for the invocation. Okay, thank you, doctor. Now the next question, basically what is the overall purpose of the each Salah

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as far as the purpose of the slides, that Allah makes it on us that we should make a social lifestyle, that it should be seen that we believe in God consciousness, we believe in taqwa. And the best example that we have is the five times daily congregation, Salah Muslim gather together when we show the tug of war that we have to God consciousness. People are aware of it. It's seen in our social life. The bigger gathering is the Juma Salah.

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And the biggest local gathering are the two is Salah. And the largest annual gathering in the full world is the gathering, and has gathering people from different parts of the world come together and they gather. But the local largest two gatherings are the two Salah for 18.

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That's the purpose. And secondly,

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the bigger gathering that we have, it shows our strength, the Muslims, and our love to Allah subhanaw taala our servitude, that there is a prophet said you should go to the eat cow. So that there should be one big gathering rather than multiple more gatherings. Two people will come to know the strength of the Muslims. And it boosts up the model of Muslims. Whoa, I didn't know that in two small villages, 50,000 Muslims. And for the non believers, they'll think 10 times before making mischief. 50,000 Muslims, they'll think 10 times this thing 1000 times before making mischief. So these also work on the psychology. And I feel that's very important that the reason the Prophet said

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even the children, even the menstruating woman should go even if they got off of Salah so that the gathering is bigger and it's good. The reader the Muslim, my show? Yes. Very beautiful to see them as soon as in such large gatherings on the day. It really is beautiful. In London, we have huge gatherings in central mosque. I'm sure you may have been there have been there several times.

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Is the in the position of a person who misses the congregational each Salah, what should he or she do in this case, if a person misses the Salah, then he should offer the Salah. And there the chapter mentioned in February, or number one, in the book of Salah chapter number 25, the ending of which is

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If man misses the congregation, what should you do? And it says that it gives a reference of

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Anna's been Malik, Mallaby pleased with him, that he tells his slave that get all the family members and he goes, and then he offers the eat salad in the congregation. So all of the MR Salah with the men woman, they should offer it

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as soon as possible and they can do it the same way as it was done earlier. And further as mentioned in

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Sundaram without warning, number one, in the book of Salah is number 1153. There were

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a few people who came to the Prophet, peace be upon him, the hymn writing and they said that yesterday, we had seen the new moon

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for the Prophet commanded that break your fast and offer your Salah tomorrow. That means at the time where the Prophet was living, people hadn't seen the moon. So they continued fasting the 30th day when some people come and give the Shahada they'd seen the moon yesterday, the prophet immediately says that break the fast because you cannot fast and he did. But since the time for you, Salah has gone off a salad tomorrow that means if for certain reason, if the genuine reason a Salah could not be offered, but you can even offer the next day.

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So this is ruling for the person mystery sir. Dr. Zakir How should the Muslims greet each other on the day? And furthermore, are they allowed to say either Mubarak, as far as greeting one another, it is recommended in the Sunnah, that Muslims should greet each other on the internet because to do festival etc. And according to fit the body or number two page number 446 the sahabas the competitors the profit whenever the met each other during either they used to wish each other by saying the company love minimum income. Meaning May Allah accept it from us and you because Ramadan is the month of fasting where people supplicate they repent to Allah subhanaw taala they ask for

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forgiveness, they do do us. So when the month is over, they pray that metal accept from us and from you. That is the best and authentic way of wishing each other. As far as saying eat Mubarak. It is said more in India and Pakistan. It's a way of wishing each other from graduation. Mubarak means something of blessings. So it Mubarak means may be a day of blessing. But it's more used as a modulation. So it is not a Sunnah to wish each other is Mubarak, but neither is it. haram amaku it becomes MOBA categor optional, because when you say something in English, you know that may be a blessing on you. There's no problem. So it is optional, but the right way of wishing each other is

00:28:17 --> 00:28:34

the Sahaba did Taco Bell allow minimum income in email last month accepted from outside you? Okay, Zack. Okay, next question. Dr. Zakir is could you explain what the recommended acts are on the David on the day of EAD.

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The first thing is that you should have Google. It's mentioned in Mata page 240 added number four to it.

