Episode 3 Embracing Resilience Prophet Yaqoub

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Prophet Jacoba has Sadam as mentioned in the Quran numerous times. One of the most prominent verses is from SUTA. To use if, indeed he was a man of inner strength, an outer resoluteness. Property alcohol was tested by law in various ways. The test of property coupled with a son use of is one of the most significant tests mentioned in the Quran.

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Prophet Iacobelli has said, was tested when his beloved son use of was taken away from him by his brothers, and sold into slavery. Despite this property up globally, his Salam had faith that Allah would make a way for use of and reunite him with his family. Islamic scholars believe that the time between losing use of and finding him again, was a period of 80 years. Imagine the pain of not just losing a child. But the uncertainty that came with such a test of not knowing whether this child was alive or their whereabouts.

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Prophet Jacoba his Salam is known for his beautiful patience in the face of hardship and adversity. This phrase is used to refer to his unwavering faith in Allah and his trust and a loss plan. Despite the numerous tests that he's faced, Prophet Iacob never lost hope and continue to be patient and hopeful and his faith. This is exemplified in the Quran and Sunnah to use of

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what's one more color SFR Allah use of mobiel Bata Aina hoomin al Hosni for Hua Killeen

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and he turned away from them and said, How great is my grief for use of and his eyes became white with sorrow. And he fell into a silence melancholy

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Prophet yuck oops patients and trust in Allah ultimately pays off. And he's reunited with profit use of RIA Houma Sudan.

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How many times have we heard of words shaming us for displaying sadness, or prolonged periods of grief, as if grief was not at the core of many of the stories of our prophets Allah whom sin, we learn from the story of Prophet Yaqoob that sadness is not constricted to a certain amount of years. As a believer, feeling and expressing sadness does not make us any less of a Muslim. It is the sign of a beating hearts

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as Muslims, we know though, that we do not glorify grief or succumb to it. Just like Prophet Yaqoob we channel this into an opportunity to turn to a law for a greater and deeper connection to ask for His guidance. For surely, with beautiful patience comes a beautiful reward.

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The story of Prophet Yaqoob ends with the use of triumphant return to Egypt, where he is reunited with his family and becomes a powerful ruler in the court. After years of separation Prophet Yusuf and his brothers are reconciled. And Prophet yeah Pope's vision is restored by Allah's permission.

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Please continue to join us for Madison's embracing resilience series, where we will delve into stories of trials and tribulations in the Quran. And through them build a better understanding of what we can do when we find ourselves faced with navigating pain and prolonged grief.