Omar Suleiman – The Firsts – Saeed Ibn Zaid (RA) – An Answer to His Father’s Prayer

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of a man who claimed to have stolen someone's property and caused them to lose their eyesight and become upset. The narratives of the loss, including those of the New Zealanders and those of the United States, also touch on the use of the title Islam in WhatsApp groups and the importance of protecting culture. The segment also touches on the loss of a man who claimed to have stolen someone's property and caused them to lose their eyesight and become upset. The narratives of the loss also include those of the New Zealanders and those of the United States.
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So now

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everyone welcome back to another episode of the first Smith novel Hamlet allows a lot with cinema and honestly love it. He was a happy woman while ah. So tonight's episode connects back to one of the very first people that we covered as we started the series. And that was eight if not Ahmed and obeyed all the allowed time on hold the man who had been in search of monotheism and had been in search of the message of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam for so many years, but ultimately passed away on his way back. And we know that the prophets of Allah Hardy was seldom telling us about this man's a diviner Ahmed no fate, being alone on the day of judgment as a nation

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all by himself having his lofty status in Paradise, a man who spent his life not just calling to monotheism, but rejecting idol worship, rejecting the sacrifice of animals in the names of those idols rejecting the cruel practices that took place in the name of those idols as well such as burying the daughters alive, a man who before the eyes of an revealed that condemned that brutal practice would go and take the girls as they were about to be buried on the outskirts of Mecca, and raise them and marry them off because he knew that it was the right thing to do. And he went and search around the world for what would ultimately take place in his own home in Mecca, but died on

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his way back on the low tide on home. z dibner Ahmed abnormal faith, and if you remember, he had two children. He had two children, he had one son, and he had one daughter, and as he was on his way back to Mecca, he may do

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala should he have chosen to forbid they are the Allahu taala and home from the Sahaba from the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Allah and Quinta, however, I'm Tony, Sophia, Bettina v IC O Allah if you have chosen to forbidden me from the companionship of the prophet in this world, Tasha minha Ebenezer ADA, then do not forbid my sunset IID from having his companionship that was the that was the supplication of Zaid on his way back to Mecca. And of course we know that Allah subhana wa tada chose that as a little the Allahu taala. And who would pass away before the prophet SAW some would receive revelation. And he could dedicate himself to the Prophet

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sly some as he dedicated himself to monotheism for all of those years to the way of Ibrahim it his setup. So his job was answered in regards to his son salaried. And so he knows he ignore Ahmed, no fail. And we talked about zabe normative neuro fade was a young man who his physical description is that he was very tall, he was very dark, and he had a lot of hair. And his main quality that we will see play out within Islam and before Islam was his humility. He had so much humility, that he didn't really have any enemies he did not really make, he didn't upset anyone in Mecca, we would find that people held him in very high standing because of his humility. So as a matter of law, we find some

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of these good qualities that existed in the time of Jehovah, in the time of the days of ignorance playing out in beautiful ways in Islam, especially when you look at someone like Earth monument, or the Allahu taala animal, so he was known for his humility. Now I want to talk not just about Saeed entering into Islam, but I want to talk about his wife as well, because his wife is faulty ma bint Al hubub, who is of course, the sister of Omar, Abdullah Hatano, the Allahu taala and who and the daughter of a hot club. And why is that significant? Obviously, you know, that means that eight and fathima were second cousins because Fatima bint al Harb in new field, and we have studied

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urbanization ignore our ability to fail. So it goes back to new faith. But what makes this significant, beyond just the role that they will play together in the Islam of Amara hobro, the lowdown on who is that? Think about the father in law situation here. What was a hubbub known for doing in the life of Zaid, the father of side aloha pub was the one who would beat z and make it too difficult for him to appear around the cat but he literally would, you know, would beat him and humiliate him before Islam even started for calling to toe hate for calling to monotheism and made it difficult for his aide to live around the home to live in Mecca, and to be able to still call out

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based on his fitflop based on his natural disposition to the way of Ibrahim rtcm. So Subhana Allah, think about this, so read the son of Zaid will marry Fawlty ma the daughter of a pub and they will be from the earliest conference

