Omar Suleiman – Two Conditions For Forgiveness in Sha’aban

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming weekend and importance of finding one's love for Allah. They stress the importance of forgiveness and finding space in one's heart to be filled with the Prophet's love. They also ask for forgiveness to be given to their brothers and sisters and encourage them to join the movement to unite their hearts. The negative impact of the pandemic on families and space in the heart is also discussed. forgiveness is essential and action is encouraged.
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Dear brothers and sisters out of the mercy of Allah is that he proceeds the greatest day of the week, which is Friday with the day of fasting and a day of reconciliation, a day of removing from our hearts and removing from our lives, things that would hinder the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala from reaching to us and so we know from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is that we fast on Mondays and Thursdays if we can. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that the deeds are presented to Allah on Mondays and Thursdays. And Allah subhana wa tada forgives and accepts except for two people that have such enmity with each other that they are not talking to

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each other. And then Allah subhanaw taala says only to her they need to study her, leave these two until they reconcile amongst themselves meaning Allah will not look to their deeds until they reconcile amongst themselves. So Pamela, we have just like Thursday to Friday shout down to Rama lon. And this is a month that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned people become heedless in regards to and the greatest ibadah of this month is to prepare for it online. You know often you hear people talk about Ramadan like a training camp actually shut down is the training camp for Ramadan. Ramadan is in the midst of it all. Ramadan is where you exert yourself, you've

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prepared your body with fasting. You have prepared yourself with a healthy Apple to an regimen to get ready to kick that into overdrive. You are getting everything out of the way and that's why we know shavon always tries to plant the seeds of discord and distraction right and shutdown feels like Shabbat is the month of conflict. And then for a lot of people I'm a bond is trying to clean up a mess that started in Shabbat.

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But in the middle of Shabbat there is something very special that happens that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said and this is from the mercy of Allah. We know about the person who is not forgiven in Ramadan and how miserable that is because how could you miss Allah's mercy and forgiveness in the month of mercy in the month of forgiveness? How could you not be forgiven in a month where the gates of Paradise are flung open? The gates of Hellfire are shut and the shale theme the devils are chained away. How could you miss out on the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala there may Allah subhanaw taala not make us amongst them Ilana I mean because it's so easy. It is so close

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to you in that month. But in the middle of shutting down the prophets Allah Allah hiding he was sending them says that on the mid night so we're talking about Sunday night the 15th night of Siobhan because remember the nights proceed the days we have this discussion every year. The nights precede the days. Allah subhanho wa Taala looks out to his creation for young Pharaoh leads me healthy he and Allah forgives all of his creation inla except for two mushrik Elmo Shahin someone that attributes a partner to him, someone that does not worship Him, solely someone that does not turn to Him alone and seek His forgiveness alone. And someone who has hatred in their hearts spite

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towards their brother or towards their sister that consumes them. So I'm going to actually talk about these two because I have spoken about them before and it becomes an annual reminder. But what I want to focus on today is the actual relationship between shift and Shana. What is the relationship between shitcan Shana now we know shidduch largely involves your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right? That you want his forgiveness you seek it from him alone. You worship Him, you worship Him alone, you seek him out alone. He is one subhanho wa Taala and Shana, which is hatred in spite involves someone else involves the creation so it's between you and someone

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else. And we know that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned that he sadly his Salaam will return that Jesus peace be upon him will be sent back that a Sati Salaam would eliminate these two things a shin question. So there's actually a relationship there to the return then resume of reciting his Salaam that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has foretold of his return and of the goodness that takes part in this earth. They are both abolished. But what is the relationship between ship and China and I actually want to start off from where we have been for the last few weeks when talking about making our intention sincerely for Allah. Often when we talk about

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insincerity, we talk about loving something the way you should love your Lord. When levina amanu wamena nasima tuxedomoon dunlea and other you have born a home Billa

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From those that set up partners to God, they love them the way they should love Allah, whether it's their desires or it's some other pursuits that you give it priority to your Lord and so you love something so much, that the love of Allah has been rendered, most likely subconsciously, secondary, right, it's secondary to your primary pursuit, the primary pursuit of your hearts when levena ominous shadow bundela but those who believe who love Allah, their love of Allah is so strong, that it doesn't negate the love of that which is permissible, but it makes the love of Allah overwhelmed all other love. And in fact, love and hate become for Allah subhanho wa Taala as well. Right so when

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the the amanohashidate do have been Lila so we spoke about not loving something the way you should love Allah. But what about hating something so much that it takes you away from the love of Allah? And I want to start with an interesting creation, the devil himself shape on a blease all those years of worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. All those years of frustration, all those years of raising in his rank and adoring his Lord, what happened to all of that? Where did it go? Was there not a single ounce of that left in him? What happened to him his hatred for Adam it his Salam consumed him to a point that the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala is no longer there. It removed it

