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Zakir Naik
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Believe, give charity for the pleasure.

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The pleasure

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you believe, breathe

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every native

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the brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh me the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala be on all of you. Welcome to the show, Ramadan, a date with Dr. Zakir I'm your host use of chambers. And today we will be discussing the topic of Ramadan.

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The month of repentance.

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Dr Zakir assalamu alikum walaikum salam ala katra zakia. such an important topic, the month of repentance. Let's start off by asking you a fundamental question. What is the meaning of the word Toba? And both in general terms, I want to know it and in the Islamic context, please. The Arabic word Toba literally means

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to return or to come back. And in the Islamic context in the Sharia, it means a person who leaves the things which Allah subhana wa Taala has privated and he returns back to the things which Allah subhanaw taala has commanded. So in short, it means a person leaving the axe which aligns privated and he returns back to the x which allows vana what Allah has commanded. And this aspect of Toba or repentance is present in all the religions that believe in the concept of God.

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And Allah subhanaw taala speaks about Toba and repentance in the Quran. in several places, including surah Noor, chapter number 24. was number 31. Well essays or you believe,

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turn all together in repentance to Allah subhana wa Taala. So that you may attain bliss repeats a similar message in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 222. Bella says that Allah loves those who turn to Him independence and Allah loves those who are clean and pure.

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And a similar message is given in our beloved prophet masala Salam. It mentions a Buhari

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boredom number eight book of applications. How did number 6309 were a beloved partner Salah Sam said Allah subhanho wa Taala is more pleased when his servant seeks repentance than any one of you. When he finds his camel, which has been lost in the desert, that means Allah subhana wa Taala is very pleased when anyone seeks his repentance, ask for forgiveness, and he forgives him. So in short, Toba means repentance, which means leaving the Act, which is probably last minute Allah and returning back to the acts which he has commanded. In short, it's a journey from the dislike the thing would you like Bella?

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Swan Allah, may Allah accept October in that case in Shawn Nagasaki, what is the essential difference between the term Toba and the term MK Fira meaning I believe forgiveness

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worked for me forgiveness. And so far, meaning seeking forgiveness is think far. The meaning is of two types. One type of meaning is when it comes along with the word trauma.

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And the other meaning is when it comes individually. When it comes individually, it has one and the same meaning the meaning can be interchange, it means exactly the same.

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But the scholars, they say when it comes along with the word Toba in ethic far, it means that we are seeking protection

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from the past evils that we used to do.

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And tapa when it comes along with a stick far. It means that we're pinned into Allah Spano, tala, and we're seeking predictions from the things which we may indulge in future. So basically

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Stick fire means seeking protection from the things of the past which wish to do and towba seeking protection for the things which may, unfortunately, indulge in future. So this is the basic difference. If it comes separately, the meaning of the same. If it comes together then it has two different meanings. It's good we are going through this technical definition phase in every episode, I think this is something which is missing amongst the brothers and sisters. This is the real understanding of the basic terms. The next question really for me would be Why is it such a special thing to seek repentance during this holy blessing month of Ramadan, this month is special.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala He forgives his slaves His servants, the maximum in this month, therefore it is given the title of Ramadan, the month of forgiveness. And our beloved prophet nos Lawson said it's mentioned that you know tirmidhi in the book of fasting, number six a to wear a beloved partner Allison said that when the first night of Ramadan comes,

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the devils and the demons, they're chained and the gates of * are closed, not even a single gate is open. And the gates of heaven they open, not even a single gate is closed. And the caller he calls to the people that all those who want to good, please come and those who are doing evil, please desist. And Allah subhana wa Taala he ransoms his slaves, and he does that every night from done and a beloved partner Salah Salem. He further said, it's mentioned as a deed of Timothy Hadid number 3545 where the beloved partners will seldom manage he goes on the pulpit before he even called back. And he says our mean mean mean price. The people ask that no messenger Why? So the

