Muhammad Ali’s Janazah & Memorial Service Led

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of it

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has to be based on the needs of

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the city or cities at

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a seminar

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welcome, you I need the state champion.

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Now the officiating vitiating

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would you

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rather have an ID people's check

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we welcome all of you here today

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welcome the Muslims

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love to be members of other faith communities welcome

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welcome our sister

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because it's all and of course, you see what she has to say

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all of you love it

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maintain analysis of your presentations, resources

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and then even going on first of all the most impressive

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this is the chapter costing us 30 to $35 trillion

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and are

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same as before

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but rather reviewing and then whatever it is that you have been promised, we are your eyes

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and in the hereafter after work you will have your heart's desire and you will have whatever you asked for

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the most forgiving, most merciful, who is your beautiful is seen and the brightest and the greatest works

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Truly, I am one minute

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are good and you are peaceful

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ugliness and beauty and the whole the whole thing you know there was empathy is transformative for all of us the level

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without reading

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one of our great theologian

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he teaches us

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men Aristotle is brought up

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for greater

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and justice

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Muhammad Ali

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not to

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various times in the cycle

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we save your

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brothers and sisters It is only when we have virtuous individuals

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that the life of God shines through and we come

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will have an

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of this and it

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is also

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ever we're going to Lopez back in first

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one time

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we got to get

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nothing to you

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when I was

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my name is

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Tim I know you I know you're the champ

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rose will be learning in a shave on your lodging

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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching Al Hamdulillah here on

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earth Rockman you're watching Maliki a woman

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II cannot have more than one. Kindness during

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the day no sweat off on an animal study split off on levena A nun dalim while eating more than one or more

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what would you like people to think about you when you've got a life for them to say he took a few cups of love. He took one tablespoon of patience. One tablespoon teaspoon of generosity, one pint of kindness. He took one quart of laughter one piece of concern and then he makes the willingness. What happened is he added lots of faith. And he started up well then he spread over a span of a lifetime and he served to each and every deserving person in there.

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I have wrestled with alligator. I don't tussle with a whale out of handcuffed lightning, though thunder in jail. That's bad omen last week, I murdered a rock into the stone hospitalized a brick. I'm so mean I make medicine sick.

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This poem was written in Muhammad Ali's house.

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And Muhammad Ali was the first one to hear this poem.

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And I'm glad Mike Tyson left

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is two parts part one is out the the fighter. He floated like a butterfly and staying like a be the greatest fighter this world is yet to see. His opponents agree on one thing they all got it right in the ring without the your life was in danger that night. Have you lived during the time of Jack Johnson Joe Lewis Marciano, a match smelling his superiority over all of the former will be telling how he fought Tyson a wholly still at the height of his career. On the list of heavyweight champions, their names would not appear. If reindeer could box he would have fought Donner and Blitzen. If presidents could fight he would have fought Richard Nixon, for his right was filled with

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power and his luck was relentless. He beat people so bad he have to engage in acts of repentance. So when you discuss who was the greatest heavyweight of all time, to mention any name other than all these as a crying

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then part two part two was Ali the man with the grace of a butterfly and, and the tenacity of a bee. He struck many a blow against injustice and dignity and inequality. Coming of age during a time of legal secretary segregation. He came to embody the highest values of the nation, standing up for the truth, defying the warmongering throng, he declared, I ain't got no quarrel with them Vietcong, he would not take up the gun. He refused to pull the trigger. he quipped it no Vietcong ever call me nigger, knowing when to attack, and when to retreat, he brought an entire nation to his feet, not to cheer for his exploits going down in the ring. But to fall right in line with Malcolm and King,

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willing to give up his title, the money, the lights, he dedicated himself to a higher fight, the Fight for truth and justice to deliberate lands occupied by the highest court in the land, his case would not be denied. With a heart made of gold and a spirit to match. He was all he was able to rebuild his life, almost starting from scratch, with the tongue with the torch of love, and the flame of good. He lit the fire of hope in the hearts of many boys and girls in the hood, not knowing the word I can't, he was never deferred deterred. And because of his example, many a dream was not deferred. On

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on the heart of every life, he touched, he left an indelible stamp. And he will always be known as the people's champ.

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Now, we have to make the prayer, Muhammad Ali's spirit, his body is down. But his spirit is up. And it will stay up as long as we keep it up. And we keep it up as long as we live with the grace and dignity he lived with. As long as we love with the passion he loved with as long as we share and care and give with the boundless boundless generosity he exemplified so God as we leave this hall as we depart from this August gathering, may we be blessed to love as He loved to live, as he lived, to share as he shared to care as he cared to the extent of our various capacities, and to float as freely as he floated. God bless and blessings and peace upon Mohammed. Good evening.

