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Ramadan 2015 – Day 30 – Celebrating Eid

Jul 18, 2015

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You're listening to the polymer Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani?

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Center for human conduct learn from the law.

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Fatima via Ali heliski wasabi he left the bar

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every night after that are we here we sat together and reflected over different points that were relating to the month of Ramadan.

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And today we sit here with yb being at our doorstep and this is more or less our last gathering for the month of Ramadan of 2013 we pray that Allah subhana wa tada accepts all of our deeds that we conducted in the month of Ramadan, Allah subhana wa tada overlooks our lack of sincerity. Allah subhanho wa Taala fills in all the mistakes that we made while making an attempt to worship His greatness.

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One of the beautiful principles of Allah subhanho wa Taala as Alonso just says in the Quran, in the LA Hallyu the original sin

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that if someone does good, Allah subhana wa tada will never ever waste that person's good. as Muslims, I know that we have a fear as well that will my action be accepted by Allah or not?

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Will my action be accepted by Allah or not? The fear of the action being accepted, the scholars say should only be with you until you complete the action. From the moment you think of doing the action, how should I do it? What can I do to make sure my action is completed? While doing the action? You're constantly worried Will my action be accepted? Well, my apps will match and be accepted. But the scholar said the moment you finish the Act, the act now. Now your focus should be on my action was accepted but Allah you guys understand that now your focus should be my action was accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala into doubt Allah subhana wa tada has mercy, according to some

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narrations is even close to disbelief. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said regarding Hutch that a person who exits them out the plane Nevada and doubts His forgiveness. It's as if he has this belief in Allah subhana wa tada so where we are in the month of Ramadan and where we're struggling and striving at this point, we should be worried that will I accept it What can I do to make sure it will be accepted? But as soon as the month of Ramadan comes to an end, now we should have high hopes in Allah, that inshallah every act of deed that I did was accepted about Allah subhana wa Tada. We shouldn't doubt the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala the second beautiful thing is that when Allah

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subhanho wa Taala does reward someone he has a very unique principle of rewarding that allows a judge will reward you with better than what you did

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you guys understand that? Allah subhana wa tada will reward you many more for the better allows with that says a suitor of man. Hello jaza, Sunny England. So, that is the reward of excellence anything other than excellence. If a person prays along this road, they will they will be rewarded about life that gives the cars on the road they will be rewarded by laws of origin and when the scholars say is the reward of excellence other than excellence, but excellence they say that this reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala has two folds. The first fold of the reward which is or the second fold if you wish to say we'll talk about first which is the more common fold of the reward is that Allah

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subhanho wa Taala will give us Jenna inshallah, Hannah is the rivers of which have been described in the Quran, the gardens of which have been described in the Quran, the different fruits and foods of which have been described in the Quran, the policies of which have been described in the Quran, the fragrance of which has been described by the prophets of Allah Harada he was sent him the garments of which have been described by the province of Mahara. He was sort of the beauty of which is so astonishing, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says that your heart can never ever imagine even the reality of gender. We can sit here and talk about the stories of gender, but the reality is

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matter. I know when I opened on semiotic hatanaka no heart can actually even imagine the reality of gender. And for those who fast Allah subhanho wa Taala has a special reward for them in general, that they will be given a VIP entrance into gender there's a special door last paradise preserved. For those people who fast and that door is called

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barber a young, a young means nourished, they will never feel hungry again once they walk into that door and that will be a special honor from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the second fold or now if we wish to say the first fold of Allah subhanahu wa tada as reward one is gentlemen, in the hereafter inshallah. And the other fold of a large reward is Allah subhana wa tada will also reward us for our good deeds in the world as well. In the world as well. We will also find the reward of our

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Allah subhanho wa Taala promises that when a person prays for Allah, you know, it gives clues to the person. We also find and also washes away the sins. We find the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that if he gives a god, Allah subhana wa tada will return the wealth to you how many fools

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Allah subhanaw taala will reward you for many more false alarms widget promises This is for the one who's fasting, Allah subhanaw taala promises that person that we will give you a day in Ramadan after Ramadan which will remind you or give you a glimpse of what kind of celebration you will have in gender. And that celebration that Allah subhanaw taala gives us after 30 days of struggle is that if and similarly after we complete our Hajj alonza will once again reward us for the great amount of struggle and sacrifice we made the day that he agreed either not to be mean it comes from possibly two root words. One is to return. And the other one is to be a habit allowed. I will I will either I

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would mean something that returns and other means something that's a habit. If we take the meaning of it returning the scholars say the reason why, though, the month of the month, the day of eat is called an eat is because it returns back to you all of the blessings of Allah that you could not enjoy before the month while during the month of Ramadan. So we weren't able to enjoy eating we weren't able to enjoy drinking, we weren't able to enjoy intimacy. So now the month the day of leave, it returns all of those blessings back to you. You guys understand that? It returns all the blessings back to you and the prophets but allamani was seldom when he came to Medina manana. He

