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In the handle in LA who want to stay in who want to study who want to stop here, ohana Villa Himanshu Liam fusina Minh sejati Imani Anna Maria de la hora de La Hoya. You will follow her de la washa La la la la la hora de hula Sheree Cara or shadow no Mohammed Abu or sudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira ameba all praise to do to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammed, Salah lo and he was so wasallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that the laws The only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My brothers and sisters, one of the main concepts in Islam, when it comes to us as a community and to us as a society at large is the concept of unity and being unified. And this concept is a very fundamental concept in Islam. And in nebby, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam care to make this concept so clear in the mind, and in the heart of his companions are the Allahu anhu model to the extent when they will be traveling for example, in well subtle to spend the night in someplace and he will see them every two or three taking corner going like kind of distance and staying far from one another. And never be so sullen. Pinilla Khomeini or acun

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multipolarity in officium Why you all everybody in one side and everybody to like going far away from one another, Come closer. And when they gather some of them will be sitting here someone visiting faraway than in their visa Salaam said why why you are Xen, why you are divided like that come near one another come closer to one another.

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Had Takara sakata para Ravi Allah hat das bajo la busca de la que Merida lower sia home

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min should the takanobu him by the Dalek the after that they used to gather together and they became near each other that if you have a big sheep and you spread it, it will cover them all.

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In another word, they will not be they will not have the same kind of behavior that they used to do before which is everybody taking corner and the not near one another. The point from the prophets of Salaam was bigger than just making sure that they are physically close to one another. But it's one step to teach the companions and to teach the community that they are physically they can be they should be near each other also the mind and the heart should be unified and we should care about one another we should be near one another.

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This concept of Unity has so many evidence in the Orion and Sydney and it is as a matter of human law said max of nimasa the Shara one of the ultimate goals of Sharia. And Allah Subhana Allah order us to be unified on what is good. That's why he said what to Alan,

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taqwa, what are to our

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one, how one another and what is better, what is good. And what is taqwa righteousness, and do not help one another on what is if

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it's more than one and what is considered sin, or one transgression, evil.

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And you see, so it's not just be unified around anything, but unified are on principle that we unified us around what is good. It is important that we remind each other as a community, we remind one another as a society, especially in a time where there is so much division that is so much

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partisan, especially in season of elections, and you know, the message in the air that you hear, as well as sometimes, you see it's a result of this lifestyle that we have today, this materialistic type of world that we're living in, which is based on individualism, and everybody care about himself individually. If you even know this, it's kind of interesting. You know, there's one thing I own almost, I always thought growing up as all of you growing up knowing that this one thing is about other than you, which is taking pictures. You know, you're always take pictures of people take pictures of something, you know, but the modern days it became selfie, and

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so that

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The culture of Silva it's all about To me, it's all about what I want, what I need what I, and regardless of what the community wants, what the society want what my family even wants, you find the kids, they don't care about their parents, you find the the young men and the young woman, you know, in the last of their loss to care about their parents feeling.

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I'd sometimes father mother, the same thing, it's about to me what I want, not what my kids want, you'll find the husband and wife said become so divided. And I'm talking about the concept of unity at large starting from the family to be unified to the community to small community like our master to be unified. So for example, when we have a project we all come together, when we have an event we all help one another. When we have somebody needs help we all strengths based search hands. When you call for help, you will find people respond to your call. We as a community at the Muslim community, for example, in Houston, where we will complement complement one another help one another. Advance

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one another. When we see that my brother's success is my success. When I care about the resources of my community to be utilized in the best way, not only about me not only about my use right now.

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When in abyssal Allah, Allah you it was seldom a man give him so much money. in Ibiza, some of them said, What have you loved for your family?

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He said not much. He said, No, keep for them said I'll keep half and I will give half. He said half is so much.

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Then he said, Okay, I'll give one third. And I'll keep for my family to third. He said with Fufu case here. One third is still too much.

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I was wondering, you know, it's setup. I mean, if it's me in fundraising, and eating, I'm going to give you one third of my money. Also, you know, he only saved one third, but the two third, you know,

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Hey, no, I wouldn't say that. And I know on record, I wouldn't say that I would have looked for them. Because I know that there's other organizations that need your donations. And I know that your family needs your money too.

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I wouldn't say that. But if you can, it's up to you. But what my point was in the Visa Center was not looking at that moment of his own personal need.

