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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of standing tall, not giving up, and not wanting to lose their will. They stress the responsibility of Muslim leaders to protect their country and reputation, representing traits like being faithful and being leaders in a culture of morality. The discussion also touches on the history of Islam and the importance of showing actual engagement with the religion. The speakers emphasize the need for moral leaders and showing actual engagement with the law. The discussion ends with a discussion on animals and baiting people for political gain.
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Law borrow law borrow ready? Hill ham hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah lady had entered he had the American and in Acadia lowland had no law

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in Alhamdulilah Meadow who in a Stein no one has told you when I stole, who went to LA he went to Aruba Billahi min show Ravi and fusina woman say at Dr. Marina

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de Hiller who Fela Moodle Allah woman good little fella howdy Allah will shadow and Illa in local law when the hula sharika ash had to say Donna Mohammed Abu rasuluh Yeah, you Hello Dina Taku la rt hochkar to potty he will tumble in

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the moon. Yeah you Hannah Taku rock Docomo lady hakama Nacho where Haider hola Carmen has Olga, that the men who marry Jan and Kathy around own one is

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what Taku lady has una de Waal Avraham in LA her can on a camera peba Yeah, you hella Deena Taku la halwa Hulu Colin said EDA, your command. We all feel a coup. Why may you take a warlock schooler who fell for the feather falls in all vena

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cava de la Nakamura had he had you Mohammedan sama Allahu alayhi wa sallam, or shout out

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to her coolum that in bidra gokula Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, wa Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Abdi Hill keytab wollam Yahoo Elijah, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen as we all know,

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this you do not have centers around the life of our spiritual grandfather Ibrahim Abraham alayhi salam, peace upon him.

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In sha Allah tala what we like to do is look at three verses from the Quran

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which highlight aspects of Ibrahim's story and his significance for us, as Muslims indeed for us as human beings.

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The first to Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned

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ooh Billahi min ash shade on the Rajiv in Ibrahima, Canada.

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halifa hwadam Yoku, Milan, mu shrieking Shakira, Shakira rondi and ermi H dubare. Who had a last hurrah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned where the

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Abraham was a nation

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and enough himself, devoutly obedient, he was not amongst he was naturally inclined towards the true religion. He was not amongst the idolaters he was deeply thankful and appreciative

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of the blessings bestowed upon him.

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He chose him Allah tala chose him

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and guided him to a straight path.

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The first description and this these two verses a lot Harlan mentioned in the Ibrahim McCann mutton that Abraham Ibrahim alayhis salam was a nation oma, there are several meanings given to this and all of them are relevant for the situation that we find ourselves in.

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One meaning

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is that at the time that Abraham Ali Salaam started his Dawa,

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he was the only Muslim

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amongst these people.

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So he was the oma

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Ibrahima kana.

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Being that he was the only Muslim.

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He was the owner of Islam. Why is this relevant for us? Brothers and sisters, sometimes we find ourselves alone.

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Sometimes we find ourselves we're the only Muslim in our life.

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neighborhood, were the only Muslim in our classroom or possibly even the only Muslim in our school. Were the only Muslim on our job.

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We have to.

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And being the only Muslim, sometimes we feel overwhelmed.

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Sometimes, especially in this climate where there's so much anti muslim hatred and defamation and prejudice. So sometimes we feel overwhelmed, we want to give up.

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We want to hide our slim. We want to leave the country altogether, go back to Pakistan or India or Bangladesh or Egypt or turkey or wherever.

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But like Ibrahim, we have to stand tall. And we have to be proud and we have to be strong. And we have to accept the responsibility that a loss of Hannah watan has given us because we represent

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the counter narrative.

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The Muslim the anti hate narrative that that the Muslims are terrorists. The Muslims are violent people. The Muslims are people that are hell bent on destroying the edifice of Western civilization. The Muslims can't be trusted in their own. They're treacherous people, they're barbarians.

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We have to be like Ibrahim and and say that if I'm alone, then I will still strong stand strong. Many of the young people are familiar with the song by the Muslim

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singing group native Deen. I'm not afraid to stand alone. We can't be afraid to stand alone. We have to like Ibrahim alayhis salaam accept the challenges of standing alone. We have to maintain our dignity, we have to maintain our composure our our self respect, we have to maintain our manners and good treatment of people. Which leads us to the second meaning in the Ibrahima Canna mutton that he embody all of the good characteristics you find distributed amongst the Luma. So in our community, we can point the song so we say brother, so and so such an honest person. Mashallah he embodies all the virtues of honesty, sister stone, and so is such a faithful sister, when she gives her words she

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never breaks it. Mashallah brother, so and so. It's such a brave and courageous person.