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said to them, that you had two days in which you celebrated. The people of Medina had two days they celebrated. He said however, Allah subhanho wa Taala has replaced those two days of Jamelia with two days of Islam. And the two days of Islam are easily fitted. And even as Muslims we celebrate IED, bearing in mind that we aren't celebrating over an incident that took place in Islamic history, or we aren't celebrating over. What do you call this something not a we aren't celebrating over, you know,

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some season or something that happened. We're celebrating over the actions we just completed and the actions we completed. Here we finished fasting. at eight o'clock we finished sacrificing an animal we're celebrating that those are finished their highs, they finish their hedge so we celebrate our actions as opposed to celebrating random incidents that took place in history. And listen to realize is that there are no incidents that we find during the life of the prophets that allow it instead of where he celebrated just a story where he celebrated. He would commemorate the story sometimes, for example, fasting on the day musala salaam was freed from Freetown but there was no idea of

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celebration. celebration was two days it will fit either aha and these were because of achievements of great sacrifice that we made for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now many people did forget to realize that it will either fit in particular is a day as a gift from Allah to us. We should be thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala for this day, and what ends up happening in return as many people they use it to fit not only we laugh and I other Billa to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala The reality is the disobedience that take place on the day of eat sometimes is unmatched to the rest of the would you guys agree? Yes. Many times the things that happen on the heat within our Muslim

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communities but no Muslim households. These type of things will not happen outside an entity of the year forget about Ramadan or Milan, the kind of things we end up doing on eat. We should remember he is not a day in which we take a vacation from Islam. It is not a vacation from Islam. He is a day and we should be more thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala eating and drinking is there. But the main focus of he is the extra tutor God either fitted we read on that day, or the philosophy we show our gratitude to Allah subhana wa tada by worshipping Allah subhana wa tada even more. Okay, so with that said, I just wanted to highlight a few things that um, that we as Muslims sometimes make as

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mistakes when it comes in terms of the first thing that we do that's very common is that when many people eat when many people celebrate the day of lead, they forget to keep in mind the responsibility that we have as Muslims towards gender segregation. The day of lead comes in, and all the rulings of gender segregation go out the window, and the genders begin to mix and mingle. And it seems as if people forgot that they just came from a month that was supposed to give them thought law, and now we are going in the exact opposite direction. So we should bear in mind that underneath either in particular, be careful of attending gatherings or going to places where there is gender,

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gender, mingling, mingling. The second thing we should be very careful of, is I've seen this in my law protecting unless of our communities, and many of these parties, they serve hot on food and in particular have also witnessed alcohol being served on eat dinners.

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loss upon without to protect our communities. We should be careful of this as well and make sure like I just said, we just came from a month of worshipping a lot. And now we are walking towards since it doesn't make sense at all. The next thing is that when people when they prepare for eat, they forget to they forget to remember that our beauty and our preparation should not violate any law should do. So for example, if we're preparing for eat, we should not wear clothes that are not permitted permissible and ready for us to wear. So for example, some men they were silk we know as Muslims that we're not supposed to wear silk. So why would we wear it on a day in which Allah

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subhana wa tada is rewarding us as men, we know that we are not supposed to wear gold. So why would we wear gold on a day in which Allah subhanho wa Taala is rewarding us. For women, we know that we're supposed to cover ourselves. Many times you go to the either the area where that eats a lot takes place. And it seems as if there's a fashion show there. There was a time that I was living to eat a lot. And throughout the year, I couldn't stop sneezing. I was sneezing and sneezing, sneezing and sneezing through the football. And the reason wasn't because I had a cold I was actually perfect. And the reason why I was sneezing so much is because some people in the crowd in

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particular, it was it was female fragrance. It was so heavy that it kept getting in my nose and making me sneeze people with so much fragrance on. Okay, so we should be careful in this matter to make sure that we dress appropriately. And we beautify ourselves according to the occasion, while bearing in mind the laws of the city. And the last thing is that many people when it comes to the day, if we forget to bear in mind and balance, what's considered as appropriate, and what's considered as inappropriate in terms of our spending. Many people become extravagant on the DVD, and we waste and waste and waste. In the month of of Milan, people waste that's another discussion

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altogether. But then, but then on the day of eat, we waste and waste sometimes there are 15 dinners that are taking place simultaneously. And we have to hop from one at one dinner to the other, we should be careful not to be extravagant. However, with all of that said, Today, it really is a day of joy. It's a day of happiness. Whatever little you did whatever lot you did, you should be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes as Muslims, we forget that one of the most beautiful signals that the Prophet said a lot while he was sitting was

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what do you guys say?

