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Exposing Fake healers vs. Real Quran Ruqyah for paranormal activity Jinn Devil possession with Sheik Abu Mujahid


AI: Summary © The "hasn't been" field is a topic that is discussed repeatedly, including the "hasn't been" field and its potential for finding a doctor. Other cases include the "hasn't been" field, where symptoms can identify diagnoses and help identify individuals. The "hasn't been" field is discussed as a complex field, where individuals may experience a "hasn't been" diagnosis and may need to practice more study to differentiate between the real and evil eye. The importance of protecting oneself from infection and reading the Koran is emphasized.
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right this is just a numbers Let me see if so people can see you will see that as Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim some it looks like Quran it's like a put on but it's not correct that's not karate some stuff you see out of the movies I've never seen this Yes, yes it is. And if you need to for example if you want to somebody have a headache, you're going to do a black magic on him. And you want him to be headache always. All you're gonna do gonna recite something, put it in your neck. You hold it up here is this

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Salaam Alaikum greetings apiece. Welcome to the D show. We have another exciting episode for you. We have Shaykh Abu Mujahid who is known as a rocky

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How are you? hamdulillah Baraka Luffy it's very nice to have you in the studio. This is a very interesting topic. Many people are fascinated by this. Even the people who say they don't believe because we we know that it's innate in all of us to believe in the Creator of the heavens and earth. Many people try to cut some people small minority try to cover it up. And then they'll start to believe in UFOs and, you know, Martians and stuff, not knowing that's potentially the jinn. Right? The world of the jinn. What got you interested to go into this field? You're also an Islamic scholar, you've been studying Islam almost all your life. You're a student also of one of the great

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scholars shakila Bani Silicon Valley. Yes, yeah. Tell us a little about yourself and what got you into this specific field that you've been into for now for how many years?

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Around 15 years? 15 years? Yeah. What what fascinated you to go into this specific because this is a specific field now you know that you decided to go into healing people with the Quran? Actually, it's experience. One day I was at one of my relative

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and she have a little bit evil eye. At that time, I don't know, what's the difference between evil eye origin or these things? I believe there is a genuine Evil Eye of course.

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What happened as they asked me to recite Quran on here, so I research going on here, but Subhanallah there's somebody action, I don't know how to control it. So I said What's wrong? The Quran is words of Allah subhanaw taala and I believe in Allah subhanaw taala what's what's going on? I cannot help you.

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So after that, I feel guilty. How can I help the people? So hamdulillah I went to the some people who's a professional and do this, to do this, as we call it, therapy and Allah. And I seek knowledge from them. And at that time, I want to do Amara, and they don't actually at that time, so I went to the bookstores, in Medina, and some other states, some other city, I bought a lot of books. I learned hamdulillah. From that time I step by step, to teach myself I learn spent time and I asked a lot of questions from the people who have this knowledge. And from the lessons from that time I come to LA, I'm in this field. Now people we know STD, sexually transmitted diseases. We all know about

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what that but many people they don't know about the spiritually transmitted diseases, right? The diseases that are out there, that now it's something beyond medicine, it's something beyond you know, the normal it's kind of like paranormal, it's like you cannot the person's gone to all the doctors. They've seeked all of the physical means, but then there's still something is going on. I had maybe you have about hundreds of cases like this. One of the case that is weird actually. She has half paralyzed

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the lady this. This is your patient. Yes. One of my patients Yeah, yes. She has half paralyzed half pair laughs on a nice yeah. Left side is not working. What's happened here sister She is Doctor she knows what's going on. And they came from other state.

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And when I diagnostic the Ask a question, of course. I smile when I finish everything. The question is my unhealed brother He asked me why you smile. I said because I know Alhamdulillah what's a prominent it is not a medical. It is not medical. It is evil I so I said then hamdulillah May Allah subhanaw taala help your sister but with the time your hours you will see your sister walking in Shama. He doesn't believe me it not believe me actually.

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I noticed that Quran. So panela. After about an hour, hour and a half, lift side became shaking. All right, shaking and even her legs shaking.

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After about three, four hours, like she wake up and she looked

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straight and she asked me who are you?

