Yasir Qadhi – Wisdoms in the Quran #12 Good Vs Evil

Yasir Qadhi
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Today's Quranic wisdom Quranic gem Surah Yunus verse 81, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions something that Musa alayhis salam said. Musa said when he was facing the army of around, Musa said, in Allahu Allah you'll slit who I'm an alum of sitting in Allaha la you slit who am ll mousseline, Allah will never allow the actions of corruption to be successful. This is a Quranic rule. It is a Quranic wisdom. It is a maxim and principle that this whole world is based upon. Allah will never allow the

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action of evil to be successful. Allah will never allow facade to win over in Allah Allah use narrow MLL mousseline now when did Musa say this, Musa said this when he had gone to the court to frown, and he had challenged around and he had said to frown, I am the one that Allah has sent that out and said, Bring forth what you have. And I will have a debate I will have a match between my magicians and you. And so they set the time in place. The entire people of Egypt gathered fit Allen was on his

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Mighty Throne and fit around had the greatest magicians in front of him and all of the people are watching and Musa is all alone on the stage on one side, and on the other side you have the most brilliant of the evil magicians and frown is the middle watching and when the magicians through what they through, and they managed to make their staffs Wiegel

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Musa felt a little bit of fear this is a human fear for Oh Josephine FC Khalifa Musa, it's okay to be a little bit not confident. It's okay to like oh my God, what's going on human nature for Oh Josephine FC here. But then Musa Allah said to Musa latter half in the content Allah, Allah said to Musa Don't worry, you are going to be the winner. So when Allah gave him that confidence, Musa said to frown, what you have brought a Sahara and Allah shall destroy it. Well Allah and Allah so you

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have zero in Allah Allah use the Ramadan move, see the in Allah shall destroy your evil. Why? Because Allah never causes the actions of the move said the actions of the corrupt to be successful, and so Musa through his staff, and then the miracle occurred. But this Quranic Maxim, this Quranic wisdom, it is not the only time the Quran mentions a similar concept, the same concept as a constant theme throughout the Quran. For example, Allah says that in the hula, you flirt avoid the moon,

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Allah will never allow the Vani moon to achieve success. Allah says in the hula, you feel oh my god moon, Allah will never allow criminals to achieve Fela. Allah says, What are you fooling yourself? I do it through. The magician will never be successful, no matter how and whatever he brings, notice, no fella, no victory, no good will come out of the volume out of the Mufson out of the module out of the Sahara. Multiple times Allah is saying the evil door, I will not allow that person to succeed,

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the one whose heart is full of corruption. What is facade, facade means you want to cause evil. Facade means you want to break the ties, you want to cause evil, you want to shed blood, you want to spread fire Asia, this is what facade is. And Allah is saying, I will never allow the one whose heart is evil, that they're good deed or sorry that they're evil deed be allowed to flourish. It's impossible that corruption will flourish in the long run. Yes, maybe a short victory. Yes, a short

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period of time that person might appear to be dominant, but anything based upon evil is never going to prosper law, you flare and Fela prospering includes this world and the next. So the MoodGYM, the volume, the fossick, will never achieve eternal success, either in this world or in the Hereafter. He might achieve partial success in this world for a period of time, the criminal might be a get away with it for a period of time, the evil person might think he's getting away with it, but his

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own life internally will be completely corrupt and devoid of blessing. In other words, even if the tyrant seems to be getting away in the outer world inside of him, his heart will feel a sense of complete failure. Now you flare he will never be successful. He's

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never gonna find peace. He's never gonna find contentment because Allah has said, anybody who is a volume, a Muslim, a fossick, I guarantee you, He will never be successful. This is the Quranic principle, the exact opposite is also true. What is the exact opposite in

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a general Muslim in Allah says, I shall never diminish the reward of the one who wants to do good. I shall never destroy the reward of the one who's trying to do good. The one who's trying to do good shall be successful. And the one who's trying to do evil will never be successful. These Quranic rules because there's a whole bunch of rules, but the theme is the same. If you want to cause corruption, if you want to cause evil, if you want to cause harm, if your heart is full of evil,

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Allah has said multiple times, you shall not attain success. Now pause here, what is success, success doesn't mean if a robber wants to rob, he's not going to rob he might even end up robbing might even end up murdering a tyrant might end up killing 1000s of his people, a tyrannical regime does that. But that person will never achieve Fela. And what is Fela, Fela is success in this world. And the next fella means that in this world, that person has achieved ultimate peace and content.