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to Islam, one of them. The father said he was the one that was calling to tow hate in Mecca calling to monotheism in Mecca. Before Islam even started in Mecca. The other one was trying to suppress the call of tow Hades in Mecca before the prophets license even started his call. So we'll talk about inshallah, tada the dynamic of site and file team together coming into Islam, but you already see an interesting dynamic there that exists with the, with the the fathers of, say, eight and fathima. One father used to beat the other father for the call that would bring both of them to the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they're both also of course from benwell ID, which was,

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you know, a noble tribe of the parish. And,

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you know, I want to think of I want us to think about what made this call so appealing to set age very early on, okay. Obviously, his father, you know, was the one that was calling to monotheism was the one that was calling to the way of Ibrahim Islam that was insisting that what was taking place in Mecca, was wrong. So so he was one of those, one of the very few who grew up in a house in Mecca that was free from all idols. He grew up watching his father dedicated to speaking the truth, dedicated to justice dedicated to all of the elements of tau hate. And you can imagine what type of an effect that would have on sorry, though, the whole time he was seeing his father like that for

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his entire life, right? So so he grew up around Islam in a way that others did not and that he grew up around. So he grew up around monotheism, he grew up around a man that was uniquely dedicated to the religion to the way of Ibrahim, Adi, his set up. And so sorry, though, the lowdown on who, who, you know, who sees this as soon as he hears about this prophet that is calling to Islam. Say there'll be a low tide and who immediately accepts Islam and he is, according to the narrations, also one of the herbal bucket converts because I'm Rebecca de la Han, who was the first to inform him about Islam. So he's also one of those exposed to Islam officially, as a part of the way of the

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prophets Allah lahardee was sent him as the Prophet slicin as the messenger, you know, through a Wilbekin Sadiq or the Allahu taala. No, so sorry, though the last time was going to be one of the earliest converts of Islam, and his environments made him suited to do so and he was the answer to the darat to the supplication of his father. Zaid ignore Ahmed immunoassay. Well, the Allahu taala. And he's also considered Of course, as we know, one of the actual machine one of the 10 promised paradise and we'll talk about the narrations about the 10 promised paradise. However, it is important to mention that all of the 10 promised paradise were from the very first batch of those

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that accepted Islam. Okay, so all of those that the Prophet slicin I'm called, from the actual machine were from the early converts to Islam. Now, unlike the others of the actual machining of the 10 promised paradise, we don't have too much on the life of site or the hotel because he would live his life very quietly dedicated to worshipping a lot and dedicated to being a quiet soldier. Okay, so so either the loads out on the love two things, he loved worship, and he loved to be an unknown soldier in the battle. He said that even if I have the the years of knew how to his Salaam, the life the long span of nor had a sum, there's nothing more beloved to me, than going out and striving in

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the path of the last pass on all these battles and my face being covered with dirt and, and fighting and being unknown to the people. Okay, so say a little the law of town who was a man that was that loved obscurity, and this was part of his humility. And this is one of the good qualities that we take from the Sahaba. May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with them all. So what's the context of the tribe and the dynamics of him coming into Islam? And let's talk a little bit more about the family dynamic here. Okay. Even though say was from Ben Hardy, the tribe of Andy, which initially would take a harsh stance towards the prophets lie Selim. So it's family. We're not hostile to we're not

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hostile to Islam or towards him, because of how his family raised him. Okay, so we'll start to see that so it was not someone that was going to have to worry too much except for the initial days of Islam. Why? Because just as his father had to fear his father in law, so either the law of town and who had to fear his brother in law, or the law of town. Okay, so I know some of you have already asked, When are we going to talk about Armada? When are we going to talk about saving the old model of the law of town, because we're going in order of the first, it's still going to take some time to get to Oman, however, you're going to get a different glimpse into his life through many of these

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different stories. So here, so eight being married to Fatima bint Aloha,

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Bob, the sister of Alma. She's also known as omega n on jimmied. On photography a lot of time on who actually had two siblings who accepted Islam before him. So he had his sister fathima and his brother ziet. So Ahmad had an older brother named

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Bob. And he had a sister Fatima, and both of them actually accepted Islam before I modeled the Allahu taala. And of course, said he was married to Fatima, and they accepted Islam together. And the reason why they all kept it quiet was because they feared the persecution of armor will Hopper, okay, Omar are the allotted time and who has sworn that he would that he would kill, or that he would that he would be amongst those that would take care of any member of his tribe, if any of them were to accept Islam, Omar thought that the best way to deal with suppressing Islam initially was force. Okay, so we have to make sure that no one from our tribes except us. And what's very

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interesting is that we don't have

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much about fathima bentyl hottub or is a local pub actually. You know about their birth about their death. What we know about Fatima is the famous story of our model the Allahu anhu accepting Islam in her house. Okay, so we don't have much about faulting up until hottub. May Allah be pleased with her, except that she was married to Sarah aid and that she was in the house when our mother would come and would would embrace Islam after that famous episode that would take place there. But that's pretty much all that we have on her.

