The Battle of Ideas – Preserving Humanity

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Some Lula Alhamdulillah him that he had, he had one

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Teddy or Lola and shut down a lot. And hamdu lillahi Liddy and zela Allah Abba de Cabo Allah, I know who

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all praises into a lot was blessed us with faith was blessed us to be amongst the people who choose to follow prophetic guidance. Remember Shafi one of our great great scholars believe will genius. The one of the great legal minds in the history of humanity

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mentioned that there's a single chapter in the court and if nothing else in the court and have been revealed, then this chapter would have sufficed two minutes.

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What is that chapter, the following will be left in minutes shaped by your writing. This means your Russian and your Russian were the offset in

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an Effie hos

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lol Edina. Raghava for the heavy water wells home and happy with a while. So this is followed

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by the testimony

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of time,

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or by the declining day,

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by the US

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surely humanity is lost

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is in a state of loss in Nick lisanna that he posts

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except those who believe in the living

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and perform righteous deeds while I'm in Oxford.

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And they cancel each other with truth with a wild follow the heart

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and they cancel each other with patients with a well so this thought

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it behooves us when someone of the stature of a Shafi Rahim Allah says,

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mentioned this chapter in such power such a powerful way headed it alone would surprise humanity.

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So let's examine this chapter briefly. It starts with us.

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So we mentioned either via the declining day,

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this would

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indicate a time of transition.

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If we're looking at the 24 hour cycle, when the day is transitioning into the night.

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transition is a true illustration of power. It takes less power to sustain something than to initiate something.

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So is it during these times of initiation initiating the night initiating the initiating our lives as humans?

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human beings can do move themselves we can delude ourselves into thinking

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we might we are creating something. So we've created a test tube baby.

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We've we've engaged in a sex change is a delusion. Why because a person not questioning their motivation. When a person has a series of surgeries, and a series of hormonal treatments. The essence as a male or female, that x y or the x xx essence, which is an affirmation of the gender binary they're trying to deny it doesn't change.

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The surgery doesn't change it. The hormones don't try and change

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the x x or the x y that defined them at birth, it endures.

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But the point is, we can manipulate all we want but could we could certainly made a test to begun took a topic sperm out of the human being and we took an egg from a female human being and we put it in an artificial environment and then we cultivated life but can we start from nothing

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and create that sperm drop. Can we start from nothing

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Not nothing in terms of the dirt or elements or some gas from absolute nothing. Colonel lawyer when I shave my mouth

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and I lay he can, there was a lawn there was nothing along with the law.

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And then is one this He is known as he was then but he brought all of this about from absolute nothing minute Adam can

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be me he very cool

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lady began he met a cook to Cooley shelter when he told him

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we didn't do it, we might delude ourselves into thinking we can manipulate it. So what officer?

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Allah has the power to change nothingness into existence.

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Allah has the power to change the night into the day.

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Allah has the power to change the day into the night

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will also

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transition or, as we said, signs will also

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the ages by the testimony of the age, every age, has miraculous events, that if we reflect on them, we will have no conclusion except in love law.

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A few that we're familiar with and then two that occurred in most of our lifetimes, the adults here.

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The first is and they're both associated with human our delusional our delusion, that scientific progress

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frees us from the power of Almighty God.

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Now scientific progress changes do reality of what a woman says in the Quran.

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In the sand and to move

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in Allah will love when the honey would Hamid Oh humanity you are in desperate need of your Lord and your Lord is free of all the worry about praise.

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So the first one mentioned is the Titanic.

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towards the beginning of the 20th century, when humans are are in their hubris, unlocking the secrets of the physical world.

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And based on this hubris failure, they can build an unsinkable ship and they advertise the head Titanic as an unsinkable ship, the safest ship ever built too massive, still holds a massive structure, the unsinkable ship.

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And on his maiden voyage is very fuzzy journey. What happens it sinks the engineer for everything they engineer for head on collision. They engineer for being broadsided. They're engineered for a giant wave massive waves that occur in the oceans without a tsunami. They engineered for everything except one thing. There was one thing they did in a California was that one thing that's something that ship that if we're more than a pass on the massive iceberg that hit it, right angle that the slice through the double still hole like on hold, like a razor. And on his various posts. journey. The one thing they did an engineer for was the one thing that allowed the Crete to sink the

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unsinkable ship,

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then in llama,

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and in the lifetime of most adults here,

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our scientific progress, deludes us into thinking that we can make space travel so safe.

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And so predictable. Because we run our algorithms to the computers. And we've accounted for every contingency. So we're going to have a school teacher, teach a class from outer space on the challenger.

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Zero in our delusion, we're challenging the power, the authority and the decree of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Then what happens? 90 seconds into the mission. We're all the schoolchildren watching, because the the teacher Diane McAuliffe is going into space, and she's going to teach you a lesson. So let's tune in and watch. 90 seconds in it blows up.

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Even more insightful. And this this is this shows the power to space shows blew up one winner was leaving the earth and one winner was in transition. Now one is safely on the ground. And not one is orbiting in the earth around the Earth. But the tremendous energy that it takes to get that thing off the ground to move it from an emotional state, and to have the state of movement. You need booster rockets. And it was one of the booster rockets that failed.

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Coming back into the earth determinacy transitioning from outer space back into Earth atmosphere, the Columbia

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that boasts

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the first is ready

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to go on an American space mission. Last Name Ramona, I forget his first name, who was the lead pilot on the Israeli mission to blow up the Iraqi nuclear reactor.

