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The lecture took place at the Youth Tarbiyah conference at Canada in 2010.


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the acceptance of "overindulgent" in Islam, its importance in religious context, and its use in various religious context. They also touch on the decline of hip hop and the importance of protecting others from evil behavior. The segment ends with a discussion of the Bible's acceptance of the woman who died and her history of controversial actions. The segment also touches on the controversy surrounding the implementation of the Bible's acceptance of the woman who died and her history of controversial actions.
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Brothers, sisters, respected Allah ma Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Mr. Haytham, me

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as related much most white.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that when

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Allah Subhana, Allah wanted to send his message, he looked into the heart of the entirety of humanity.

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And he found my heart to be the best. Thus he entrusted me with his message.

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And then he looked into the hearts of the rest of humanity. And he found my companions, hard to be the best.

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And he made them my aides and my ministers. Now let's ask ourself a question. Why was it so important?

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For our last panel Darla to ensure that those who carry this message of an upright, trustworthy nature.

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The reason for this was that Allah is pure,

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his message is pure. And therefore it was an imperative that those who carry the message be of a pure nature, although it last season the Quran in Nananana vichara was in Allahu Allah have Elune We have revealed the vicar, the book, and the feminine the entire Sharia comes into this, and we are the ones that will look after it. And one of the ways that Allah protects the message is that he creates men and women

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of an upright nature to protect the deen and similarly, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when Allah subhanho wa Taala will decree to take this knowledge in the law hola Yakubu in my intezer and that Allah will not take this knowledge you will not snatch it up. No, he will take it up by the taking of the older man.

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So Allah sends the aroma because water to the llama are the is of the prophets. How are they as of the prophets, they learn the knowledge and then they convey and they protect that knowledge. And one of the people that last panel that Allah chose was no other than Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah.

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He was the son of far bit who was a Persian in descent

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and worlds when flub it was born, his father took him to a leader of the Allahu, and earlier the olano made a draw for him and he made the duar for his progeny.

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And Fabiola was will have a very upright nature. The narration mentioned that one day he was doing Wu at a stream and an apple came down. And he picked the apple and he ate it. And later on, blood became

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came out of his mouth. And he thought maybe the blood has come out of his mouth because he had eaten haraam. The Apple belonged to somebody else. So he walked up the stream and he found an apple tree. And he found the owner of that land, and he wanted to pay for the apple. And the owner of the land said, I will not take one dinar no will I take a million dinar for the apple. Your redemption

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is that you marry my daughter. Why? Because the father was impressed by the taqwa of this young man.

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He didn't look for as he got a cute seven as he got a big bank balance. Is he from the exact same hands down or the clan or the tribe that way from?

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No. What did he look for? He looked for taqwa. He looked for piety.

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And Fabi began to think that the azog of this dunya is easier than the verb of the hereafter. And he agreed.

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And he married the mother of Imam Abu hanifa, who was of a very pious disposition as well as last month. Allah says in the Quran, of a boon Allah,

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the pure men for the pure women, and from this marriage came forth the manifestation of the War of Allah, the Allah and who, when Allah The Allah animated WA, that Allah give you a pious progeny.

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This dua was accepted and how Allah subhanaw taala

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accepted it the profits and loss of them said no carnate in more Allah can bestow right here. Let's turn our hula joliment Abner forest, if knowledge was suspended by the star of

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the Persians would seek knowledge. This was a general praise the province of last time said that their zeal and enthusiasm to seek knowledge that if that knowledge was biased, they would attain that knowledge and out of all the Persians in the Islamic history, whose knowledge benefited the Allison novel Gemma more than the knowledge of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. No one.

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None. This was acceptance of the Diwan. He was the mom of the east and the west. Abdullah Mubarak Rahim Allah says I came into a harem. And he says I saw people from the east and the west, from all corners of the world, sitting and learning from Mr. Abu hanifa. As a poet, he said Abu hanifa manana allume mooli at OFAC wala Caro is an Imam Abu hanifa is like a lighthouse.

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He's like a lighthouse. He filled all corners of the world with his knowledge.

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He was the mom of the rich and the poor, the kings and the scholars, millions of scholars, many of them who were who fathered Hadeeth, meaning that they knew 100,000 Hadees of the top of their head. Follow the flick of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah And nowadays you know, you get youngsters. And it is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. When the prophets Allah Salaam said one of the signs of the day judgment is when the latter part of this oma will curse the former. I mean, I had a friend who went to school with me and then he changed one path. And one day he came up to me and he goes, you know, is it true that Abu hanifa only knew 17th he had he

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said Suppan Allah on the basis of his 17 so he had these

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they ruled with his fic half of the Muslim world. I said if he knew 100 saya DS you guys would have never got a look in.

