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Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss upcoming events and campaigns related to Islam, including the Hadeeth Conference and men's national youth competition. They emphasize the need for men to try and make real change and acknowledge the importance of human responsibility and accountability in achieving Islam's goals. They also touch on the history and contributions of the Islamic society, including the lack of pride and pride in Islam and the loss of men and women in the face of the pandemic. The segment also touches on the importance of acceptance of Muslims as a source of pride and a source of human capital.
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Arcola festival to see for nice of having you here today to deliver this short verses presentation. My name is Marissa Qureshi, and I'm part of the first lignins committee.

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So this presentation is going to tell you a bit about what causes is, and what we do. So the process itself was established in 1963. So it's been going on for 49 years, Dr. Mashallah

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stands for the Federation of student Islamic societies.

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Established from the from the from the name, but it's sort of an umbrella body for the Islamic societies in the UK, and in Ireland. And its main purpose is really dedicated to serving Muslim students across the UK and Ireland.

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And this powerful IRA from the Quran, hold fast to the red cola all together, and do not mediastinitis. And that really is the essence of personas, regardless of your, your ethnicity of your age, or your race, or the language language you speak and of your, your your location. The main thing was ignited in Sharla. And that's one of the main purposes of versus

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So, like I mentioned before, has been active for 49 years. So what do we actually do?

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So, first of all events, we organize a lot of events. For example, the Midlands for our competition that we had last year we're having this year, as well, especially we've named it a hurun competition this year, and it's going to be housed at the University of Birmingham in mid March. And the main aim of this, this particular event is to just draw students close to the beautiful code on the Wii is glorious, it's miraculous in every way, not just linguistically. But even in the way it was revealed. So the main aim is to to, for students to grow closer to it, to to gain an understanding of it, and understand its meaning and stories and apply it to their day to day back. So and in fact,

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in addition to the to the nearest meaning of profit monitor, seven said that on the Day of Judgment, Corrado gave us a fee on the Day of Judgment, so inshallah may or may not get his go to Paradise inshallah. And that's the main episode.

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Obviously, we arranged it was for anything really successful, but we arranged for international speakers as well, as well as regional and national speakers, inshallah, we'll get chef.

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this incident, his brother, his brother. And he's a very, very interesting story, actually, he's born blind. And if you YouTube him, he always delivers this talk called blind eyes, not hard. And it's really, really inspirational to watch because he was actually born blind and became a professional wrestler, which is very, very interesting to see YouTube and Mitchell.

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And the annual conference is another big thing at the end of the year. Again, to promote this idea of Unity we we draw together all of the try and get as many students from across the country across the UK and Ireland to come to this last year's hard in Cardiff. And just a series of inspirational talks. And the most important thing is the atmosphere is really, really good. Similarly, you have a winter conference every year into a smaller scale. But, again, the main emphasis for our community.

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Another theme of faces is looking at the political side of things. So campaigning, as each of our first president, when we last met, you know, went by the tuition fees rose, there was a big campaign to sort that out because it was going to disproportionately affect the Muslim population. So it's really talking to the student cause

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participation with the National Union of Students as well. This Brother, brother was smiling. He, he was an isochronous again,

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in the old days, and then he is also a foetus, National Executive executive committee member. And now Mashallah, he's the Vice President for the National Union of Students that he imagined representing Muslims that have been a very national scale and he's in fact representing center around 7 million students in the country. So it's a big, big position. And recently the fiercest have done a drive to to get Muslim students across the country.

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elected as an us conference delegates for the annual annual annual conference when they can, they can have a say in motions passed about affecting students. So 100 others here you've got more Muslim and he has conference delegates than ever before.

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About the political side of things also, in terms of the AI

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training as well that's a key element of versus one of one of his key points.

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So really building quite it's all about building confidence. And recently we held in the Midlands and in different regions in the country I software one for the ISO committee members. And really the purpose of that was was simply just to to build, build the skills of ISO committee members, the team team working communication, and leadership, all of the qualities required to run a successful ISO 100 levels very successful in the Midlands.

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Joining the Guild,

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okay, yeah, we've got to try to again promote the idea of Unity we get, try and get different items together. So each other coming up in much more information for the brothers. inshallah we're going to be having a soccer event. I love spring University, I'm going to have a barbecue as well. So it's seven aside teams in Chicago here to see some teams from the Arizona

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National Student competition. I mentioned this before. So regionally, we'll get it we're gonna have come to the competition and then the finals will be at the first annual conference at the end of the year in Sharla.

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Okay, yeah, this was brilliant as well. For the charity week we tracked Mark Snowden in Wales. So it's really character building adventury but it was worth every every drop of sweat and every muscle pain for a good cause under law, so just to get the Thai socks together and raise money for charity.