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Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala says that archangel gabriel had come to him and said that anyone who does not have his sins forgiven after I'm done is approached and enters hellfire. ask Allah to keep a distance from him. And then Gabriel says tomorrow Salaam say amin, Salah from says amin Musa it's unfortunate that anyone witnesses the month of Ramadan and does not have his sins forgiven, because this is the month of forgiveness. And our beloved port merciless Adamson, as mentioned, say Buhari, we're number three in the book of fasting. Number 1901. That if anyone fasts in the compartment of I'm done with belief, and seeking the reward of Allah subhanaw taala all these passes

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are forgiven. That's the reason number one is called as the month of forgiveness. Subhana Allah and Dr. Zakir we used to have a saying back in the days before I embraced Islam that I wish it could be Christmas every day. And I'm going to say I wish it could be Ramadan every day now, more appropriately. What about the necessities of seeking repentance, especially during this holy month of Ramadan? And what are the merits of seeking forgiveness? It is compulsory for every believer of Allah subhanaw taala for every Muslim, that if he does anything, whether minor or major, small or big, he should repent as soon as possible. Repentance is compulsory for any sin that have committed.

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And Allah says in the Quran in Surah Surah chapter number 24 was number 31. Oh you believe turn altogether independence to Allah subhanaw taala so that you may attain bliss, that it may become successful, so they're meant to paradise. And like it's a similar message in sort of chapter number 66 was number eight. That oh you believe turned to Allah subhana wa Taala with sincere repentance.

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And Allah further says in the Quran in surah hood, chapter number 11 was number three that asked for forgiveness to Allah subhanaw taala and forgive repentance so that he made it good to you.

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Allah smart Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter number 42 was number 25. That he accepts repentance and forgive sins and ask for forgiveness for Allah subhanaw taala is of forgiving and most merciful.

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And Allah says in the Quran is for the mother. Chapter number five was the metallic nine. That if the thief if he depends, and if he changes his axe after the painting, if he has changed his axe, then Allah subhanaw taala turns to him in forgiveness. For last minute Allah is Forgiving and most merciful. Allah repeat similar messages from either chapter five, verse number 34

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that ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness for his forgiving and most merciful besides several verses of the Quran, the seven Hadith which speaks about the merit of taba for example, if you have a beloved posh masala salon

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Say boy Howdy, port number eight book of applications added number 16 07. Were a beloved prophet Mr. Lawson. He says that I asked for forgiveness and repentance more than 17 times a day. Imagine our beloved prophet masala Salaam, who's the best of examples? Who's the best human being on the face of the earth? He says that he asked for forgiveness and repentance Allah subhanaw taala more than 70 times a day.

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It was mentioned in the Muslim world number four

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in the book of dicker

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Hadith number

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six sight to three, bear a beloved partner, Samson, or believers, you should repent. And I repent every day 100 times to Allah subhanaw taala. It's mentioned in the hadith of say Muslim boy number four, in the book of repentance. How did number 6644 that a beloved partner fellow servant said that last minute Allah stretches out his hand during the night for the people who repent for the sins they have committed from dawn to dusk.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala stretches out his hand during the day for the people who repent for the sins they have committed from dusk to dawn until the sun rises from the west. That means until the Day of Resurrection, that means Allah subhanaw taala will forgive us in the end of the day resurrection. Whoever depends. A similar Hadith

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is mentioned in famous limb by number four in the book of dicker Hadith number five to five,

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where our beloved Prophet Musa lucidum said that Allah subhana wa Taala will keep on forgiving for anyone who repents until the sun rises from the west. Let him the last one out Allah will forgive the sins until the Day of Resurrection, if any of his slaves and if it's sovereigns, ask for forgiveness. For the it's mentioned in, say Buhari, born the marriage in the book of Rika, Hadid number 6438 where the Beloved Prophet Muslim said that, if the son of Adam

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was given

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a value of gold,

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he would yet want a second one. And if a second value of gold is given to him, he would want the third for there is nothing that fills the stomach of the son of Adam, except just this shows that the greed that human beings have, and in respect to him with Nam, Allah gives you always seeks for more and more. Now they should repent and ask for forgiveness. And the different version of God that could earlier it's mentioned in say Muslim world number four, in the book of dicker Hadith number 6613. Were a beloved partner. Some said that Allah subhanho wa Taala is more pleased when his servant repents. Many servant ask for forgiveness than a person who while traveling on his camel in

