What Are The Main Things I Should Look When Grocery Shopping

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What decides our grocery lists purchases ? A clear demarcation between halal and haram should be advocated. 

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi enumerates the conditions that have been set to differentiate halal from haram.

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What are the main things I need to look out for when I go grocery shopping for human health products?

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Well, obviously this is a long a question that requires a long answer. And we have spoken about this in the classes that we're offering online. But very briefly, here are the main things that you need to look out for. Number one, anything that is derived from pork, anything that has lard in it or anything that is clearly coming from the pig. Number two amounts of alcohol that are meant for flavoring or taste and that are meant to alter to so that you can taste the alcohol in that food product that would also be out on number three gelatin if the gelatin comes from non halal sources from home sources, so most countries that are non Muslims that are producing gelatin, the source of

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the gelatin would be from dead animals, carcasses and pigs that will be held on for us However, if it says gelatin from fish, fish gelatin, or it says gelatin that is from vegetables, or it's chemically produced gelatin that would be permitted or if the gelatin comes from Muslim countries as well, then we assume the animal will be slaughtered it would be permitted. Otherwise, apart from this insha Allah data most of the products that we find in the grocery stores as long as there's no clear cut bacon or pork or or large in it, and as long as there's no alcohol that is going to be tasted and as long as there's no gelatin, these are the things that we should avoid. Other than this

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and for more advanced issues, listen to the class that we have online for the more details of the field of food.