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But this is arrogance. He was a high amount of records him as being a half Israel Hadith, half Israel. Hadees means a man who knows 100,000 howdy with the chain of transmission.

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He memorized the Quran at a very young age.

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And then it seems that his father was a silk trader, he became engrossed in business. And one day the famous Hadith scholar shabby thought that it was a student walking past and he called him then he realized his mistake, but he ascertained from talking to mama bouhanni for this young man, that he was very intelligent, so shabby. asked him, he said, Do you go to the gathering of the earlier mom said no, very rarely. He said, don't be heedless, seek knowledge because I see ability new. And then it was then the Mr. Mobile hurry for him. Allah stopped going to the marketplace. And the first knowledge that he ascertained was a pseudo Deen, which is science for the protection of the dean.

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Many say he overindulgent. Ill McCallum. It was an overindulgent animal column. It was a pseudo Dean because Imam Abu hanifa lived in Kufa. Kufa was one of the places where all the given sex existed. They were Kataria, the jabariya de Matos alight the Shia Imam, Abu hanifa. Our neighbor was a Shia

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and this year, named one of his donkeys Omar Abdullah and the other one Abu Bakar. And one day one of the donkeys kicked him and it killed him and they came and informed him about hanifa

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that his donkey kicked him and killed him. And Imam Abu hanifa said go and see. I guarantee you that the donkey that kicked him and killed him was the one that he named Omar.

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And they went and exactly that was what happened.

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And he became a master in the science he himself says wherever I would walk, people would say this is Abu hanifa. No man can debate with Abu hanifa the Kataria the jabariya no Barton felica wanted to debate with Mr. Mobile hanifa himolla. Even when the atheist came to Kufa the governor look for no other than Mr. mobo honey for him Allah and they held this debate and there were 1000s if not hundreds and 1000s of people there

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and they're waiting and Imam Abu hanifa hasn't turned up. And they're saying that Imam Abu nivas bottled it. You know, he's scared. He hasn't turned up. And after a very long time Mr. Abu hanifa turned

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And the a he said we you being so what kind of Muslim Are you you give a time and you don't come on time. Mr. Mobile hanifa said, you know, I'm a Pakistani Muslim, we're always late.

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And he said, I apologize, I'm late.

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But I live on the other side of the river.

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And I have to catch your boat to come into this idle River. But there was no boat.

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So what I saw is all of a sudden, that a tree falls down itself. It cuts itself into planks

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comes together itself.

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And then it comes to be itself a jump in it. And I cross the river.

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And the atheist said, What a load of Hocus Pocus. Is that Have you ever seen a tree fall down by itself come together itself and go across itself?

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And Mr. Mobile and he was a game over? debate finished? He said what do you mean debate finish? The debate hasn't even started.

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And Mr. Mobile hanifa Rahim Allah said, if a little boat cannot come together itself, then how did the heavens and the earth, the sea, and the trees, the birds and the bees come together without a creator.

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And this was the intellectual, intellectual Mumbo bouhanni formula. The truth is today we don't have the amount of Abu hanifa has.

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That is the truth. We don't have anybody who can rise to the challenge. And by the age of 20, Mr. Abu hanifa, in the science of a Zulu Dean had the largest halaqa in Kufa by the age of 20. And one day a woman came and she asked him I must love regarding the lock, and he didn't know it. And now his halaqa was the gathering of Hamada, maybe Solomon, a famous jewelry store key. And he said, Go and ask Hamad and come and tell me what Hammad says. So she went and asked Hammad, and then she told him the answer. And then region mentioned that Imam Abu hanifa took his shoes. And he went, and he said, put his shoes by the gathering of Hamas. And for until Hamas did not die, Mr. Abu hanifa did

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not leave this side of Hamas drama de la la. And this was destined. Because Imam Abu hanifa Imam Allah was destined to codify the Sunnah of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, Mr. Rouhani for one day he saw a dream

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that he is digging up the grave of the prophets of Allah Salaam. And then he finds in the grave that the bones of the province of Muslim are scattered, and he puts the bones into order. And when he woke up, he was very perturbed.