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the desert, he stopped for rest. And he sleeps beneath a tree. And when he wakes up, he sees his camel laden with goods. He's not there. So he climbs on a mount. And he tries to find the camera don't find it. He climbs on the second mound, but it doesn't find it to climb the third mount. He doesn't find it. Then he turns back, lower his position. And there he sees his camera laden with the goods. And he's so happy. So last minute, Allah is more happy than a person who finds his lost Tamil laden with goods in the desert. Allah is more happy than that. When a person asked for forgiveness many depends. So these are the merits of repentance. And Toba reminds me of my own journey to Islam

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once again, month of Ramadan. This is when I found my fidra hamdulillah.

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Dr. Zakir Could you explain to us in brief or at length and depending on the answer, what are the main benefits of seeking repentance during this last month of Ramadan? The benefits of seeking forgiveness. Repentance Toba is according to Mr. Moraga is funny, he gives three benefits for personal reference. Number one, it patches up the fault that a person has. And he realizes the point of entry into the heart of the devil. He realized this is the point which is weak through which the devil can enter and this makes the person more aware and evasive of the evil.

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Number two

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is that the person he feels embarrassed and he's fearful

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Allah subhanaw taala and that brings in him the humility and humbleness. Number three, a person who has tasted the evil and then comes back to the good, he has a taste of both the good and the evil, he has the taste of sweet as well as a bitter. So, when you feed other brothers, other human beings committing the same fault, he is soft towards them, and he forgives them and he helps them.

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According to him nickim he gives six benefits for personal reference. Number one, when a person repents,

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it is the best thing that Allah loves. Allah subhanaw taala love when a person depends, and you ask forgiveness, because then a person depends he's very close to Allah subhanaw taala and you find humility and humbleness. Number two,

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the act of repentance is one of the best acts of worship, where Allah Spano tala, he realizes that his slave, that his servant has come back to the true part and he asked for forgiveness, and he believes in Allah subhanaw taala and it makes a last man out Allah as I mentioned earlier, that more happier than a person when he finds his common which is lost. Number three, it brings humility and humbleness in a person. So he starts believing in the creator last one are much more than before. Number four, when the person depends, His heart is broken. And this is the time in Allah subhana wa Taala.

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He years. That was the repentance, as a beloved Prophet Musa Lawson said, Michel maga, we're number three book of fasting Hadith number 1752, that Allah subhanaw taala just a supplication of three people. One is a just ruler Alma. Second is a person who's fasting, and the third person is oppressed. In another Hadith, it says that the last one out Allah, just a supplication of three people are in the traveling, fasting operation. Here it indicates that all these three types of people, their hearts are broken. So last month, Allah comes closer to the servants when the hearts are broken, and the last one of them helps them and gives them mercy.

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The fifth benefit is that when a person he depends sincerely, it is one of the best forms of worship, and the sing of one of the celebs. that a person, he may commit a sin and may repent, and I'll forgive him and he can do paradise. On the other hand, a person who does good deeds, and he may have conceit, and because of that he meant to help. The person may be proud that you know he had made no mistake, no sin, and that may take him to hellfire. The sixth benefit is,

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as Allah says, In the Quran, in Surah Furqan, chapter number 25, verse number 70, that all those who believe and they repent, and they seek forgiveness, Allah subhanho wa Taala turns to them, and he forgives them and he changes the evil deed into good deed for Allah is oft forgiving and most merciful, and appointed near busman lopi that in the moment, this verse of the Quran was revealed. The beloved partner sulla sallam, he was the most happy.

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Even above millipede with him says that the most happy when a love messenger was after any verse of the Quran was revealed it was this was also for contact 25 verse 17, as well as also refer to chapter 14 verse number one well last month says that we have given you manifest victory during for the Makkah and Allah says in Surah chapter 14 was number three, that he is a forgiving and Allah acceptance and is the one who forgives. And it's mentioned in chapter number 15 Muslim 49 that last minute tala is Forgiving and Merciful is the head of Turkey regarding another important aspect how Allah subhanaw taala accepts Toba repentance. What are the prerequisites for sincere Toba? And could

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you possibly enlighten us with some prophetic traditions of some of the prophets making Toba to Allah subhanaw taala unless isn't the Quran surah chapter number 56 was the breed

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that yeah live in Amman oh you believe turn to Allah subhanaw taala with sincere repentance. And there are basically five prerequisites for Allah subhanaw taala to accept Toba. Number one the person should accept that he's doing is wrong. Number two, should immediately stop it.

