Zahir Mahmood – My Experiences in Uzbekistan #3

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The history of the area's area is discussed, including the rise of nationalists in Pakistan and the use of Easterners in the western regions. The printing of Koran during the American publicity crisis and the ban of alcohol are also discussed, along with the deification of Muslims by the British and the importance of traveling to countries with low population growth. The success of Islam in driving people to work and businesses is also highlighted, but the negative impact of the syllabus and its overhang on schools is discussed. The segment ends with a call to action for action on social media.
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The entirety of the area had between 1970 to 1981 modasa

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala season personally Maulana Muhammad while early he was hired he woman to be humble signing Illa yo Medina about the respected brothers, elders sisters. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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I thought I'd carry on inshallah, with some of my experiences when I went to Pakistan. Last week, we spoke about the Mongol invasion of a big star and Central Asia. And today, I just want to give you a bit of background to another

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calamity which befell the people of that area. And that was the invasion of the Soviets. And then after the invasion of the Soviet, which turned into communism later on,

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see the USSR for those who are old enough to remember,

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the USSR comprised of 15 different states call it different separate countries, republics.

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six out of those 15, were predominantly Muslims. So out of those states, Republic's six were predominantly Muslim. And it was in this part of the world, that the Central Asia part, there were approximately anywhere from 45 million people to 50 million Muslims in the USSR. So it was a large number, it wasn't a small number. So initially, you had the communists, so initially, you had the Russian desire, etc. And then later on approximately in 1927, you had Starling who came into power consolidate his power in the late 20s. So then, Starling now wanted to promote atheism. So he wanted to remove religion out of the equation. So not just the Muslims, but even on the Christians.

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Starling bought some very strict draconian laws to outlaw

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religion. So I want to speak predominantly regarding Central Asia and especially Uzbekistan.

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So Starling, Now, the first thing he does, which is generally what happens, you look throughout history, whenever a conqueror comes in, and they want to eradicate Islam, what do they do, they go for the scholars.

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So stalling out, look for the scholars.

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And wherever he find the scholars, either they are killed, and they were killed in mass, huge historians mentioned that they would actually dig graves with using these large kind of crane focus things to dig to bury the llama in that place. So in one large way, you'd have a huge grave until today, they have places that they know of where large amounts of llama were buried, why? Because if you remove the llama, you remove the Elm. If you remove the Elm, then people become giant.

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And this is why Mambo hurry Rama de la la is he he has a BB a chapter heading is called BB rough rule l was a horrible jackal, the taking a bit of knowledge, and there's consequences consequences of that is the hudl gehele, then people will become jehane.

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And this is what lm is very, very important. You will see the consequences of this later on. So what they did in enmasse, they butchered the Roma wherever they could find them. If they didn't kill them, then they sent them to the gallows.

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The ones who weren't not killed, who are not sent to the gallows. What they did, they shipped him off to Serbia.

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So account still remained regarding a llama, that they shipped him off to Serbia and just left him

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in the snow in the ice. So those who survived the cold mentioned the fact that they would walk and they would not stop moving all the time because their bodies would freeze up.

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And when they'd be walking on ice, then the only way that they could eat was fish under the solid ice. So they would have

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I have to break the ice. Take the fish, eat the fish raw, but not rest, that they couldn't rest. So this is how they and many many, many, many other incidents are mentioned that how they actually killed a llama. I mean in Tashkent, I visited a place in Tashkent, it was called

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the Garden of the martyrs. I also have a video of it on my Facebook page, the Garden of the martyrs. So basically, just in one city in Tashkent, what they will do is if they had any doubt, a man or woman was still practicing their religion, they will be bought to this goddess. At that time, it would just outside Tashkent. So they would be bought there, there was only three soldiers, these three soldiers would make a verdict that it was this person is guilty or not guilty,

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it will generally take them five to 10 minutes, five to 10 minutes, and then they would kill that person by morning, by dawn, that person will be killed. This imagine the family wouldn't know. Right next, right next to this river, right next to this place is a river. So what they would do is they would take the dead bodies, and they were thrown into the river.

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Those are recorded, many were not recorded just in 1937. Just in 1937, in that place, in the garden of the martyrs 13,000 people were killed for the sake of D.

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In the communist era,

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in Central Asia, over a million Muslims lost their lives, defending the honor and the dean for loss of

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over a million Muslims.