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from him. And you might know exactly what that feels like. In a more minor sense. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. When you hate someone so much that you're always thinking about them. They fill your hearts, they even take up your door as you're making your app for Africa, you're making your offer you hereafter and if you make do and they come into your door, then suddenly you feel your sincerity gushing out because of how much you want pain for that person or bad for that person because sometimes it can even come into our prayers most people don't even bring it into their door. And of course do not through the door of the oppressed one may Allah subhanaw taala never allow us

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to be oppressors is accepted. Right? But the point is is that it overwhelms you, it overwhelms you. And that is significant. That your anger towards someone your hatred towards someone has become a greater distraction than any desire that you have. And you know, we learn from affiliative and our young people a lot of time and some of the other son have something very powerful that whoever suffers from what led Adam it his Salaam to fall which was shower which is desire, he has more hope than the one who suffers from what led Iblees to fall which is kibin which is pride. It's easier to get over shahidullah desire to conquer desire than it is to pride. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us

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to conquer both Allah I mean, but that's a harder thing to fight with. Right? That's a harder thing that you have to struggle with. So where does that leave us in regards to our pursuit of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Subhana Allah we find that just as a shidduch tolterodine shidduch invalidates Deen the prophets lie Some said has said envy tellico Dean it shaves the dean. So while shirt invalidates Dean Shanna which is usually born out of hustle shaves the dean it shaves off the religion of a person because of the sinfulness that it brings into a person's life. So what is the what is the Shanna the particular type of Schaffner that the Prophet sighs I was talking about

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because there's so many words that get thrown around there and I'm not mentioned that Shana is not born out of righteous anger. Nor is that acted upon righteously. Shanna usually is born out of hustle, it's born out of envy. And it is when that hatred, that envy and that hatred has overtaken a person so much that they can't see anything in terms of success and failure except in regards to that person. And so Subhanallah you find that the moment and Josie Allah mentions three things he said, the first symptom of it is that you love to see the person do I'm sorry, you you hate to see the person do well, you love to see the person get hurt. You love that person's failure, you delight

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in their failure. You get upset when you see them do well, you you you get upset and their pleasure, something good happens to them of this world. It boils you on the inside something bad happens to them, it actually brings you joy to sickness, right, it brings you some sort of joy that something bad has happened to them. So that's the first thing. The second thing that they mentioned to rot, that you seek out their flaws, that you want them so badly to fail that you go out and you're looking looking looking let me find where I can cause failure. Let me find the flaws to Tableau rocks and the profit slice Allah mentions that whoever

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Sikhs out there a lot of their brother the flaws of their brothers sister, Allah subhana wa, tada will seek out theirs. Right. So that's the second thing is that you're so engaged in success and failure through them that you look for failure in them. And the third thing, the third thing, which is very relevant to shut down, by the way, is that there is no notion of reconciliation or Islam with that person whatsoever meaning what, it's either me or him. Either I'm gonna die in this battle, or he's gonna die in this battle, you know, when you when when the war has overtaken you that, to that extent, right. One of us is going to be left standing. I know it sounds very dramatic,

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but some of us have this in our relationship with family members, some how to lead our relationship with family members, if the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is saying that your deeds are not presented to Allah for boycotting your brother. What about people boycotting their moms?

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their moms Subhanallah I can't even get it through my mind. Someone told me this yesterday, I have not talked to my mom for five years What is wrong with you why

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they don't talk to their parents. I'm going to boycott my spouse boycott my parents boycott, my siblings boycott. Imagine the gravity of that. But the hatred makes you irrational and unreasonable. And it dominates you. And it deprives you of the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala in the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala how's Allah going to look at a person in Ramadan? Who mistreats their parents mistreats their spouses, their siblings, their children, if Allah So Jen will not even look past, the way that you treat someone who's bounded to you by Dean.

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And you're ignoring someone who's bounded to you by Dean, that's so much more severe, that is so much more severe Subhanallah so sometimes, the hatred overcomes us to where we're missing out on the love of Allah subhanaw taala and we don't even have space for it in our hearts or minds anymore, nor do we have any space for it in the heavens when Allah subhanaw taala allots his rewards and apportions his rewards in his forgiveness. So they're deeply connected your brothers and sisters, and I don't want you to think about anyone else. I don't want you to think about anyone else. Think about yourself. What do you hold in your heart towards your brothers and sisters? And what is that

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doing to your hearts? How do you fit that in that heart of yours? There's only a space that you have here. And Allah gives you an opportunity to clear it out. You want normal bond to fill your heart with the Quran and with the love of the Prophet slice Allah and the love of the hereafter rather than the lonely world empty out your heart now aligns the agenda is offering you amnesty before you even start Ramadan. He forgives all of his creation. But you have to take those steps. And we know some kind of lump sometimes dealing with the Creator is easier than dealing with the creation. Right? In fact, that's usually the case seek forgiveness from Allah I made a mistake I seek

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forgiveness from Allah. I can do this I can do that. But when it's with people, you know what you're really showing the loss of Hannah Montana, that you are willing to take your ego Let it be stepped on.