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I remember a time when he was surrounded by people and they were looked like they wanted to physically attack him. And they were ridiculing him. And he stood up and he said, I'm a Muslim. And if you have a problem with it, I don't care. I'm going to keep being a Muslim. And then they all back down, and he was such a courageous person. And all of the attributes we find, and we point out amongst people, Ibrahim alayhis, salaam and body all of them within himself, and again at a time when the Muslim and Islam is being slandered. And all of these negative traits are being cast upon the Muslim as being treacherous as being dishonest as being disloyal, not being faithful, etc, we

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have to embody the good characteristics, so that they will have to acknowledge that but I know this Muslim

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Mashallah done the most honest person I know. They're the most trustworthy person of the on the job.

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They're the most faithful person I know. They're the kindest people I know. They're the most polite people that I know.

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This is what Abraham is represented. This is one meaning of his being an omen. And we have to represent those virtuous traits. So that people cannot use the lies and distortions as an excuse to say that's what Islam is. What these people who are cutting off the heads of journalists who have an oath of protection,

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who have an oath, the protection. The people, they betray the covenants. No, but I know I'm Muslim. And that Muslim if he gives his word of she gives her word. They never break their word. I've never known them to lie about anything. I've never known them to say a foul word. Only good words come from their mouth. This is what it means to be an oma

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These are characteristics we must represent brothers and sisters, especially in these days in time. And Omar also meet nee needs a leader to be imitated. Mmm, what could What? A leader to be imitated? We have to stand up and accept the role of leadership. Allah subhanho wa Taala. One of the prayers he mentioned in the Quran that he taught our those who preceded us was young men and Mata Pina Inanna. Make us leaders for the righteous. But the only way we can be leaders for the righteous is that we ourselves are righteous, we have to be righteous individuals, we have to be a righteous community, we have to be a moral community, we have to be a virtuous community. And if we are we

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will be leaders. Because we live in a day and time where the morals and the ethics and virtue of people are being destroyed systematically. We see morality all around us. We see profit, profit we can see all around us. We see bad manners all around us, when most of us were children. Remember our parents teaching us? You always say please, you always say thank you. You always say excuse me. Now people, they're bumping into you and there's no excuse me, you give them something, there's no thank you that as something from you, there's no please, as if they're entitled to it. And if you don't obey there are coalesce with their entitlement, then they become angry. Now we have to be the people

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who continue to say please continue to say thank you continue to say excuse me, pardon me, continue to hold the doors. For the women folk. We have to be those people, people of character, people of moral and ethical leadership, we have to be the people who continue to remain virtuous, and not engage in premarital sexual activity, when all around us is the sexual free for all we have to be that that those people if we are will be leaders. And those people who aren't happy with the status quo. Those people who don't like the direction our society is heading, they'll say, look at those Muslims, if they can do it, we can do it. If they can hold on, we can hold on, if they cannot fear

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what people say about them. When they have phone alone, the tele em, as long as we're on the truth.

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They don't fear the criticism of the criticizers. As long as we're on the truth, one of the crimes of this group known as ISIS or ISIL, or Daesh, or whatever name applied to them. One of their crimes is that they say we don't care what the West thinks about us. And so they engage in their atrocities with impunity. We don't care what what the West thinks about us. And they even bring this verse, or this passage where they Hakuna Loma to Latin.

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And they don't fear the criticism of the criticized. This is not an open ended statement. This is not an absolute statement. They don't fear the criticism of the criticized as long as they're on truth. But if they're on falsehood, and if they're violating the fundamental principles of Islam, or if they're doing things that will cause people to hate the religion, then they have utmost fear of the criticism of the criticized and this is from our religion. When our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was walking with his wife, Sophia, and two of his companions came upon them in the middle of the night. What did he say? Had he Sophia been to her? Yay. This is Sophia, the daughter of Korea.

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Why so they wouldn't think that the Messenger of Allah is engaging in some activity unsanctioned by the religion.

