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Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the negative impact of shyness and loss of faith on religion and the lifeblood of the individual. It emphasizes the critical aspects of shyness, including self discipline and learning to handle society. The segment also touches on mental disorders and the importance of protecting one's rights and values. The segment ends with a call to action and a reminder to be optimistic and live a good life.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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this we'll learn none Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa so that was the Lamb. Let's say you didn't miss anything say you didn't know Mohammed. While early he was Sunday he was selling to Sleeman Kathira Salam aleikum once again

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Alhamdulillah shyness is very, very, very important in our religion. And I want to remind everyone that

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increasingly it has diminishing importance in our society.

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In our religion,

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our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he mentioned

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and higher or higher on Kulu shyness embodies all good

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shyness embodies all good if you think and reflect

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on the topic that you just heard delivered to you in such a penetrating way.

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Using humor using Qur'an and using popular culture, so that the message penetrates your consciousness.

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The issue of * * is associated with the lack of shyness,

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going through excesses, with Facebook and internet is associated with a lack of shyness. I know sisters who wear hijab, in their real life and their pictures on Facebook with no hijab

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is a lot of shyness.

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The issue of is you name, issue after issue? It can it can be traced back to a lack of shyness. We have a an interpretive tool that our scholars use.

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It's understanding the opposite of what's stated. So if the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah Fullman, Maharlika,

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if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Schinus, embodies all good and higher or higher on Kulu what is the opposite of that? What how to work can we imply

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in opposition to that statement?

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Anyone? Yes, just you.

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If the Prophet sallallaahu Selim says shyness embodies all good, welcome, we understand as being the opposite of that statement.

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Thank you, Sister know your brother.

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A lack of shyness embodies all evil

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and bad.

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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks the truth

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He told us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in early Coonley dienen Coolock.

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In the Quran, the dean in Holyoke. Warhol, who had the dean at higher

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every religion has a defining characteristic.

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And the defining characteristic of this ummah, is shyness. So don't be afraid to be shy.

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Muslims are people of shyness our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shy.

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Do you know one way they tortured people in Abu Ghraib prison

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and in fact, is a torture technique to be used against Muslims.

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They made them walk naked in front of each other.

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This was a form of psychological torture

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that was used against your Muslim brothers

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shyness is a defining characteristic of this religion. Shyness is a pet part of our faith, and a man who bitter in whatsoever ownership

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Wahba of Babu of those who have told Lulu Lulu Hey Lola Wagner her immortal Edda on the 30 Watt higher Shabbaton miniature Bill Iman. Shyness or faith has 70 some odd branches. The most virtuous of them is to remove the harmful thing from the past, the lowest of them. I'm sorry, the most virtuous of them is to proclaim Lal Allah, the lowest of them is to remove the harmful thing from the past. And shyness is a branch of the branches have faith. Shyness is a branch of faith. Shyness is part of our faith. Shyness embodies all good shyness is the defining characteristic of our religion. We have any doctors in here medical students, doctors, brothers, sisters, or medical

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students, none. They all go to this

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your doctor, a medical student? Are you familiar with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Manual of Mental Disorders?

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Do you know what was added to it last year?

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Last year, shyness was added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual manual of mental disorders as a mental disorder.

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So when the title I don't know if those who put the program together was aware of that, this is indicative of how shyness is indeed a fading reality in our society.

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Shyness is one of the great sources of self restraint and self restraint is one of the keys to paradise. So in other words, if you think about doing something listen,

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I can do that.

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Shyness is one of the key tools of self restraint. What does Allah Tala say about self restraint? What am men half of my karma Robbie, he went nuts and Neil Hawa for in Nell Jana tahirul, NetWare. As for one who fears the time they will stand before their Lord, brothers and sisters, if you leave here with nothing more, because as we lose shyness, we knew you lose the ability to reflect as we lose the ability to reflect our ability to reflect on our coming death is lost. Most people in this society live in Oblivion to the reality of death. When some people are struck with the debilitating and possible, possibly terminal disease, they're in shock. How can this happen?

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I was strong, I was healthy. I took my vitamins. I went to the gym.

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I did everything you were supposed to be

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supposed to do rather to be healthy, and to live forever. How did I come down with this disease? Well, maybe it's because you're human.

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So death is a reality.

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Death is one of the critical aspects of our religion.

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Death is something we should reflect on. Because death helps us like Schinus to restrain ourselves. When we don't think about death. We don't think about the accountability to Allah subhanho wa Taala which will occur after our death.