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We have to consider us and instead of just me. And when we talk about unity and know there's a lot of talk and the whole stereotype about us and the speech, but I just want to share with you a few points, that I want you to be messengers ambassadors for this hope that you apply and you talk about this more often. Many of you involved in so many work and hamdulillah and the community level and the society certainty level as well. I want all of us to be reminded Indiana Hina monitor Calum and Phil Parrish tema on it enough that the kingdom and Brooklyn men are can what Weidman YG back to Sharia when we talk about the concept of circle of unity or the unity between Muslim we're not

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talking about further man we're not talking about a virtue deeds are a you know extra volunteer thing that you do. We talking about one of the most important obligated upon us as Muslims.

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That's why it's amazing. Sometimes people want to make me feel bad or feel bad because he did a favor to me by making a position of unity. You're not doing favor to me You're genuine, by caring about being unified by caring about you know, being together as not doing me a favor.

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Because you just fulfilling your logic your obligation as as a Muslim, Allah Subhana Allah to an assert

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Watashi wa hegemony Allah tala poo and be unified around the robe of Allah subhana wa tada and do not be divided. And in the B cell allow Allah you are your Salaam. he recited this verse on his son at a company Jana er Kumar forca be together and be aware of division. It does sound I read once that there is about 21 or something like that civil wars and the most in the world today. 2118 of them

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in Muslim countries

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as crazy

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That's sad.

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So, this is something very sad that this is the concept of unity of the community and society in the coherence of society. It descended that is not something that people care about.

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Individuals, governments, leaders,

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they don't care of, you know, one third of that of the people been isolated or undermined it. They don't care of, you know, that community is basically there's a leader unified or not, as long as the person himself serve his or her ego,

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an abuse a solemn ultimate

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one for auto adapt. He said salatu salam O Allah Gemma unity is mercy on division is suffering indeed it is

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its model of the Allah and was doing leading the hedge so during the hedge in Mina y'all know we make the to rock as

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you pray and Mina Salatu Soraka Soraka

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but not only allow and how does honesty heart and He prayed for like,

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right before the whole me mustard was teaching his students that the sinner to pray two rakaat but in the Salah came, they found out that Earth man prayed for and administer and prayed for with him. So they said, Yeah, man, you're strange. You're just telling us this is the center this the way of the prophet SAW Salah. And now you're praying for like him, you're going into the sun, then the iron, Condor, Koller, hada, alpha,

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alpha for short. He said, a

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dividing the community, dividing the people on had his evil, division is evil. There's no good in it. There is no good even if I pray for like a massage complete. I just meant the sinner. But to divide people to make people away from the leader and the undermine the leader, that's not something I want to do.

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That's not a message that I want to teach. That's why I have them in the head over him a whole lot, said something so profound. When he was talking about how the dispute between the scholars and the disagreement between them. He said, What lm Rahim Allah, and da da da, da, da da for Obama Mohan. You should always remember this, that difference of opinions is acceptable, as long as these opinions based on

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rights based not just how not just desire and arrogance, okay. But the difference when it comes to differ between us when my heart turned against my brother's heart, that's how long

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so we always remember that we should always remember that any step any effort that we do to unify it.

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The community unified the family or unified the relatives unified society, it is an obligation that we are fulfilling. And we should always have a good intention behind it. Because we don't want to be unified from outside. But from inside, we never had a good interview. We never meant it. We always have this you know, personal interest, even when we call people under one cause or unifying them or on one cause. We should not have our personal agenda we should do this for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah because Allah warned us from people he said about them to assemble him Jimmy and Roku boom Shaka, you think that they are unified, but their hearts are all over the place, differ from one

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another and being unified, unified, it help Muslims and help community and help society to reach the goals of the city I want to see in any community and in society, which is for example, a strength and mineral hierarchy in Allah. Allah loves strong believers. Love to so strong believer, and we all know that when we little kids we were taught, that be basically alone. We are

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weak and lateral. And together, we are much stronger, and we are stronger.

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The second point that I want to mention as well is unity is the fruit. Unity is an outcome of something.

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Here, it is not something okay after this, but let's look for what's bottom to push, I'm going to be a person who cares about Jimmy, it's the outcome of the steps should be taken. And in my opinion, that there is three points leads to unity in any community in any society.