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When he prayed for those people who had debt after he had to abandon the prayer for them, and then he returned, what did he say? I didn't want people to think that Mohammed abandons his of his followers. And they think what kind of religion is this? These people were, they were praying with the Muslims, they were hanging out with the Muslims then when they died, their prophet wouldn't even pray for them. What kind of religion is this? He was always careful of what

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People thought about Islam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is from Islam.

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So Abraham was a moral leader.

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He could do attend, he was an exemplar. And we have to be moral leaders, especially in a time when immorality is engulfing our society. We have to be examples to show people that it is possible to live a virtuous life, it is possible to maintain a strong connection to our Lord. In an era that's defined by increasing atheism. It is possible to be advocates of tawheed of the oneness of God. When people are worshipping money and they're worshipping cars and they're worshipping sex and the worshipping themselves after I ate among many, that, how have you not seen the one who's taken his or her very inclination as their God, the worship of the self, like Ibrahim alayhis salaam, we have

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to be leaders who instruct and guide the people to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala to tell him to the oneness of the law in a time of tech fear of multiplicity of loyalties, and gods in the Ibrahima can Mattel Connie tell the law, Ibrahim was Connie. Connie.

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Connie 10 devoutly obedient, we have to be people of obedience. Who Who gladly obey Allah subhanho wa Taala. And sometimes we forget the reward of that. We forget the reward of obedience. It's very easy to do. We become so obsessed with doing what we do in the regular the grind of life. And get sometimes we get stuck in a rut. And we just think we're doing things because I'm a Muslim, this is what I have to do.

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No, we're doing things because there's a great reward waiting for us. And we forget that or does a lot harder to remind us in the corral. One means

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Rasulullah felt he can let me know.

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He came in and among lawani him Mina Naveen was such a pain overshoe head there it was saw that he will have sooner hula aka Rafi

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that those who obey Allah and His Messenger

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those who obey Allah and His Messenger, I mean, you take a lead or a Sula. They will be with those Allah has bestowed his blessings upon

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Allah He came aladeen and mamajuana him.

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So our obedience, one of the first things were reminded by a lot and this verse is that our obedience places us in the company of those laws bestowed his message his his blessings upon

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that we have a great reward waiting for us in gender. Who is that company men and ebina the company of the profits, and then he mistana who would not be want to be amongst the company of Rasulullah sallallahu idea he was sending, who amongst us would not be want to be amongst the couple of Ibrahim on a Santa Muerte de la sala de la a seller, new and a seller who was solid, Allah him SLM and all of the prophets and messengers of Allah. Minh and Naveen was strictly a painter, who are not who are not amongst us want to be in the company of Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah, Abubakar study, and the likes of Abu Bakr from this Omen from the omo among the nations who preceded us who would not want

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to be amongst their company

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wushu had,

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and the great martyrs

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of this oma.

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Now murderers are called martyrs. murderers who commit suicide which is forbidden in our religion and blow themselves up and blow up innocent people in the marketplace. blob innocent people in how even in houses of worship,

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who blow off innocent Muslims who are trying to make a living. And the only job they can find is with the police. The people are trying to maintain order.

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And then these criminals say what these police are police of the state that's aligned with America and America is the capitalist state. And so the state that support them

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visit campus and the police that work for that campus state their captain, and so their blood is halaal and then they murdered them and they call them martyrs. They died in a martyrdom operation. They died as murderers.

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The martyrs are Hamza, those who are killed, defending the truth

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and not murdering people in opposition to the truth.

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bin Abdul McCollum

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must have been Mayor sumiya.

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of now consent, the sons of consent, all our sons were murdered, or when martyred rather, in the battles after the passing of the practice of law sentiment all of the righteous martyrs wish you had that he was fighting him. And all of the righteous people of this Alma de la had been at a UB and our grading memes Abu hanifa a share theory will matter what our well, mm

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rahima Hello as mine and the great scholars in the great which tell you did about Obama, who would not want to be raised up in their company. That's the reward a lot of promises us for our obedience. Connie attended let cerebra he was devoutly obedient and we should strive to be people of obedience to a lot of young and old, one of the greatest rewards promised to the young people. And we mentioned the young there's so much pressure on the young people to join this profligate youth culture, to join this degenerate youth culture to start using filthy language to disregard the such sexual ethics of Islam to join the UN people drink intoxicants and use the drugs and smoke the

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reefer and all of these things. But Allah and the Messenger of Allah reminds us in the context of obedience, sabar tune, your delivering law is building Yama, lead, build, lead, lead, lead, lead, lead, and lead below seven categories of people Allah will shade and his shade on a day there will be no shade except that shade in them when I did adjust leader with Chef Ganesha, and I call it a as a young person who grows up obeying the law be shaded in that shade. Connie attended now obedient to Allah hanifin naturally disposed

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towards righteousness, many of ourselves out of us find ourselves naturally inclined

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towards the religion, but we fight those inclinations sometimes we try to deny them, because we want to be like the gangsters. We don't want to be like the pious people

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know we should follow those righteous desires and fight against the righteous desires.