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He was very perturbed.

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And he sent somebody to ask him necessary in the famous interpret of dreams about this dream, and if necessary, instead, the person who saw this dream he will codify the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And until Hamas did not pass away, and Mama hanifa did not leave his side. It wasn't like today, you know, somebody studies six years or eight years in the Darul uloom or six or eight years in some Jamia, and he gives out fatwas. No, Mr. Abu hanifa had 4000 teachers,

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nine, seven of whom are Sahaba 93 Fabien and the rest have been, he sought knowledge, knowledge how it should be sought. And this is why when some people now they say things like you know, he was a great mom, but he didn't know how to pray Salah properly What do you mean, have some humility, he was the imaam of his time. If he didn't know how to pray Salah his to his students was a bulan mo Bara for Wally. Yas Imam Malik am I'm used to be my mama mama zophar. He stayed six years in Makkah if he didn't know how to place a lot they would have told him he didn't need him on Buhari mama hurry came after him. A man of his time and he didn't know how to pray Salah, have some humility.

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But these are the things that people come up with today.

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And until Hamas did not pass away, and Mama Abu hanifa Rahim Allah didn't leave his side. And when Hamas passed away mama Boniva was 40 years old, and then he started his own halaqa and in her in Kufa, his halaqa became the largest halaqa Abdullah Rahim Allah says I came to Kufa and I asked the people of Kufa whose fick is the greatest fit, who is the greatest faqih of Kufa, they said Abu hanifa

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I asked him who is the most key and who phase Allah? They said Abu hanifa Rahim Allah and he said why am Abu hanifa never took it lightly to give fatwa one law he Jaffer been rubbish at it five years in with him Abu hanifa and when he would give a fatwa he would sweat like a river because he fed Allah. He inaugurated assura of 40 people.

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And this was the first shooter ever inaugurated 40 muster heads. And some time they were deliberate over one Muslim

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for over a month, and they say that sometimes Mambo and Eva would stand up he would say maybe we can't read it reach a conclusion because of my sins. And he would stand up and he would pay two rakaats

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and he will cry in front of Allah and he will do Toba and when for laying in a yard heard about this was formulated in a yard, for we live in a yard was known as Arby's on haramain the worship of the two harems because they say that there was not a place in the two machines with tears of a whale did not fall out of the fear of Allah. And when Fabiola yas heard this, he was the student and Mama Boniva, he began to cry. And he said the likes of Imam Abu hanifa don't have many things to do Toba from.

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They don't have many things to do. Toba from when Joakim Noah Jura, somebody came up to him and they said Abu hanifa makes many mistakes. And what Keven agera was the teacher mom Shafi Anima mojari he said, How could Abu hanifa make many mistakes, and everybody makes mistakes

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is about how could he make mistakes when he has students like Muhammad Zafar

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Abdullah Nam, Mubarak, TAO to Thai for more 11 years Kindle a ban. He said if he made a mistake, they would put him right. And this is why I say what for us look said to Jerry. He said how ally Abadi fujitani been with him. He said, these are my forefathers, you bring those who compare with them. And this is why I feel more comfortable, which they it's the heart of the predecessor, then the mood state and it's the heart of those of our contemporaries.

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And this issue about the doors of the club being closed look, we need sorry, the doors have been closed. We need it's the heart. It's the heart is important. Because we live in a dynamic world. Things change. But this about doing it's the hard 1400 G's and you haven't sorted your Salah out

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is the only thing you can do. It's too hard on 1400 years and you recreating the wheel again and again, to a stay hard on things which really affect us

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which occur on a daily basis. This is a child who is a hardened slamming finance. This is proper it's the heart of just recreating the wheel.

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And Mr Mambo hanifa Rahim Allah

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He is Holocaust was the largest in Kufa and I want to speak about a certain dimension of the life of mumble hanifa which very rarely is mentioned. And that was the steadfastness of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, how he really failed Allah subhanho wa Taala am Allah wa hanifa lived under the amaze for 52 years and under the herbicides for 18 years. And he was regarded amongst the millions as the most knowledgeable from amongst them, to the degree where when the governor of Kufa wanted to choose a group of causes judges who chose men like Ignacio Brahma Abhi, Laila and these guys and these two are the narrator's of the Sangha. But he wanted to make in charge of all of them, Imam Abu hanifa.

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And Imam Abu hanifa declined the offer.