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I said,

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I said, Subhan Allah. So she cry when she saw herself. She's walking. So this is one of the Yani

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case that I have is stick in my mind. So Pamela, now are they're out of let's say, 10 cases are there because many people they rush they say, Oh, it's your you've been possessed by the jinn. But some most of the time, it's not that it is not. Yes. Is that how many cases are those? A lot? A lot. A lot of people coming to my office, you know, they think that they have a gin or evil eye.

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Of course, you have to diagnose to ask a question diagnostic the problem. Basically, the answer is I will know that Oh, now you have to see a doctor, not me. Yeah. So there's a lot of cases where a person just needs medical, medical, or psychiatric psychiatric. Right? Yes. And then you also you can differentiate? Yes, yes. This is different. Uh huh. I wanted you just to give you a one one different if you recycle on to the guy or the lady. If she has a reaction, okay. Like cry or shaking or numbness or headache. That means she have a problem. I can take over. But if she feel calm, okay, and she doesn't feel anything. Heavy.

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numbness headache. Okay, I see that you have to see a doctor. There is a lot of symptoms, I will cover it in Sharla. Now what is a when you see because there's there's a lot of nowadays it's also become something that's prevalent out there, where I was listening to a radio station when I was in Bosnia. And they were actually advertising or they call the secret boss where the site the doctor or how do you translate it Santa's boss in from Bosnia and the witch doctor, they were advertising it on the radio. And you can come in and you know people, if they want this person to love you, or they want to break up a family or things like this, that you go to see one of these people and then how

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can people differentiate? Where and is this acceptable? islamically to go see some people like this and what are the signs that this is an actual person because there's a legitimate case and someone wants to go to someone they're sincere. They want to go get help. They know the crown is a healing. But now they go to one of these Voodoo got people, right? So what what's the differential? Is someone someone doing it correctly? And one of these fake? Yes. imposters? Let's say about the fake one. Yeah. Okay. First of all, if you go to the anybody, even if you have beard or have a good looking, if he asked me, what's your mother's name? If you ask me what some other name that's his

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fake. Okay, or give me your date of birth. Give me your picture. So we got three things there. He's asking your mother's name. mother's name. Yeah. Yeah. So it's like, why is he asking your mother's name is related to the gym? Oh, to the gym? Yeah, we translate gym is like spirits. gym is

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shaytaan. Like, what kind of Satan like this? The Devils they don't forces? Yes. Okay. So that's three of them. He's asking for your date of birth, your mother's maiden name or a picture? picture is the first thing.

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Sometimes they did not ask you right away. They will tell you Okay, you have a problem without an information. Okay. And, oh, you have a problem with your wife, for example. All right. How does he know that? I have fun with my wife. Of course he contract with the gin. Okay, so that's one of the the symptoms. The other symptoms is if he gives you the we call it towers or,

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you know, small papers come out. Mm hmm. Malia Malia Yes. Hi, Molly. Okay. Yes. And ambulance. Ambulance, yes. If he gave it to you, and maybe sometimes he asked you to wear it in your neck or put it in your neck, put it in your pocket, or put it in the bedroom somewhere. So the small paper, he is not going to tell you don't open it. Sometimes they said if you open it, you're gonna lose your eyes. Okay, it's a fake actually. These things of course, when you open it, alright, you'll see there's a numbers and letters. If you want to. I will show you Yeah, you have some examples? Yes.

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These things.

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For example, you see this is a number here. You see

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this is a number here. So you've gotten this you got from the patient. This was in one of those. Yeah, yes. is in there wrapped up? Yes. Yeah. So this is the one of them right? This is just the numbers. Let me see if so people can so these are like some

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so what we're seeing here this is like some these are this is not this is not good. This is like some kind of cold

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Here quote What are these codes for? It is related to the gene actually. I cannot spend the time why I have to read this code this because this is was my time Yeah, and this one same thing as the numbers. Yeah, the worst one is right here

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it says this one now this is something you can't like put around your neck This is like you have to put it in your new bedroom they tell you to sleep under your bed or something. Yes. Okay. For example, here you see that is Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim some it looks like it's like a put on but it's not crying but it's not put on it does not put on but the problem is around that you see around that you see there's a name of gin here those are the actual name name of gin of ginger sit around this. It is around all around here. Yes, it's an eighth of June. Now the people they don't know what's the difference? Or there's a put on but they don't know what is the what is this? But the

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surname of Jin sometimes

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sometimes it will give you Koran like it's a courtesy for example, but before I tell corsi there is a code, okay, you cannot understand it. You will not understand it. There's a code like a number or anything like a star. That star or that code it's I do not believe so when you see I do not believe Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen so that's mean I do not believe in Quran but you see the Quran you do not see the the code Yeah, so this is one of the symptoms of that we call it Safa or fake Rocky. Okay, other things other than this is

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here, you can get it from the internet. You can buy it from somewhere. So now they made a big business, a big business for those people. For example, if I can do a surfer or Blackmagic on to the people, all the number theaters is here. Okay, this is a needle For example, I see some stuff you see out of the movies I've ever seen this Yes, yes, it is. And if you need to for example, if you want to somebody have a headache you're gonna do a black magic on him and you want him to be headache always. Or you're gonna you're gonna restart something. It's it's always and co for one or the other biller and put that in his head here. And he will feel head pain all the time. I have Have

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there been cases to actually pick it up. Yeah, I have the use cases. Yeah, yes. So this is of course it's easy to know. This is prohibited in Islam it is haram it's corruption. It's a coup for this

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if you doing this continue to do this. You became a careful not Muslim. Yeah, if you do this these things, you are careful. So we're explaining that people this is what people they they do this or people go to people who do this. So we're giving them the signs of someone who's a What will you call this person then what do they call these people? These black magic? What are their names? We call it this is we call a philosophy zombie or the surfer or we call it the gel? Yeah, the gel like he's a big liar. Okay, we call him that the gel isn't the gel. So you need to stay away from these you have to stay away from him. The problem is if you go there and if you believe what he said

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if you believe is what you said we came out of Islam if you go go there and just to see what show Allah will not accept your Salah for 40 days this is a hadith This is a serious a serious man. Yeah, for the Hadith if you eforea this if you go there and just to watch just to watch Okay, Allah will not accept your your Salah for 40 days but if you go there and you'll believe you'll be come out of Islam Subhana Allah Yes, there are a lot of people probably watching now they have this around their necks these around I will show you something else too. How does this look like?

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so these are now the the actual

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Okay, this become like a superstition now. It's like this. Yeah, you put it in your neck. Alright, for Savannah law like this. Put it in your neck. Can you hold it up? Yeah. Is this series already a lot of things here. You see in your neck? Yeah. Okay. You know, so I have a lot of this our you know, the red one is two. So these are the things that now inside there is a paper and like these codes it's a code Yes. So people these are these are things that people came to you wearing. These people came to me with these things, warehouse things The first question I asked him, Do you have these things? Yeah. Do you have these things if they said I said Give it to me. Yeah, so first first

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I have to cancel it because this is a black magic it's effected it's like it's the active are all these cancel now. Cancel. Yeah. I will restart Koran on it. Yeah. hamdulillah and but I show you

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To you Yeah, I just like what I show you too. That's what but as I said, I asked him Do you have these toys? Do you have these things? If they said yes bring it to me if they said yes I have it in my home I tell them right away. Get it. Recycle Koran or like for example you have to cancel it it's easy yeah to cancel it is easy, either you're gonna just start sort of develop our the billing strategy and Bismillah Alhamdulillah horrible Falak Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah Eros up in our pub. One shot number 30 feel awkward when Sheree has it in either hazard eye blue Okay, and you can burn it it's easy so you just recite it for people who don't know the Arabic you this is a prayer

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from the Quran that from the Quran so little follow up? Yes. Oh asking the Creator God a law for protection to protection to counsel that thing can so these Yeah. If you if you don't know just can't send it just to burn it. Burn it. If you burn it. Sometimes you find that as a like powder. powder that is serious. Don't touch it.

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To cancel it is you have to get water right. Restart Koran on it like Al Fatiha. So I said codici and sorbitol follow uncertainness but that powder on it Okay, keep it for three days after that. You can

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so if someone now has that this is what they should do if they have some of these What if someone so they can they can recite the Quran over it. Or just burn this. Burn it. Burn it Bennett get it off your neck, put on it and blow. Okay. Yeah. And this is counsel. You can burn it. What if someone says Well, this is helping me they said that this is this is something that's helping I feel I'm helping? Yes. What? Yes. You all right. This is good. The question. The people who went to the those fake Rocky, this is a deal actually between the rocky or fake Rocky and the gin. Okay, patient coming to me, to him to a fake karate, and he will ask him I need the help. Okay, so this is a deal

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between fake karate and the gin. You have to take care of him just temporarily, about three months, six months, one year, this is a deal between fake Rocky and virgin

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focus as a deal. Now, when the patient coming to him. After that, you're going to give him these things that are always okay. He feels okay. Justin poori, or the Simpsons became reduce. He doesn't have his IQ, but you have a slight stomach pain. He doesn't have stomach pain, but you have lower back pain. So this is a deed between fake Rocky and the genie to take care of him.

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Temporary, because he has to come back to him. So he feels improve improve a little bit. Not always. Yeah, yes. I've known cases. I've heard cases where people they've also had, let's say some problem in the arm somewhere in the body. And now this is a way of the devil shaytaan tricking someone to associate partners which is the worst sin unforgivable sin that can land you into the Hellfire you know if you set up a partner next to a law to God Almighty, the creator. So what they'll do is now they'll say in the name of Jesus, or they'll recite in some, you know, they'll say something and then the jinn leaves and the person thinks they've been healed. But they've been actually tricked.

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Same thing. Yes. It's a deal. Yeah, I asked. I asked him to leave, he will ask but before that, when I asked the genie to leave him. I have to worship the gin Pierce. Yeah, I have to worship him first. I have to follow him. For example, before I became a fake rock, the big fake karate, okay.

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I have to committed cover.

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I have to commit that cover like not Islam. Lucky. He will ask. Okay, go to the bathroom. Put the Quran in the bathroom. Okay, so this the way that I became Rocky, fake Rocky, right after that, he will listen to me. Whatever I asked him, he will listen to me he will do it. But as I said, I sacrifice my religion. I became not Muslim. He asked me to put the Quran in the bathroom. Or I write a Koran in the you know the unit ation right the new integration something something disgusting something out of the religion. So after that, that's gonna help me Yes. Okay. So this is of course this is not Islam This is out of Islam and any healing that happens we don't say in the name of

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Mohammed in the name of Jesus nobody you're you're healing by the words of God Almighty Allah in the beginning creates a Bismillah in the name of you know, you cannot the name of anything, you know, the name of Muhammad Ali Salaam, you know, just in the name of God just in Allah. Allah, just Bismillah that's it. In the beginning, we have to make Of course Bismillah Okay, and we thought that we're gonna make draw on these things. And show Have you seen people also working with with, they just do some really and i and i think that your intuition tells you hold on something.

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wrong here. How much should you follow your intuition when people are working with animals chickens doing some really weird things that have nothing to do with Islam? Have you also seen yes I have the case is the one that people because they are struggling, they need help from anybody. They hear somebody, somebody in north south, whatever.

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So I want to ask him help. The first thing they ask you, for example, give me a pigeon. Okay, pigeon, so when he did he's he killed the pigeon in your shoulder. Yeah. And he's not smarter than the pigeon. No, he he put you in like his hand to kill the pigeon. Alright, so that's mean he sacrifice when we he sacrificed in the name of the journey. You use that pigeon?

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Okay, so he killed the pigeon and shoulders. Okay. And he will ask you as I said the fake Rafi will ask you a pigeon or ask you anything like rice. He gives you a rice he gave you eggs lemon. And sometimes he put the nails in the corner.

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nails in the corner. All right. So that is the fake Rock Of course you have to stay away from that one. We want to get your reaction

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to one of these

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I don't feel I don't feel pain now. It just looks like you know it it was here it moved the pain move from here and the head is very light now. That is a case of Sir Of course. I have cases like this. Like this. Exactly. Yeah, just like this like this. Yes. So what did he what was he What was he doing now? He seemed like he just snapped out of something of it. No, he had that Genie when he put a piece a session on her other well what does that mean? What is it? What's What was he saying constantly over and over the stuff around her that is it?

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Is it the Blackmagic he kept saying it's a kind of a it's a part of a yes like parlor Moosa magic Don't be Cyril inala solo. So when somebody has a Sephora black magic on him I keep repeat while amasa magic

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in Allah solo so I got to keep it a bit a Cyril in Allah solo a Cyril in Allah solo in Allah so Allah will cancel it.

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Allah will cancel it Allah Allah will cancel it keep repeat that one so upon Allah the patient who will feel relief after that and so this was a legit Yeah, yes. Yeah, it is a genuine it's a clear and this is it. Because he after that became wake up or Alhamdulillah I'm fine. So I have cases like this. How does this impact you now for someone to see this? And now does this just even increase your certainty like your EMA and does it go up for many people? Tell us about this. What's happened is upon Allah in the beginning, we believe a loss of planet I do believe in God we believe the jinn to

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a lie created everything will come to Allah but when you see their reaction, okay when I say pull out our they belong to Satoshi and dismantle colada bill. flockmen Sheree mahalo

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Michelle Shari Ross, I can either walk or mature enough to feel awkward when Sherry has hidden either has a decrepit machinery has it in either hazard. If the people have even I get the little bit reaction like shivering and cry, I said Subhanallah This is a part of Quran and that's to cancel the evil eye. That area I'm going to show you faster than either faster to cancel evil eye when the evil eye cancel it from your body if you're really shivering after this, relax, it's everything is gone. So feel that 100 Allah Quran is the word of Allah subhanaw taala we we are reserved Koran to help our people and Allah subhanaw taala will happen now what's the proper way? So we gave some

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examples of the fake the the liars, the these fake magicians who are out there. And

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now for people to know like what it's really a simple

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what is the right way of doing the healing? That it was a good question. According to the Quran and the Sunnah. Yes. First of all,

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we have to ask a questions, symptoms, like we have to deal with the black magic or evil eye or poses as a sickness, like a flu. Like a cancel. These sickness have symptoms like if I tell you if you have hidden

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thick and shivering and hot and hot or cold and swallow, difficult to swallow, right? We're going to say I have a flu, right? The symptoms of the possess or black magic or evil eye symptoms same thing we're going to deal with as a sickness

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these symptoms of for example,

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headache Okay. Now if you will say I have headache I will ask you which part in your head because the part of your head it will show me you have evil eye or black magic, right? So, if you have a headache again most of the people that have it from here if you have it from here right away I'm gonna tell you we have heavy in your shoulders feel weight in your shoulders, if you have palpitation

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with no reason if you have gas or acid with no reason with no medical reason I that's what I meant. If you have stomach pain, lower back normally no medical reason knees pain and numbness, numbness with no reason not to or not diabetes, for example, okay. And you feel that you want to cry, cry for no reason. You feel sometimes like a shadow cross in front of you or something behind you just feeling there is nothing

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if you have constipation for a woman, if the monthly period is not coming regular like not normal, okay? And you have an anxiety

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if you have rash in your body, no medical reason around sunset time and sunrise time you feel more anxiety more depression. Okay.

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Sleeping problem you cannot you have to spend hours before it gets sleep.

00:26:48--> 00:26:57

While you are sleeping you get twitching, twitching with notice and as I said, if you have dreams you see a snakes. Okay dubs

00:26:58--> 00:27:17

any kind of animal often like snake a few snake every like one every month to two to three times sometimes every night. People so they have it. If you falling down in the dream, if somebody's chasing you in the dream, if you fly in the dream, if you have sexual a dream a lot.

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If you have no when you're asleep, you will eat sleep in your stomach on left side. You cannot sleep on the right side. In the beginning. Yes, maybe when you do I've got morning time or before you asleep I've got to get I decide. I'm another soul and I'll Kersey Alhamdulillah but after a moment you have to remove to from right side to left side or stomach. And if you feel that somebody is next to you while you're sleeping,

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when you come to your home, you feel tired. in your home you feel if you hear sometimes footsteps, but nobody or knocking but nobody. Sometimes you hear you feel like the the light flicking or the door open and close by itself. I have video like this. And the so it's door closed and open without anything. What do you mean you have video of this? That's in my no you don't just tell us like you've Yeah, they're not the people before I go there. Yeah, I went there. They they recorded the show to show it to me. Yeah. So they sent that to me. This is like just paranoid. These are just unexplainable. I mean, they they said that. What happened is why this story?

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The people before they call me.

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I mean, when they called me they they said that there was something happened to my home. I said okay, what's going on?

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The lady she asked me to please come. So I went there said What's going on? She said out of Southern I feel headache tired. And these you know the symptoms that I told you? And I asked questions. One of the question is did you play with the big board? Which you bought? You know that that that box? Yes. That's called the gym come? Yeah, yeah. So one of the girls she said yes. I said from that night, you have this problem?

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You said yes. From that night? Would you bored? Or you're going to do just ask a question. I see that the pin or the things is pointing to the latter. Okay. And you will write it. So from that time they call the genie from that night.

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The the light flicking out on an off the door open and closed. So that's the mean Dojin inside your home.

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Okay, so this is a symptoms. What's the difference between now are there some symptoms that you did? Are these all of them or these are the main ones are there other symptoms all over them? No, no, no. There's a lot you know,

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How about when have you noticed some people who are just very argumentative like belligerent like they a switch can go off, and then they just become very like it's not them. Someone just acts like they're, they're not themselves like they just act like you would only describe it if you describe like a shy teen like someone who just they have you had those cases where someone is just acting abnormal if he acting up normal with Koran. Yes, you have. He's possessed. Yeah, but he's acting without Quran. Okay, I gotta tell him go see a doctor. So what is the difference? That's the difference if he doesn't have these symptoms. Yeah, I have one of the cases.

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Like she came from other state. Yes.

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And her husband, he told me she have a gin. All right, right away. When she came to my office. She said I have a gin I have a Jewish gin and have 1000 with me, so you cannot beat me. I said Okay, no problem. How did she know this already? That's Yes, this is what happened. I asked the questions. None of these answers is yes.

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You have headache? No, I have a heavy in your shoulders. No, no, no, no, but I have Jenny. It's Jani. It's obvious that she doesn't have Jeannie. And I said okay.

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I will give you something. It will remove the genie from your body. So I give her water. I said this is a this is water. It's unique water it when you burn it when you drink it. You feel burn in your stomach.

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So right away she she drink Guevara and she feel burning in the stomach. She said what is the water that you give it to me and burn? I'm dying? I did see this one that Jenny said in she believed that says you have a genie and he said okay, I'm fine. Now I'm feeling clear. Finish. Okay, but the water that they give it to him, it's not my water. I actually put it to bed next to my mouth that to show her that I am resigned to Quran Well, hold on, but I did not disappoint. Yeah. Okay. I give it to her. I said, Okay, your drink it you will be fine. She drink. It should be fine. Yeah. When you finish everything I told her that you had doesn't have Jenny. But you have a fake. We call it

00:32:19--> 00:32:43

internal mind. The internal mind and external mind, internal mind, controlling your mind. So you believe that you have virgin? I said, Ask him. Do you have these gentlemen before about two, three years? She said yes. What's happened is one day she watched the movie, the union YouTube movie. And that one of these things is

00:32:46--> 00:33:31

da da p here is our Quran to the lady and the lady. She said I have a genie 1000 Genie, I'm a Jewish and you cannot beat me. I said from that time. You have this this sickness? She said yes. So it's a fake? Yeah. So as a fake possess, we call it vague poses. It's easy to find it. I'm sorry. It's not easy to differentiate the to make different between this and that. The real possess and fake poses. You have to get more study. You have to learn more. But you've got you've gotten to a point with your experience that yes, you can differentiate Yes, yes. Yes. What Go ahead, the eyes too. And when you're just a result kuranda eyes if the lady she doesn't have eye contact with you. When yourself

00:33:31--> 00:33:39

caught on she tried to run away from her eyes. That's mean she is possessed. Yeah. What's the difference between the black magic and an evil eye?

00:33:40--> 00:34:10

Black Magic is you have to go to two guy who are doing black magic for it or you can download it to go to the internet to do buy, buy the things. Okay and you have the black magic, this different kinds. A lot of different kinds of like high black magic, and white black magic. High High black magic and low black magic. Right. White Black magic and lower back black magic. So there's a lot of difference. Types.

00:34:11--> 00:34:14

The black magic you need materials, you need

00:34:15--> 00:34:20

mother name you need to birth picture anything from him clothes, for example.

00:34:22--> 00:34:39

And it's difficult to do it to make it if it's difficult to make it now evil eye is easy to give it to other people if you get jealous from anybody. Sometimes the people that give jealous if they get jealous or from anybody who have more money than me.

00:34:40--> 00:34:55

nicer car than me. Have more kids than me. Okay, it's get jealous of him. Okay, so when I see for example, you have nicer car than me. I said Wow. You have nice car. You will get probably to your car

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

or you have a good hair. You will get your primary with your hair. You go

00:35:00--> 00:35:50

You will hear Oh, you have a big brother Jani. You have muscles, you're going to lose your muscles. So these I give you evil eye. All right. After that we'll be getting you get sick. Now evil is a three kinds as other Salalah in salatu salam, when he did the Rukia to the souhaite they said Aloma divano hahahahaha. Or you can do it yourself. allama devanney hahaha sada the three the evil eyes are three kinds. Hot evil I called evil eye and tired even Why have evil I, the people who get evil I get affected from evil, you feel hot, with no reason. It's affected your hydrogen in your body. So it's stuck in your chest. Okay.

00:35:51--> 00:36:02

You feel heavy. And you feel the pain in your back and the back of your head. You feel heavy? numbness, hot. You cry for no reason. And constipation.

00:36:03--> 00:36:26

Hot even if you have it, it will take you to the physical problem like cancer, like diabetes, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, this medic medical problem now called evil eye, you feel shivering cold with no reason. Okay, it's affected you and nitrogen in your body. It will take you to the

00:36:28--> 00:36:32

mental problem. psychiatric problem like depression

00:36:33--> 00:37:17

and anxiety. The end of this stage? Evil Eye the end of this stage is to have sexual a dream a lot flying in the dream and to think to kill yourself and have cases that people one of the case he killed himself because of that. Yes. So you actually had someone I have one some somebody I told him, I have to see you right away. But that did not come and that he didn't end up seeing you? Yes. And then he ended up committing suicide? Yes. Are there some of these cases where they give the diagnosis, let's say schizophrenia, and the people have tried all different types of medications and, and everything has just hit a hit a dead end because you got to give some name for the problem.

00:37:18--> 00:38:01

Are there cases of schizophrenia or whatnot that can possibly be that is Yes, it is. Yes. But just before the three days, there is one lady she was in the mental hospital. Okay, she spent about 10 years 1010 days after this Alhamdulillah I asked a lot of question. The whole answer is yes. The question asked, the whole answer is yes. So I know that you have even lie. So after that's upon Allah, I restart Koran on her and she feels relief. And she said this is the first time from long term relief. That medication has not helped. I'm not going to say everybody have evil I know. As I said, you have to first of all, you have to check yourself with the Koran. If you know there is no

00:38:01--> 00:38:43

problem go through that check yourself with a doctor. Yes. Now what happens if people do you find some people reluctant to go ahead and get the treatment with the Quran? What do you do in that case? There's not that's difficult to help him if he doesn't believe if he doesn't believe that you have a problem from evil eye or from Ginni Oh, she's done. I cannot happen. They have to be willing. They have to first of all, you have to believe that the Quran is a cure. Yeah, as I put on it, she thought, Okay. And if it doesn't believe Oh, I don't have any I don't have evil I I can't help him. I have to sit him to sit with him to convince him if he doesn't believe I cannot happen Have you had

00:38:43--> 00:39:24

some people who are not Muslims come to see you and help you know what happens in that case where they they they don't believe they're not Muslim do not believe so upon Allah. And they want the lady she came again she came and she she told me that I have here the the that lady she have a friend. She has an evil eye. And she you know there she had the you know the experience with between them and she said I want to that you ma'am. And Alhamdulillah I'm fine. She said I feel the same thing. So are you know I need help. So they both of them, they came to see me Alhamdulillah I told him that it is a word of Allah subhanaw taala and that is a Shiva relief from Allah subhanaw taala so I will

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

ask Allah subhanaw taala for help. And I will restart Quran on you. So will you you will feel it during the you know the state during the the Quran and during the Koran, you feel headache, you feel numbness, you feel sleepy, you feel tired. After about an hour and a half you feel relief. So after an hour, hour and a half Alhamdulillah she feel relieved you said I feel a lot lighter relief calm. Even vision became clear and from doula. So this is your life. It's a yes after this Al Hamdulillah I give

00:40:00--> 00:40:23

Out of the Koran. Yeah. And they said that please read the Quran Alhamdulillah after that she convert to Islam. Oh, she accepted us Yes. Mashallah. So what can I handle? Ah, this is amazing to hear these things. What can a person now do that they can protect themselves? What are some of the things that you should be doing on a regular basis? Yes, there is booked. This is forsters are Muslim.

