Zahir Mahmood – Ukraine, But You Forgot about Palestine!

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a person named Mr. Khadija Huck of Zulu was pressured to speak the truth, even though he had been pressured to do so by the media, and he refused to. The transcript uses odds odds odds odds odds odds odds odds as motivation, and mentions that the media's hypocrisy is a reflection of the media's own actions. The transcript uses odds odds odds as motivation, and mentions that the media's actions reflect the actions of the media.
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Unless go somewhere else. Let's not forget Palestine

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70 years.

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According to list trusses analogy, you are fine to go in Ukraine as a British citizen and fight the Russians. What if after years and decades, a person seeing the oppression he saw the Israelis go into the land of the Palestinians, Aleksei land, like the Russians went into Ukraine,

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but not two weeks, 70 years of oppression

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70 years of brutality, 70 years of racism and apartheid. And he said this less stress, said I should help the oppressed. It's far worse in Palestine than it is in Ukraine. It's 70 years. It took you five days to put sanctions on Putin. It's been 17 years. And you'll be making every excuse. pussyfooting around and you can't put sanction, you stop the BDS movement wherever you can. So let's say

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so somebody listened to Mr. This trust.

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And he said, Well, according to this analogy,

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if people can go to Ukraine and help the oppressed, I can go to Palestine, because they've been under persecution for 70 years. What would the outcome be? The outcome would be he would be locked up and the kids were thrown away. Terrorist.

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And the hypocrisy you see on every level,

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this hippo hypocrisy on your color, there's hypocrisy on the media's hypocrisy on the foreign policy. There's hypocrisy.

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And the reason I'm mentioning this to you brothers and sisters, is this. Never allow the pressure

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around you to stop speaking the truth.

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The Burris Allah Salam said Kennametal Huck of Zulu jihad, Kalamata Hockin. In the Soltani Jaya.

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The greatest form of jihad

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is that you carry on speaking the truth, even if everything around you contradicts

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even in front of a tyrannical ruler.

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We shall come sink Oh, no, because the Imams are not speaking about Palestine. Nobody's speaking about Palestine. The politicians are Greenshoe the Muslim countries against you. Now we need to remain quiet. No. You can see the hypocrisy. You can see when they want to make an issue when they want to change they will.

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But ultimately, at the end of the day, Allah will ask you and i

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What did you do?

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Did it take CNN? Did it take something else? They take the BBC to speak about it for you to speak about it. Or it was the word of Allah in his suit in Africa.

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