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Thanks for having me here as

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such a good job I

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wanted we just did the best we could afford did the best users that yes it couldn't have been done

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I don't know how to silence so I gotta

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have dropped everything

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I tell people I'm Muhammad is last miracle

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how'd you get up there

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the last

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three robots

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you tired

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and you too can be all the

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I know there's gonna be a lot of you here that I'm not going to be able to see because I've got to go home and get some rest. I mean working 24/7 But I just want to thank and I don't know who's all in this room. But it took a lot of people to bring this together today. A lot of people who over the course of the last week have been working literally 24/7 And I just want to honor them too because they too have made this day special for all of us. And I can't thank the city of Google enough the mayor, the governor, that everyone who helped make this day memorable and a part of the house legacy so thank you very much all of you and enjoy

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like a perfect

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I Ollie I said you'd like to watch women fight he was only following the fight over me

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it was a long day we went live to drink

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you know the word Muslim me one is missing talent to the will of God. One who submits ontology, the will of God, this was Muslim me. So I I don't know. I cannot be the judge on how much I submit and talent the will of God. God himself can only judges. So I can't say how good I am. And no true Muslim will brag or even will even take a chance on saying he's good. He's halfway good or not. It's up to all our God to be the judge. See? So I'm not going to say one thing about how good I am. Because I don't know we never get good enough. I'm always striving to be right. And you asked me another question, why did I change? Because I was raised the Baptist. And after touring the world,

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I found out that there are 600 million Muslims on the planet. What Jesus taught was good. Well Moses taught was right. What Buddha taught was right what Christian taught was right, what Isaiah lat nor God has always sent prophets, to different people at different times, with messages to those people all on the right Jesus made a statement I come not to destroy no law of the prophet but to fulfill all of God's prophets, right? You gotta believe in Allah. So if a person follow Moses and live like Moses preach, if they follow Jesus, they follow Allah, any of the prophets. The religion is good, but the people do things in the name of their religion. A lot of Muslims do things. They shouldn't

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do a lot of Protestants, a lot of Buddhists, a lot of Hindus live like they shouldn't live, but the religious itself the religion is right, but the people who follow religion and so right, so I choose to follow the Islamic path, because I've never saw so much love. I never saw so many people hugging each other, kissing each other, praying five times a day. The women in the long garments, the way that we eat, you can go to any countries as salam aleikum, Wa alaykum wa salaam you got to home you got a brother. I chose the Islamic path because it connected me as a Christian in America. I couldn't go to the white church.

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As as a Christian that was for those people it did them good. It didn't do me good. So the only thing that made me feel good notice thing that made me feel free that connected me with Saudi Arabia, the Islamic religion connect me with Pakistan, Morocco, Syria, I sat down with Colonel Gaddafi had done in his palace stayed overnight because of a Muslim. As a Christian. I never could sit with Christian leaders. As a Muslim I set with Sudan, a separate President Nasser

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Marcos of the Philippines, I Yukon of Pakistan for you that I've been set with kings of Sheikh Zayed of Abu Dhabi. Kings and people of these nations have welcomed me as a brother, and I'm a citizen. And now in America, I'm respected by all colors and throughout the world, as a Muslim. See the name Mohammed is the most common name in the world. There are more and more hermits on the planet, the 4 billion people on earth and then the third person is a Muslim. So for me, I'm not condemning no other religion. But for me, then a world figure, John taken the name Muhammad Ali, which is the name of my people for the brother America, accepting the Islamic religion. It was better for me, so I

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chose the Islamic religion that's why I chose Muhammad.

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Boxing I would like to be a minister. Don't you think I preach pretty good. Very good. Don't make it plain? Yes. Don't you understand? Now? You asked me. You asked me some credit. You asked me some pretty tough questions, but did not make a lot of sense. I didn't I didn't make the Christians hate me. I didn't make the Protestants hate me. I didn't make the compensate me. I told you the truth. I said all Amma good if they live it, it's just the people don't live in. So I chose Islam as a religion is a touchy thing. Religion, very few people can see

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some people who just have a Muslim, don't want to hear you, some people, some Protestant Paopao. You say I'm a Catholic power power. This is the power of this. You see me do this on me the greatest as because I'm more religious than I am physical. And I study a lot. And you may be surprised if you hear me talk, because you've never heard me talk this way. But I'd know about I got about four to five lectures that are memorized in my ministry. And I can tell you something about all the religions, books, all the religions, because I'm a strong believer in God and humanity. That's why we have these boys. That's why God blesses me to be so great here. Because all the time I've been

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I've been talking about God pushing, pushing religion. I'm not talking about me. I have great how much money I got. I'm always given the praise to God. So that's why I'm as great as I am in this physical world because I push him first.