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Even every time I wanted to speak about this issue and write about this issue, I was too traumatized. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala seda Mr. Lee Maulana Muhammad while early he was home he woman to be at home their son, Elijah Medina about their respective brothers, elders, sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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We inshallah are going to carry on

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with some of the history of Uzbekistan, and Central Asia.

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Last week, I spoke about the fact that a time came when Central Asia became the center of learning. And this is a powerful, amazing thing. Why? Because if you look at the people, you know, there's somewhere between like almost Chinese and Asian looking, they're not Arabs. But within 200 years of Islam coming, this place now becomes the center in many ways of Hades.

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400,000 4000 plus kilometres from Medina and Mecca. This is the place which becomes the center of learning this is cheap. It shows that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not need a specific nation to spread his Deen. Allah uses whoever and whatever he wishes. When Allah. Allah wants to protect his Deen. He uses mosquitoes. He uses flies. He uses the wind. So you look Buhari, Uzbekistan, Muslim Iran, Abu Dhabi, Iran,

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there may be used Pakistan, NASA he took when Islam

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in America, Marja,

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all the authors of the sea, high cipta, none of them came from the Arab world or any other part of the world. They came from Central Asia.

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And this became not only the center of learning, it also became very rich. Why because it had the Silk Road, which ran all the way from China, through Central Asia into Europe. So it was a prosperous place. But there was one issue, which is always the issue, unfortunately amongst the Muslims, and that is the issue of disunity. So this unity also prevailed here like it prevails today.

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So you had basically you had two large Muslim Caliphate at that time. You had the war zims, who ran from West Iran, all the way to West China. And then you had the herbicides, the waters and were predominantly non Arabs and the Arab besides were predominantly Arab countries and further afield.

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what happened was, you had the emergence of the Mongol, Genghis Khan.

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So Genghis Khan now had taken Mongolia,

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China, and that part of the world, but he stopped short of the quad azim dynasty, which was right next to him the Muslim dynasty. He stopped short there. By now the historians mentioned that he had killed already approximately 18 point 4 million individuals.

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So until then, there was no real tension between him and the watershed besides the fact that once you wrote him a letter, and he called him his son,

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so the wertham Shah was, you know, upset, how dare you call me, your son, but he didn't really make much of an issue out of it.

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So what happened a group of traders, Mongolian traders now came into the courtship dynasty. There's 500 of them, there's a caravan.

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The governor of that particular place, took them in and said that these are spies.

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So Genghis Khan now sent three messages to non Muslims, one Muslim.

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So when they went to the shower to protest, the Shah had the two non Muslims he shaved and he had the Muslim

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So, after this

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the Genghis Khan was upset. So Genghis Khan said, two shots cannot stay in one place. So Genghis Khan now he sends his army.

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So really the tension even according to the vast majority of Muslim historians, that tensions which were created between the Mongols and the war ism dynasty will actually initiated by the Wars of mites.

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So, Central Asia was under the water mines.

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So now Genghis Khan comes, and I want to really

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pay more attention to the Pakistan area. So he comes and he comes into bahara. So when he comes into bahara,

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the people over are thinking What shall we do is 20,000 men defending Bukhara? So they said they begin to speak, what shall we do? A group said, Look, we should fight and another group said no, what we should do is that we should have a treaty with him, asking for security, and then open the gates. The vast majority inclined towards the fact that they should open the gates for Genghis Khan and his army to come in. And that's what they did. So Causey Boudreau Dean had this responsibility went to Genghis Khan. He spoke to Genghis Khan. And he said to Genghis Khan, he said, Look, if you give us security, we won't fight. So Genghis Khan said, Okay, fine.

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Only 400 men held out in the one fortress.

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Eventually Genghis Khan had the Muslims of bahara assisting him

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and they took that fortress, and then they killed every single one.

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But this is where it begins.

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Genghis Khan goes past and visited this machine. He goes past this machine.

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And he looks at this machine. And he says, this machine, he said, Is this the house of the king? Cuz, you know, he didn't know what it was? He said, Is this the house of the king? This No, this is not the house of the kiss King, this is a house of Allah.

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So Salah is taking place. So imagine this, really you got to be there what Why? To actually imagine this. So Genghis Khan walks with his army into the masjid. Salah is going on. Genghis Khan says kill the Imam.

