Forgiven For Quenching A Thirsty Dog

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Have you ever wronged somebody and they've passed away, and you want Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive you.

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1400 years ago, the message of Allah taught us

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how to treat animals.

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You all heard it and I've said it numerous times, the famous narration

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where there was a woman.

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And then Rachel mentioned she was a loose woman. She liked to touch and she like to be touched. So she liked to touch and she liked to be touched.

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So she went to a well, and she did she and there was no buckets. So she went down, she drank the water, she came back up.

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And then she looked around and she saw a dog which lapping in some narrations that the back of a dress was wet, and it began to lap the back of a dress.

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So she said to herself, this dog is thirsty like I was, remember what kind of woman like to touch and like to be touched.

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So she descended back into the world.

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She took over a shoe with water, held there between his teeth, and she came up, climbed up. Then she went to this dog,

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magic law Park.

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And she took this water and she pulled it into the mouth of the dog.

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Allah loved

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the compassion of this woman so much upon a dog that Allah forgave her since.

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And if Allah forgives you, you enter Jannah

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and this is why the law say that if you want a lot to forgive you for a sin.

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Then give more to those people who don't have water. Create a well, the greatest way of getting mugged for from Allah. If you ever wronged somebody and they've passed away, and you want Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive you.

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Then they go well give water to those people who don't have water. Because if Allah can forgive a woman who was a loose woman for giving water to a dog,

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that insha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will also forgive you.

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And conversely, you have the other story

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of a woman who stabbed a cat

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stabbed a cat. She looked the cat up and she gave it nothing to eat until the messenger Allah said it began to eat the insects. It would try to find moisture, it would lick the dust.

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And this woman

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left the cat like this until the cat guide. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said regarding this woman that she was thrown into the fire of jahannam for being cruel to a cat.