When SINS are made into Good Deeds – Shorts

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The speaker discusses the importance of seeking forgiveness from Allah as a means to improve relationships and achieve mercy. They emphasize the need to prepare for the upcoming day and pass various tests to achieve their goals.

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Subhan Allah, He is most forgiving. You know, a farmer is one who the one who constantly forgives in such a beautiful way that he compensates

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in a way man other can do or would do. So you seek the forgiveness of Allah from a sin you've actually committed and you change your ways. Allah says, I'm going to take the sins and convert them into good, and I'm going to actually place them on the right side of the scale on the Day of Judgment for you, as though it was a good deed simply because you quit the bad for me, and you wanted to develop a better relationship with me. I'm going to show you I am Allah far Allah says, I were in Nila farm, he says and I am the most forgiving What else can I say? English language. It doesn't really do justice to the Arabic but Alhamdulillah we understand this. So we seek that

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forgiveness of Allah we develop a relationship with Allah, Allah forgives, and Allah will continue to forgive. Once we have done that, we would then be able to achieve the mercy of Allah. So seek the forgiveness of Allah and prepare for the day you're going to meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala hope for the best. We hope for the best. Allah will guide the medical staff Allah will guide you allow God all of us and

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to that which pleases Him and to that which is good. And then what would happen is

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we would pass the test amazing test