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And if and when lemmya Coleman and muesli King, and Abraham was not amongst the idolaters we should not be amongst the idolaters in greater small things,

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and great and small things.

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Our nowadays it's rare to find people worshipping idols. But how many people are worshipping money?

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How many people worshipping clothing?

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They won't go to school if they don't have the right gear.

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How many people worshipping cars?

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I won't. I don't want to drive a Toyota. What's wrong with the Toyota? No, I need a Mercedes.

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I need a Mercedes. I need a Lamborghini. I need a Maserati.

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I need a lotus. I need to distinguish myself. Everyone drives a Toyota.

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And then to get those things.

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We have violate a lot of Tyler's law. We sell alcohol in our stores.

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We cheat people we shortchange people. That That becomes our worship of these things. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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warned us in the strongest terms that tear him up to Dena Durham, or Abu hanifa ruin does the worshipper of money. The one who worships the gold or silver coin that dear him, the DNR or the deer have ruined is the worship or clothing and all other material things

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Welcome to HMI saw, which was a government the Arab used to wear mela save us from ruination.

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On the academy then we're speaking Shakira, and Rumi. He was deeply appreciative of the blessings Allah bestowed upon him. We should be people of shocker.

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Have Guney cocom washko li Walla tech forum, remember me I will remember you give thanks for my blessings. And don't be amongst those who reject, reject. Thank you. Thank the blessings by not giving thanks. How many of us ourselves, your parents

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came to this country.

00:25:46--> 00:25:58

I was born here as well my parents and grandparents and converted to Islam. How many of you came to this country? Or your parents came to this country with absolutely nothing?

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Absolutely nothing.

00:26:04--> 00:26:05

And then a lot Tyler Bless you.

00:26:07--> 00:26:13

Bless you with beautiful homes. It blessed you with ample money,

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to be able to go to Hajj to be able to go home and visit your homelands, to put your children in the best colleges and universities to live in safe and secure neighborhoods to drive beautiful cars. And there's nothing wrong with that those are blessings. But how much thankfulness how much sugar do we give for those blessings.

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Abraham was deeply appreciative for the blessings Allah bestowed upon him. And we mentioned some of those blessings, the blessing of good character, the blessing of leadership, the blessing of moral integrity, the blessing of faith and the blessing of not being amongst the idolatry. And those are the real blessings brothers and sisters. This is a day when the prayers are answered. asked a lot Allah subhanho wa Taala for the real things that matter as the law for his pleasure. ask Allah for paradise as gerloff agenda.

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Allah in the nest egg COVID dar cat well, Jenna, seek refuge with the law from his anger from hell. When are we becoming psychotic?

00:27:28--> 00:27:48

These are the real things that truly have meaning in life and Scala for them. Check your only and Rumi HTML. Allah chose him and allies chosen each and every one of us. Another verse where Ebrahim is mentioned la Salam Allah mentioned

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to all of us with a Hebrew filler he hochkar jihad, who has stood there who has stepped back

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when they're Gianna de config, demon Horridge, millet, abiku Ibrahim,

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strive in the way of Allah as you rightfully should wear j Hebrew filet, aka Jihad and will never fulfill that right so in other words, do your very best and strive to your utmost because we will never fulfill the right that Allah has over us. hochkar jihadi who wish to back home he has chosen you. Just as he chose the Brahim Chabad Who?