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Those who are sent to the gallows, the LMR, and the prisons and the prison condition was what so they recall that what they will do is that they would give them bowls and they will say wash your hand in the boat or they will make a wash their hand in the boat. And then they would put the food in the same boat

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seafood in the same boat where they had washed their hands and and the prison cells was such that you couldn't stand up and you couldn't lie down.

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So you literally you are in a almost a coffin.

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So this is what they did to the Alomar. And the reason Bravo this is this is stories that we appreciate what we have one like

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the ease with which we practice our religion. So once they had eradicated the llama, then they put the bands on the general masses. So what was the ban on general masses? they banned?

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You weren't allowed to have the Quran. Not only will you not allow to have the Quran if they ever found that you had any verses of the Quran, any verses they would send you to the gallows the entire family would be sent to the gallows

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Subhana Allah so there's no Aloma there is no quote on

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the language, the projects and the Uzbeks. The alphabet that they use was Arabic That was changed into Russian

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in the massage

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massage it Yeah. maginnis majilis

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in the entirety of the USSR, how many Muslims are say 45 million to 50 million Muslims? How many active muskets by buy 150 million Muslims. They had five machines in certain places in Uzbekistan. In one city, they had once upon a time they had over 1000 machines in the time of the USSR. They will not even one machine left in some places. Just one machine. So imagine this.

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You have a machine here. You have a machine there, your machine. up the road on Trinity Road, these three machines on one street

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for 50 million Muslims, there was 500 machines in the entirety of the USSR.

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So no allama

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you always go you guys. Oh, discussing the movies. Yeah.

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When the movies are not around, then I like to see what you do.

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You'd have no knickers. You'd have no agenda.

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As you have no empty cars, you would have no symptoms you would have nothing.

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So what happens here? Now, my my guide, brother, Salah Houdini was telling me, he said a time came when the people only believed that the only thing which was her alarm was poke.

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So everything else no matter how it slow tip is halaal

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Uzbekistan is what 90% plus Muslims

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they didn't know halal and haram, nothing. The only thing they thought was, was poor. That's the only thing because they had no recourse to know Islamic education. The massage it

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they say on the arches of the machines. What they would do is that they would put speakers, but not blasting Koran, or talks. They would be blasting music.

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They were praying talks on atheism, spreading propaganda regarding atheism, nothing remained. Vodka.

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The price of vodka was cheaper than a soft drink.

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half the price of soft drink. Why? Because now you've taken it away from them. They've got no source of education. They don't really understand halal Haram. And then what you do you give them vodka.

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Even to today, my guide

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told me even until today 70% Plus, of the people in Uzbekistan, they drink alcohol drink vodka. He said in his village, everybody drinks.

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Everybody said even the women drink. He said he find it difficult to go back to his village now because when he goes there, his friends say you you think you're too good for us now, because he started became a bit religious. said you think you're too good for us.

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Just imagine this. And then comes the usual. The usual. The hijaab hijab was banned.

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Everywhere. What What was the reason why his job was banned by the atheist, but by the Russians. Simple. It's oppressive. You know, the same argument that you hear everywhere is oppressive. You know, in equality, even if the woman want to wear it is still oppressive, like you need always throughout history. You always need to tell us how our women must dress.

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You know, Norman Finkelstein says that when they went to the Americas, and they saw the locals and native Indians, and they saw that it was scantily dressed. So they said, look at the Barbarian code. In those days, the Christian women from the white Christian women, you know, dress three layers. So look at these barbarians. They need to be civilized, you know, we need to keep them in check. They barbaric they don't even know how to dress. Now the same West no longer looks west to the Americas. It looks east. And it looks at the Muslims and it says uncivilized. They wear too much clothes.

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They weigh too much close. One line I am telling you seriously seriously throughout not just France, because unfortunately I history only span to France banning the niqab and place it banning the hijab, threw out history. Whenever the invaders took a Muslim country, the first place the first thing that they did was to ban the hijab oppressive, so they did exactly the same thing in Uzbekistan.

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They ban they ban the hijab, alcohol imagine till today,

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vast majority of the population drink alcohol Why? Because seven decades this was what was instilled in them.

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For seven decades you had no ill you had no massage it you had nothing at all.

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So now

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How did the Muslims survive this free state was a total and utter please state total utter and then not just Islam, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan all that area. So how how how do you survive a police state like this? It was such a police state. When a husband will be spying on the wife wife will be spying on the husband. Neighbors will be spying on each other Why?