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The mission is concluding they're entering Earth's atmosphere and what happens to the space mission with the first is working on a space shuttle it blows up over Palestine, texas.

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It blew up over Palestine, Texas.

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Most people say that's a coincidence.

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I said that in African law,

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laws sending us reminders. When

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there are signs and every age in Santa Matthew,

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humanity is lost. Again, we think we don't need a last name is the age of atheism.

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Our Muslim children losing their faith behind

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cons who rejected in their fields of study are marginal figures, like Richard Dawkins, or Sam Harris, or Dennis Dennis,

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or Christopher Hitchens.

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And the rest of them

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we don't need God

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not leading God let us move.

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In this country specifically,

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every day there's someone who's murdering their fellow human beings.

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This most of them are don't even make the news

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every day

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This happened yesterday or the day before and then ones that don't make the news.

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For we don't our environment, we don't need God.

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No sense of stewardship.

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Generally at the high levels, this is an environmental ecological movement.

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In terms of human beings, in general, our approach to the environment

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recreating an unlivable planet.

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Because we're so selfish. We're so greedy. We seek comfort

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and comfort comes with a price

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and air conditioned home comes with a price

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and SUV. We are two babies now.

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The same one who says we have two children now so we need an SUV.

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A gas guzzling vehicle is the same person who grew up in a family for seven eight people squeezed into a fear for Toyota Corolla.

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But they needed an SUV with no consideration of the ecological consequences.

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These are illustrations of our loss. You don't think about our fellow species. We don't think about our fellow humans.

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We want to drink Coca Cola in India.

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So the Coca Cola factory is sucking more grown water out of

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the humans are consuming

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these these illustrations of our loss

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We make bombs as a business. They say war is bad for business unless you're in the business of war.

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After the brutality and the carnage that we witnessed in Gaza

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What did human human beings in our country do? Sell them another billion dollars worth of bombs?

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Why? Because

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they might not be morally not no see the moral injustice in that? No, because the politics and the money

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dictate that particular decision. If you're in the business of war, you have to deplete your industry, your inventory, you're going out of business.

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You're deeply to an inventory by bombing people in Gaza or Afghanistan.

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this is, this is the loss of humanity, for bombs.

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And the billions made of dollar selling bombs, mean more than human beings

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and human lives.

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There's only one escape.

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There's only one escape in

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faith is the escaping.

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Faith is the escape because a lot of time or even in other traditions. In the Bible, Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's possessions. And in a global village, we're all neighbors.

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imperialistic policies have no religious foundation.

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No Korean don't know that the life is that it was made sacred. If you kill it, right, this is extinguishing all of humanity.

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We want to do something about what we see in the world. We're riled up about the situation in Palestine or elsewhere. One of the best things we can do is reinforce the concept of civilian immunity

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during a conflict

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if we embrace that, and this is something Islam embraces,

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then there have been a low foundation for the situation we saw that

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their business foundation for the Rockets cannot fire, there'll become a justification for this inhumane retaliation. There'll be no no justification for murdering 85 girls in a school.

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There'll be no moral justification for destroying entire countries.

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as as as weapons of war become more destructive and more evil.

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They have worked in experimented with any luck they find in bodies of dead people with no physical damage. Finding a lateral magnetic disk mounted on a truck in the vicinity, their experimental weapons, they send electromagnetic beams from outer space to scramble people's brains.

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There are neutron bombs that don't destroy buildings, but kill people.

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As this

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man Magnus proceeds if we don't have the law, the ethical foundation to govern our actions, and that doesn't come from science. Science tells us how

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religion tells us why.

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science can't tell us why.

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science can show us how to make a nuclear bomb. But religions tell us that's a wrong action. And if it did happen, it should never be used.

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In the insert lfu hossler is

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except those who believe and do righteous deeds, which are the act the opposite of evil deeds

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is evil.

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We can we are in this country, we are citizens. We take tax dollars that are near zero

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Right. My text intention is to fix the bridges and the roads in them that I never been to yet not to buy bonds. But to conclude, we have to do the rest of it another day next time inshallah. But to just make this final point

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that we decry. The Israelis blowing up sewage treatment plants, power generation plants,

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medical supply buildings, the COVID vaccination centers, etc.

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We condemn it rightfully. But it's the same thing we did in Iraq systematically for 12 years. Do we condemn that? We blew up the sewage treatment plants no people would be forced to drink dirty water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and knowing it will cause diarrhea and dysentery and typhoid and people were dying, particularly the children.

00:21:06--> 00:21:07

Over a million children.

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1998 our Secretary of State admitted to happen to you in the policy went on for twice as long after that nine children would die.

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So we have to be committed to righteous deeds, we have to reject evil deeds. We have to reject evil thoughts and philosophies that underlie the evil deeds. Because at the end of the day, what we're engaged in right now, my dear brothers and sisters, is a battle of ideas.

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It's a battle of ideas. It's not a battle of bombs and bullets because the ideas determine whether the bombs of bullets are used or not.

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And what a law describes the victory of this land?

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He doesn't talk about conquest or bombing and blowing things up. What can lead to more hee hee and really yeah, the why colossal for most

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for most

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of us don't think and tastier mellow except that actions may Allah protect us mela protects all of our brothers and sisters. May Allah subhanho wa Taala not just in Islam in humanity. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us to be able to think about our situation in different ways, ways. They're not that are not informed by the hegemonic nature of the materialistic culture and civilization that envelops us, but ideas that are informed by faith and informed by scripture and informed by the prophetic legacy.