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Number three, should seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. Number four, he should not commit that act again. And number five, if he has taken something from any other human being and if you return it if you turn it back, for example,

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robbed some money, shut down the money back, invest in some wealth Did you give the wealth back, if we can undo the harm, he should do it. And according to him, he says that repentance is accepted when the person does not do that evil act again.

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And it further helps him to do good deeds and prevents him from going back to that act. Currently, Mama Novi, he says, there are three prerequisites

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for any Toba to be accepted. Number one, is to stop that what he's doing. Number two, should ask for forgiveness. Number three, he should not do it again. And he says that the fourth requirement, if he had done some harm to any other human being, then should undo it if you can.

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And there are various examples in the Hadith,

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which give that how people have asked for forgiveness. It's mentioned that they have say Buhari, warned before in the book of stories of the Prophet, how did number 3470 that there was a person who had committed 99 murders.

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So he wants to seek repentance. So he asked the people that how can you do it? So listen, go monk, someone says that you have kill 99 people,

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there is no chance of forgiveness. So that person that murderer, he kills the monk. And now you have committed 100 murders. So it goes to another person and says that I want to seek repentance. So he says that if you want to seek repentance, go to that land, where people are worshiping Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah you should leave the land in which you have committed the crime, and go to that land where people are seeking repentance, and inshallah Allah will

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Gandhi forgiveness. So he immediately goes towards that land, but on his way, that takes place, and he dies. And he turns this just towards that village, where people are repenting, then both the angels, the angels of God, and the angels are bad, both come, and they won't take him the angel from the heaven faith, that we will take him because he would repent. But then just from the bad deeds, the *, they say, No, he has not committed a single good deed, we will take him to your last minute, intervene.

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And he asks the village where people are painting, that it should come closer

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to the person who's committed murder.

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And he commands to the place where committed the crime, that it should go further away. So when they measure the district, they find out that the person who committed the murder, he was one stand closer to the village where people are repenting.

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For the last minute Allah consumption. So this is an example, that a person commits 100 murder, and he wants to repent, only the knee of repenting and traveling towards that place. And a different version of the same idea says that while dying, he pushes himself towards the knee looks towards the place where he can get forgiveness. So this shows that only the Nia and the intention to ask for forgiveness, Allah forgives. There is another example in say, Muslim, world number three, in the book of food, added number 4207.

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There was a lady from the tribe of Johanna, she comes to the Prophet,

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and she had somebody adultery, and she was pregnant. So she comes to the Prophet says, that I've done so and so sin,

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please give me punishment.

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So the Prophet

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calls her master, and says, take care of this woman, till she delivers the child.

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And after that, get her to me. So the master takes care of her. After she gives birth to a child, he gets the woman. Then the Prophet says, because of the adultery, she has to be given that penalty. And the lady, she's asked to wrap around herself with a cloth, and the people stoning to death. And after she dies, the prophet, he prays for her.

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So Omar, my life peace with him, says, The true prophet, you're praying for a woman who's committed adultery. And the Prophet replies, that the way she has repented, even if you distribute this repentance to 70 people of Medina it would be sufficient for them to question

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who can depend better than the woman who's willing to give her life for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala a similar example is given in say Muslim, born mythri in the book of

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Hadith number 4205. That my husband, Malik will be the team. He comes to the Prophet, and he says, that, please purify me. The Prophet says What do you

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Go and ask for forgiveness Allah Spano, tala, and you repent.

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The person who goes back again he comes and says, No messenger, please pardon me. He says, What do you

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ask for forgiveness Allah Spano, tala, and you repent. Again the person goes, again you come for third time. Oh messenger of Allah, please purify me. If they've gone away from you asked for repentance, or forgiveness or last minute. Again the fourth time he comes in, he says to the Prophet, please pardon me. The Prophet says, From what?