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And Edna hubiera became enraged. He said take the post in a mumble when he was said I won't take the post and the Alomar they came to Imam Abu hanifa and they beseech them, they said we beg you take the post, and Mr. Abu hanifa said I swear by Allah, if they asked me to fix the door of the washing machine, I wouldn't even do that. Do you want me to stamp the execution of some innocent human being is at Biola death is easier for me.

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Then I come on the day of judgment in chains.

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And beta who was off second after the Calif took an oath, the amount of

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hanifa would take the post and Imam Abu hanifa took an oath that he wouldn't take the post. And if someone Imam Abu hanifa and he said Abu hanifa take the post for I swear by Allah, I will have you ripped over your head until you die. And the Imam Rahim Allah said, in Amaya Mita on weida said, do what you need to do, because you can only kill me once.

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So Pamela, and Mama Abu hanifa wasn't just a lucky it was he wouldn't just had this, but he was a Mujahid, didn't the prophets, Allah Salam say of them jihadi Kalamata hockin in the Sultan enjoy that the greatest jihad is that you speak words of truth in front of a tyrant ruler.

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And this is something that we need to learn from the life of Imam Abu hanifa. We should be people who stand up for social justice.

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We should be people you know, who protect other people, not only when it is the Muslim cause, the problem with the Muslims is that we only stand up when it's a Muslim cause when it's the issue of Islamophobia. You see non Muslims in Britain who are at the forefront when it is the issue of Palestine, you go to a much

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the non Muslims outnumber the Muslim tend to one.

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But when it comes to some non Muslim issue where other Muslims raise the issue of social justice, this was the teaching of the province of La Salaam

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and Imam Abu hanifa saying, do what you need to do for you can only kill me once.

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And if not obey Allah tala gelato is said whip him over his head, and they whipped him once and they will come twice. When they struck him the third time Mr. Mobile had ever screamed out. He said, I swear by Allah, the way you are displacing me today. Allah will displace you like that on the Day of Judgment, and if Nobita shook, but will lie in the eyes of Imam Abu hanifa. At that time, it may have been disgrace. But today we remember it as honor. Because he stood up in front of a tyrant ruler. He stood up for what he believed, and his words shook him, they obey the law. And if they told the jeweler to stop,

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and the geologists stopped,

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and then they put him on Abu hanifa in prison, and every day they would offer him the post. And every day he would refuse. And every day they would whip him.

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Every day they would whip him

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until finally they couldn't break and resolve and they let him out in mama Boniva. exiled to Makkah for six years. He lived in Makkah for six years. And then he came back when the bridge was in charge.

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Now the awards were very interesting group. They believe they didn't even speak the language.

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They believe that anybody who believed in arbitration had committed before anybody who committed a major sin was a kafir. Anybody who disagreed with them was a coffin. So when they came into Kufa, one of the first people they found

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they look for was a Mambo Boniva, they bought him into the machine. And they leave the Doha cabinet. I said, Yes chef to

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chef do Toba

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and Imam Abu hanifa said I do Toba from all forms of puffer

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so they let him go. Then somebody told him you know what? He's been playing you. When he said I do Toba from all forms of coup for he means you perform. So they dragged him into the machine again.

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And the hug said, you, you do Toba from our form of cover. And Mr. Mobile honey for him, Allah said, he said tell me

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your suspicion. Is it a suspicion? Or is it based on certainty is based on suspicion? Mr. Mobile honey for him? Allah says, Allah says in the Quran in Bhavani if, indeed some forms of suspicion are a sin. Therefore, based on your own criteria, you have committed a major sin and you have become a kafir. So you do Toba?

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So the hawk did Toba.

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Then he told him mama bow honey for you to obey mama what honey was a look? Are you ready to debate me? Or will you kill me and the Hawks and I'll debate you now this was the biggest mistake. You don't debate a mama bouhanni for him Allah

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say mama wherever said what if we disagree? Then what? So he said choose any person you wish. So he chose one of the Hawks colleagues and he said the haka.

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Are you happy with this arbitration? The hawks have? Yes. Mr. Mobile honeyville said look, the Hawk, you did it earlier on the Alon Who? You said when Ali asked for arbitration, he has gone out of the fold of Islam.

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He said, Now you have accepted arbitration you have committed Cofer again, do over again. So the heartbeat over again.