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So they move and they Mahara up until today is still there. So they move they move forward. They kill the amount the next amount moves forward. They kill the second amount the next amount moves on to kill the third amount. Twin key to a moms were martyred by the time Salah finished

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22 moms, can you can you imagine if that happened today?

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This amount wouldn't be on the masala no will this amount be here?

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and then Genghis Khan, he ascended the pulpit. And he said the animals are hunger hungry freedom.

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What the Mongol soldiers took from this was that now this was our opportunity to do whatever we want.

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Until today, in the courtyard, they have a monument which used to be a well so they killed all the muscle is in the machine. And they threw him into this well, that that well, now they made it into a monument. Genghis Khan ascend to the pulpit.

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And he said a Jeep thing.

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He said me for you is the verb of Allah. Genghis Khan says to the Muslim me for you is adopted for Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then Genghis Khan, that same Masjid main machine of

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Genghis Khan. Now, he makes it by that very evening, he makes it into a place where alcohol is being served, where women are dancing. With her arms were taken, they threw the Quran out and they filled it with fodder and water for the animals. And not only that, Genghis Khan made a man imaams and the scholars and the dignitaries of bahara feed the wind watch with them without the women dancing. So what

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Did the

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What did Genghis Khan's army do here?

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What did they do?

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Let me mention to him Nicosia rato La La mentions about what the army of Genghis Khan did here, Genghis Khan, he says

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that his army violated the women in front of their parents, in front of their fathers.

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In front of the husbands, it says many Muslims when they saw this, they couldn't bear it. And they gave their life a theme or a theme. A theme, was a very famous historian. He has a terrific book called alchemy. He was a contemporary of this time.

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And he says he was so traumatized by what he had heard.

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He says, many times of people have asked me to put pen to paper on this issue, because I have never been able to put pen to paper.

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Even every time I wanted to speak about this issue, and write about this issue, I was too traumatized.

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He said, I wish my mother had never given me birth that I had to take an undertake this responsibility.

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But he said because it might benefit humanity. He then he wrote, and he mentioned everything which APNIC Athena Rahim Allah wrote, but then he added to it as well. He said, If I was to say that since the time of Adam la salatu salam, that the that humanity has never been afflicted with anything like the Mongols.

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He said, this would be no exaggeration. He said, If you look into history, they speak about a Quran and the Sunnah speaks but most of us have said both to Nasser was a big issue. What did he destroy? He destroyed alcance Philistine in that area.

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He says these people

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destroyed the entirety of the tourism dynasty. They destroyed the entirety of the riverside dynasty, they reached must go, they reach Bulgaria and the Muslims, we know people, women, people who say la ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah. They, even them who have the stories of butter and oho than 100 even amongst the Muslim Ummah, they had this statement, they will say no to a lot in authority, but it has an awful lot to sodic if anybody tells you that the Mongols have been defeated, don't believe that these people are invincible. The Mongols actually had songs that they made up.

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So when they would kill a Muslim, and they were about to strike him, the Muslim will say will lie a lot actually told me so they had these songs made a lot of Tony Wilma and all these long songs regarding the persecution of the Muslims appear he says

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now even digital

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will speed those who follow him. He says the Mongols was such that a spade nobody, not those who submitted and not those who fought against

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this imagine this bar

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the place of a man Buhari, Mr. Ma Cherie. Agnes Sina. Many of the greatest minds of this oma ma battuta says I came 100 years to bahara after the Mongols had sacked it. He said I found not one scholar.

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Not one one scholar I found.

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Then they went to summer.

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Summer con was a rich of richer than bahara it had 50,000 men defending it. And the story about a summer camp is a jeep. Because when kataeb Muslim Alba he took it

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he didn't offer them the three options, Islam jizya or the sword, they found this opportunity to take the city and he knew that people obviously they would fight back. So when he got this opportunity, he took the city

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so a little while passes and they learn about Islam or they don't Muslims, the people of some of Canada Muslims, so they hear that the Muslims have to give you three options.

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So they complain to the leaders of some or can they fold on deaf ears so you didn't give us three options? So they said we're gonna go to the leaf. So they sent one of the men to the Halle, who was the Calif on Abdel Aziz Rahmatullah alley in Damascus. There Amanda regarding who they said he was the fifth

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He was the fifth qualifier, Russia dude, meaning that he bought khilafah on the Manhattan of the firstborn, Alice.

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So he traveled all the way to Damascus. He's not a Muslim, and he meets these Muslims and they really entertain him.

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And he embraces Islam.