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Also, remember that side had a sister his sister was Attica bint Zaid, and she also accepted Islam and this is where it starts to get even more interesting ah Tikka married all my real hip hop okay. I Tika was married to elemental hip hop. So say he was married to the sister of Ahmad Ahmad was married to the sister of site okay, but this would come later on. So not at this point, but later on, all motor would marry it compensate. And Attica after the the martyrdom of Ahmad would marry as obeyed. May Allah be pleased with them all. So you have, you know the story of Islam now, for all of them. So at Fatima, Attica, all embracing Islam early on, but keeping their Islam secret,

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specifically because of the fear of persecution from Amara lucapa. And some of them say that, you know, some of the narrations put them as the 14th and 15th. To accept Islam Allah knows best. But where do we find their story in the early days of Islam, now that you've been introduced to hubbub a lot, here's the image or here's the scene that that that I want you to think about. Above and a lot used to be the Koran teacher early on of sight and Fatima. So hubbub or the love of Thailand who would go to the house of Sade and Fatima, may Allah be pleased with them, and he would teach them. And you remember the beautiful stories and the narrations about hubbub about about the Allahu taala.

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And so this is where we have the famous story of the conversion of Amara hip hop. Imagine the living room of Saeed and fathima. And they're sitting and they're learning and from hubbub a lot. And Omar was on his way to kill the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he's told as he's on his way, as a means of diverting him that why don't you start with your family first, because they've accepted the religion of Islam and Omar is infuriated. Because he knows his family members. And he feels like he's been you know, he's been fooled. And, you know, this is humiliating, he's telling everyone else to make sure they persecute and suppress the members of their tribe that have accepted Islam. He's

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on his way to kill the profits license only to find out that his own sister and brother in law say, have accepted Islam. And so they're they're sitting in the living room, and the banging on the door comes from Alma. And all metal The alojado had an unmistakable way of knocking on the door, especially if he was angry. So they knew from the way that Amaro the low man who was banging on the door, that he was angry, okay, hubub Heights. Now sebab cannot afford to get beat up by Alma here if Alma is going to kill someone who's going to protect the above and then who is from the weakest of the people of Mecca. And these moments right hubub has already been tortured by his master for being

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a Muslim and now on top of who is the biggest man in price is about to bang down the door and see kebab teaching for and he's gonna kill about right so hubub Heights. So I'm under the law and who comes in, he sees, he sees fathima He says, Maha the salt. What is that noise that I heard? You know, and they are

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Trying to keep it secret that it was the plan. He says that I know that you have now followed the way of Mohammed Lai Salaam and his and his religion. And you know as as they

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you know, as they start to argue so either of the Allahu anhu says, Well mother no candidate how coffee lady the Nick What if the truth is in a religion other than yours Omar and Omar pounces on site. So say eight gets the beating of Omar as his father got the beating of a hot Bob, for being upon to hate. And we know the famous story that as all model, they allow a man who is brawling and is in a fit of rage in the house, that he would that he would hurt fall tema. And when he saw as he pushed fathima, away when he saw the mark, that he left on father, when he saw that he had caused her the pain that he caused her, that's when he calmed down. That's when he asked to read the quote.

