Zahir Mahmood – Grooming Gangs

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The Home Secretary and Fox News discuss the origins of Islam's teachings, including drug and alcohol, and the potential for abuse and exploitation. They also touch on cultural sensitivities and the use of "emphasously" within religion to assert themselves. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals and calls for people to stop drugs and rape. They also criticize the use of religion in politics and say "emphasously" to assert themselves.
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You're the Home Secretary.

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You meant to be looking out your people the Home Secretary and you come in up with Fox News trash No Go Go areas. Brava. Brava. Have you ever been to any of our areas? Show me I challenge you show me one no go area within the Muslim community. Show me one.

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Oh salatu salam ala ZD mursaleen Maulana Muhammad, while he was Herbie he woman Sylvia Humbert son in law Medina about brothers, elders, sisters law and the law.

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I thought today i'd touch on a topic which has been kind of lurking within our community for a while.

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And at the outset, I want to make something very clear that look, the endeavor here is not to trivialize the suffering, or the torment of anybody.

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And the topic is

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the grooming gangs. So the so called Muslim grooming gangs, and obviously, these girls have been through horrific

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abuse and exploitation.

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But what I want to do is I want to put a narrative straight and the narrative is very important is that

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there's does Islam actually have anything to do with these grooming gangs? Because often we hear that they are called Muslim grooming gangs, or occasionally they're called Asian grooming gangs. And this is exploited by people to their own ends, you know, the right wing, the far right will say, look, see, the Muslims are a problem. The Muslim won't integrate and because they won't integrate we have all these issues with the Muslim community.

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And therefore, it leads to other things. So this is a topic which we just heard recently, after the Huddersfield arrests, that they were Asian grooming gang, some of them referred to them as Muslim grooming gangs.

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Now, what we would argue

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is that they have nothing to do with our religion. Actually, they are the furthest thing from our religion. What are these individuals these, Pakistani, Asian, Bengali, Indian, Afghani, whatever background they came from? What were they accused of? They were accused of exploitation, abuse, plying these girls with alcohol and drugs, illicit relationships, *, and at times even pimping as Muslims, what we would say that every single one of these things actually is a crime within our religion.

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If it's a crime within our religion, then how can this have anything to do with our religion? So let's start with the issue of abuse and exploitation. So they abused these young girls and understand that these girls were under age they were under the age of 16. So they abused these girls. So how do they abuse them in many forms? But what is the religion the deen of Islam say about abuse? The message of Allah Allah Allah Allah wa sallam said in a narration related by Imam Ahmed in his Muslim, the message of Allah said

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that wasn't Muslim wallow can occur from Willow Kanika Fearon lace aduna hijab

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that the that the call and the Diwan of an oppressed person, even if he is a disbeliever it reaches Allah subhanho wa Taala and there is no veil between that duar and that cry of that person, between that person cry and Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And the interesting thing in this ratio is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well, no Ghana curriculum, even if that person is a disbeliever, but the person is exploited. The person is oppressed, when they make a dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala they may not even believe in Allah, this is a jeep.

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They don't even believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala but Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts that door.

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So how can this have anything to do with our religion? Mr. Bahari is related in the region that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting down and the janazah went past and the prophet SAW Allah Allah sort of stood up for the janazah

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and there's a harbor said O Messenger of Allah. That's not the janazah of a Muslim

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That's the janazah of a Jew. Why are you standing up for as a messenger of Allah said Elisa Nuff said, Isn't that a soul as well? Isn't that a human being as well? This person died on the cover what was between him and a person Allah is between that person and Allah, but the promise of law someone was showing this oma that this person died on Cooper.

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And we should show the dead respect and what about those who are alive?

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah yahama Allah mala,

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mala yamasa on that day when each one of us will need the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And we will ask Allah subhana wa Taala for their mercy on the Day of Judgment, the Messenger of Allah alayhi wa sallam said, Allah will not show any of these individuals mercy who did not show mercy to other people.

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The words that the Messenger of Allah said, he didn't say that the person who shows mercy to another Muslim, he said enough Muslims or non Muslims, everybody, every single individual, if you do not show that person mercy in this dunya then on the day of judgment when the entirety of humanity will be there, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah subhanho wa Taala will not show you mercy. So abuse and exploitation has nothing to do with our religion. And there are so many other generations. Okay, what about the playing these guilds, with drugs with alcohol? The message of Allah said about intoxicants, he said regarding hammer, and tongs, intoxication, he said, omo haba

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is an intoxication or the mother of all evils. Because when a person is intoxicated, he'll do things that he never will do before. How many a woman get battered at home? Because of the fact that the husband is intoxicated?