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And so we don't restrain ourselves when we think about death. We say I can't steal this. I can't eat this drugs. I can't smoke this. I can't pop this.

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I can't look at this. Because one day I'm going to have to account to Allah subhanho wa Taala for it one day I'm going to stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala and everything I did everything I said in this world I'm going to have to account for what a madman half Amma karma Robbie when knifes and in Hawaii and therefore he or she restrains their their soul from those things in inclines towards and the natural inclination of the soul is towards evil and enough soul and Mara Bisou that's why it's so easy to mess up.

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And it's so hard to go right sometimes. Because when we don't train and and refine our soul is telling us gone and drink it. You know

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You like it?

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gone and smoke it, you know it makes you feel good. gone and call her out.

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You know you love her.

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This you think you do for now,

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let me tell you a love joke that has a serious lesson.

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Back in the day. You know, in the day before Muslims had paved streets.

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It was a mess, especially during the rainy season, especially in the marketplace. So the donkeys and the mules and occasional cow is coming through the mud because rainy season, the roads aren't paved, and they're dropping their loads and it's mixing up with the mud and a cabbage head that drops over here, mixing in, it's a mess. So one day a guy was in the marketplace. And he saw a beautiful woman

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and stars running after slashing and my

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sister saw my

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sister's walking going about her business and she hears it says there please. She turns around, Sister please wait. It catches up to her.

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Sister. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. And I have to marry you just please say you marry me and my life will never be complete without you. It's my wife. You're so beautiful. You like the stars in the sky. You're like the moon is full.

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And she says okay, I have to ask my father but it's okay with me. If he says okay, I'll marry you.

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Yes, life is good. This she said but

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if you saw my sister if you think I'm beautiful. If you saw my sister you wouldn't even look twice at me. He said really where she had

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she says she's right over there. She turns around and

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she's maximum falls in the mud and the Commonwealth.

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Law is all messed up. He looks at up.

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There Why'd you do that? She said because a lover never takes his eyes off of his beloved.

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There's a deeper lesson.

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Never look away from Allah subhanho wa Taala to the mud in the manure of this world.

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Never look away from Allah subhanho wa Taala from towards the mud and the manure of this world. Because in relation to Allah subhana wa tion the fulfillment and the beauty and the satisfaction that is strong relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala brings, there's no comparison. Nothing in this world can compare. So stay focused on Allah. Don't get caught up in all this confusion and maintain shyness. Don't be afraid to be shy.

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Even if this society turns away when I was growing up, we had to sit. When we're in the company of adults, you didn't move you are in deep trouble if you did you like attention.

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Excuse me, son. What's your name? Looked around. Make sure your parents nodding. You could talk to him.

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My name is

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My name is John.

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Then you shut up again.

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Now people think is cute. to just get into adult conversations. I look at my little boy. You know, he knows how to na ba ba ba ba they think is cute. You know to tell an adult to shut up. Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about Mr. Smith.

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Most of them's even doing Mr. I bet

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he's just a little feller. He'll get over it.

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It's cute.

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It wasn't cute when we were growing up it would be like janazah

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everyone would understand

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the police come by house

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there were reports of a child screaming and here will officer that child just told his mother the Shut up. Oh I see. Okay, well if you ever have any problems with crime, just call me. I'm out.

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Now have you discipline a child that ready to take you to jail?

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Now if it's

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childish AI

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is a mental disorder.

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This is where we're heading as a society. So that which has been extolled as a virtue in our religion becomes a mental disorder.

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And why is it a mental disorder? Because Dow and Merck and Pfizer, and Glasgow clients Smith has 10 different drugs to treat it. It's a new market.

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But it's FOSS is not about market shares. It's not about someone's perverted understanding of human nature

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is a part of our religion that we hold on to, if the whole world lets go of it.

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The Sisters of beautiful sister hold on to your hijab, if the whole world let's go, because you're preserving, you're not just preserving Muslim teaching, you're preserving a critical part of our collective human heritage. There are a time when other traditional women in many different societies, including Christian societies, they wear hijab, they're all let it go.

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If you let it go, Muslims don't you lose, humanity loses and it loses to what it loses to this mud monocultural bulldozer that wants to bludgeon us all into his pathetic dehumanizing submission, so I can trample on us and turn us into a bunch of mindless consumers

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who goosed up

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as our rights, our dignity, our our minds, education are systematically stolen from us. Those things are part of our collective human heritage, the cultivation of our minds, the elevation of our spirits.

