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Why is it that a group of people

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who claim to be destined for the boat have a terminal success,

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miserably unsuccessful English transients.

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Y is another group of people who are meant to be the leaf as of last fall upon this, the vice chairman of us

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have become a slave to a godless capitalist society.

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Why is it that when you speak to these people, and you speak about the atrocities which are committed against them, they all say, they are committed because we are Muslims. They all say that our civil liberties are being eroded because we are Muslims. But when you look at them, and you look at the solution that they're looking for, it's somewhere else. It's not

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they are looking at this philosophy or they are looking at this ideology. They say the problem is that we Muslims,

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that what is happening to us today is because we are Muslims, but if you look into their lives, they are looking at this philosophy, but one thing that they don't look at is the Quran and the Sunnah, and understand for everybody else, other philosophies will work, other ideologies will work but for the Muslims, no other ideology no philosophy will work. The only thing which will bring back the is of the Muslims is the Quran and the Sunnah, that is the only thing

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and therefore let's look into the life of the province of Muslim and the word of the Prophet is Allah Allah upon occasion, the prophet is a masala was speaking to the people

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about the time which will be full of fitness

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and this hobby became very concerned and they said

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this will be the way out

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they became concerned this is what will be the way out and the brothers

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Kitzhaber law, he said hold on to the book of online the time of fitness, this is what you have to do. And this is why for 1400 years, not a word not a letter not adopted changing the book of the last 1400 years in the period of 1400 years reverse change direction, civilizations fall and others rise languages become extinct and others evolve but the book of Allah, Allah is exactly the way through will 1400 years ago upon the prophets of Allah and it was a this is a book regarding some losses in

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Accra, another hula habit do we are revealed and we will craft a law stating the duty upon himself to look after them.

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And therefore no interpolation can come into it. So the province of law said hold on to the book of Allah de nada Omen Ghana. In it is the narratives of those who came before you the stories of those who came before you, then probably as a Muslim is speaking about the time of fitna. So what fit What relation is fitna have other stories in the book of Allah. See Allah subhanaw taala has a thing called Sunnah. And this should

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never change. They remain the same throughout humanity. And this is why that if you want to understand why you're in the decadence that you find yourself in today, then you look into the stories of the old and you will find relevances you will find how the health of the laws of amygdala came to them. And if you look into the story of Musa alayhis salam and

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you will find many relevancies

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you will find many relevance of what made your own haughty what made him proud. It was his power. And this is why he killed insemination. 20,000 Israelite children in some region 80,000 he butchered them because he wanted to secure his purse. And you look at the powers today that they can kill 1.5 million children in Iraq to spread their hegemonic. This is exactly the same thing for our policy that either you were with him or you were against him. And if you were against him, then Pharaoh would put you into bondage. What does this do to the powers of today? Do they put you in bondage, the bondage of many types see today what they do they slap embargoes upon you sanctions upon you. So

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when your people are sick, they don't have the medicine to cure. When you want petrol, you don't have the petrol. You don't have the infrastructure in your country, you cripple the economy, it's bondage. It's slavery, just a different form of slavery.

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And really, it would be no exaggeration to say that the Muslims living in the West have I moved to LA salatu salam

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grew up in the house of your own because I grew up in the house of Iran and the Muslims in the West like

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we grew up in

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The House of your own, and he was a source of destruction for your own. But the reality is that we do not want to be a source of destruction for these people, because the reality that many of these people are good at.

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But we have failed in our duty, we have a duty to these people, to call them what allows Mandela because we're caught up in the rat race. And all our day is spent in the duty We have no time for anything else. We are the humanities of a man.

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After who knows a profit will come.

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And therefore the duty of propagating this deep is upon our shoulders. And you look into the seat of the professor for 40 years, even before Prophet would

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have won the hearts and the minds of the machine. And this is why when he stood up on the mountain of sofa, and he said if I was to tell you that there is a group of Army who are ready to attack you, would you believe me, and in one voice, they also have indeed we are ready to believe you because we have always found you to be a mean, we have always found to be solid when the mushrikeen with a given example of a person where the upright amongst them, they will say look, I'm humbled to La La La Silla.

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And even then, with his upright character, they turned away, even then, and we look at our stage, we were the junior to convert, but look.