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How many a crime is perpetrated? Because a person is intoxicated? The messenger will now call it the mother of all evil. The amazing amazing thing about this religion is this I tell you, we are missing yourself Allah Allah wa sallam was the only man in history, who managed to eradicate alcohol from his community. No man before him, No man, after the prophets, Allah sort of managed to do this. So how can you say that this has anything to do with our religion? They apply them with alcohol and drugs. The various alarm system didn't just curse, the person who drinks the alcohol, the Messenger of Allah curse 10 people

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who are involved in alcohol, the what? And so what about when you're distributing it to other people harass within our religion? So then they say, Oh, these people, they had illicit relationships with these girls.

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They raped them on certain occasions and they even pimped them.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, la Krupa Zina do not come close to committing Zina

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Zina. Allah doesn't say don't perpetrate don't commit Zina. Allah says, Do not even come close to Xena meaning anything which is a means of you doing Zinner touching, looking, talking, which can possibly lead you to committing to Jenna the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah subhanaw taala makes it Haram. So then how can any of these things have anything to do with our religion?

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They is no connection. You know, this is the irony. I tell you the irony.

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On one front, you will say to us, you know, Muslims, you're too sexually conservative.

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You know, you don't shake hands with the opposite gender. Men don't shake hands with women. Women don't shake hands with men. You know, you don't even allow a peck on the cheek or a little hug.

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Your women want to dress up, you won't wear the bikinis. That's on one on one one front. You say you're too sexually conservative. On the other front, when it suits you, you know you are hyper sexualized beasts. And both of them originate from your religion.

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Both of them, you will * you will elicit in the name of Islam and on the other friend on the other front. You won't even shake hands with the opposite agenda. And that's also propelled by your religion. Listen, you can't have it both ways.

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Make up your mind and this is the

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Kind of the predicament that Muslims are always in is damned if you do, damned if you don't. In reality, we don't give a damn what you think. Because we know what the reality is,

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you know, after the rhythm

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of the Roman scandal,

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one of the things which really interesting what that what they said is they said, Oh, you know why we the police and the social workers and the council, they said you know why we didn't bring it up is because we were taking into consideration critical consideration, cultural sensitivities, meaning that we didn't want to be known as racists, we didn't want to be known as islamophobes. So this is why we knew it was going on. But because the perpetrators were Muslims, and because they were Asians, we didn't really want to make a big issue out of it. You don't really want to lie. This one really made me laugh. When every whenever you get something wrong, you deflect the responsibility on

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to the minorities and today on to the Muslims. What you are concerned about are our cultural sensitivities. We are the very same people. For every positive media report on the Muslim we have 27 which are negative Lancaster University is 75% less chance of us getting a job compared to our white counterparts. Bristol University. Whenever your politicians have a bad day and they want cheap political boats, what do they say? They start cussing the Muslims.

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Your institutions Ofsted and others are politicized against them Muslims on every single front, you're happy to blame us for everything. And then on the other hand, when it suits you say oh, no, we didn't want to make it a scandal we didn't want to we knew the police say we knew they were Muslims, and they were Asians. But we were taking into consideration cultural sensitivities. Now if that is the case, listen to this. When some of these cases will pedophiles some of these all these cases were pedophiles. Some of them were *. Some of them were pimping. When did cultural sensitivities ever stop you stopping a * from doing what he's doing? a * from doing

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what he was doing? You know, they had the J report after this. By Dr. Jay Z did a report she gave 14 recommendations, 14 recommendations.

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All of them what to do with the institute's the police, the the Council, the social services, not one of them were to do with race.

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Now, when you read the reports in the media, you think that's only Muslims doing it. Only Muslim gangs are out there. It's only the Muslim world of pedophiles. They're the ones who exploit white girls. Firstly,

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Dr. J mentioned that it wasn't just white girls that were exploited. They were actually exploiting Asian girls as well. But there's a taboo within the communities. She says we will never know how many Asian girls were exploited but they were exploited because there is a taboo in the community and they will not come out and say it openly.

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But we everybody you remember the road Rome and the Rochdale you know you remember the the media pieces Muslim grooming gangs, Asian grooming gangs.

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The Independent came out with a headline The next day, they said we need a national debate on Muslim grooming ilaha illAllah like if it had anything to do with our religion, we need a debate on national grooming. Now let me tell you the statistics

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of the grooming of the pedophiles in Rotherham.

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68% were white 24% were Asian 8% would be me and 3% were female.

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Now this is still a high proportion for the Asians.

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But not one news media picked up on this report. Not one. Why? Because you have an agenda to frame the Muslims.