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And that's when Fatima tells him that you need to go and you need to purify yourself, that's when he would read baja Ma and zelner illegal or Ana de la Surah Taha, and the rest is history, which we will cover thoroughly once we get to the life of Morocco, Pablo, the law of Thailand, but at least understand the dynamics of this particular incident that is pretty much the only incident that we have about Fatima or the law of Thailand, her in detail, and, and of course aid. So how to love the, you know, the way that that history would play out that he would face the brunt of almost anger initially, just as his father would face the brunt of the Father, the anger of the father of the

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Allahu taala and who accept that all model the law of time who of course, would accept this sum and would join him in the ranks of the 10 that were promised paradise. That's how a lot it you know, it also just to refresh your memory,

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one side came to ask the Prophet, slice alum about the father, about Zaid dibner. Ahmed, if he would be in genda, if they could seek forgiveness for him because he passed away before his son he passed away before actually officially embracing Assad with the profit slice of them. It was all about coming together to the profits of the lahardee who was selling in the narration and asking if they could make his default for him if they could seek forgiveness for Zaid ignore Ahmed ignore fade and also loss iclm says narrow stuff for love and so on that and wider and the prophets I some says yes, seek forgiveness for him for barely he will be resurrected as a nation all alone. Okay, so that

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gives you some context now of the family coming together. So again, sorry, Mary, sorry, didn't get married to Fatima Benton hip hop and hop up who famously tortured. Zaid said, all modern hip hop married to Attica bent ziet. Alright, the sister of side so, you know, perhaps inshallah Tada, we can draw it out. And you can see it in the night Tyler in the notes later on. But hopefully it gives you an idea of what the family looks like. So here's the good news now, when everyone would migrate, or one large group of people would then migrate to Abyssinia. Saeed who initially kept his Islam secrets because of the fear of the persecution of Omar now did not have to worry about being a

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Muslim in Mecca because his brother in law was on to HIPAA. Okay, so Amata becomes a source of protection as well. No one's going to mess with the family of ahmad, all the law of town hall in Makkah. So it's, you know, one of the reasons why he did not migrate was you know, because of the brother in law being a real hip hop also because of, as we said, his social standing and his good qualities. And so he does not have to be amongst those that would that would flee persecution in Mecca because he was left alone, due to his own qualities and do now to being related to the hilltop or the Allahu Tanana. Now, once they make migration to Medina, once the digital comes, we actually

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see that he and his family and the family of Omar migrate together, they make kids up to Medina together. Now to go through the story, the life of site of Mosaic, as I said, his life his worship and battle, and he loves to maintain a sense of obscurity, he does not like to be seen or known. He likes to be in the background. He serves the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the best way that he could. He actually missed the Battle of bed that along with thought of having a tall huddled the a lot of time a lot of have not obeyed the law, because they were sent a scouts to to see what the caravan of Abu sufian was going to do as bedded was was to unfold so they were not able to make

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it back for bedded or back to Medina to go out.

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to bed in time so side and plug her went out to scout the caravan of Abu Sufyan got back the Prophet sly, some had already made his way out from Medina to better and this hurt side and, of course who both would become very well known for their fighting alongside the profit slice and they're defending the profit slice of them for so many years. But Pamela in them and Mr. Lubin, the actions are backed by intentions. Remember the profit slice I'm assigned a share of the spoils of better to Earth man, he also did so for both Sade and palha. And it wasn't about the spoils It was about them being included amongst the veterans of bed that are because we know the special ranking and place

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that the veterans of bed that have so the profit slice alum rewarded them and included them because there was nothing that would keep them away from being in the companionship of the prophet SAW some except for the order of the Prophet slice lm to also be in defense of the Muslims as as bended was unfolding. So the prophets lie some assigned to them a share of the spoils, just as he did to Earth man, and included them amongst the veterans of Bethel, and just like thought,

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side would participate in all of the other major battles with the profit slice of them. He also has, hello, one of the special distinctions of being one of those who wrote down the revelation. So he's one of the scribes of the end, which is, which is a very noble honor to be, you know, to be amongst those that the profit slice I'm interested with the revelation itself. So, you know, these things don't just come out of coincidence or because of some sort of social standing. So either the low tide on who was the one who was in that house early on learning the poor and from kebab along with fathima mental pop. So these types of

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distinctions come as a result of a loss of outsize favor upon a person. That's how we see that he was so humble that

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when he narrates, so you have these narrations about the 10 people promised paradise, and I'm actually going to answer one of the biggest misconceptions from now. I think I did so when we talked about what a car is eight, but are those 10 promised paradise the only 10 promised paradise? Absolutely not. Okay, so the prophets lie Selim promised certain individuals paradise on multiple occasions. Certainly Khadija the allowance, Alana is promised paradise. Not only she promised paradise, she's amongst those whose house was described by gibreel Islam in advance of her death in Paradise, right, the special type of home and distinction that she would have in paradise. So we