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But he said, Look, I want to meet the Calif.

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So they go looking for the hell if they can't find him. Eventually they say oh look in our house. So then he goes into the house. And he sees Omar Abdullah Abdullah is the most powerful man on the face of this earth. He's taking some cement and clay and he's filling a wall.

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So he walks I said, Listen, I want you to see the hell if not the builder, there was a local builder.

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And his wife is mixing the clay and the cement and Omar, Abdullah Abdullah, he is applying it on the wall.

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So he said that is a mirror on what we need. So he goes, he gives him the letter. So Omar Abdulaziz takes this letter, it looks at it, he turns around, he signs it is gonna give it to the government.

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So this message says, By Allah, if it was not for the fact that my people would have belied me and they said, You wasted our time, I would have thrown it away. So what's this piece of paper, he turned around, and he signed it on the other side.

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So he says, I read some more Can't I give the letter to the governor, the governor reads it.

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And then they can take it to the car, the the car, he makes the decision that you took the city against the laws and the norms of Islam. The entirety of summer is emptied of Muslims.

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The entirety they go out now to the walls, and then they offer them Islam. The people of summer Canada was so impressed by the mannerisms of the Muslims, they said, open the gates, and they all embraced Islam.

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So this was the history of summer camp.

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So when Genghis Khan now came to summer camp, he did exactly what he did in Baja

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exactly what he did. Actually, the soldiers when they heard about, about the Mongol for the moment, what they will do is that they would take the people from the other city, and they will take him to the outskirts of the city, and then they would put your up there. So the locals would see that was happened to them. So either they would fight until the end, or they will generally open the gates. So the soldiers 50,000 soldiers refuse to fight.

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So the locals took up arms. So they came out now no more good was seasoned warriors.

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You know what the second Mongol Empire is the second largest empire ever recorded human history. You know what the largest is?

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Tell me the Ganga. You tell me what's the largest?

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The British Empire? I know you were thinking over the Muslim Empire. The British Empire? Yes, this little island? Yes. The largest empire ever recorded in human history. The second largest, the largest landmass is the Mongol Empire. Nothing would larger than this. They were seasoned warriors. They were all bow legged. Why? Because they rode horses so much. They would change their clothes once a month but not wash them.

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They said the stench would scale you have the Mongols.

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So the locals come out.

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The locals come out and they go further, further further afield, and the Mongols go further back. These were professional soldiers until the end had enticed them far enough.

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And then they encircled the 70,000.

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The size of Somerton was 100,000 homes.

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No one soldiers survived.

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No one Muslim survived every single one out of the 70,000 were encircled and push it and then they took the city they did exactly the same thing.

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They took good guy, good bunch.

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Giulini person Persian historian says that there were 50,000 Mongol soldiers. Each one of them had 24

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men, women and children that they had to kill

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Millions were killed by the Mongols. A lot more like he could be said I don't have time. But a lot can be said I want to. I want to

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pay attention, specifically to Uzbekistan.

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But one thing I want to mention is right next door where the herbicides, the vast majority were, they were Arabs. The Virgin quarters were not Arabs. For over 40 years, the herbicides watched what happened to the waterdeep dynasty. This watch the persecution of the Muslim brothers and sisters for 40 years, but as long as they weren't being harmed, they will find

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and then a day came when they attend King and the Mongols did exactly exactly the same what they did to the quads him dynasty.

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Because Allah says what tilka Yama Luda would have been enough. These are the days that we rotate amongst people. Today, you think you're secure? You're fine? No. A day will come?

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It will be your turn.

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And this is why brothers and sisters we learn from our history. We learn from places like Pakistan, Turkmenistan. Look, the vast majority of us don't even know these countries. Craig is Stan Kazakhstan.

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These were the centers of learning once upon a time in sha Allah Allah winning next week I will speak about recent events, the Soviets, the communists, and what a G plays voila, he displaced is what a g a g places inshallah with next couple of weeks. inshallah. We'll speak about these things. today. I just want to speak about the Mongol history so you understand what these people went through.

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And then the dean came back and then they had the communists and then they and the what the communists did.

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And so hon Allah This is the Eman Islam. You know until today after all this the dean lives in the hearts may last panel dollar elevate the status of the martyrs Mayor last month Allah granted genda to for those may last panel dollar keep us united in this dunya and we are lost $1 united agenda for those Baraka Murphy comes up we'll have him salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.