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And the quad is they believe that anybody who posed them they blood was halaal. And the women were held on for them. And when they went through Kufa, everybody went into refuge. And then Rachel mentioned Mr. Abu hanifa, came out and he asked the Hawk, he said the hawk had his to drone, an Imam, Abu hanifa said, The Hawk Tell me why are you killing these people? And he said, because they oppose us and they believe in arbitration.

00:25:53--> 00:26:06

And Imam Abu hanifa said, were they born on this and then the Hawks had as a consequence, they have become more apostates. So they blood is halaal Mr. Mambo honey for him, Allah said.

00:26:07--> 00:26:22

He said the hug told me were they born on this belief, or did they change? He said, No, they were born on this belief. Then a mama born he was said if they were born on this belief, then they haven't become worth that they will never Muslims in the first place. According to you.

00:26:23--> 00:26:45

And Mr. Balaji Rama de la la says the entirety of Kufa are indebted to Imam Abu hanifa because he saved the next you hear about the fic of Imam Abu hanifa but look at the resolve of Imam Abu hanifa and then Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah when the episodes took over.

00:26:46--> 00:26:53

Mr. mobo, hanifa came back into Kufa. Initially the herbicides had a very good relationship with their Mama bouhanni for him Allah

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and they allowed him to do what he wanted and he started his style when he started his Shura

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and monsoon who was the highlight of the time.

00:27:06--> 00:27:33

monsoon was the chief of the time would come to Mumbai, Abu hanifa asked him questions when Mansoor and his wider debate regarding polygamy. You know, the brother's favorite topic is nothing new. It's always been a topic amongst the brothers. The Calif came to Mr. Mambo hanifa and he said, Oh, Imam, Abu hanifa how many wives can a man have and his wife was with him? He said for so he turned to his wife. He said, I told you,

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you could have for a Mambo and he wasn't wait. That fool is for those who are fair and what just and Allah says if you feel that you cannot be just than just one. And this was the Hanif he was taken aback by the boldness of Mama bouhanni for him Allah. On another occasion, he called the Lama. And he said, the people of Mosul made an agreement with me that if they rebel against me that their blood is halaal for me, I can execute them. And all the other scholars said, Oh, ameerul momineen. It's up to you, if you forgive them, that is good. But if you decide to execute them, that is also permitted, because they gave you an oath of allegiance, and Mr. Maloney for remained quiet.

00:28:27--> 00:28:29

And he said, What do you say Abu hanifa

00:28:30--> 00:28:34

and Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah said, he said amirul momineen.

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They gave you allegiance over that thing, which they do not own. They don't own their lives, alone their lives, and you don't have the right to take their lives. And Mansoor got in rage and he sent all that back. But when it came, listen to this when it came to making the coffee of his time. Who didn't monsoon choose? He chose in Mama bouhanni for him Allah, the herbicides and the oma yet both of them chose a mama boho diva, because they knew that there was no man who could compete with him in knowledge. And online. This is the arrogance of it. You have youngsters who can't string three words of Arabic together and they cast us slating the Imam. Oh, he was a mala J.

00:29:26--> 00:29:27

He was weak and had D.

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He had students who have fathered a D. How many people have followed the Hanafi Fiqh. throughout the centuries, millions, billions, and millions of them were scholars and those scholars, nobody could compete with them. And we don't follow one man. Remember this? No mother follows one man. We follow the school of thought, which had millions of scholars who looked at it who refined it

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and his arrogance of the

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behalf of some

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and the lack of knowledge, Mr. Sood offered him the post of being the cause he will pervert the chief judge in the herbicide kingdom and a mama bouhanni. For him, Allah refused.

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He refused, and monsoon insisted. And Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah said is an omen soon. If a case is brought against you, by Allah, I will pass verdict against you. And if you want me to retract it,

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I will not retract it even if you drown me in the Euphrates River. And he said this is when I have taken the post happily. What about when you forced me to take the post? And when Sood insisted and Imam Abu hanifa said, I'm not fit to take the post. And when Sue said you're lying, and Imam Abu hanifa said, See, I told you a liar can't be a judge.

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And this enrichments are in some ration. When Sue went to the gelato. He took the whip and he began to whip him honorable hanifa How old was Imam Abu hanifa he was close to 70 years old.

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Resolve peace people talk about Oh, Mr. Oh honey, you just think he spoke about Wu

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and Salah.

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The reason that Allah accepted him as a mom of Allah subhana wa Gemma was because of his sacrifice.