00:40:25--> 00:40:31

Yes, yes, yes. So this is the book that I trust. I believe that Alhamdulillah

00:40:32--> 00:40:35

everything you will need to protect yourself. It's there.

00:40:37--> 00:40:51

For example, there is a paragraph, morning time. before morning time, you have to finish that paragraph. evening time you have to finish that paragraph. Before you sleep. Same thing you have to finish the paragraph before you sleep.

00:40:52--> 00:41:20

When you go to the bathroom, for example, say Bismillah Allahu Allah became an encrypted alphabet. This is a loss of Hannah to protect me from the female and male Genie. That's the meaning. When you eat, say Bismillah when you sleep when you go inside your home, say Bismillah these things. It's not everything. Of course, everything you have to always you're going to say I was relying on Jim. Okay, that's prediction and be aware of to do a Heron.

00:41:21--> 00:41:24

Salatin failure for example, Gemma, that's a prediction

00:41:26--> 00:42:12

is that prediction? Now, if you do it Salatin, fudger Alhamdulillah, Gemma, and you did the paragraph of from fortress of Muslim. Now you are protected from Allah subhanaw taala the whole day. But the question is, is that predictions broke or not? Sometimes, it is sometimes, if you disobey Allah subhanaw taala or you committed any sin, that prediction is cancel. So we have to redo it again, renewal again, like a stock for Allah Alhamdulillah repeat, repeat the names of Allah subhanaw taala after Salah that is very important, after Salah you have to do other car, like accuracy, for example, alpha course and coolala colada, Robin Falco, the brahmanas data protection,

00:42:13--> 00:42:52

that's like a renewal, the prediction one more time from the beginning. So the whole the book, I prefer that every Muslim should have it, okay, that's the whole law, it's there. And from the day that you need it, that you need it, and there's a protection. You know, don't deal with the Haram things. Don't listen to the music because that's a break your protection, don't deal with the, you know, the things that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't like it. And are especially Do you have some people that come to you? And they're not praying five times a day they don't have that that connection, that they're not implementing Islam, but then they come to you? And what do you tell

00:42:52--> 00:43:01

them then? I mean, at the end, you should be living this way of life from from the Creator. 24 seven. Yes. Most of the people when they come in,

00:43:02--> 00:43:45

you know, some people they don't pray. Yeah, in the beginning, I give him like advice. Give him like, Allah Subhana Allah created us. Allah subhanaw taala He created us he gave us guidance is a Koran. So you have to follow Quran if you do not follow the Quran that she's attacking you if you do not follow the Quran and as soon as you start attacking them they possess you too. So you have to believe in Allah subhanaw taala have to pray five times a day so I give him like a small speech about how to do Salah for example, if you do not pray Salah if they're not make although they have to teach them, I give them some advice a little bit about Islam, you know, give them just something

00:43:45--> 00:44:27

to encourage them to practice Islam. Yeah, this is very important because in the beginning, yeah, so if they they let's say you break that you get that gin out of them, then they go back to their old ways. That is another problem. Yeah, most of the people doing the became Fine. I'll give him relief. They became lazy. They said okay, hamdulillah I'm fine. That's why I have to go to practice when these things that God is attacking me again. I know that for example, if the patient coming to see me I give him the materials and give him a receptacle and put on you know Rukia after like about two, three months he will come back said the problem is coming back to me. I said okay, the

00:44:27--> 00:44:59

materials that they give it to you the way that I gave it to you to say Allah subhanaw taala not practice. He said yes. Because praise Allah, he became lazy to listen to the Quran became lazy, he listened to the music for example, he deal with the anything is haram. So it did not practice, of course, but after two three months, the the symptoms coming back to him. So we have to practice always. Okay, this is the reason Yeah. So that Allah Subhana Allah created us and then worship Him. Exactly. Yeah. So that's how you get to protection.

00:45:00--> 00:45:32

Yeah, quick shake. Thank you so much for being with us if someone wanted to, to get in touch with you, do you offer your service? No problem. Sharla My number is My name is a woman j and my number is 623070953826307 or 9538 to give an email or you prefer the Mazda [email protected] as in [email protected] Thank you very much. It's very enlightening. shala we can have you back again Balkan Luffy salaam aleikum