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Have you ever let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard of a Christian grooming gang?

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Have they ever mentioned the Christian grooming gang? Never have I ever seen a Christian * says Christian * white *, but you see Asian pedophiles, Muslim paedophiles. Why do you bring the religion into and I'll deal with this later on because there is

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is an agenda there. So 68% I remember reading the report while it seemed like every single * in Rotherham was a Muslim.

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The vast majority of * is done one on one, one on one on grooming gangs, one on one. The vast majority of victims are one on one, you know, the vast majority and I don't want to make this a race issue. I just want to state the facts. Because you know, you're too easy to demonize us. The vast majority of pedophiles are white,

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or white. The white community in this country is approximately 86%.

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The Crown Prosecution recorded that 80 to 90% of the pedophiles are actually white

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82 nuts Why is there no public outcry? Why aren't we having national debates on the fact that there is a problem within the white community but I don't believe is a problem. But what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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If you want to demonize the Muslim community, that there are a bunch of pedophiles, that it's got something to do with our religion, then let's have this national debate and this is the problem see with the Muslim community that you actually begin to internalize you actually begin to actually believe what being said every day. You know, you have these reports of Muslim * gangs, Muslim Muslims doing this Muslims perpetrating this it has nothing to do with our religion. I tell you where the problem lies.

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And I am not exonerating anybody from the problem lies with men.

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The vast majority of people, literally all paedophiles are men.

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Literally all not because they're Muslims, not because of the one because the way they perceive the other children and with the Asians, and generally not just Asian specifically, it's the way you treat the way you perceive women.

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Because the way that you perceive women, then then it justifies it for you. For others. It's the way you perceive children.

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And it justifies you, but why is there no national call on this? Why is it always an issue when it's Muslim? So we have this guy, this Home Secretary? Yeah, Sajid Javid. Let me read his tweet after the Huddersfield arrest. Let me read his tweet he says

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these sick pedophiles sorry these sick Asian pedophiles are finally facing justice. I want to commend the bravery of the victims. So these sick Asian pedophiles are finally facing justice. What has Asian got to do with it? And I honestly believe that this guy would have possibly mentioned Muslim but because the ringleader was a Sikh he couldn't mention that the rest one Muslims

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but he mentioned that these sick Asian Why are you racializing it? Let me just give you a bit of background regarding Sajid Javid. Sajid Javid is our Home Secretary, Conservative Party cabinet member. All his early political life, he tried to distance himself from the Muslim community.

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So when he was asked,

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he said I come from Pakistani Muslim heritage out believing in God, but I am I practice I don't practice any religion.

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Now is a strong possibility. When he said I don't practice any religion so why is he saying any religion normally you would say I don't practice Islam. I don't practice my religion. So I don't practice any religion is at all my wife is a practicing Christian and the only religion in my house which is practice Christianity.

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Okay, when he was asked what was your favorite place other than the UK? Where would you like to live? He said Israel. Really not be strong.

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See, there have only been two Muslims ever in the cabinet in the conservative cabinet. Say the word see. And Sajid Javid say the worse he resigned

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because of the Palestinian issue. And this guy remain where he was because he loves Israel.

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And then he comes out with this tweet,

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you know, a Jeep Listen to this. Then he says I want to commend the bravery of these victims.

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Really interesting. When did this happen?

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All this grooming all this * happened under your watch your gun

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Governments watch your police institutes. Your council Institute's the blame lies with you. Why are you passing the buck on us for? why don't why don't you ever tweet that 80 to 90% of * is committed by white people. Why? Because your Uncle Tom

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you know what Uncle Tom is is not a racial slur. You know what Uncle Tom is? Uncle Tom is He who will serve his political masters at the expense of his own community? All your life you said that you had nothing to do with Islam. You don't practice Islam. Then when the Grenfell tower issue happened the first time I saw him, oh yeah, I'm a Muslim because the Muslims are afflicted, afflicted. Now you went to Pakistan all of a sudden when you reach where you want it to reach you know, you you refine your identity but listen to this. Then he goes at the end of his tweet

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Not on my watch. They will be no go area there will be no no go areas. La ilaha illAllah This is Fox News trash.

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You're the Home Secretary.

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You meant to be looking out for your people Home Secretary and you come in up with Fox News trash no God go areas. Brava. Brava. Have you ever been to any of our areas? Show me I challenge you show me one no go area within the Muslim community. Show me one.

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You know why? Let me tell you you know why people play identity politics, I tell you why they play. Only time ever. You pray identity politics, you have a crime. And then you mentioned the ethnicity, or the religion of those people. Only one time when you want to criminalize criminalized those people, when you want to criminalize those people, that is the only time you will use it.