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Pressure pads of course, as well, you might remember you received some fashion professional packs at the start of the year as often places

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we work with a key obviously, we try to work with as many scholars and chefs as we can. So he has to be as far back from from Zimbabwe you might be familiar with Chef or Azerbaijani chef is both equals actually Christian priest before he kind of reverted to Islam Mashallah you get very heartwarming talks. Just a few of our missions. organizations as well as a few organizations that that we work with as well might be familiar with on McGregor Institute Islamic Relief, working for charitable causes. So your regional team

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so you got your fitness chair as a medic if you need to contact him, there's an email address in Sharla touch up my sister will be

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quite happy that

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the vice chair

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and for the sisters by Woodlands dog by sister versus the old UK if you've got any questions at all to ask

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and ensure that we've got our AGM coming up soon as well. So if you if you'd like to get involved with with posters, you can even run to positions on the person's committee in Sharla. And you can find out more about what versus doing what we've been doing this year in more detail.

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And you can run to the committees and make real changes. And I'd like to end on a Hadeeth from our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and extract from the need to the nearest meaning where you need my pair of five before five take care of five before five. So take care of your use two of these take care of your use before you become elderly and take care of your free time for you to come busy and inshallah grace to skills here vegetables and so inshallah maybe make the most of our youth in a few years time when they're older and a lot more busy. You want to think to ourselves that we made the most of our youth to try and get as involved as you can in your local slots. And in

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the first is quality control

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and support. I haven't actually got any donation forms raising baby in the future if the opportunity arises, please donate to us as well.

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And now your Federation needs

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support in over 100,000 Muslim students in over 100 Islamic societies across the UK since 1963. And now your Federation needs one pound to propose the support of Muslim students for generations to come make a real change by investing today.

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Okay, excellent. And just just to conclude just you can you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook as well to get regular updates about upcoming events as well as the sisters event that's final decisions have been

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About that, obviously the I soccer event for the brothers as well. So to say find us on Facebook inshallah.

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And that is all it is. Thanks very much

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for that introduction and telling us about

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the moment we've all been waiting for

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a speech inshallah on heroes in Islam,

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handling of anatomy sort of Salaam is even more serene, hold on 100. While early, he was hoping he would

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Something just came to my mind when the brother

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mentioned the title, although I knew the title.

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Something escapes my mind, the heroes of the swamp.

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See, whenever

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we have a title like the heroes of Islam, what comes to everybody's minds is

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he's going to be speaking about this habit of the Lancome he's going to be speaking about one individual, or some individuals, male or female in Islamic history, who were great ambassadors for Islam. And I think that's one of the fundamental issues that Muslims have. Nobody really tries to be a hero themselves. And when I mean hero, I don't mean hero and can be understood in the western context.

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Nobody endeavors to be a person, a man or a woman of substance. And this is why one of the major problems that Muslims have today is that we like to live off our legacy.

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So we like to live off the heroes of Islam, without ever endeavoring to reflect those heroes.

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And this is, when

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you look into Islamic history, you will see that men like noodle beam, or Hema Hawa was known to be very,

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inspiring. neurobion For those who don't know who the Dean was, lutein was, he was a teacher of philosophy. He was the king of

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Syria. He was actually Turkish in descent. And he was Allahu deeds, TG very pious person. And it may be the famous historian says that I have studied the history of all the kings, and the whole of it dude, and sits

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on him a whole lot.

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The Muslims never had a leader like duty. That was over 400 years later, became meaningful 400 years, people, the Muslim did not have a leader like no d 400 years. And who created a man likes a hobby. But if you read the biography, you'll be he was known for justice.

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Somebody will say Island justice of Blue Beam.

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And no Dean actually had entire books written on the life of Omar Abdulaziz. He studied them. He had specially written for him. And he practiced upon what he learned. He didn't live off legacy. He became a man of substance himself.

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This is what's missing in the Muslim world today, okay. Bah bah, bah.

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Bah, you know, was a man who read books on the life of an usher one. Initial one was the Persian. He was the Persian king who was known for his justice and all the other when he became the heavy, he had men from Persia, like promoted parmesan and others who lived in Medina would actually read the books of amateur One, two.

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Because at that time, the superpower of the day was the Persian superpower

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and a very sophisticated nation and almost

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One of the Learn from them,

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whatever he could apply from the life of religion, one or from the system of the Persians on the other when they would take a Persian city, because in that time, Iraq

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was the Center for the Persian Medina was the center of the Persians. There wasn't in Iran, it was actually in Iraq. And

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whenever they took city which was run by the Persians, he left it as it was the systems because there was a very nervous system to very good wherever you have to give a slamming paradigm he gave him a Slavic paradigm they learnt from others they took, what was unique was that they endeavored to be people of substance themselves.

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Now, the problem today with the Muslim throughout the world, is that we live of our legacy. So when we speak about justice, we said, look at Muslim Spain.

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Look at Muslim Spain, look at the Justice bar, look at the justice of the disease. Look at the concern that men like slothful Dean had. And then you have a football match in a Muslim country, and 80 people die as a consequence.

