Zaid Shakir – Eid al-Fitr 2020 Message

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the struggles of traveling and maintaining space, as well as the importance of teamwork and forgiveness in achieving success. They stress the need for fasting and staying up late for work and pray for families affected by the pandemic. The speakers emphasize the importance of not forgetting those who have struggled with their lives and pray for their eighteenth birthday. They also express hope for families and individuals who have experienced similar struggles.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was Sunday he was selling the steam and kathira as salaam wa Alaykum wa he will Baraka to a Mubarak Kula and then welcome we're here Alhamdulillah Allah to Allah has blessed us to reach. This day of age, the day of the prizes that they were the prizes are distributed. Brothers and sisters, dear beloved brothers and sisters, who have endured this very strange, but and challenging but very rewarding in many ways. Ramadan, our E is the combination of struggle. If you look at our EADS, if we start for example, with eat at Aadhaar is commenced to

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celebrate the struggle of the Hajaj, who've traveled from far and wide, many different places many different time zones, many different continents of the world, all of the continents of the world, formerly many by foot, the journey of a lifetime, and the struggles of being there's so many people, the difficulty of moving around the difficulty of maintaining any sort of space. All of this struggle culminates with the great aid it'll allow for there's a celebration and a commemoration if you will have that struggle. The same thing can be said for Juma our weekly eat. We struggled during the week we're going to and fro to learn, earn our livelihoods. Many of us are commuting great

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distances during normal times. We're getting up early in the morning preparing for work, we're going to work, then we get off we go to night school to try to enhance our standing on our job to enhance our earning power. It's a struggle, then we struggle cleaning and cooking and watching the kids and that's a joint struggle. I'm not just implying that's the struggle of the women. The men should be assisting in that it should be a team effort, teamwork, teamwork makes the dream work, as they say, but it's a struggle and then so and then Juma comes, and especially in Muslim countries, we shut it all down we sleep after failure is we don't have to go to work. We go to the Juma after Juma we go

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to a meal here in West Africa or Northwest Africa. You get some wonderful couscous at your friend's house or at your your fell parents house. And it's a joyous occasion that occurs every week after the weekly struggle the weekly grind the weekly routine. The eat in paradise. So we have the three worldly E's it'll filter Eagle otter and the Juma and we have the Eden paradise. And that's the word Yeah. And that eat occurs after the worldly struggle after a life of struggle, a life of sacrifice, a life of self restraint for the believers, a life of of working and assisting others a life of service, and shall law but all of that a life of illness and disease and deaths and funerals. All of

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that struggle

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is what living in the world is all about. The trials the test and tribulations and the believer in doors that and then when we leave this world, the believer has the aid of the ashera the eat of Paradise, the eve of Junya Jenna, which will be the the beatific vision Eero feature, which we're now commemorating and celebrating coolamon went to be higher. It occurs after the struggle of Ramadan. So Ramadan, we're fasting and we're staying up late for taraweeh. And we're getting up early for savour. And we're really trying to make time to read the end. And we're going through the rigors of being deprived of food and drink during these friendly long days in the month of May. And

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it's a struggle. And it's not just one or two days, it's 30 days this year alone

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is not easy.

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But after that struggle comes in the aid and we celebrate, we get the prize of forgiveness and liberation for the help from the Hellfire, the great prizes of IED and we enjoy ourselves. But then tomorrow what happens? Friday passes, Juma passes, the weekend passes. We go back to work. We go back to work. No we celebrate from the Hajj. Then what happens the struggle of returning home. The struggle

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Dealing with the the flu we might have picked up our while we were on the journey. We go right back into the struggle. And the same thing for Edo fitter. Tomorrow, we go right back into the struggle six days of shaohua ideally, but anytime in the month ideally right up the eidl fitter and this is sugar. This is sugar. This is a way of thanking a law for the great great blessings of liberation from the Hellfire, the great blessing of forgiveness, coming out of Ramadan, and our sins are forgiven. They these blessings call for thankfulness and fasting the six days of shorewall is one of the ways we show our thankfulness, the prophets, Allah sallallahu wasallam when reminded that Allah

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forgiven your mistakes of the past or the future, what did he say? fll hibou and akona abdon Shu Cora, what are not been loved to be a thankful servant, and how is it showing his thanks by praying until his feet swell, or until his feet crack, cracked according to different narrations. And so we This world is struggle but this world is IID This world is struggle. This world is IID and that's the way of of our life and the struggle brings the ease for enamal. Also, we use raw what would this day be brothers and sisters were not preceded by Ramadan,