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This is why Allah accepted him. You think Allah would have accepted the role of Imam Abu hanifa and his students for 1300 years, ruling over the vast majority of the Muslim world.

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And monsoon put him into prison. And every day they would offer him the post. And every day he would he would refuse they would whip him until finally they couldn't break his resolve. And then region mentioned that they've poisoned him. And when he realized that he was passing away, he fell into frustration.

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He fell into frustration. And Allah extracted his rule while he was in the state of frustration.

00:32:12--> 00:32:13

And then ration the mentioned.

00:32:15--> 00:32:36

Then Rito gave him the Ghazal says that only five or six people knew that he had passed away. He said but when we carried out his body, he said by Allah I have never heard people crying in that manner that they cried when he paused when he saw his body. He said over 50,000 people pray digenova

00:32:38--> 00:32:42

50,000 people for 20 days people came to his grave.

00:32:43--> 00:33:07

And they prayed and he he requested that he's not buried inside Baghdad because he regarded DOD as usurped land. When Mansoor came to his grave, so why did you bury him here? And they said, because he regarded by the DOD to be usurped land and he didn't want his body to be buried in usurp land,

00:33:08--> 00:33:18

and when to turn to his grave. And he pointed to his grave, said Abu hanifa you tormented me in life, but I can't even get away from you even after your death.

00:33:21--> 00:33:41

And a Boolean mo Barak Rahim, Allah will lie. If I maybe Allah gives me opportunity. I will speak about the lightning Mubarak, he was a student in mamma hanifa of dilemna. Mubarak, if Imam Abu hanifa only had one student, one student, I was Abdullah memobottle. He would have sufficed

00:33:43--> 00:34:34

Abdullah Mubarak, he came to the grave of mamma hanifa. And he said, Oh, Abu hanifa when Ibrahim naki passed away, he left you in your shoes. He left you to finish shoes, but after you by law, nobody can fill your shoes. And somebody saw Mr. Mobile hanifa in the dream and he was in a very blissful happy state. And they asked him, he said Allah elevated my status because of people would curse me and slander me, and Imam Shafi Rahim Allah says, Why did Allah allow the Sahaba to be slandered? Even after their death, although they were people of elevated status after ambia nobody reached the status of the Sahaba he says because Allah wanted them to receive rewards even in their

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

graves and Allah once Imam Abu hanifa to receive reward in his grave, and this is why he allows little boys on the corner streets to backbite but it does nothing besides elevate the status of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. Upon occasion for mama Boniva was here today. What would you have said, upon occasion a person said to mama Abu hanifa, he said you be the teacher.

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:02--> 00:35:13

column is heretic and Mr. Mobile when he first began to cry, and he said by Allah, since they they I believed, I've never turned away towards Islam.

00:35:14--> 00:35:34

And I asked Allah to pardon me from the punishment of the Hereafter, and then re dementia when you reach the word punishment, he broke down and he began to stop. And the person who saw him call him as indeed he saw his sincerity. And he said, Chief, I asked you for Toba, I asked you to forgive me.

00:35:35--> 00:35:41

And Mr. Mobile hanifa forgave him, said I forgive you. But he said as for the allama

00:35:42--> 00:35:46

as for the allama, when they salon the other people,

00:35:47--> 00:35:53

they leave something behind them, because people have a tendency of following Allah Ma.

00:35:55--> 00:36:39

This is why my dear respected brothers and sisters, we should be careful of how we utilize our tongue, especially regarding the elders understand your status. When Omar Abdulaziz was asked regarding the controversy between the Sahaba he said, Allah saved our swords from the blood. Now allow Allah save our tongues from disparaging them. And this is how we should be. And secondly, you know, for us, we regard ourselves as all Muslims because you all follow the salaf we shouldn't just follow him on bable hanifa and his booboo

00:36:40--> 00:37:12

and his way you pray to Allah or the office Allah, but we should also follow him in his resolve in this trust in Allah subhanaw taala in the way he prayed Salah than ration mentioned he will pray Salah he was known as the pig that entire night he would pray in Salah. Among the hubby Rahim Allah said that it is tomato, a mama boo honey for him, Allah would stay up all night, all night doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't sleep at all. It means

00:37:14--> 00:37:38

and that's our whole focus. You don't really want to open it means he would pray for long, long periods of the night. And this is how we should be. We should take strength from these people's life's and we should endeavor to emulate the mere last $1 keep us united in this dunya and May Allah subhanaw taala reunite us in general for those Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah