Finding Peace #26 – All supplications are responded to

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Sometimes back I was discussing with a friend of mine the topic of da and spamela. He told me that he's been asking for a particular request from a las panatela. He had never given him that request. So I told him Listen, I've been asking Allah, Allah for so many things and subpanel I love him for a year now I've been asking for better back because my back was injured badly. And I've been asking for Allah to cure me. And even though I'm still experiencing the pain, I'm still going through a lot of struggles and challenges, but I am certain that Allah Sparta is going to respond to that. If not here in this dunya you will give it to me in a better way in the NFL, and this is the gift that I

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want to share with you from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a beautiful diet just to comfort our heart and bring that peace into our life in sha Allah Allah Allah because this is the intention of this program is to attain peace in Ramadan and beyond in sha Allah through these simple actions and understanding of our beautiful religion. Listen to this narration my brothers and sisters in Islam, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said murni movement, young Suba wedge who Illa Allah there is not a believer. So from the beginning of this beautiful narration, the prophet SAW Selim is telling us that no believer is excluded from this particular narration, no believer. These are the words of

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our saw that I mean that truthful the trustworthy is telling us from the beginning, no believer who faces Allah subhanaw taala who raise up his hands asking Allah subhanaw taala for anything, yes, Allah houmas ellerton he asked him for even a single request one thing singular Miss Ella in our pa who, except that Allah subhanaw taala will give it to him. Look at the conviction in the words of the Prophet Sal, look at the clean the level of certainty, in the language of the prophet SAW Selim Not a single believer who would face Allah subhanaw taala sincerely and asked for a single thing except that Allah subhanaw taala will give it to him in our jalahalli dunya either he will give it

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to him quickly in this dunya while he's still alive, we're in mahalo hella hopeful, or he will keep it for him that request that thing that you have asked for Allah subhanaw taala will give it to you in the hereafter in general in sha Allah Allah solo as you're not in haste so long as you're not asking for it so quickly I wanted now now today otherwise I don't want it at all and if you get it in the accurate all my brothers and sisters in Islam, think about it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a healer engine fee Himalayan rock well known Samia wala hotter Allah Pallavi Bhatia in general there are that which no eyes have ever seen, no ears have ever heard and never cross human

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imagination. So whatever you have asked for in this dunya and Allah subhanaw taala decided to keep for you in the ephemera will be given to you in ways that you have never imagined or expected and the companions who were listening to the prophet SAW salams words asked him one Angela to what do you mean or messenger of Allah? That is the person who's supplicating to Allah subhanaw taala is in haste like what what is what does that mean? So the prophet SAW Selim responded by saying thou to thou to what Allah Who is the Jubilee that I kept on asking and asking, and I don't think that Allah subhanaw taala will respond to me, they don't have that confidence that Allah subhanaw taala the

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provider of everything can give them the requests, if not in this dunya in the alpha. So remember, when you call upon Allah subhanaw taala Be confident that he is going to give it to you, whatever you ask for, be patient, don't be in haste. And if Allah subhanaw taala did not give it to you Now be sure and be certain to, he's gonna give it to you in general in a better way that you have never even imagined. A Salah mala Kumar,