00:28:44 --> 00:29:02

Nothing that it's my library, the team that Abdullah Omar Mello presents him, he used to have a bath, he should have goosal before proceeding for the Salah. So it's a Sunnah that you have to have a bath before moving to the masala for the Salah.

00:29:03 --> 00:29:51

Number two is that it's also not that you should wear good clothes, adorn yourself, you should beautify yourself. You can make new clothes, you can put oil in your eyes put oil in the hair, you can wear perfume, but natural these things for the men the women are not recommended to wear perfume and run themselves and they got but nice they should be they should be veiled. This talking about the men when number three is that the Prophet always had dates before he left his house for offering the Salah. Its mission of say Buhari one number to the book have to eat added number 953 the Prophet eight dates before he left the house for offering the Salah. And the fourth act is that the XLR

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should be offered in a masala

00:29:53 --> 00:30:00

in a place maybe on a big ground. Maybe in the town on the outskirts of town where all the people

00:30:00 --> 00:30:05

Gather in one place. It's mentioned in the hadith of SIBO Harare

00:30:06 --> 00:30:50

was number two in the book have to eat, added number 956 Bravo sort of Salaam. On each day, he went to the masala and he offered the salah and offering eat saliva saliva so now rather than in the mosque, the prophet Hadith is there, which is mentioned in say Buhari, or in number two, the superiority of mostly the Harmon and Medina, Hadith number 1190. The Prophet said, praying in my mosque, that is praying must have been a B is better than offering 1000 times Salah anyways, except most of the harem, that's Makkah. But yet, for the Tsar, the prophet preferred leaving his own mosque and go to the eat governor masala.

00:30:51 --> 00:31:36

That means to eat specifically, praying is preferable than praying even in the most intimate setting up. This is the importance of praying in the masala for the more it's mentioned in sable Hari on number two in the book of two eats added number 96 it says that most of our solemn must return back after offering it sir to his home, he's returned back in a way different from the way he had gone let me the route of the Prophet going from the house to the masala was different and the route of coming back was different. And this was maybe because he wanted to be Salaam to different people, you know what the ways and maybe the blessing would be two different types of people and the way is

00:31:36 --> 00:31:56

reasonably my people right and then furthermore, it's very important that it's up to them Salah as I mentioned earlier the gathering is bigger, psychological is better. And we can you know show the God consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala further is the sooner that we should go early to the muscle

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the earlier the better, you know so that we can be in time we have to do with a good deed. It's also mentioned that he does tell me the

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number 530 that the Prophet peace be upon him is to go on foot manage to go to the masala or free eat Salah is to go on foot sir so now we're walking to offer your Salah and mentioned in the hadith of this Alessia is number 171 that partners are seldom used to recite the beer immediately after leaving home in the time marriage masala till the time you finished your Salah is to say that like beer, and the most authentic lbr is what Edna Massoud had decided mission in that company. And in the shaybah countryside. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Lyle hummed his recite Allah Akbar Allah Akbar La ilaha illa Allah who Allahu Akbar, Allah Hallberg

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y la Hill hum. Meaning allies greatest allies the greatest, there's no one worthy of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala allies the greatest allies the greatest, all praise it to Allah subhanaw taala This is tarbiyah and should be recited the moment you leave the home till the time you read the Salah till the sliced when disturbi outside masala. These are the few recommended acts that should be done during the day. Well just like to hear your answer Dr. Zakir how far just how far can

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a person go when they're celebrating eat? I mean, are they permitted to sing and make amusement amongst themselves? As far as singing and amusement read this concern as long as it is within the boundary of the Islamic Sharia. It's not all doing oneself and should not go to things which are wrong. It's permissible within limits. Within boundaries, it's permissible. And there are the speaking about that. They hadn't have done an essay in the book of 800 number 1557. Where busara Sallam said the people of Medina in the Julia that two days of plain amusement of 14 amusement allowed replaced it with two days of amusement that the day of breaking of the fast and the day of

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sacrificing the two a day. As far as things concerned, they're in trouble Heidi won't be too

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the book have to eat a little minor in 50 that Elijah Mallaby pivotal. She narrates that it was the day and the negros they were playing and performing with the spears and the shields.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

So she asked homosassa or almost Rossum after that, do you want to see does she plan