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We are regarded by the rest of humanity as the most self righteous self conceited wigeon group of people on the face of this earth, because we are all to blame other people who are decadence that we find ourselves in.

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And the reality is that we need to have a proactive approach. We need to put our energies back into society, we need to change ourselves. Because if we can't change ourselves in the way that we're gonna revolutionize

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you know, if you can't make up for the ones that don't speak about revolutionising the world, really, because they're

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gonna descend upon a group of people look at us look at our society, one line across society, that 90% at least even 50% of our women don't even know the forms of

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you expect the help of Allah to descend.

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We have sisters, we have cousins, who don't even know that

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they are mothers, their wives their whole life, they go through it in a knockout stage, how do you

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do this and then try and live they go through it, and the only time they become boss is the day they die, and they are given.

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And then you

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have to say

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that you must do as much as you can, and then love the sense of you look in the mobile browsers and you will see this again and again and again, that he did as much as he could.

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And then they

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descended, understand that to call people to Allah. Allah is a difficult duty and you will find obstacles. But if you remain steadfast, if you stand,

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then you're allowed, but you will find obstacles. So this is an approach that the Muslim should have that you are active and you do stumble upon the calamities.

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This is what the Muslims aspire for. So the

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time of fitna will come, so in this time of it now hold on to the book of Allah

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is the narratives of those who came before you.

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And the stories of those who will come after you the news of those who will come after you. Why is Allah mentioned the news of those who will come after you see the book of Allah? Allah is a book which is a source of guidance until the final day, shutdown, promise Abbas, Montana for things. He said, Well, that

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is that I will lead them astray. And you look at majority of humanity today, instead of becoming the seventh of Ramadan, they are the servants of shaitaan.

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Then he said,

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and he said, I will give them unto their passions and their desires. And so you can rudely define false passions and desires into two, what are your common desires, your desire for the flesh, and you look at our society, how it how it has come to the wish of Shabbat? Really, you look into our society today, that it is a six driven society. It is a six man society, that the society promotes sex as long as long as you have safe sex because according to them, it's a physical thing. Can you carry on? What islamically It's a spiritual thing. When the husband comes to his wife. he recites gloves and allows $1 safeguards that child and the Mr. Right that this is the first right of the

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child because

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It's a spiritual thing. And you look at society today, that is by the age of 16. You ever broken your virginity, there's something wrong with you. This is what society propose. Although a real man Hello, people go with the flow, a real man who is who could stand up for the sake of Allah, Who can stem the tide of society, because he believes that he's gonna stand in front of a mouse. And this is why out of the seven people who will be under the shade of a loss, on the day of judgment will be that young man

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who grew up in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he will be under the shade of Allah. So the first form is your carnal desire,

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I will give them into the Congo desires.

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The second

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that she will delude you into believing into false aspirations of this,

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he will make you believe in false aspirations of this dunya. And he will make his demeanor the purpose of your life, not only will he make this dinner, the purpose of your life, he will not give you time to even think about the purpose of your life.

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How you see how the promises shutdown is coming to class, you know, they give you your TV sets, and then they give you your videos. And then they give you your DVDs. And then they give you your satellite channels. So you have more channels than you you can even count. And then they give you your mobile phones. And then they give you voice activated mobile phones, and then they give you your camera phones, and then they give you your video phone. And then they give you the internet and then they give the internet on your mobile phone. So that the coach will say you can shop until you drop dead. And when you drop them, the same shutdown will say

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Don't blame me blame yourself guy called you and you oblige. And you will be suckered like the billions were suckered before you. So the second promise of shutdown.

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The promise of the shutdown was more unknown from you, but

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I will command them and they will sleep the air of the catcher, what the mystery key would do is that they will slit the air and they would slit the anvil, and they will let the name of the gods and they will let him walk. And wherever he felt.

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He was held on to the mount and it was around for the women. This is what they would do. The author of the university mentions that this means this means that a time will come where shutter will tell man to disfigure the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you see this today really you look into our society, a consumer society where they try to create chickens without feathers. They tried to create chicken without feathers were recently in Switzerland, they found a fruit fly. And from that fruit fly, they found a gene which they dubbed eyelids. And when they noted that wherever they injected this gene, and it would grow. And they injected this gene on spot in places of this dragon

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or this fruit fly. And our food team plays on anatomy of the fruit fly eyes. Citizen man playing God playing with the creation of a mouse. But it doesn't stop there. You look at those who reach the pinnacle of success. really look at those people who reach the pinnacle of success. Those like Michael Jackson.

