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In this world who wouldn't give up?

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina mercerie Maulana Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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ala Medina about a respected elders, brothers sisters, esteemed guests and I want everyone to have Allah

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Mashallah, I think the vast majority of the brothers in this whole are Sharpies. Because the way they were talking when the sister was speaking, her voice must have been Oprah. And that's why none of you were listening. So Alhamdulillah you know, I hope you're going to be a bit more attentive now.

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One of the best known

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Arabic words globally

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is jihad.

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very emotive word, abused by many Miss understood by many.

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Today I want to speak about my topic is Marie multislot Islam, the Jihad of Madame la salatu salam.

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How Maria Maria salatu salam she, she coped with all her difficulties with all the struggles just give a brief background to the story of Miriam.

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Her mother didn't have any children. So one day she's walking and she sees a bird feeding her chick.

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So she makes duar to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now Allah grant me a child and really what she wanted was a boy.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala. She'd have a child for a very long time but last paneled on a grant or a child

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and then she makes a dua he says Robbie in the novel to Luca Murphy, botany Mohan padlockable Mini. Similarly, she says, Oh Allah, you know, this child in my stomach.

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It is what? It is free. It is dedicated for your service. So accept it.

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She thought it was a boy, when she gives birth is not a boy. It's a girl.

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Now generally, those who would be work would be males. They would go they lived around machines, or they would be working for the machine. So now she gives birth to a child.

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Marie Melissa ratusan grows up. Her father never sees her father actually passes away before she's born. She comes into the key of her Auntie's husband, Zachary Elisa, says the Korea is a newbie, and now he is looking after Miriam. And she's given a room in the corner of the machine.

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So every time is that clear who's her guardian who provides for her? Every time he comes to a room, as the Quran says Kula masala zekeriya Maraba. Every time the Korea enters the Chamber of Maria Malaya. salatu salam, he finds risk, he finds sustenance.

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And he says, Allah Yo, Maria Mandela kihavah. Maria, where is all this from? With this risk from the Mufasa rule say that in winter, she would have summer fruits in summers he would have winter fruits.

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They should wait where's all this from because he is the one who provides. So she says

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this is from Allah. Allah provides.

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And Allah provides when he provides his birthday to herself. no accountability, Allah provide from wherever he wants. So he's now at an old age. He's old. As a foreigner. He mentioned that his wife is alcohol. She's barren, she can't have children. So he takes a lesson from Maria Manny says, If Allah can provide her with ada hisab If Allah can provide without any apparent means, then Allah can provide me a child although although he was an old man, although his wife was bearing

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looks upon a lot. So you are the first child. Maria Malaysia, Islam malakhov children, now you have a las panatela showing the squadra you have the second child

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to an old man. Some of us say he was close to 100 years old, but he was belief in Allah that Allah can do everything because allies them with some people over

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so he makes

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives him a child. Yeah. So Pamela, he gives him this child. Yeah. And it's amazing. The word yahia means life.

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See when we name our children, you name a new routine. Salahuddin you name him, yeah, you name all these good things, but there's no guarantee that they will turn out that way. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala names a child there is guaranteed Yeah. Why? Because yahia was martyred and Allah subhanaw taala says la de banda Latina coti roofie sabini Lionel work but yeah, they are alive. Those who are martyred in his path are alive. So you have now as a three la salatu salam, he is given a child. Yeah.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to show more so now that you get the third child so your first child Maria mother does our children for a very long time, then she she gets married Melissa salam, then comes a time that is a clearly salatu salam, old man, Allah subhanaw taala grants him a child. Then Allah subhanaw taala wants to show his qudra greater. And then He grants Maria alayhi salatu salam, a child without a spouse.

