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We all know about Tajweed, but do we actually know the meaning of it though? What is the correct meaning of Tajweed?

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff answers


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The speaker discusses the importance of pronouns in speech and how they can be removed from culture. They explain that pronouns can be a temporary embarrassment and that humans are working on improving their memory through technology. The speaker also emphasizes the science behind pronouns and how they can be recited and preserved.

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What is the job we need?

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Peace be upon you, everyone. Everyone loves to ask this question, what does that mean? And as soon as you say that you either one tenses up so from right now, that means when someone puts a camera on you and says that we need all it means is give me a big smile and smile for the camera. Now for those who are looking for an answer, we're going to remove that mental block. That means something scary that you eat just means a replacement for cheese, and you're going to feel great. What does that word mean? First off the root word, Joe, whether you Joe we do the muster is that Joe? Joe weider. You Joe we do means to beautify, to embellish to perfect to make more beautiful so you're

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taking what you have and you're improving it. Joe What are you job we do and the muster is that you read the science within which we work on pronounciation Annunciation elongation a lot of Asians. So the science of recitation and the melody and how it's preserved. That's the science of the dream.