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have narrations of men and women. Outside of the famous Asha mobile shooting the famous 10 promised paradise that had been promised paradise. But these were a group of people that were known as the 10 promised paradise because the prophets lie Selim on more than one occasion, mentioned the 10 Okay, so he mentioned these 10. And so, so handle what you find is that out of his humility, one said he narrates the Hadith of the 10 promised paradise. He says that the Prophet sly Salaam, gave 10 people the glide tidings of Paradise, but he only names nine of them. And guess who he leaves out himself. out of his humility, he doesn't even include his own name. And the way we know that he is the 10th

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is not just because of the obvious omission of himself, but because it's corroborated by the narration of the amount of neuro for the LA hotel annual, and other narrations that mentioned the 10 promised paradise so otherwise, because of his humility, he's almost left out of being named at times. Now Subhanallah, despite his humility, that does not mean that he does not have a ton of courage. So we find that when it when it came to his, his bravery, his courage in battle, say that'll be allowed on who was distinguished in the book, the famous battle of yarmulke was distinguished, and in the famous battle of Damascus of domestic peace, always in the frontlines of

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battle, but he wants it to be a soldier that was unknown. So again, just like we were talking about some of the other companions as time went on, because of the role that they chose to play of being in the background, other people would not even recognize them. So it was one of those people that some people would see in battle, and they would think he's just another soldier but a very brave and courageous soldier, but that's who say this added, who is a worshiper, you know, and at the same time, as a head an ascetic and a mage, I had someone who strives in the path of Allah who fights extremely, you know, with extreme courage, but shining the spotlight throughout all of that time.

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And we find that what that also plays out is that he disliked having any type of political position. He did not want

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Any governorship he did not want any type of of rule. And he rejected it over and over again. So multiple Hooda tried to appoint, say two positions and said he will be allowed on who did not want those positions we find very particularly that honorable Hall Pablo, the law of town and who appointed him to be governor of Damascus. Again, he was instrumental, instrumental in the Battle of Damascus. But, you know, he, he's appointed as governor. He's there for a few months, he's, you know, he's now living in the palace of Caesar and Damascus, which is one of the most developed cities in the world that's got its all of its glory, may Allah subhanaw taala, restore the glory of

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a sham and destroyed and restored the glory of domestic law. I mean, you know, so he's seeing all of the glory of a sham, he's seeing all of the glory of Damascus. He's going out to the balconies of these palaces. And he's looking around, and he's, you know, he doesn't feel comfortable with the prominence that he has. He doesn't like the royalty he doesn't like the comfort. He doesn't like the prominence. So he's standing out there. And he's staring. He's saying, you know, this is not what I signed up for it. This is not who I wanted to be. I didn't want to be in charge of anything. I didn't want to have these palaces at my disposal. And so he sends a letter to the allowance on it.

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And he, he asks, What are they allowed to add on hold to allow him to just continue being a soldier, an unknown soldier, but at the same time, he says, look, send someone that is going to be,

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you know, send someone that's going to be in charge of Damascus, someone who's better fitted for this role. So he says, so I'm coming to you. And he says that but you know what, once my letter gets to you, then make sure that you appoint someone else to be in charge of Damascus because I want to continue the rest of my life trying to please the last panel to add on the path of Allah subhanaw taala and again, obscure from any type of notoriety. So he is an introvert. He lives an extremely quiet life. And he lives a long life. Okay. He outlives I think he outlived all of the social mobility and if I'm not mistaken, maybe I'm that I might have not lived as long as him. I will. I'll

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have to go back to that. But I think he outlives all of the rational budgeting all of the time promised paradise but because of his quiet, introverted nature, we barely have any narrations about him and how Allah He loved to be unknown. And this is similar to Saturday, we will cancel the longtime man who, who narrates the Hadith and Allah you have beloved Tapi Eleni Al hafi, la loves the servants, who is pious, who is self sufficient and who is hidden and obscure from from the public. So, there is another connection that we have to be will cost that should be mentioned here and it should not be taken lightly. Which is that, just as he loved obscurity, he also was one of

