Abu Rigaals of This Era

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So amongst them there was a man called Abu Nidal Abu Rizal. So now he goes with the army of abraha. And he says to the army abraha, I will show you where the karma and I will show you the best way to attack the Kaaba.

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So they reach a place called Muslim Miss. And when a Buddha girl reaches Muslim miss a Buddha girl dies now amongst the Arabs, even until today,

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if you have a person of a very deceptive nature, they say, oh, how the Buddha This is a Buddha Hall. Yeah, he's like a Buddha Hall until today. Why? Because even for the machinery key. They couldn't believe that a person was ready to sell out his people and his religion for some money. They couldn't believe this. So even until today, a person is who's offered deceptive nature. The Arab referred to him as a Buddha. At the time of the law, I knew there was a man who who thought he was dying. So what he did is he divorced all his wives, or his mother money he had. He gave it away. So

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who said he said what do you do? They said, I'm dying. I'm Robocop said to me. That's nothing besides shaitaan influencing you. He said, Take all your money back and take all your wives back. Otherwise,

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I will tell your grave like people pelt the grave of a Wounded Child. So what the Arab used to do is that when they would walk past the grave of Oregon, they will pick up stones although he was dead, they were throw stones his grave.

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That's what they would do. Why? Because this was a man who was ready to sell out his people his religion for $1 or a dime for a penny or a pound. And so Pamela brothers and sisters This is very important that we understand this. Why? Because Allah Subhana Allah has given this Deen this Deen is Allah subhana wa towers. This oma is the oma of the of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this religion is the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala bought by His Beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And regarding this deed,

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if anybody feels that he can sell out, no matter in a big fall, or a small form, the Muslim Ummah, you fall into the category of a Buddha.

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On a macro level, if you believe that you can sell out the Ummah, you can sell out places like Al Aqsa.

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You can sell out, those old press Muslim to side without presses, you fall into the camp of a Buddha.

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On a micro level, if you feel because you're beleaguered, you're the fifth column of society, and therefore you want to move with the powers.

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And therefore you always cite against the Muslim Ummah, against your own community, against the people of your religion, either people or religion are wrong, that's different.

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But you just then you fall into the camp of a Buddha.

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That's the camp that you fall into