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Because we have this tendency of living of a legacy, not trying to aspire to be what Allah says in the Quran, Allah says of other believers, he said, Come to

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Egypt in us, you know, you are every one of you is meant to be a man or woman is meant to be

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the best of nations,

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the best of people. And then what is the last things he says about the believers that reject liveness? You have been taken out for the benefit of you? Not? Not, you know, the Muslims, not the Muslims are most amateur amongst us is amazing statements. They didn't ask that humanity should really see your good.

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Humanity should see your good. Now I asked question. Christian, you're also asked, I asked you

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by some miracle,

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by some miracle if tomorrow

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the 1.3 or 1.5 billion Muslims disappeared off the face of this earth

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What humanity missed the Muslims.

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And I'm not asking you as a un individual, maybe you know, your neighbor would miss you because you send this amongst others. And

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I'm set mentioned as a community, would humanity really miss the contribution of the Muslims today?

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I know there'll be a lot of people throwing a party

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lobby will celebrating. But the truth is I don't think that many people will miss the contribution of the Muslim community or the Muslim countries.

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How did that happen? When a was a

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quantum hailer on multi region Ignace. You are the best of Amaz best of nations, that humanity should see you good.

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Humanity should see your good

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because one of the problems is

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that we live on one legacy. Secondly, you know, we are idealistic for everybody else. But we're not idealistic for ourselves.

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So Islamic Society and I mentioned this every single time as it is and nobody should take this wrong. The members of the Islamic Society

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who are in charge, expect everybody to flip in for the talk without actually breaking into a sweat themselves.

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Because responsibility is not is not position of honor. is accountability.

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None of the horrible ones you don't want to take a responsibility. Now those however the animal Omar was passing away look at the words of Omar Abdullah

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entered the room. The alarm is passing away. Abdullah

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was crying. And oh, who was

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the alarm? Who was he? You know, this was a man in a period of 10 and a half years of being the earth. He bought down the two superpowers of the day the Byzantines and the Persian 10 and the house

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the Persians had been a superpower for over 1200 years, just for a short period when they were defeated by the Greeks. That's the only time they relinquished being a superpower. And then they became a superpower again, 1200 years, put that in the context of Muslims. We've been around for what over a number of years and you look at the issues that we've had the highs and the lows and the ebbs and the flows, but you look at one of the important down and then if you look at those parts of the world,

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the Persians arrest us route. Very few became Zoroastrian. The Byzantines ruled few more became Christians. But when the Muslims came, the vast majority of that peninsula embraced Islam. Why? Because Islam didn't just practice, you know, your salon.

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It wasn't just your braids or your any jobs, they understood the responsibility that come to accommodate a pregnancy, you are the best donation taken out for the benefit of humanity. And

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he spread justice

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anybody who could not work in the Muslim world

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and who has an allowance for him

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the racial dimension or model the law, the ones walked past that you saw

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this, a group of Christians who are suffering from leprosy

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and who took out

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well from the vapor model and is bent upon them. And those who were killed find those who were not killed or more of their money spent on them until the day they die.

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You know, Omar started child benefit

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with loving at the front

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of the starving child benefit. This is no exaggeration.

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When he was the police him a group of people came into Medina

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and the people who came into Medina

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go and look after these people know who these people have got Maribel, Who's Who? Who can tell me what was in the audience.

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Agenda, what else

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he was a multi millionaire.

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He was the richest officer of the upon him and of mom, when he came into Medina, he was penniless.

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And the amazing thing was, he was from the age he was a multi millionaire. And his sister was married to who his sister was married to Bella,

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multi millionaire, and what was

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the most powerful man on the face of this earth saying, look, let's go and help. Let's go and assist these people. And they go in their own mind. They look after these people.

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during the night, there was this lady whose child kept from crying. So out of the line went up to this lady and he said, You look after your child is crying, she didn't notice

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earlier and later on onward, went again and saw the child crying again.

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And all the lumps of water, water your mother, you are your child, you're crying all night.

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And you you are you know you don't come after your child. And she said the reason my child is crying that I'm trying to wean him off, because Bob has stipulated an allowance for every child who is weaned off and I need that money. So we get asked How old is your child is used to give an agent one of the adult hates it, take your time.

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And then I'm going to monitor Oh Sees that in the footer of the salon. I swear by Allah on one cried so much that we couldn't understand his recitation. Then an after salam, our have a lot of turned around, and he's speaking himself as a woman to your alma, how many children you must have killed you to this rule of yours. Then our main is stipulated that for every child born they will be given an allowance of $100 humps almost 1400 years ago one of the spotted

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child benefits

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and now Canada wants

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Muslim convenience

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They'll probably get memory later on.

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Four days before the alarm passed away,

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who said to leave up is another name I swear by Allah if Allah gives me life until next year no woman in law we need any man besides.

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I will provide almost said that I will ensure that the Bedouins in the mountains of Santa will attain their allowance.

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This was this was the

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these are what we achieved 1400 years ago.

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