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They normally use identity politics at the time of war.

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At the time of war, so when you say he's a Muslim, it's a Muslim grooming gang, what you are saying is not you what you are saying that these Muslims are the enemies of the wider community. They're not like the rest, they can't integrate. They groom white girls, your white girl, which is a lie in the first place. Because if you look at pedophiles, the vast majority of pedophiles are white,

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or white. And this is where, where identity politics lies. This is why people use identity politics. And as Muslims, you know, we need to be a bit deeper than we are. We look at these things and we start feeling embarrassed.

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And finally,

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I want to I want to address the issue with the Muslims.

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The Muslim groomers now, because Islam has anything to do with this, but because these people happen to be Muslims. I say Well, like I can't understand, let alone a hue, let alone a Muslim how any human being could sink to this level.

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You pride these girls with alcohol,

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with drugs, you're * them, you pimp them, you have a lesser relationship and then you the very same people will go home

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to your daughters, to your sisters, to your wives like your some honorable individuals.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Lola Martin Yama, Yama, he said the love that you perpetrate in this dunya on the Day of Judgment, it will be darkness, it's for you.

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You will see that it will be done with any zulum that you perpetrate the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah humma in your holiday Jehovah

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and your team. Well, Mr. O'Mara. He said, I,

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I will ensure that I enforce the right of to weak people, vulnerable people. You know what my the vast majority of these girls if you see, they were wonderful girls, they stayed in homes. They had mental health problems. And by the time the degenerates finished with them, they were scarred for the rest of their life. You don't have any daughters. Don't you have any sisters? Don't you have a mother? When the man came to the purpose of the law, there was some young man and he said O Messenger of Allah, give me permission to commit Zina.

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The Messenger of Allah Subhana. Allah says, Come closer, this is the most close this is most clean of beings. And this young man wants to perpetrate a final action. And the Messenger of Allah said autonomy needs to come closer.

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He said, Oh, my son. Don't you have a mother said yes, he said would

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Do you like others to do dinner with your mother?

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So don't you have a sister? Is that would you like others to do dinner with your sister? Would you like anybody? Because what like any of these girls would it be mind your daughter? Would you like anybody you play drugs to your daughter?

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To give them drugs and and * them.

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And the mercy of Allah said, I will look after the team and the woman because they were the vulnerable in the community. You all heard the Hadith, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about that woman.

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He said that the woman she deprived a cat. She looked up a cat left the cats starving.

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She left it starving, until the cat died. The promise of Allah La wa sallam that this woman is destined for the fire of jahannam

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Why did the Messenger of Allah give an example of cat he could have given an example of another human being? Why? Because the Messenger of Allah wanted to show us that if this is the room that you do on a cat and Allah will give you jahannam Then what about other human beings?

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What about other human beings?

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Well, ah, you know, it's sad that we even have to speak about these issues.

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You go home to your family, or your children and your wife and you have done this, and this is why brothers and sisters Listen to me.

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And I'm not saying this. I know Uncle Tom. I'm not saying this because they want us to say this. It's an obligation if we see a crime like this perpetrated against children, that we stop it or we inform the authorities.

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The message of the law said Whoever sees it evil from amongst you didn't stop it with his hands. And if you're unable to stop it, then the next people who can stop it with their hands is the authorities. It's Haram.

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Allah define this in the Quran is kuntum hailer Amata aqui Chaplin us, you are the best, you are the best of oma. Who else is taken out for who know for the Muslims not for the Arabs?

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You know, I love this argument. They keep presenting they say they say that this is a Muslim, Muslim problem. Muslim grooming gang, then I asked you a question. If it's a Muslim grooming gang, the Where are the Africans in the grooming gangs? Who is a Muslim problem? Where are the Africans? Where are the Arabs? If Islam is the thing that propels these people, then where are the Arabs?

00:27:39 --> 00:27:51

Were where where is the Africa? Where is the Malaysians? Where are the Indonesian? It's got nothing to do with Islam. I tell you where only connection it's got to do with Islam is in the figment of your demented imagination. That's it

00:27:53 --> 00:27:58

nowhere else and therefore brothers. Allah has defined this quantum hydrometer

00:27:59 --> 00:28:08

You are the best of people taking out for the benefit of humanity. Humanity should see your hair and we have people of our Ummah

00:28:10 --> 00:28:25

doing things like this. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the tofik to realize our purpose. May Allah subhanaw taala guide these individuals may Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to retain a glorious heritage barakallahu ecom salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

The Sermon was delivered at As-Suffa Institute on 26 October 2018

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