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So my mellow president, he says that from adultery.

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He says, Are you mad? Have you gone crazy?

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So the person says, No, I'm not mad. The Prophet is that are you drunk? Did you have comer? Did you have wine? So the other people get up and the smell is more they said no prophet. He said no hammer.

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Is it? Did you really commit adultery says yes, I've committed adultery, and I want the punishment for the sin have committed. So I'd have no Saracen asked the people to stoning. And he was stoned to death.

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After stoned to death, there's a controversy between the summers and the two groups of people. One group of people say that he has been undone.

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That means it's a pity that he will not get my phrase and the other group say,

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Allah subhanaw taala has accepted my millipede ism. Allah accept repentance, and he shall go to China. This happens for two or three days. Then the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Hassan comes and they test to the Sabbath, that pray for my Malik, because he has repented for a sin.

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And if you distribute his dependents, even in a large number of people, in a group of people, it can be sufficient. Research shows that the people that committed a major sin, but the repentant

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they were even willing to have themselves killed. Because both these people knew very well. The punishment for adultery was that it was trying to that we had showed that the high level of taqwa they had the sincere repentance, that that from Allah subhanaw taala, and

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some beautiful examples and stories from wonderful companions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi Salaam. Thank you very much for that. Dr. Zakir, what are the special elements which go together to make a sincere repentance, there are four things required. Number one, a person should realize the power of Allah subhanaw taala

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his power and his greatness, that if he wants to punish, you can punish immediately, this will make person repent. And we should not look at the minute Enos of our sin, we should look at the greatness forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala as Allah says, No Quran in surah chapter number 71 verse number 13 and 14, Allah says that what has happened to you Don't we have hope in the kindness and forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala that he created you in different stages. So if you know the rightness of Allah subhanaw taala and you're going to forgive you inshallah you repent, number two, everyone should realize that one day when you die,

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and you want to go to the grave, Allah says in the Quran in surah, Al Imran Chapter Three was the 185 glue, knifes in Xactimate, every soul shall have a taste of that.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:35

And on the Day of Judgment shall be the full Recompense.

00:28:36 --> 00:28:43

That means everyone has to die. And the final, if up, get up, the final two companies will grant the judgment.

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And Allah says no for an insert of man, chap number 31 was a default, Allah says that no one knows what will earn tomorrow. And no one knows in which land will die. So if realized that everyone has to die, and we don't know when will that time come? So that will help us instrumenting as soon as possible. We don't know when is our last our.

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The third point is that all the rewards for this one and nakara is based on your deeds for what you're going to do for your IRA. The deed for akshara will actually reward you in this role and

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that's very important. And Allah says no Quran in Surah Fatiha episode if I was in the fight, that the promise of Allah is true, and let this present world deceive you and let not achieve deceiver deceive you against Allah subhanho wa Taala that means we have to be careful that all our acts and deeds should basically target about the Hara about the hereafter. And as it is mentioned intermediate Hadith number two to zero. When the Beloved Prophet Musa Muslim said that this world for last minute Allah is equivalent to the ring of light and Allah subhanaw taala would not

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allow a disbeliever, even to have a handful of water from it, this world in comparison to the head after it like a wing of light, and you would not allow a disbelief even to have a hand full of water. A similar message is given

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in say Muslim, born before in the book of Paradise, Hadid, number 643, with the Beloved Prophet said that, in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, this world, as compared to the Hereafter, is like a person, putting his finger, the forefinger into the ocean. And when he gets it out, water stuck to the forefinger is like the present world, the present world, just hardly some little water that gets stuck to the forefinger. That's equivalent, as compared to the mighty ocean, that is the hereafter. So, so little, is the significance of this world as compared to the hereafter. Therefore we should realize that this life is the test for the hereafter. And Allah says in the Quran in surah mulk