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Number one, if we have an agreement on the principles, foundations, and we have agreement on the method at large, but when the oma was divided, when there is no agreement on the principles, when that is people came and said, I don't take the Quran and Sunnah as reference. I take my own understanding, you know, I took chefs on so as my reference, not what allowed his messenger son You know, whatever you see have of divine revelations or vision or dream, it can legislate for me to do this or not to do that what's handled Tara

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Hina, US Bahama sobre

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la bella NASA has selected if that's why one of the clear signs of unity following the sun. That's why we call a hallucinatory well, Jenna, and one of the clear sign of division and bitter that's where we go, Well, I will beat at you and Furukawa

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because everybody started there's no any more references, there is no any more principles that we can agree upon, when everything you know, there is no even foundation that we can have. But we as Muslim, we have so much in common, have one book, one messenger, one sun to follow, similar to Muhammad Sallallahu, Sedna, we have one destiny, which is Jenna, we have one Lord that we love and we serve, that is so much can bring us together. And I think that should something we invest so much in,

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in order to build this ground, for us to be unified.

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Also, it is the second point that lead to unity is we should always agree on goals, clear goals, I found that we all have disagreements with each other in any level, take it from the level of family, to business to community to society, whenever there is no clarity of the goals that we want to establish or want to achieve or there is no goal at all, you will find people divided because everybody goes into one direction.

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But if there is a big goals, that we all can agree on, even if you have your own small goals, but at least there is an area where we all agree that this is what we want to come that we want to achieve that we want to make sure that this is our the goal that for all of us and these goals has to be big clear, some of them may be foreign, some of them new. So, we train ourselves to work towards certain goals, we cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose, we stand together

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based on common purposes and common goals and that will unified us. And the third point that in my opinion lead to unity

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is to focus on revival in the concept of who was in LA when mohab belvilla that we love one another for the sake of Allah

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either would you have the strength? Yeah, when it

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when dopamine Allah and saboten whatever it is,

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when we have these three principles, or three points, I can guarantee you will see the result of unity much much better is to have basically we agree in the principles we make sure the always reference. These are principles that we go back to. These are resources. Number two, that we have clear goal, goals that we agree upon. Number three, that we revival, the concept of brotherhood, loving one another for the sake of Allah. Why? Because if I see you as my brother or my sister, I will be more merciful.

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For God's sake, sometimes you see words mercy, forget about anything, legends or drama.

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moto is somebody was debating him for Karla cafard 100 in LA.

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He was debating someone and that person told him. Oh, now you became Catherine Hamed? I made my point. Yeah. And he was so happy to make this point in the expensive kicking of his first he's not even sad, but this person said, What is

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it is so sad.

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There is no love, there is no brotherhood

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last night,

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one of our activist systems, sisters and community, she was telling me, she was conducting

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in Montgomery library, like a workshop about hate crimes, and you know, the rise of

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hate crimes and hate speech and, and things of that nature. So she said,

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whatever the flyer was in the white, the details like, you know, hate group,

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basically, to combat hate groups. So there's three or four people came to attend. So they were asking a librarian, what is the group, they actually thought it's a hate group.

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I know you didn't get it, because I didn't get it the first time too. They thought that those people have filled with rage and hate, you know, and we want to join them. Because they feel they have so much hate towards many minorities, and many people in society, and my country is like going away, and they were really coming up to join. But when they saw, you know, the name is a Muslim name, and you know,

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like, a police officer, they just turned away, as true story.

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There is that we need in the kingdom society at large, we remember

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that is not about getting a political point, or a debate, or I make a point as a community, or a father or whatever level we talk about. Don't forget, it's much important to win your brothers heart and your sister heart, then to make your point, we have to care about reviving that concept. Because when we talk about brothers and sisters, we talk about love. We talked about mercy, we talked about understanding, we talked about forgiveness. We talked about level of tolerance,

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deference and I talked to you as just

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a citizen or a member.

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Another point, when we talk about unity, we should never think that unity it means that we don't have diversity. We don't have disagreements. We don't have a group of people, different group people's focus on different things in society or in community at large. We have the four immigrants. As a matter of fact, you have more than the 40 minutes 40 Imams, and for me that only the famous one, but we have way more than the four. And this toll saved many of many of them are saved still.

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That's why I'm allowed to add up even though they might debate in one another and some of them assigned for and some of the issue, but the love the respect the caring, the unity between them was always there, even with the disagreements sometimes and some issues related to theology.