00:28:35--> 00:28:38

Each day back home he has chosen you

00:28:40--> 00:29:18

one that john and a confit Dean, him and her Raj and he's made no difficulty for you and your religion. Allah has chosen us to be Muslims at this time. Allah has chosen us to be Muslims in this place. Allah has chosen us to be Muslims can be representative of his religion. At this time when people are denigrating the religion looking down on the religion stop slandering the religion defending the religion, defaming the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Allah has chosen us to be the people will stand up and represent the religion will head down

00:29:20--> 00:29:40

and he guided him to the straight path and he has guided us to the straight path. We thank Allah tala for these blessings May Allah tala bless us and bless you. Just as he blessed Ibrahim and blessed us to be thankful kuqali had was stopped for a while he was what he said even meaning Jaco must have

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hamdulillah Europe Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala TD mursaleen Aloha, Bora

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In law, law, law, borrow, borrow,

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00:30:13--> 00:30:13


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In law law, Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, well, Illa Hill ham, we mentioned three verses we discussed two, the time is up, so we can't get to the third one. But the third one dealt with the sacrifice, to encourage everyone who has the means to do so to sacrifice this from this to number, a cadet of eight, to confirm soon as that shouldn't be left without an excuse. If you can't go to the farm or to the slaughterhouse, then take advantage of the services of the various organizations where you can send your money to the Muslim country and have the animal sacrifice in your name and then the big benefits to poor people and many of these countries, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of

00:31:05--> 00:31:19

you a lot Allah bless your families. May Allah tala give us all strength, a lot Allah blessed us to be like Ibrahim Alayhi Salam mulata Allah bless us to pray.

00:31:20--> 00:32:12

Not not a prayer like this brothers and sisters yo la helped the Muslims. Y'all Allah, know a prayer where the tears are coming down our face, while our hearts are trembling, out of the fear from a loss to kind of a talent, that or law we pray that a lawsuit heals all of the sick people. We just got to note one specifically, Mr. Wace was hospitalized last night mela give Mr. Waste or waste. mela give him she fat not logging all the Muslims who are ill everywhere she fat Mel log of all of the ill people suffering in the refugee camps in Syria or turkey or Jordan or Lebanon or in Pakistan or wherever Muslims Afghanistan or wherever Muslims have been forced out of their homes. May Allah

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bless them the and they've been afflicted by illness. May Allah bless all of those people afflicted by Ebola in West Africa. And this is these are Muslim parts of West Africa by and large in Sierra Leone, and Guinea and Liberia. Most of the largest percentage of Muslims brothers and sister mela given them she fat a lot more a lot more Donna Allah Michelle Madonna on the mystery of Madonna, Allah Allah Litchfield, Medina geneon more danesi as nimbi bjm geminiani Allah, Allah is immortal Barna are must be mortal by now Maradona, Allah was 10 out poly rahima we know who he was when I fire fall ill it is a low cures me. Y'all cure us and cure all of the believers cure all of the sick

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people amongst humanity. Yeah, Allah bless us to be strong in these days of fitten Allah bless us to be strong in these days of tribulation, Allah blesses to have wisdom and all of our affairs. Yola, don't take us to task for what the imbeciles and the foolish and the misguided undertake don't take us that task based on what the misguided undertaking Allah, Allah bless our women's folk y'all love bless our children, bless our children to not be deceived by this pernicious youth culture, not to be deceived by this wave of atheism that's targeting the youth of this land, not to be deviated away from the truth and away from your DVR Allah, y'all love bless our young people, bless our old

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people, bless our elderly people. Y'all love to honor them, bless us not to be the people that callously throw them away in some old folks home and never visit them blesses they keep them in our homes where their wisdom is accessible to us where the blessing of their presence that has been conditioned by years of the hedges and years of reciting years of taraweeh years of fasting years of prayer where there Baraka can be right there present amongst us, blessed us to honor them and to reverence them yeah Allah Allah blessed us to be people of truth blesses to be people of talent he blessed us to be people of good character and strong upright standing your Allah bless us to be

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people that love you Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah home and then Luca hooked back, we're hooked

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up the menu hit menu Hippo, walk the llama Linda de bello

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wanna hook back? Allah Allahu Allah and then as Erica hook back, we'll hook them then you hit book. we'll hook the lamb Linda de Luna hook back. Yeah, you're right, man. You're right Haim. Yeah Manny Jaco. Yes.

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Many mo Haman as these your job bar. Yeah.

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Yeah daddy yeah Holic yamu so we're here Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah monsoon Mussolini in St. Cooney my can allow me the mean of the Kuma can Allahu

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Allah muslimeen he hadn't

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he hadn't Belen Allah.

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Masha, Masha you Hannah. What I said either on a Roku lemon lemon, a horror fan where I attend or had eaten, or moose or home or ham home, Jeremy and raphaela home was one misdemeanor Jamie and mowlana phones.

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