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You know, the guy was a good looking person a few years ago. But he he reached the pinnacle of success and that is deluded by him thinks it must be some more contentment out there. But realize that the only contentment is the contentment of the heart. The only time you can really have contentment is when you recognize your Creator. And then what does he do he start playing around with his speeches. He stands disfiguring his speeches. And now you look the way the guy does, he looked like a human being. Because this is what shutdown said, I will combine them and they will change this figure the equation of the laws law and the promise of

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law, I will combine them and they will change the creation of Allah. Allah Subhana Allah, you know, the traditional interpretation for this verse was

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to shave the beard, which changed the creation of Allah because this was fine of a man to pluck the eyebrows was a sign of change in the sign of changing the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. But because the book of Allah transcends time and space, it is relevant for all time, whether you're guided to the final day today. It relates to your GM foods. is it changing the normal process, changing the equation of a loss, see when they take the antifreeze gene from the Arctic fish and they in

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into your tomatoes, so they have a longer shelf life playing with equation of a loss. because believe it or not, fish don't have relationship with tomatoes.

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It doesn't work like that. This is GM food, you're playing with the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this was the full promise of shelter. And you see coming to class today, what rate of change could there be, that a man becomes a woman and a woman becomes a man and I will come on and they will change the creation of what was done.

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And then

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the brothers in law Sallam said, Hold on to the book of Allah.

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And the book of Allah, Allah is a guy who can between you, it is a thing which passes verdict between you who lays the bill has, it is a thing which differentiates between right and wrong, and it is not just articulated is 1400 years ago, that when the Muslims will think that they own a lie somewhere else, that Allah will displace them. Look at the Sahaba of the alarm. These were a group of people who are guarded by the rest of humanity as as philosophically and then the profession was someone came. And he transformed these people, people say, impetus he wasn't drive, and this was his lab. And then these very people who are regarded as the worst of people became the face of people

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who walk upon this earth.

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What was it it was Islam, see who other people, other philosophies will work. For other people, other ideologies will work but for the Muslims, nothing besides Islam will work because this is oma, the prophet Allah, Allah.

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in us, that Maroon roof, water cooled, and that you are the best of creation, you are taken out for mankind. Now, if you think that you Israelite in some other philosophy, right, you're you're deluded, the only time that Muslims had respect when they held on to the deed of a last look at history. And then when they turned away from the deal of a lot of them, a lot turned away from them. And this is why we find ourselves in the decadence that we do today. Look at this stage of non Muslims. And until we realize that the problem that we have today is because we are turned away from Allah, Allah and we go back to the Quran and the Sunnah, we go back to the word of the province of

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masala and find our remedy. But the problem is that we look for remedies everywhere else other than where we should.

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And this is why we're in a sick state. Are we sick today? Are the minds of the youth confused? What should we hold on to other half sick because society has many impulses, it will tell you pull you in many directions, then the more direction you go, the more confused you will be.

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You know what causes the sickness?

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See, the

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message to the brain

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that you know when the boat rocks, that is something wrong.

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I send a message of grain no ice, everything's fine. So you have two confusing messages going through the brain. And as a consequence, you feel sick you want

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if you sick and this is why today you will find that the Muslim sick because we are pulled in so many directions. The minds are sick, the hearts are sick, the brains are confused, and the only thing which remedies seasickness is what that when you come up to the top deck and you look at something but you tell me straight to the straight like the horizon

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then all the confusion is removed. And similarly there is only one guidance for us and allows Mandela state this state says in the beginning of pseudo class, he said Alhamdulillah

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Allah Allah Allah, taba will love your childhood, Eva, All Praise be to Allah subhanaw taala was revealed on the profits and loss on his server, a book and he has left no crookedness

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and then to be returned to a book which has no crookedness will remain in the confusion that we find ourselves in today. May Allah Allah make us from amongst those who follow the symbols of the province of masala now last month Allah make us of those in a time of fitna. Go back to the book of Allah, Allah May Allah subhanaw taala keep us united in this dunya we are last month Allah reunited in general truth is those of hammock aloha