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those who was known for being one job with data from from being amongst those whose dads who supplications were answered by Allah Subhana hoods. And you don't want to oppress a wrong a person who's there as our answer now remember, the famous incidents that took place would be well cost, who the prophets lie some of them said, Oh Allah accept the call the prayer of Saturday, when he calls upon you. Similarly, we see with sorry, the windows eight, that he was known for having an accepted that, and I want to mention this particular narration, it's not a pleasant narration, but it's a real one. And it gives us an element that is important because sometimes sometimes, we make demands

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of ourselves and of others that are not realistic. And that the best generation of people to ever live being the companions of the prophets lie some would not have accepted in terms of standards, some which is to forgive and to overlook and to pardon. These are things that are that are part and parcel of our Deen and they are the norm. But establishing justice making sure that people have their rights is also a part of our Deen. And that's the foundation that you put people in a position where they're able to forgive and overlook or they claim their rights, fair retribution for anything that has happened to them. And, and, you know, and so he Muslim, there's a really scary narration

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about sorry, the news aid.

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But somehow it should be a comfort to those that are Mylene, those that are wronged. That said over the last 10 years after the whole effort have passed away, this is under Marwan and haccombe. So this is long after the Khilafat have passed away. And so AWS eight had a neighbor that went to the governor and she claimed that

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Side had taken part of her land. So this was her, his neighbor. And she said that say he had taken part of her land. Now, you know, sometimes humble people are taken advantage of so so he is in a situation now where he's not known to raise his voice. He's not known to fight he's not known to, you know, he's extremely courageous. He's a warrior in battle, but in his private life, he's an extremely humble person, somehow he has this balance, so the woman took advantage of him.

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And that's in that sense by going to the governor and claiming part of his own property. But it's not just that Subhana Allah. So even with the longtime man who was probably less offended, it seems to be from the claim to the property to the claim that he cheated, that he himself was guilty of such an egregious claim. And so when the claim came to him, he said Subhana Allah He said, You think that I would steal someone's land when I am the one who heard the profit slice I'm talking about the crime of stealing someone's property? And so Marwan asked, What is that he said that I heard the profit slice of them say, men shubhra minute out, be lady Happy weipa houfy severity of a lien fee

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summary of a lien Yamuna PM, that whoever takes a span of land, without his right would be made to wear around his neck seven Earth's seven Earth's on the Day of Judgment. So Pamela, think about the penalty on the Day of Judgment of stealing land, and it's not a small deal that's stealing property consuming someone else's property. So sorry, the saying, I am the one who heard that from the profit slice, I'm directly Do you think that I would, you know, then turn around after hearing that from the prophets lie Selim? I'm one of the first Muslims and I dedicated my life to Islam. I think I'm gonna throw all of that away by stealing someone's property and stealing someone's land. So So he

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says, You know what, fine, he says, Go ahead, take it, but he may do against that woman. Okay. And this is really powerful, says Allah encountered Khadija. The army bustled are her words. capo haffi daddy Han said Oh Allah, make her if she has lied if she has told a lie, then caused her to lose her eyesight and make her home her grave. How to love the same land that she stole from me by claiming that I stole from her that Oh, a lot. You know, if that's the case, take away her site, and allow that land to actually be her grave let that be her ending. So sorry, this is not gonna fight over this world. But the Prophet slicin taught us what fear Darwin said love loom fear the cry of the

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oppressed, because there is no hijab, no veil between the cry of the oppressed and Allah subhanaw taala. Even if the person calling upon Allah is a non believer, even if they're a disbeliever, when they call upon Allah, and they complain about oppression about a wrongdoing that was done to them, there is no veil between that call and Allah. Okay. Imagine then, if the disbelievers made to Allah sincerely, because they've been wronged, is answered, think about a Sahabi, a companion, who is from the 10 promised paradise, who is so beloved to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, who served the Prophet slice on his entire life, who was honored with writing down from writing down revelation,

00:33:31 --> 00:33:37

and live that revelation was known for his worship and that person calls out to Allah and says, Oh, lushy wrong to me.