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normative and then she sees them the negros performing from behind the prophet and her cheek was touching the cheek of the Prophet. And then tornos restroom says, Oh bunny arvida talking to the Negroes that won't continue. And then she narrates her as I show my Lupita I got tired. And the Prophet asked, I'm satisfied. She again says in the affirmative, yes. And then he asked her to go, that means people did

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perform, Negros performing with the shield and with the spear. So on the day,

00:35:33 --> 00:36:05

it used to happen. The other the Hadith mentioned in say Buhari, or in the metu, in the rock of two eats this number 952. That during the day, two young and sorry girls, they were thinking, some stories of the answer. When heard about Carmen live be the Tim Pinto. Then he says, The Singing in the prophet and he scores them. Then masala solemn says and he tells him that Let It Be it the day of eat

00:36:06 --> 00:36:16

them continue. The same Odyssey repeated body joined together, repeated in say Buhari road number four in the book of jihad, please number 2906 with the same incidence

00:36:17 --> 00:36:59

so as long as it is within the limits, but natural instruments should not be haram instruments admission the other party that musical instruments have except for Duff, Duff, which is permitted. That doesn't mean you can have string instruments and flute etc. As we discussed earlier, all these instruments are Haram in Islam within the purview of the Samak Sharia, if it is done, but natural the singing should not be glorifying someone and you know, making him lead to share some of the songs where it should be within the border of Islamic Sharia from Islamic songs no problem. furthermost missions a Muslim are in number two in the book have to eat. Number 25392540 that masala

00:36:59 --> 00:37:06

Sallam said that these are the days of the shriek you know after it will either after the the sacrifice the tip of

00:37:08 --> 00:37:26

the day the shriek so eat and drink. So enjoying yourself singing amusement, as long as it's within the limits, and a person does not go overboard. It's permissible to hear your answer, Dr. Zakir and I just like to ask you another question now.

00:37:27 --> 00:38:06

What are the common errors committed by Muslims whilst they're celebrating eight, there are some error which are committed by many Muslims, some lack of knowledge, some good ignorance, for example, there are many Muslims would think that if they pray in the night, during the pray the Salah, then the day even higher today, this is actually a hadith which some people think it is. But it's not so that the Prophet said that if you pray in the night of the eat, your heart will not die. The day when hearts die, if you see is I go to

00:38:07 --> 00:38:48

one of them is very weak. That is they've just done and the other is Dave. So it's totally wrong. When you want to pray during the night of the thinking you to get himself up to single out that night. What do you for praying is not allowed. Unless a person is habituated for praying in the night and then he prays there's no problem but a single out the night only for prayer. It is wrong. Furthermore, there are some Muslims who visit graves during eating it is good day, citizen engrave according to the hazardous provenance reseller, it reminded the fiachra put a single out one particular day and visit the grave during that day. It's not recommended there is no Hadith, which

00:38:48 --> 00:39:30

shows us that the Sahaba homosassa visited the gate duty he singled out during his day to visit the grave. It's not there in the sun of the prophets. And furthermore, some people they miss the Gemma which is very wrong and they miss the Salah. They're individually totally wrong. As a prophet monster awesome said Hadith tirmidhi book of faith added number to six to one where prophet masala Selim said that the covenant between US and EU is prayer. And anyone who for thinks it is a coffered Salah very important offering Gemma is important. Furthermore, that mistake that people make normally is that there's too much of intermingling of the sexes, men and women, even when they go

00:39:30 --> 00:39:59

for Salah. They don't take care and we find men and woman chatting with each other they don't themselves the woman which is not right in damningly should be prevented and for the places they eat are offered in the gutter or if it's in the mosque, then it should be seen to it that there are separate entrances for the men and women equal but separate facility so that the meaning is avoided. Furthermore, there are some women who are don't themselves who put perfume who don't do the job. They should be avoided when they come in front of a mirror.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:23

They should be in a job, they should be properly covered. They should not be a perfume, they are not tied up with the namita. The good for the husband alone, it's good Alhamdulillah the red amongst the woman only no problem. But for the nonmetal it's not alone. It's mentioned the hadith of tsunamis I hunted number 5129. With the blurred Prophet said, that any woman who wears perfume