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And the people love this person. And in the Acura, Fela is achieved Allah's pleasure, and Allah has denied from the MoodGYM, and from the volume and from the fossick, that they will ever achieve Fela, in contrast to this, Allah has guaranteed the one who does good, I guarantee that your reward will be full, and you will get your full adjure. Now notice here a very technical issue. When it comes to the righteous. Allah didn't say, he will achieve Fela in this world. Allah said, I guarantee his

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reward will be full in the next, because there are many people who want to good, but in this world, evil stops them. In this world, they don't fulfill it, they try to do good, but in this world, they cannot achieve it. Allah says, Don't worry, even in this world, if you're not successful, I have guaranteed that you're agile, the reward that is written for you, not an iota of it, not a molecule of it will be diminished, you shall get your full reward for your good intention. Notice the

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technical precision of the Quran, because you can desire good, but for whatever reason, it doesn't happen. Allah says, Don't worry, you shall get what you desired for and you can desire evil, and it might happen. And Allah is saying, but you're not going to be Fela, you're not going to achieve the success that everybody wants, the technical terminologies of the Quran is very precise. So from all of this, we glean a number of things, first and foremost, almost slim, the most important aspect of

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your life. It is between you and Allah and that is your soul, your heart, your intention, the most important, why are you doing what you're doing? Do you want a spa? Or do you want facade? Do you want to do good? Or do you want to do evil? You have to ask yourself this constantly? Why am I doing what I'm doing. If I want to do good, Allah is saying I guarantee you, you shall get your full reward. But if God forbid you want to do evil than Villa Allah has given the rule of law you flip

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through, you shall never be successful. So monitor your intention. Always think about what you're doing. Another point over here we learned is that Be careful who you associate with, if you are hanging around those that are of all the moon, those that are faster on those that are Majidi moon, if you're hanging around evil people, and Allah is saying the deeds of the wicked shall never achieve success. Well, then what's going to happen if you're hanging around the those that are

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wicked, you as well are not going to achieve success. Be careful who your associates are our Prophet sallallahu, either he was southern warned us of those who are supporting evil simply by being in the gatherings of evil. Don't be with the people of evil, try your best to be with people of righteousness as well. Brothers and sisters, one of the things we need to be very, very clear about in this regard. One of the reasons why Allah is telling us these rules is that we get a sense of

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optimism, when we see so much evil, put yourself in the shoes of Moses of Musa when he is all alone. And the armies of the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh himself. Can you imagine you know Toots and Hamid, whoever you might be sitting on his Magnificent Throne, right? Imagine the scene in your head 10s of 1000s of people everybody's rooting for the Pharaoh. Imagine

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The entire delegates of the pharaoh are there and Musa is all alone. And with that confidence, he says, but I know the actions of the wicked will never flourish, that confidence Musa Hydra to a very high level me and you can also have it in our individual levels but with one condition as long as you err on the side of the truth, you err on the side of Allah, you err on the side of righteousness and piety. Then the next time somebody wants to wrong you, somebody tries to take advantage of you,

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somebody shows you injustice, remember this verse, and put in yourself the same confidence that Musa had, Allah will never allow the tyrant and the unjust and the evil person to flourish. Anytime you're in a situation where injustice is occurring, listen to me carefully. Anytime you're in a situation where learning is occurring, then you had better hope you are the most bloom and not avoid him. Thank Allah, if you are the Muslim rather than the bottom, of course, the best thing is your

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Northern mcloon Rodon him no doubt, but I'm saying if you're in a situation where aluminum is occurring, then you had better be in the situation of the mumble room and not the volume because ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will never allow the volume to flourish. Allah will never bless the tyrant and the evil person and ask for the one who is righteous as for the one who was good, Allah promises you shall get your full reward. Monitor your heart, be with the pious intend to do what is good and

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Allah will bless you and on the other side if you intend what is evil, Allah will never bless those who intend to do evil and inshallah will continue tomorrow. What's that I'm wondering what happened to Allah what I got to

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