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We forget to smile sometimes we forget how beautiful of a sinner that is. Sometimes it seems when I'm attending Dubai football teams forgot that smiling is a sinner. And it feels like as Muslims we forgot smiling is a sin that having fun is also an important thing. The Prophet said a lot of money was spent on what enjoy himself at times. When it was time to be serious. There's no doubt that he was very serious. But then there were times and occasions with a promise that a lot of sin really enjoyed himself. This habit they say that we have never seen anyone smile like the prophets that allowed he was sort of smiled. He smiled so abundantly. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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would laugh a lot he had been humbled with Allahu Allah, he narrates a very beautiful tradition. That was abubaker study for your loved one was gone on a journey. And when he was on our journey, he had two people with him. The first person's name was David and the second person's name was nylon abubaker was the amine of the three foot wave it was put responsible of looking over the food they had, and it was one of the companions with them. So because it was gone somewhere during their journey, he stepped out and the other two are together. So now imagine set two three with whoever was in charge of the food that give me something to eat. So wave it said to him, Well, there's three

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of us and we should only eat when all three of us are present. So you're gonna have to wait for for abubaker to come back before we can eat 99 said no, I want food now. Believe it said no, no food, no. Nine months a ticket nine months a ticket your way. If you give it to me, I'll take it. Otherwise, I'll make sure I'll have the food. I want my food. So go wherever you want. So now a man went to the market, whether your loved one and he found a group of people he said to them, Listen, I'm selling a slave for a very cheap price every 1020 do not cheap price. This Why is he so cheap? Is it is a strong slave, his intellectual slave. He speaks good RMB as well. The only problem is

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he had an accident and because of which he doesn't remember he's a slave.

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said if he's going to work in the field, that's no problem. I mean, he does not remember he's a slave once it's got a chain around them. So they said okay, come. So he took the money. They bought them nearby. And so that's the guy there. They came to him and they started tying them and change it. So what are you doing for a bit so what are you doing? He said, they said, Oh, you're a slave. He said I'm not a slave. That said we know you're going to say that.

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And on the other hand, my man was sitting by the food and he was eating the link.

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So I told you I was going to eat. Meanwhile abubaker Cinco de la Juan came and had him released and sort of the situation on the way but he said to my man, I won't forgive you until I complain to the office that instead of in Medina Manila, first. Look what you did to nine months, whatever, no problem and make a complaint.

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He had a different personality. Now you might have the alone one. There are many stories.

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guarding him. Once he was traveling with us haba for a battle, and his spirit was very heavy. He didn't want to carry it. So he just dropped it on the ground.

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And someone else behind him picked him up. He knows someone's gonna pick it up. Someone picked it up, carried it the full journey. They kept announcing his spirits and spirits. He didn't say anything. Finally, when he reached he said, he said to the general, that's my spirit. So they said we knew it was yours. Because he used to do these kinds of things. One time a person came to the better one came and he was playing slot machines. He left his camera outside some friends came to him and they said, Take the Catalan sacrifice Let's go have a meal.

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He said no problem. So he said he took the camera you took it in the sacrifice to the bedroom sort of screaming my my saddles here where's the camel gun? Again, this this narration if I'm correct his narrative as well. Where's my camel done? He started searching left tried he couldn't see the camel anywhere. Then he complained to the province that a lot of some of the prophet SAW some did a little research he found out and he found out no high minded. He came to mind so why did you do it? He's a messenger of Allah. I only did it because they told me.

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They said to the basic name, they said to the Prophet said a lot of stuff on messenger of Allah. When we told my mom to sacrifice the animal, we also said to him who's gonna pay for it? He said, Don't worry, I have a plant. So the Prophet said a lot of money was set up such a name and what was your plan? He said a messenger of Allah. My plan was that you were waiting.

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Because you are the one who helps the needy

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slave and he made the complaint he said, O Messenger of Allah naman did this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he looked at a man. And then he looked at the way but then looked at a bucket. And he laughed so much at this incident, he laughed so much at this incident, that the wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says years passed by, and they were just a few days left until the Prophet said along with sudden was going to pass away, and every time he heard the wave is only a man's name, he started laughing. He's there remember that story, that story, and he must start laughing. He was a very humble person, very joyful person. The Prophet said awesome. had a lot of

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fun. We as Muslims should also have a lot of fun that he does for that. Don't get angry. If someone does something in your family. That's not good. Forgive them. It's a D. If something happens that you're not happy with forgive it. It's a day if he did it, he should be a day of joy of happiness, the day on which we are smiling and we're we're extremely excited that Allah subhana wa tada has given us this day of reward, to present Allah subhanaw taala gives us an ability to enjoy the beautiful day of ease that's right in front of us and that Allah subhanho wa Taala also allows us to enjoy the great deed when Allah subhanaw taala called our names presentative for those Subhan Allah

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subhanho wa Taala actually went live

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after the

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