00:40:24 --> 00:41:11

and passes so that people may smell her perfume. If you wear the perfume, when people smell her perfume, it's as good as she is and adulterous. So these things should be avoided. Further, some of the Muslims when it comes, they watch movies, they hear songs, they sing, they dance, they play musical instruments, all these things are nothing more than, you know, watching Islamic movies, listening to an Islamic song, etc. As a beloved personal cillessen admission, sabe ohare form number seven in the book of drinks. Number 5590. The Prophet said that there will be a time when there'll be some people from oma, who will say that illegal sexual *, bringing intoxicants wearing

00:41:11 --> 00:41:52

silk and playing of musical instruments are halaal is legal. So we have to be careful that we should not be amongst these people. And one more point to be noted is that many of the Muslims, the happy that Ramadan is over or now we don't have too fast you know, as though fasting was a burden, the happy because they don't have to file they don't have to fast rather they should be happy that Allah subhanaw taala made them complete the month of Ramadan made them fast that should be like because fasting is worship, they should be happy for that, that they were able to compete other than be happy that some of the burden which they finished the things Muslims should avoid. Final question

00:41:52 --> 00:42:42

today Dr. Zakir relates to where the Muslims should pray that prayer is it compulsory for them to pray it at the Edgar or are they allowed to pray it in the mosques too? As far as the Sunnah of the prophet is concerned masala Salam he always commanded that I find the eat Salah is concerned of Bodhi it should be offered in the masala it should be offered an indica is the word used in india pakistan Arabic word of masala it's mainly an open ground so that more people can gather. So one town or one city they should be as least gathering as possible and bigger gathering. So it should be one masala with one place where a person prays for the full town that's preferable or as least

00:42:42 --> 00:43:19

number of places maximum number of gathering is mentioned at the top say Buhari one number two in the book have to eat added number 956 it says the profit during the day event and paid in the masala and there are various others which are discussed earlier that in say Buhari volume number one, habit number three to four the Prophet commanded the woman, the children, the menstruating woman to go to pray in the TCA according to a man a mama hanifa Imam Malik any mom, Mr. Number, man like mercy on them all, all of themselves that goes into the

00:43:20 --> 00:43:48

is a requirement. It's a must unless there's a necessity, except for Imam Shafi Malay Muslim, Imam Shafi he said that if the mosque is big to accommodate all the people, then you can pray in the mosque. But even he said if the mosque is not booked accommodate all the people that preferable is a masala that Zika so the profitability is etha and the profit for the ithala even though the general ruling is according to say Buhari, volume number

00:43:50 --> 00:44:34

two, in the book of priorities of praying in the midst of the Herman McCann, Medina, number 1190. The Prophet said that praying in my mosque was the NaVi is 1000 times better than praying in any other mosque except most of the harem Muslim aka in spite of this, he preferred that show the security during each Salah only unfortunately Nowadays most part of the world hardly we find there are people who praying in grounds but very few. What do you should have in one place? Can we have one big park for the salah and all pray together or higher to pass in the full city and gather all Muslims together? Unfortunately, we don't have that. Even in Bombay, there are very few places where

00:44:34 --> 00:44:59

they offer big grounds, but majority are in the mosque. So preferably it should be in a ground as less number of places to pray and bigger the gathering it should be unless there is a requirement whether the Hadith in Masuda Hakim, the book of Serato he then had his number 109 for one day during eat before it was raining. The Prophet prayed in the mosque. So if there is a reason like rain

00:45:00 --> 00:45:21

snowing, etc and then you bring the mascot side, otherwise it's preferable to eat. So Dr. Zakir just like luck here once again for all your useful answers on the topic of evil fitrah I pray that Allah subhanaw taala gives you a good eat and an accepted Ramadan.

00:45:22 --> 00:45:53

As all the Muslims from beloved Naaman, Carmel accepted Trump as an English Allah as mine insha Allah and that of course we've almost come to the end of our scheduled shows on Ramadan and date with Dr. Zakir as well. So this is almost a small eat for us in itself, but may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept your eat and all your righteous deeds and all good answers that you've given us today, just like aloha

00:45:54 --> 00:45:59

there, brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity.

00:46:00 --> 00:46:13

do join us again. Tomorrow at the same time, when we will be discussing voluntary fasts and prohibited fasts Jazakallah hair for watching as salaam aleikum wa

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