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When an area where it's needed for the community to be unified, they are the stand up for one another.

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We shuffle Islam Rahim Allah, he said, I know. I know who cannot who nak who saw my Beynon. hanabi that was a shy girl. I know it's one of the cities. There were a conflict between the eyeshadow which is a group or a sack.

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How, you know certain

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str.or certain opinions on theologies. Then there were basically a conflict between the debate always between them and the HANA villa in that particular city. But this city was under attack.

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He said even Timmy I traveled to the Jamia Hamburg even Jamia refuted the shadow many times

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most of his work and refutation of the Chinese ideology.

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But still when this happened, I went and I made peace and unified them. Because there is a common enemy. There is something bigger and important to stand for together. Our debates and our these things will continue we'll debate one another but now it doesn't mean that we're not

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be unified, when we see our country attack, when we see that there is a bigger issues

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at hand here we need to deal with we need to understand how we accept one another and even with the differences between us

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and I will end with this remember once so group of his students coming with books and pens looks like they just came from a class. Then he told them in a potato, where he came from, they said we were

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kind of hesitant a little bit before they said exactly where they come from. Then they just said it they said we were attending a blu ray class scholar by the name of a book right. For current environment nit module side what a righteous man good. Who do an tarraco

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take from him learn from him. For ALU in huya, narrow fique way upon way to kill them. Yes ma'am. This man say bad things does she talk about about you by the way? He says bad things about you. He will not advise us like this. When it comes to you for

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what you say in here the TV in Hurrah Julian tullia be what can I do for you? No army straightener army style. They just don't like me Whatever it is, the reason is no problem that should not stopping me from telling you that he's a scholar. That's a high level of understanding the concept of diversity. It is so personal. But still, he was honest and just unfair, because he understand that this disagreements these personal opinions, and personal position should not break us as a community and aside. I asked the last panel to an annual

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forum and it was

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via

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Finally, in order for unity to be established, it required from us to be patient

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patience is the key.

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What's better Neff Sakuma Allah de nada

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when a lot order Mohammed Salim to be with people around righteous in the people he said we would them but you need to have with you very important. Remember a very important quality which is sub patience. What's the LMS assamica in Nadella COMM And as we learn more, you have to have patient

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patience when it comes to dealing with people because it's hard. What a lie. It is so hard to work with you. It is so hard to make people agree on something. It's so easy to make them disagree with one another.

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It is not easy task. That's why and who some time and movement lady you Holly to NASS, while spill Anna down. Hello minella de la johari. To whom one is marijuana at

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the moment who mix with people work with people. But what he has patient.

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He is patient with them. He has patients that it was it enabled him to continue doing this role.

00:28:37--> 00:28:47

You know, patience, that means that's not going to happen overnight. The benefits of effective partnership don't appear overnight.

00:28:48--> 00:29:00

It basically appear over a good course of time. It's enabled you this basically suberb to be able to forgive, to always focus on the big picture and so forth.

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Rather than sisters to dream if we think about unity, without a good leadership, because they are the element, the glue that put people together, not a good managers manage don't build unity, managed to give orders.

00:29:17--> 00:29:22

Manager assigned tasks. managers want followers.

00:29:23--> 00:29:59

And that's what most of our centers have managers, leaders, they persuade me leaders, they take responsibility leader, the build teams, leader, they communicate, they convince they have no team that they work with them. That's a big difference between the two. That's why this is these all points need to be something that we invest. Make sure that you invest your children to make them good leaders and hopefully shallow water the huddle, mijoshop command. We talked about some tips how

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Can you make your children and make our youth to become leaders in the future, there are certain skills you need to embed it on them and in yourself as well because leaders never was about title or age or anything of that or gender or anything of that nature. May Allah subhanaw taala happen overnight we are committed to unified our hearts upon goodness and help us to be always an element of good an element of unity and make a loss pattern to attitude. Gather all the people all the Muslims around the world around what has happened with this truth and make the best of them lead to them and make a loss fight Allah to bless our country and make it unified on good leader as well as

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the Las panatela and yet ferroni mo Tana on yahama Hp Mallanna when you have your balena when you're when you're happy Madonna, a la mina silica interferon a Napa dem Norma and Norma Serrano, Montana will be human nanton Makati, Rhode Island, overland Avenue la dee da da da da da da da crop. oma Sala to Hong Kong.