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Because Allah wants to show his good. And this this is the thing. You look at the story of Maria Maria salatu salam, the greatest stigma that you could have at that time was to have a child out of wedlock. You know, you would be alienated, you will be sidelined. Your neighbors wouldn't want to talk to you, your family would disown you. You know, Subhan Allah, in today's society, one of the greatest stigmas

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to have attached to you is to be regarded as a terrorist or the family of a terrorist. It doesn't just impact the individual. It impacts the family impacts the child, all the children exactly like Maria Maria salatu salam. So Maria Vanessa to Salaam is now in this predicament. This and she's in this predicament. She has a child. She's pregnant with a child. So what she does, she goes from muscular x. And then she moves to approximately where Bethlehem is about four or five miles away to give birth.

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So she's about to give birth, and then it actually dawns upon her that what is actually happening.

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what is actually happening, but Subhanallah Look, look sacrifice, sacrifice. It is this Deen is about sacrifice. You know, apparently, you may be degraded. You may be isolated. You may be alienated. But you look at history. You look at Hamza roseola. And Ilana was martyred in the Battle of a heart. They cut his ears they cut his nose, they made a chain out of the pieces of his body. But it was at this occasion when he was beaten battered martyred, that Allah subhanaw taala gave him a title of a civil law, the line of Allah subhanho wa Taala so it doesn't matter how the dunya

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proceeds you are just speaking to a brother who was incarcerated for a while and a very interesting he said something to me just now.

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He said you know sometimes they would strip search you

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and they would make you naked.

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Come back to me at five minutes Yeah.

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They will strip search you they would make you naked. He said but that was the only time that you get rewarded for being naked.

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You look at the sacrifice of Malaysia Malaysia Islam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the out of the four Greatest Women Who ever walked on the face of this earth one was moneymondays lotsa, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed in his book, a terminal book, The Kalam of Allah and entire sutra named Miriam,

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and entire surah named Miriam why sacrifice that's what life is about. What you invest in this dunya is what you reap by Allah subhanaw taala Allah when he speaks about this Deen, amazing look at the words Allah subhanaw taala

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Armando hella De Luca allotey Jonathan tinggi coming as urban alene Allah called your life business. That's what he called your life. It's a business, the transaction, what shoes invest in this dunya is what you will reap by Allah what you invest in

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Do what you will read by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So now Maria Masato salam, now she's getting the pains, the labor pains. And so Pamela she's getting these labor pains. And can you imagine I really don't upon her, what's going to happen she's going to have a child you're going to go to a people and now she's gonna be alienated stigmatized.

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And then she Allah record in the Quran she said Dr. Leighton ito kubla hada Welcome tunisienne sia, she says, Oh Allah, I wish I was dead before this. I never saw this moment. And I was forgotten. nicean Mansehra means that thing, which is so has so little value, that people forget it. It dies and nobody ever remembers it. He says, Oh Allah, I wish I was a person who was dead. And I was forgotten. Nobody can you like a piece of tissue, you throw a tissue on the floor, you don't bother picking it up because it's worthless. But so Allah Subhana Allah, look at this.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't forget

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Allah remember, Allah remember that it is a turn of Kalam. She's never forgotten. You have brothers and sisters and I don't want to take any names. Who in this room, went through the rigors of being accused of terrorism were never charged.

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And the only reason we know their names is because Allah wanted to keep their names alive. There are hundreds of people in this room, hundreds. But there are people in this room that every single one of us knows their names. Why because they went charge and tribulations and similarly, Maria Maria slough slum goes through this trial and tribulation, you know, you know the nature of trial and tribulation. You know, you know the word fitna, fitna, you know the Arab with the word fitna, come from, the Arab will say for them to the hub for 10 to the habit means when you warm up, heat up gold, and you separate the scum. So you have the pure gold, and then you have the scum, fruit, and

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that's what it does to people at the time of fitna, you know who the true believers are, and who are, you know, gonna fall by the wayside, and in the lives of Maria Maria salatu salam, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on. And so upon Allah now imagine this.

