Protecting Yourself From Shaitan

Haroon Baqai


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Protecting Yourself From Shaitan – Haroon Baqai


AI: Summary © The speaker describes his experience with a difficult journey and how it can be challenging, particularly when people experience similar experiences. He emphasizes the importance of finding a partner and memorizing the Quran to become a mother, as well as protecting people against feelings of pride and desire to show love to family members. He also mentions a woman named Adam who wants to be a mother and encourages people to let them know what they want to be like.
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You know, when we go through this beautiful and blessed journey and memorizing,

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I'm sure that those of us who are here who have gone through and those of you who are going through it, there are many times that you will find that this journey is without a doubt a difficult. It's difficult. It's challenging. There are many times that, you know, this review does get so hard to rmbs just not sticking in that enemy. And man, I'm always getting that one pause. I'm getting setback difficulty. But sometimes we get to the point that many of us feel like this is it, I don't think I can do it anymore. Right? Sometimes it just becomes so difficult. They're like, this is too difficult. I don't know about you. And I went through that I went through many times that I was

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like, this is it. I don't think I can do this anymore. Why does this happen? Why does this feel so difficult? Who tells you in your mind that this is so difficult? If nothing, no one else but Shame on you constantly comes in whispers to you, man, it's so cold down there, and you're getting the basement Come on. It's winter, you're getting the basement getting considered the floor, they don't let you put your back against the wall. You difficult, right? petite because you see shavon as he's been doing anything that I had to change, I made that promise. He said that, you know, Oh Allah, this, give me the turtle that they have determined, and I'm going to be after them. I'm going to be

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after them. I'm not going to let them do what you want them to do. I'm not going to let them do what is pleasing to you a lot.

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And sure enough, he knows when you're reading the Quran, when you're trying to memorize he'll make it feel difficult. But not the Sunday evening, those of us who are going to be sitting in front of TV shepherds are going to come to us is not going to come to us on Russia, the Superbowl. Those of us who will not, let's be honest, you will time will fly you won't even feel it. Because you see that's his mission in life. But you see, one with one can imagine that, oh, now I've beaten to a lot. I've finished up what I've overcome. But guess what, if I decide that he's not going to give up, he's not going to give up till your soul departs this world till you die, even at the time of

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death, he's going to continue and have even had, and for all of us who are going through disunity, I wanted to I want to do to remember these is that you finish the Quran with that what shavon is has made the promise and that he's going to continue and now that you have memorized the Quran, now that you've memorized the Quran, and now as you mature, you celebrate these occasions and now you live the rest of your life. chiffon is still gonna come to you. But now the thing is before he may be trying to get you to quit, but now he is what he's going to try to do is whatever the hard work that you have done, he's going to try to make it go two ways. He's going to try to make it go with how

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his primary way his biggest way is going to be in a warranty. Now it's going to happen. It's going to happen it's going to be oh gosh

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look what you have done. A lot of

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you are so amazing. Look at how many children out there how many people out there who are not even praying you have memorized the Quran? Oh, you're gonna be that a bomb?

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Whoa. 15 year old demand and therapy. Wow, that's amazing. That's a good stuff. Oh 1614 year old demand and therapy. Whoa, that's amazing. And you see a little so he warned us he told us look, this is gonna happen and he even chose portray the end result of such people who are gonna fall in this trap on the Day of Judgment. Remember the famous for these? We often mentioned the people who are brought up you know in front of us they will be asked what did you do? They'll say I did these good things and one of them is a person who learned to learn it's time to learn the Quran and he'll be asked why did you do so instead you know for yourself to learn and teach and so on. And then I will

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say no no, no, no no no you didn't learn it for my sake. You learned it so you can be called AI did you learn this? We can be called a card somebody who recites so whatever you did it for you already gotten it. Now where do you go to the Hellfire?

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Sometimes when you ask some people, why are you memorizing the Quran? You know what they'll tell me? I've heard this many times. Oh, I want to memorize the Quran because I want to be an Imam.

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Can you imagine on the Day of Judgment a lot, I call you up? Why did you memorize a lot? And you memorize it, you beat him up, and he tells you while you memorize it to be a mom, you were at him out in the world, then do you got what you want it now there's nothing for you that I have got a fire? Can you just imagine the sadness of that situation? So

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for you, as well as for everybody, I want you to keep this in mind. And if there's one guy that all of us should learn today, when Dr. Massoud similan, while he was taught some of his companions, there was a lot of them.

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And push rica Beco and Adam, still feel

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a lot I seek your protection. Remember, again, here, you are so weak, you're so weak that you can't even fight fight Trayvon. So you go to along with that component since your heart, begging Allah, Allah, please help me I want your protection or law that I associate any partners with you that I do share with you, what do you think? What do you think when you start like yourself? And when you start reciting the Quran or doing things to other people, what is that it's, it's a small form of ship. To ask you a lot, I asked your protection, that I do ship with you. And I know, knowingly do ship. I know I'm not supposed to show up. But still, I go in front of people, when I have people

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around my structure setting beautiful, whatever, when I go to that member, or when I start praying, my voice is the most beautiful that it can be on a 3am in the morning, when it's

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No, there's nothing. There's nothing out here whatsoever, whatever we're setting and whatever, we will still feel good even asked for forgiveness for the time that I may have done it not knowing without knowing that was that was all learned and big loss of data. At the end of the day, if you go through all these difficulties. And in a situation where this entire entire building that you've built, let's see if you want to imagine this in 30 storey building that you have now built, now she thought is gonna come at the beginning was saying, Oh, don't build a 3030 system last 30 years too long, too difficult. When he didn't succeed that until he built it. Now he's gonna try to mess it

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up. He's gonna tell you, the Minister is gonna tell you to paint it pink, or painted some ugly color, that it looks ugly, or he's gonna tell you to do something that just destroys the building complete. Why? Because he doesn't want to be successful.

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And so now, even as all of us,

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we know where we are, we know what's going to happen. We know people are or in general, you're going to be in situations where you'll be like showing up. But you also know that any result of people who show up are people who have this feeling in their heart, that they're going to be really good. So my purpose to remind all of you is to know these things and ask a lot of protection in you know, against Hitler that he protects you from these feelings of liking yourself, feeling proud of yourself these feelings of, you know, trying to show people how would you can you know, resign or how long you've been asked to bless us and to keep us away from everyone and to give us the ability

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to fight children and to stay away from showing up

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to hang out and most importantly, their, their families, their parents and other members. Maybe help them to out. We ask a lot of times to accept it from all of us.