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People, and a lot of Muslims get caught up.

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There are Muslims who think Little Wayne is someone to be idolized and imitated. There are Muslims pulling themselves in the skinny jeans.

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There are Muslims who are who are affected by this degeneration that's been foisted upon us. No, we say we're going to be the preservers of human dignity. We're going to be the preservers of who our community, our values, the real meaning of education, including spiritual education, we're going to be people who walk with dignity as as Allah Tala instructs us in the Quran, we're going to be the people who hold on to healthy wholesome values that made humanity who we are in the first place and I'll stop here who are we

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were people who are alive in our spirit. You can be alive physically but your spirit is dead.

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Allah Supra are one of our parcellation and meta festa had been made in the month of May to May you tune in the mail may two min Asha min Asha can even cares if and bed who Kalina Raja the living dead on those who physically expire the living dead are are those in the manmade or those who are dead while they are living or the dead rather, are not those who expire and die rather than dead or those who are dead while they're living. Why? Because they're dead in their spirit. They have no hope. They're deflated and depressed. They have nothing to live for. But as long as you have breath in your body, and you can say La Ilaha illa Allah you can make salawat on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, you can say Allahu Akbar, you have something to live for, because you have another breath that you can adorn with the remembrance of Allah. You have another breath that can earn edger and the web and reward when you meet your Lord. And so we have to be living and what is living To live is to be shy.

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It's from the same room, higher what higher tone, to emphasize higher on what higher tone is from the same rules. To be shy is to be alive. To be shy is to have life and to have shyness removed from us is to be dead, not physically dead, spiritually dead. Because a person who's whose heart has been tainted by * is spiritually dead.

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A person whose life is the remembrance of Allah has been removed from their life is spirits.

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sleet dead. A person who can look at people being murdered indiscriminately

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is spiritually dead. How is this the spirit is killed people are spiritually alive they don't kill each other. These people say Lal * Allah and put bombs in public places. Attack people on the streets

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with wenton improve these spiritually dead people they can say Hola Hola. Hola. A tape recorder can say Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Push, play. Learn Hello Hola. It's dead spiritually.

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And that spiritual death. Because spiritually alive person can't indiscriminately kill. There's a book I want you all to read. Because it's extremely relevant. In this in this area, a book by Colonel David Grossman. Called on killing

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and it tells how video games were used to get normal human beings to kill reflexively

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up until World War Two including World War Two what percentage of soldiers in a battlefield situation who had an opportunity to kill someone actually did? What do you think?

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How many

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That's possible in a gym educated guess.

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As you Makeda as the guys say, I don't know why Jr. is doing so bad in school. I don't learn him everything I know.

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80% brothers any takers?

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Fifth, approximately 15% You read the book? Or you heard me talk about it before? Are you just playing smart 15% They found they took the the guns that from one of the early civil war battlefields or before that Revolutionary War. They found 10 and 15 shots stacked up in sight. In other words, they were faking like they were shooting and reloading.

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People were shooting in the air How could people be from here to that couch 50 meters away from each other and they're shooting at each other all day and they last all day.

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issue in the air in the ground? By Vietnam what was the kill? They called the kill ratio by Vietnam

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over 90% How did they do it? They did with video games. What happened in the interim? The social science revolution Pavlovian response Pavlov and his dogs stimulus response stimulus response. They deal with video games.

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And so those video games killed the soul.

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Of those soldiers. Those Video games are killing our souls.

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Be shy.

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Turn away from all of these things. And as it was stated, turn to the book of Allah. Turn to the remembrance of Allah turn to the service of your brothers and your sisters. Dedicate yourself to doing your part. Don't complain the world's so bad. Do your part to make it better. Do your part to make it better. Complaining is not going to get us anywhere. Don't despair. Don't give up hope.

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A believer is always optimistic, not foolishly optimistic, but the glass is always half full. And the hula yay Asuma Rohilla in Lella como careful room, only disbelieving people despair, of mercy from Allah. So brothers and sisters keep hope alive, be shy, keep shyness alive is a part of faith is the embodiment of all good. It's as a branch of our faith is the defining characteristic of our religion, and then actualize that hope and action. Let the other shyness rather and action allow that shyness to pull you back and instill self restraint within you. Live a good life. Keep smiling, Sam it

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