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She's going through this pains, labor pains, and Allah Subhana Allah says, de la cabbages with just inequality. And Allah subhanaw taala says to her, he commands so she's going through these pains, there's a tree next to her at the palm tree and Allah says shake the date palm tree, and you will have

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dates falling have it? Anybody seen a date palm tree? Anybody seen the date palm tree?

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Is it possible for a group of men

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to move a date palm tree? Is it impossible for a group of men? This is a woman who is going through the pains of labor, and Allah is telling her you're going to

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move that tree and I guarantee you that you will have dates for falling down. Allah Calderon jennea logical engineer is you know what? rota engineer is those dates, which you luck. you pluck. You don't they don't fall. Why? Because when they fall they dirty. This is a thing which actually allows and when they will fall, it will be as though that you plucked them they will be clean.

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They will be clean. Why is Allah showing us here? Cheap wasn't luxurious? Why did Allah tell Maria to to move a day palm tree Allah telling you, you do the work, do the work and then trust in Allah.

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Do the work and trust in Allah and Allah guarantee you results the entire life understand the entire story of Maria multislot slump is about trusting in Allah and seeing the power of Allah.

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The entire story, a child Maria and mother of a child, Allah shows that he can give a child Zachary or his avatar that only Allah shows. And then Allah subhanaw taala shows in Madame la salatu salam that he can give you a child without even a spouse without a husband.

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The entire story of Maria Maria slubs law is about Allah subhanho wa Taala showing the believers that you do the work and then trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is this is for the believers that

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We need to be people who are motivated for his sake. We are motivated for standing for the truth. Because understand, each person here will finish we will we will go we will expire.

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But what will mean and you leave behind us, that's the important thing. There are three types of people. See, some of us don't like to come to these events. Why? Because we know that we're going to be stigmatized. Yeah, that's what we feel, we will be stigmatized. You know what the interest in the word stigmatized comes from the word where the Greeks their slaves would run away and they will bring them and they will brand them. So they will brand them they will on their foreheads, it will say that this slave ran away. So we feel that we will be stigmatized. But we forget Subhana Allah that Madame la Salatu, Salam ala, stigmatized, the Sahaba was stigmatized. This is our history. We

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stand up for the truth, irrespective how many assisters has to go through difficulty, because the husband's been put in prison. I was watching this video in Ramadan. It really hit me it was hugs doing appeal on demand channel. And this was going around and I got so Pamela, there was a sister whose husband had been arrested, I'm sure many of you saw that. Her husband had been arrested and she was at the airport.

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And then they stopped.

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They took all the children of her.

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She had a number of children, all the children were taken offer. And they were told until the age of 18. They can't go and then later on. The case was dropped. So Pamela The case was dropped. But the thing which really amazed me about this was when she said to me, he said, You know I had friends I grew up with

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who I would drink coffee with who I would go out with would know or didn't want to know me anymore.

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I have family members who never come to my house anymore. The case was dropped. And we still become such a delicate comb, such a comb, which lost all availa that we can't assist the sister whose children have been taken away from.

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Can you imagine the trauma that the system was going through? I mean, this is a state that we reached. And then we speak about Savonarola, then we speak about Maria Melissa, we speak about Khadija the olana we speak about hydrolase latos law, we speak about Abu Bakr Omar, what may let me ask you one question. Let me ask you a question. What made Abu Bakar Omar Khadija bill Ah, what made him special? I'll tell you what made them special. They stood up for the dean when there was a time when you were stigmatized. That's what made us special. What made him special was it was the fact that beloved stood up for what he believed in, and he never gave it when it was difficult. Blanca

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easily said look, the message of Allah said, a time will come that Islam will spread far and wide. Let me wait until that time, then come up with my mind. He didn't say that. He remained firm on his Deen. And what a great honor. Let me tell you what a great honor Allah granted below. Can you imagine this man was a slave.

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This man was a slave.

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He then he became the muslin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was a man who hated nobody else gave her a van in Makkah. in Medina and in beta mckinnis. He was a man who would give the done and the Messenger of Allah would lead the Salah.