00:33:38 --> 00:34:18

He was so offended, right? So how to lie, you know, I am the one who narrated the Hadith and she wronged me. And what happens upon Allah, the narrator continues and says, that that woman lost her sight. So that part of the drought was answered and while she was walking in her home, on in her property, she fell into a well, in the same property that she claimed that he had taken in which he in fact stole from say, he fell into a well and died so so aids throughout was answered in regards to her. So it's, it is a different dimension. It's a different layer that we take from the stories of the Sahaba but Allah subhana wa tada has given us delegates in the room given us the ability, the

00:34:18 --> 00:35:00

right to call upon him when we are oppressed when we are wronged. And, and this gives us that, you know, that knowledge and that, that precedent that you know, if you are amongst those that are wronged and no one is giving you your right, you have the right to make your act to a loss parents ought to call upon a law, even if you are called to Exxon call to show forgiveness and things of that sort. So so either the allowance on an who has that famous incident, he would live a long, quiet life as we said, he lived throughout all of the Holika he saw the fitna arise and he wanted nothing to do with the fitna. Alright, so when he saw the tribulations and he saw the battle

00:35:00 --> 00:35:48

battles start to arise he moved outside of Medina into the valley. And he and he wanted to spend his life there, away from all of these things, how he, you know, he, he didn't embrace Islam to fight with his own brothers and sisters and to find himself in this he said you know what, I have nothing to do with this so he lived into the 670s so he would pass away in the year 671 which is about 50 years after his well into his 70s and his body was carried back to Medina and he was buried in it appears paralyzed said that he outlived most of them but actually so sad that costs and I'm the love Norma may Allah be pleased with them were those that brought back his body to Medina societal, the

00:35:48 --> 00:35:54

law and well lived him. And, and they would, they would be the ones to bury him now somehow the way that he died.

00:35:56 --> 00:36:40

And some of the narrations say 671, some say 673. He literally prayed salata One morning, and he went home, and he would lay down, and he would die in peace, uttering the Shahada, so Subhanallah, you know, even the way that he passes away as poetic and beautiful, you know, making that to Allah subhanaw taala for that to be as less action praying, so lots of budget quietly, going home, laying down, uttering the Shahada, and passing away all the Allahu taala at home, and then having his body washed and preyed upon by none other than sides. Cos, and I'm the love Norma may Allah be pleased with them as Palawan they went to, to get his body to apply musk to his body as as the sooner they

00:36:40 --> 00:37:18

already found that his body had this wonderful smell. So that's one of the things that's narrated about him, after he passed away, is that this smell of his was already a beautiful scent of the Allahu taala. And who that was coming from his body before they even applied the sense which is the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu. It he was said that, I want to mention one more thing, which is, you know, which is interesting. So I've had a lot of that when I went to the hospital, the amount of talent who was dying. Remember, Alma appointed six people, to be the shooter, to make up the shooter that would choose the halifa amongst them. What was the common thread between all six of them, they

00:37:18 --> 00:37:57

were all from national mobility. They were all from that group of 10 promise paradise. They were six of the seven remaining. The seventh person was sorry, the nosy and some of the some of the scholars mentioned that he left out there even windows eight for the same reason he left out our beloved neuroma, which was that he did not want to establish a precedent of family being involved in the transfer. He didn't want to involve them in the khilafah in a way that would take away from the process of the Shula. So this was part of the humility of Saeed some of the scholars say that's part of it as well that side just did not want anything to do with it. And Allah subhana wa tada you

00:37:57 --> 00:38:38

know, spared him in that regard. We only have from him about 30 Hanif narrations, eight of them and Sahaja Bukhari 11 of them are Muslim, and the other ones that find themselves in some of the other major works of Hadith. And that includes the narration about the animal bullshitting about the 10 promise paradise, which he amongst which he is included, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with him. And we ask Allah out to be pleased with his family. And Subhana Allah, you know, I was just thinking, you know, there was a time where his father went out to Damascus, looking for Islam, and then his son, who he may do at would be the Companion of the prophets lie Selim, would be

00:38:38 --> 00:39:20

amongst those that would fight in the great battle of Damascus that would, you know, that would call people to Islam in a way that his father was not able to even utter just a few words about monotheism and Mecca. And everything that we see that happened would save his entire contribution is the death of his father and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He taught us of course about the special duty of the father and the special of the mother of the parents so his entire life is also part of the good deeds of his father is eight feet in your lobby pleased with them all May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to be gathered with the family and the companions of the Prophet slicin

00:39:20 --> 00:39:27

around the Prophet sly Simon Jonathan for those Allah Ameen does that come a little height on was Santa Monica documents Allahu wa barakato

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