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chapter number 16, verse number two, unless the follicle motto hatha, it is Allah who has created that life to test which is good indeed. The fourth point is that women we should realize that the punishment can be expended in this world. And whatever punishment they get, it is because of the sin whatever calamity takes place. In this, it is basically for the sin, as Allah says in Surah Surah, chapter number 43. Muslim 76 that no wife shall we be unjust to them, but it is paid what have been unjust to themselves. So these four points are very important to be removed. So, Helen, thank you, Dr. Zakir once again for the answer. Dr. Zakir if we could just now clarify, what is the best time

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in one's life to seek repentance? Is there a best time Indeed, Allah says in the Quran in surah chapter number four was the myth 17 that Allah accepts the repentance of the person and then it says in ignorance, and he asked for forgiveness quickly. Allah subhanho wa Taala is most merciful and is the most knowledgeable and wise. Now you're based on the commentary of this verse of the Quran. According to Mujahid Allah have mercy on him, he said that the sin in ignorance means that any sin done knowingly or unknowingly, unless the person does not come away from the sin, it is an inherently

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that means all the sins ALLAH forgive as long as a person depends quickly, as far as quickly is concerned according to Hassan bursary. mela Have mercy on him, he said quickly, he means before that, and Batman llopis him, he said quickly here means that before a person has a sickness, which is mentioned in the hadith of a beloved Prophet, or Muslim, salaam, tirmidhi book of applications, Hadith number 3537, that Allah subhana wa Taala will accept the repentance of his servant, till his death rattle begins, that means till the time he goes on his deathbed, unless he is in the last stage of life, meaning the deathbed that the only time and love and not accept the dependence

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anytime before that he will accept. So that means all the scholars and MSC degree that quickly here in this Quranic verse for any such chapter four, verse 17, means that we should ask forgiveness before that. Allah says in Surah assumer, Chapter 39, verse 54, to 58 it says that turn to Lord and repentance before the penalty comes before it's too late. Unless your soul says

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that I have done wrong deed.

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And I mocked or the soul may say that please give me one more chance. But it'll be too late. Allah says in Surah maamoun chapter 23 verse 1900, that when the time is over, when the time on the deathbed has come and then you say that all last minute Allah give me one more chance and unless that it's too late, they cannot bend the chance given. So the time for repentance should be that if any sin is done in ignorance, you should repent as soon as possible. And Allah Spano tala from his mercy with Modi, he will forgive you just Dr. Zakir for answering the question. Another question which is of equal importance, if not more, a lot of people are concerned about this I know I am

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myself How do we know what are the indications and how do we know whether repentance is accepted? What are the indications the indication as far as for repentance to be acceptable Last Man on tala number one is that you do not commit the same sin again and your good deeds keep on increasing in a bad date keep on decreasing lesson number one thing that a lot of accepted repentance, number two, that you have the fear of Allah subhanaw taala number two

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

Three is that you regret to Allah subhanaw taala and you keep on asking his forgiveness.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:55

Number four is that you're humble, and you always address him in humility. So these are the four signs, we show that your repentance has been acceptable last minute Allah. The signs of non acceptance of the towbar repentance is deficiency in the person's repentance. And he remembers the pleasures of the sinners, and he gets preoccupied in continuing the sin. That's number one. Number two, he for sure. That will print it will be accepted as though he has got immunity, and he's immune to it ensure he'd be forgiven. That's number two. Number three is that his eyes Don't cry, and his heart is hardened. Number four, there's no increase in the good activities that he's doing. no

00:35:55 --> 00:36:35

increase in the good deeds. And a beloved partner from said it's mentioned in say Muslim one, number four in the book of repentance, Hadith number six, six to one, that if the people do not commit anything, Allah subhana wa Taala will wipe them out and replaced with the people who commit sin and to ask for forgiveness so that I like in forgiving them. Know here, if you understand this Hadith, it will look very odd that does allow us to do sin. If you don't do sin, Allah will remove you what it means that there are some people who may do sin, and who may ask for forgiveness and repent and make them prove that Allah subhanaw taala and the good deeds will increase. And these people are

00:36:35 --> 00:37:20

good agenda. On the other hand, some people do good deeds, and they have a conceit. They're so proud of themselves, and that will take them to the hellfire. So law says that if there's a group of people who don't do sin, a level replace them with the people who do sinful that they will ask forgiveness and Allah will forgive them. That means you should have humility to do the same for not acceptance of Futaba May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to accept repentance in October Dr. Zakir, there is another question which I have which is just to end this particular session, this particular show, and that is, is there any limitation to the sins that Allah subhanho wa Taala can accept our

00:37:20 --> 00:37:36

Toba for as far as love forgiveness is concerned and is concerned, every surah every chapter of the Quran, it begins with a beautiful formula Bismillah R Rahman Rahim In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful, every surah except for chapter number nine sir Toba.