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He was the man where every day from, from Australia, to Canada, from Brazil to China, the athon is given a million times, and that is the son of

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a million times. Why? Because this was a man who came out of slavery of man to the slave of Allah subhanaw taala what made Khadija special

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I shall say there was only one wife of the Prophet I was jealous of her she was dead that was Khadija when the when one day there was a knock on the door. The problem is a Muslim said Allah let me Holla Holla was the sister Khadija and Isaiah says Reda got the better of me I got jealous and I said O Messenger of Allah. When will he stop remembering this old woman of grace? She's got she's got red gums meaning that our teeth have fallen out. She was so old. She said Allah has given you better than her now message of Allah. And the brother is a lesson got angry. He said Allah has never given me better than Khadija. She took me in listen to

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This she took me in when every single person shun me. She believed in me when others disbelieved in me. She spent to me when nobody else was ready to spend on me. The Messenger of Allah said exactly the same words regarding Abu Bakar when Abu Bakr and Omar had a fight, when they had a disagreement, exactly the same word. That's what made these people special.

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That's what made us special. And that's what makes Madame la sala de la has latos law special. Maria when she did this action, she never thought, therefore eternity. For eternity would Allah record our actions, but Allah recorded actions and what is the Allah goes on to say Subhana Allah, He says, when she meets the people, what is Allah subhanaw taala comanda Allah subhanaw taala says before the last $1 sales for Cooley was Robbie was Kareena achieve a long tail to eat drink, were Korean, Korean and Arabic means it means be happy. Why is Allah telling the believers, it's out of your hand, Maria is nothing you can do. These things are out of your hand, you eat you drink, remain

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happy trust in Allah because your entire story is about trust in Allah, Allah and Allah will open the door. That story goes on. Obviously we don't have time. I just want to finish off one amazing story in the time of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam is regarding prisoners.

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And right at the end, the Prophet sallallaahu Selim says amazing thing, its story of Abu gendell. I'm sure many of you heard it. This was on the sooner should they be sooner. His idea was when So hey, Linda, I'm working on behalf of the Masuda key, and literally every condition they made went against the Muslims. Every condition went against the Muslims. And then Abu jandal, who had been in prison for years, the Muslims are heard about him. He was in chain, he comes he's managed to free himself. And he comes dragging each change to the Messenger of Allah. And the Sahaba are very happy. And one of the conditions in this treaty was that if any Muslim leaves, he will be sent back. So any

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Muslim leaves, MCI will be sent back. So the Sahaba see Abu jandal after years, he's pulling a chain, and they're so happy.

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And so Haley Amar, who was the father of Abu jandal, he jumped up and he says, Mohammed send this man back. Otherwise, I am gonna tear up this paper. I'm gonna tear it up. And the brothers Allison said, I haven't signed it yet. Let us ask about gender just above gender.

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Then after this, I will sign this treaty and anybody who comes after that, we will send him back. So Haley, who is his father said No way, you are sending a gender back period.

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That's all that's happening. And can you imagine this, the Sahaba 1400 have come from Medina, wearing the crown to do Amara, they stopped from doing their ombre and then there are a number of conditions which are put against them and then they say Abu jandal the prophets Allah Salaam turn to Abu jandal he said yeah, by jungle. His bill was the same.

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Amazing words, the brothers Allison and said, Oh boo gendell have sober and your reward is

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your reward is by Allah. Any person in this dunya who has been tried?

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Your reward is by Allah. And on the day of judgment when you will be tried as a progress on the law they will sell when you will see your reward. That as a messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the person will wish that he was cut into two in this dunya so his reward was greater male last panel data makers amongst those who stand up for his Deen May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us sisters summer the children may last wonder that they grow up Mashallah, being people of the deen people who are upright mela keepers unite in dunya and reunited gender for those who love Him. salaam aleikum wa Taala there's not a mother in this world who wouldn't be

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happy to have a home for her family.