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Because they were scared that somebody else might tell on them. So therefore, they would spy on them, just to, you know, because that's how scared people were. You were thrown to the gallery gallows for next to nothing. So this is how the Muslims, you know, so basically, this is what they live for in seven decades. cut off from the rest of the world, even today is Pakistan. Muslim tourism only started two years ago

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when I was on a plane, our show I caught a plane from Turkey, to Uzbekistan, Tashkent. And the entire plane is full of Europeans and Americans. And I'm looking at all white people on this plane.

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Because they've been going there for years, for years, but Muslims were banned.

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They didn't really want Muslim tourists. So why were allowed the Muslims weren't allowed.

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So how look for seven decades, how did they preserve the delicious, amazing, you know, how are they preserved the deep Subhanallah the aroma were killed off. So accounts, they mentioned that those were llama who survived, lived as laborers live as totally an utterly illiterate individual who knew nothing.

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And then at nighttime, they would come home. And secretly they would teach their children or they were secretly they will teach their children. If you the police would often come in and they will ask you, does your father pray?

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Does your mother pray?

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What does Bismillah mean? If you said what Bismillah meant? I mean, you are going in your family. We're going to the gallows. That's it. You knew what Bismillah meant? That was enough. Schools, schools, they and this was right at the until the tail end. They would say in Ramadan. Are you fasting? No, they will get given pork. They will give them food. They will be standing at the school gates where young children would go and they would be giving them food education until today. This is no exaggeration till today, there is no education at all. from kindergarten all the way to the end of university. You don't hate one name of Allah. Allah.

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Now Alhambra, new president he changing things. He's bringing a new syllabus, although was Pakistan God is liberation in 1991. But Islam crema, who is the president or prime minister, he was very anti Islam. He was scared of radical Islam because he came from a communist background. So therefore he carried on with a similar oppression.

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So this is the way they kept their deed. Well, my brothers, sisters, you look at look at Subhana Allah where we live, how openly we can learn the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, they created secret chambers look at this upon Allah. So what they would do is within the house, either underground, or a small little chamber within the home, they will make this chamber where the person who knew a bit about the dean would come gather a few children and they would stay in the chamber, not for two hours. Now for a day for some time, they will say four months. And they say that they would what they would do is that they will either nail up the door or they would put something in

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front of the door and the and then they would put alcohol bottles and they would put * pictures.

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So when they would please would come they will see Oh, there's nothing you know this house is fine. But behind those * pictures behind those alcohol bottles with young children learning about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala possibly risking their lives.

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The mother would be the mother would be living in the same house for some time for weeks. She wouldn't see her child.

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And this is how people preserve the deed. Why? Because you can shackle the mind but you can't shackle the heart.

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We'll call booth wineland. Billy man, man, okay.

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Man, there are people who are put under duress put with difficulty but their hearts are free.

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And as long as you can't shackle the mind and the heart Alhamdulillah you're free. The problem is today with all our liberties

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you know what law he on the Day of Judgment me and you

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are gonna have a dinner

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called task when we stand next to these people who sacrificed their lives to learn the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you and I had it all your local machine but we couldn't go bother to go to our local machine.

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Local modasa but you didn't care give a damn about your charge and local modems. But you were worried about the dunia the tuition, you paid 25 pound for two hours. But you couldn't care about their deed. You and I are going to stand next to these people. These people don't have beds many of them don't have jobs. But they love the Dean of Elian, they sacrifice for the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and therefore we should remain Origen sugar how easy You and I have it here one lucky compared to what these people went through,

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you know,

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magic 14 million Muslims

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40 million Muslim 250 million Muslims. The entirety of the area had between 1970 to 1981 modasa. One problem with Ursa for for 50 million individuals.

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Wonder alumi would say the leader of Chechnya Rama bond, his father studied in that motherson

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suparna libre brothers,

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you know who is a Jeep called this modasa old they come with a few 500 years old

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and it is a Jeep I'll tell you why. Because all the doors are only this high.

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So and the mothers are the most beautiful buildings one light, beautiful Jeep

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and I asked him why are the doors only this high? What's the reason your doors are so low when the students enter the classroom? He said because we teach our students and this was the old classical way that when you enter the classroom you become humble. You lower yourself because you seeking the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you know will lie with all yeah with all the difficulties that this place has gone through. Well now you see values. I am no exaggeration.