00:37:37 --> 00:38:07

And Allah says in the Quran, in Surah zomer chapter nine, verse 53, that all my servants who have transgressed against their souls dispay not the most if Allah subhanaw taala for Allah and forgive all sins, Allah is Forgiving and most merciful. Allah says that about two years in maybe Allah subhanaw taala he can forgive any of your sins, as long as you repent.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:37

If you repent in the right way, and if you ask forgiveness, Allah will inshallah forgive you. And a beloved partner Salah from said, it's Michelle Sadie of hypnagogia, added number four to five one, the beloved Prophet said that every sin of Adam, he commits sin, and the best is the person who repents. If you commit sin, no problem, but if you repent, then you're the best person. Repentance is very important, especially the remedy for it number 3540.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:54

Where a beloved partner Sarah slim said, that Allah says, oh, son of Adam, you may do anything, and I will forgive all your sins. Even if your sin is rich to the clouds in the sky, I will forgive them. You ask me for mercy, and I will forgive you.

00:38:55 --> 00:39:12

It's for the missionary of say Muslim Hadith number 6246. The Beloved Prophet Musa lesson said, that law says, even if you do sin day and night, and ask for forgiveness, I will forgive you. You asked me from pardon, and I will forgive you especially and say Buhari

00:39:13 --> 00:39:24

number 800. Number 5999. There were some prisoners of war with at least mainly children, woman and one lady.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:57

She searches for a son, and she cannot find a son. The moment she sees any child, she breastfeed the child, the name of the child she sees she breastfeed the child. Finally, she finds her own child to the profit as the Sabbath. But when this woman finds her son, even if he had done a sin, then will she throw the sun in the sky? They said no. Allah subhanaw taala loves his servants, even if they commit sin more than the lady loves the child.

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

So based on this, we realize that last month

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

tala is willing to forgive any of your sin as long as repent.

00:40:05 --> 00:40:23

And just the last question Allah says in the Quran and sort of DISA, chapter number four was unfortunate that if Allah subhanaw taala pleases, he can forgive anything, but the sin of schicke he'll ever forgive you It means that if a person does Shrek and depends before he dies,

00:40:24 --> 00:40:57

before the death rattle, inshallah Allah will forgive even just enough shit. If he repents and comes to the straight path and believes in Allah subhanaw taala believes in Allah will even forgive him, his sin of shirk, which is biggest sin. But if he died as a mushrik, after he dies, Allah says here, that he will not forgive the sin of any other thing if he wishes he may forgive, but the sin of shake near forgive shed is the biggest sin. So from here we come to know that Allah subhanaw taala is the most merciful and willing to forgive the sins of the servants.

00:40:58 --> 00:41:47

Subhana Allah. Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala is the Most Merciful of Zakir. Thank you very much for answering all the questions on the topic today. It's such an important topic it was myself I feel sure that now I will know exactly how to ask Allah subhanaw taala during this wonderful month of Ramadan, and use every breath of the 30 days Sharla for the benefit of abralon opinions on this glorious month. I mean, I mean all of the Muslims in Sharla and let's hope that some of the non Muslims will take the benefit of this wonderful month and they also will ask with sincerity and the correct methodology for Allah subhanaw taala is guidance and Allah will accept their repentance, as

00:41:47 --> 00:41:47

well as

00:41:49 --> 00:42:05

their brothers and sisters who come to the end of the show. We weren't able to answer all of your questions regarding the topic, but inshallah, tomorrow we will endeavor to answer all of those questions. So

00:42:06 --> 00:42:20

join us tomorrow, when we will be discussing the topic of Ramadan, the month of supplications Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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