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there will be an empty celebration. But after that great struggle is a joyous celebration is a fulfilling celebration is a deep and rewarding and rich celebration. And so we pray that all of you are rewarded richly, for your struggle during Ramadan that you all receive the prize of forgiveness and liberation from the Hellfire that you're able to visit the sick or visit your friends and relatives and loved ones during this time. And finally, that we not forget those as we enjoy the food and the drink. As our profits saliva. Selim reminded us of the days here Yeah, here I am, at glenworth charbon, with Vicodin Neela, that there are days of eating and drinking and remembering a

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lot as we eat and as we drink let us remember our law and then remembering our law learners remember and pray for his servants who are less fortunate materially than we are, who don't enjoy the blessings of clean water who don't enjoy the blessings of adequate food and nutrition. Who don't enjoy it, do it and don't enjoy the blessings of of significant shelter, who's struggling on many different fronts, the Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, the home of the large Rohingya refugee camp, which, in addition to the the the horror, and the trauma of being uprooted from their home, seeing their villages burned down seeing their crops bodos seeing their wells poisoned seeing their wives and

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their daughters, raped and abused, and then forced into a strange land and the difficulties that that involves, and and on top of that now COVID-19 descends upon their camp, and then a typhoon or Cyclone hits the camp. But therefore, john, and their faith sustains them. And still brothers and sisters, remember those beautiful brothers and sisters, those in similar circumstances in Syria and it lib province along the Turkish border, those who are in, in camps in Lebanon or in Jordan, those who are in Yemen, the entire country, rendered into just some massive refugee camp, denied adequate nutrition, cholera outbreak, by infrastructure, schools and hospitals, clinics being bombed by

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people claiming to be Muslim, and we point out pointing the finger finger at a particular aside, just as we can point the finger at the Saudis or the Mr. rotties. We can point the finger at the Houthis and the Iranians and others. So we're not saying that we're just saying all of them claim to be Muslim, all of them say land law. And none of them have any sympathy for the suffering of their fellow Muslims. May Allah bless us to have sympathetic hearts, because we could be cast into that situation of having to make those decisions. Maybe we have sympathetic hearts, maybe we have hearts that are mindful of our Lord, our mindful of our Lord. And we could go on and on we can mention in

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Somalia or Kenya, the refugee camps in northern Kenya feel

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with people from the Somali lands, we can mention Palestine, we can mention, we can mention Kashmir, we can mention the entire country of India.

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And we will say we'll start with this note brothers and sisters,

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the or the camps in Europe, Greece and less both islands, or other camps in Europe, where people are isolated, and are suffering tremendously. But it's not a day to be overwhelmed with this. But it is a day to remember as we enjoy our blessings, and to pray that the blessings we endure will be are theirs, and to pray that if we are tested with those circumstances, and we've seen with this virus, how quickly things can change here in the United States 35. Now 40 million jobs can go in six weeks, six weeks time

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is we we are no different. Our situation can change just like now supply chains are disrupted. And

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things can turn around very, very quickly and told us so a one way to prevent that a lot. Tyler says whether in show cartoon as it and no come. If you give thanks for my blessings, I will increase you and those blessings. So thank Allah for these blessings, and pray for those who are deprived these blessings, pray to Allah that war we in their situation, we would have their faith.

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If anyone who's been to, to these camps and situations

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as I've met,

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can witness the faith of those brothers and sisters, those believers under those circumstances, it melts your heart and it brings tears to your eyes. And we pray to Allah to Allah as we enjoy what we enjoy. If we were deprived of these blessings, that we still have strong faith, that we still have strong faith. So as we said, This isn't a day to harbor on these things. It's a death celebration. May you all be blessed. May your families be blessed by all of your loved ones be blessed by all of your relatives, brothers and sisters and siblings, parents, children may they all be blessed and enjoy the blessings of eat. And in the end the end, I will conclude with something mentioned by my

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mother attributed to Imam Ali rhodiola.

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In a minute he madonia in Yak fear callous pneumonia,

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that from the blessings of this world, Islam suffices as a blessing. And on this day of aid, we get to see and to enjoy the full beauty of this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful blessing that we've been given called Islam in Mubarak coolamon want to be here this is the memes a check here. And Allah bless all of you as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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