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Go ahead and step on it because I want the pleasure from Allah subhanaw taala to descend upon me through the heavens Go ahead. Take it

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mental although Elena Rafa Hola,

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you put it down for Allah, Allah raises you. Just like when you do such that today. Every time you prostrate a lot elevates your position. You tell a lot you show Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, Allah I'm willing to forgive why because I want to be forgiven.

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I'm willing to forgive because I want to be forgiven. The month of forgiveness is coming. Then I need to forgive. I need to empty out my heart. I need to get this out of my mind. I need to clear space. Because we only have a limited time in this world. And we only have a limited space in here. Do your brothers and sisters occupied, occupied with the love of Allah has also sallallahu Asana fill it with that. And don't you dare make those excuses to mistreat people, especially family. It breaks my heart it really really breaks my heart. So Pamela, when COVID started, we had all these discussions about families getting closer, and to see the amount of falling apart that people are

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having in their families, it hurts, it really really hurts. And this is you this is your your dunya on your athletes, you will not find happiness in this dunya nor will you find it in the asker in the hereafter. Of course unless you are fully loved Rome and oppressed and robbed. And in that case, seek it from Allah but even then, even if you are a Muslim, I want to ask you this question. I'll leave with this. We gave the worst example of a police who became

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so consumed with his hatred of Adam it his Salaam that all the love of Allah left him whatever it was there all the worship left and because it was how come out of them it is Salaam has that right? I'm gonna end with the best of Allah's creation. Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you know how many people wronged him?

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If the profits lie somewhere to use his donor

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to make the entire night against those who rightfully are those who he rightfully can make against that have wronged him his entire life? samila Heidi who isn't? I mean, how much pm we have, but you think on the profit side someone's saying a fella called Ramadan Shakira, let me be go be a grateful servant, and I cannot be how you comfort me with an OB that it was that the Prophet sly someone was just going to go and complain to Allah xojo about what people have done to him or did the prophets lie some have such a pursuit of Allah? That whether it was an thought if when people just stoned him in the blood was still coming down from him crush the lulla hardy who is something he's still

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looking to align saying, Yeah, Allah, I just want your love.

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In them you couldn't think of other one earlier for that valley. As long as this hatred I'm facing is not a sign a manifestation of a lack of your love a deficiency in your love. Yeah, Allah. I'm going to keep on doing what I need to gain your love yet Allah. So yes, the prophet slice alum had a long list of people that wronged him it his thought was possibly more than any other human being. But do you think that took him away from his pursuits and his worship in his prayer? Absolutely not. So for your own sake, dear brothers and sisters, for my own sake, let this weekend. Don't delay it past this weekend. Let this weekend be a time of emptying out your heart and spend the next two

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weeks getting ready for it on my bond. With that conscious and that heart emptied out so it can be filled with the plan. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with the love of him the love of his messengers, the love of the poor and escalus parents out to forgive us for our shortcomings. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to Avengers when we are wronged. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us when we wrong. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to unite our hearts to unite our families to unite our ranks. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to unite us physically, to unite us internally. We ask Allah subhana wa tada that these gaps that we've had to have in our Salah do not become gaps

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in our own We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant us just as we seek to Hades monotheism to guide us in every way wider to serve, to unify our lines to unify our ranks to unify our hearts. Yeah, Allah we ask you that as you look out to your creation that you forgive all of us. Yeah, Allah you forgive all of us for everything that we have done. And yeah, Allah you send us a llama bond to grant us a clean slate allotment. I mean, a political we had our stuff already recommended. I'm assuming first off you don't know before Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah right earlier he was talking to your mother llama Nino La Nina twin Muslim you know what a Muslim out here even on

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Walmart in like a semi arid Caribbean would you put out a lot of footage on our Hummer WiFi no no to either been out I've been out while I'm not enforcing our inland Catholic then I will tell him No, no no corn no Manohar. Selena. ilaha illa Anta su Kanaka iniquity nominal vida mean? Allah homophily yT Dena homochiral bonus Ihara have been a habit as well as you know the reality now kurata Aryan Jana Matatini mama Allah and lastly while at one and when kobina equally McCann Allah and all sort of one was to live in a FEMA share they could Aldo mahavihara llama advocate la demeanor the bottom Meanwhile, bridging that with one and beating him sounding meaner about a lot yet little gladly

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would assign or at the quarterback or even handle fascia when when Carrie will barely hear the commander come to the Coronavirus Corolla has croquembouche Kuru are in your mouth. Is it black on what are the cola Coca Cola hearing? Let us know Allah

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