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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of leadership in shaping one's behavior and culture. They emphasize the need for leaders to be honest and face one's own limitations. They also mention the impact of religious training on people's behavior.
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See, we complain a lot about the type of leadership that we have, don't we? leadership in our masajid? We say, Oh, it's not it's corrupt leadership in our countries, it's corrupt. Do you know why we have corrupt leadership? Because our leadership is a reflection of us. It's a reflection of what we are inside. If we want the leaders to be better, we have to become better. We have to be come honest, if we want our leaders to be honest, because they are a reflection of who we are inside.

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Changing ourselves in the law. Hello, yo, hi, yo mabie Coleman hotter Yo, Maddie and footsy him. Indeed Allah will not does not change the condition of a people until they change what's inside themselves. If you want just leaders, be just in your own families, be just in your organizations at your schools, in your massage it we can't even have a proper board in the masjid. And we're going to talk about justice at the at the state level.

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We have to start to change ourselves. Going back to that beautiful character, to stop being harsh, to stop having a hard heart. You know, one of the problems we have is we think that when you become religious, it means you have to be really mean, right? You have to be harsh. Sometimes people as they become more and more religious. They become more and more harsh with their families. All of a sudden, everything is cut off. And now they just they they've actually become more hardened. That's not what it means to be religious. The prophets I seldom was the softest of people. He had the softest of hearts, and he said hydrocodone hydrocodone de la the best of you are the best to their

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