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You see a lot of beards and lots of hijab in the UK but you see no

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when you go there you see at the when you get on a train if somebody is younger than you this guy may know nothing about the dean but he will stand up for you know lady stands up

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when you go to somebody's house or even if you're an elder you're just there you're going into a building what they do is they turn your shoes around for you.

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Out of

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out of respect. One of the things which is really gone within our society is this concept of the syllabus a HL l maca mill hanwa because it can make your knowledge like salt and make your other like flour when you cook you use a lot of flour but very little salt. Today there's plenty of elk but there's no add up. You have no other for your teachers you have no other for your ltg or no other for your parents. You have no other for the deen of Allah subhanaw taala you have no respect for you. For the women folk. You have no softcom Hubba for the youngsters scon

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it's all there Mashallah. Yeah he yeah bro Masha Allah Subhana Allah, it's all empty.

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It's all empty. Universal for salon. You can't respect your parents what kind of business? You can't respect your parents or somebody on the street says a youngster you know you shouldn't be doing Who are you to tell me? Where's your gun?

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Where's your gun?

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And this is one lie a place where I saw immense amount of other 70% of the people drink but they have values you know soon as I got off the plane one law he got on the plane it was 12 o'clock at night the driver picked me up he's taking me to the hotel

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I looked around

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said this place I said Is there no littering this place you know the whole place is like this you know I often complain Muslims are dirty

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or judged by our own areas Yeah. Well law here this is one place where Muslims are clean.

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This way Muslims are clean. Far more clean and and the Muslims who live in the West.

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There is no no did. One $1

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is 5000 soums.

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You know what I cost how much it costs to ride on the actual

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Underground, beautiful underground underground train.

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How much? four cents,

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four cents. That's all it costs.

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So Bravo, I want to my time is up I want to go back to what I initially started the why I started this

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is that

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we should thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for Allah, Allah has granted us.

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We have machines we have metathesis people gave their life for this deed, a million of them. In Central Asia, the place of Imam Bukhari, the place of Imam tirmidhi, the place of Imam Moussa, all these places, all these places did not have one scholar left. And those scholars were living in hiding.

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If you are old enough to remember

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the Afghanistan war

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article, I'm sure you remember.

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The afghanistan war Afghanistan board is Pakistan. Russia taken all these countries, and now they were looking for

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May Allah reward the Afghan ease, they kick their backsides. And according to many historians that this was the initiation for the breakup of the Russian, the USSR. And it was in 1991, that all these countries were got their independence. So we make dua, that Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to appreciate what we have,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate the status of the martyrs, that we should never judge people because we don't know what they've gone through one law here. You know, when you go to these places, and this is why traveling and history is very important. You and I would go to these places, and we would go into the masjid and you don't see one guy with a beard.

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Not one guy with a beard.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:20

But the entire machine only has youngsters one life only, you know, hey, you go to machines, only old people. They only youngsters You know why? Because the older people grew up in the communist era, they knew nothing what they did.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:29

Their mom doesn't have a beard. But what law who I went to a Masjid in Tashkent for Maghreb Salah, I swear it was like Juma

00:27:30 --> 00:27:35

people coming out to communism. And there's mustard was full like Juma.

00:27:39 --> 00:27:45

So because they appreciate what they have now, because they have seen the difficulty what they have gone through.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:03

So we should not be judgmental when we go to these kind of places and say, Ah, no, he jobs are no bids. You don't know what these people have gone through. And these were the very same people that you and I will have to stand up on the Day of Judgment. And Allah will say to you, oh,

00:28:04 --> 00:28:26

you had mucked up, you could have gone to you could have gone to your local machine. You but only time you went to the machine and only time you bothered learning anything about the deed was half an hour on Friday afternoon. And these people will stand up and say, Allah, we're lucky. We wanted to learn about the DEA, but we had no machines. We had no scholars, we had to give our life

00:28:27 --> 00:28:53

to seek the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and these are the kinds of people that you and I will stand against on the Day of Judgment. So next time you see one of the countries and you don't see no job or no net carbs, or no bids, or no job, the note topis then check the history of this place as well. And maybe you might come to the realization that you got it very easy and checker.

00:28:54 --> 00:29:01

Allah says and I'll finish it that if you do sugar, but what Allah has given you that Allah will give you more

00:29:02 --> 00:29:14

and if you are not sugar, then the son of Allah is Allah will take what he has given you as well. May Allah subhanaw taala preserve us melasma Allah keep us united Nia and reunited in gender for those Baraka freecom salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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