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Death of Umar RA & Uthman RA

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welcome back.

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I'm Martha Aisha on Atlanta in the time of OMA radula. I know we said she used to get a regular allowance, and she would often just give away most of her allowance.

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Or might actually gave the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the choice of having either a piece of land once, or a monthly allowance and Aisha and Hafsa they chose the allowance because, you know, they, I believe it's because they they felt like it was something that would come regularly that they could then give in charity regularly.

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When Omar was on his deathbed,

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he called his son Abdullah and he said, Go to the Mother of the Believers Aisha and say, Omar bin al hubub, sends his greetings to you and request her to allow me to be buried with my companions with Rasul Allah and aboubaker Because obviously, they were buried in Ayesha's house, so he wanted to seek her permission. So even Omar, he conveyed this message to Alisha Dylon hmm. And she said, I had the desire or the having this place for myself. So she wanted to be buried there herself when she passed away, but she says she said today, I prefer Omar over myself and allow him to be buried there. When Abdullah bin Omar returned to Omar, he told him and Omar said

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Abdullah said to him, she has allowed you to be buried there. Omar then said nothing was more important to me than to be buried in that sacred place. So when I expire, carry me there and pay my greetings to her Aisha and say, Omar bin al Khattab asked permission, and if she gives permission, then bury me there. And if she does not, and take me to the graveyard of the Muslims, you can see here that Omar knew that may be inshallah Donna was saying yes, because, you know, she felt obliged to do so. And so he would give her another chance after he had passed away to reconsider.

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After the death of Omar,

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Aisha moved to a place nearby, due to the lack of space in her home now there were three graves in her home.

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Some people say that initially, a curtain was drawn in her home once Omar was buried there because perhaps she, you know, she had this real respect for Omar and because he was not to her Muharram she felt it was more appropriate for there to be a curtain between the part of the house where she lived, and the graves. But eventually she moved out of that space. And so that space became, even though it was still known as the house of Arusha.

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It was really the housing place of the three graves of the greatest men who had walked on this earth.

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Now during the reign of Uthman, when Earth man been a fan, or the alarm, who became Kailis you know, he had a peaceful caliphate initially, but eventually trouble started to brew, and over a long period of time, it culminated in a rebellion or a huge gang of people, troublemakers.

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Surrounding Medina, entering Medina, and eventually, there was a mob that entered Medina and besieged the house of off man,

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off man on the land, who of course, was elderly by this time.

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And it was very, very difficult and very sad situation and many of the Sahaba did not know what to do and how to how best to handle it with Monroe, Dylan, who himself did not try to quash the rebellion, because he did not want bloodshed, he did not want Muslims to, you know, raise their swords against fellow Muslims. So, he was always trying to appease these people.

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But they besieged his house and they prevented essential supplies from reaching of man or the land who

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are Isha or the land her during this time when Earth man's house was being besieged, was in Makkah, because

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As she had just completed the hudge and because there was trouble brewing in in in Medina, people had advised her to stay in Makkah because for the Muslims, the safety of the Omaha Momineen was of paramount importance. You know, they saw themselves as the protectors of the wives of the prophets of Allah when he was sending them the Mothers of the Believers.

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So she stayed there in Makkah. And in fact, before leaving for Hajj that year, she had met her brother, Mohammed ibn Abu Bakr. And after the death of Abu Bakr, Siddiq, Nadella and her father

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Booker's wife a smart bent or mace had gotten married to Ali bin Abi Taalib. So she was a widow. Remember she was originally the widow of Jaffa ibn Abi Talib and unbuckled and married her, and now she was a widow from Abubaker. And then Eileen married her. And she had had a son with aboubaker, who was Mohamed Ibn Abu Bakr. And this Mohammed he was brought up in the house of Ali bin Abi Talib, so he considered it to be like his father.

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Before leaving for Hajj, Aisha had advised Mohamed Ibn Abu Bakr to accompany her to Makkah, but for some reason he didn't. And he stayed. He stayed in Medina.

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And then the trouble started to brew and she stayed in Machop. Eventually, this mob that was surrounding Uthman or the Alon, whose house, entered his house. And unfortunately, a shirt on his brother, Mohammed bin Abu Bakar was with them.

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But it is said that when Earthman saw him, he said to him, oh, Mohamed, what would your father say if he saw you here like this? And Mohammed bin Abu Bakar became sort of embarrassed. He left and so he didn't continue, you know, the aggression with the rest of the mob?

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Sadly, Uthman Madelon, whose house was stormed, he was attacked viciously and assassinated. His wife was also brutally injured.

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You can imagine that the shock of author man's killing reverberated throughout the Arabian Peninsula, there was more or we have been a B Sufian. And the bundle Omega in Sham to the west. You know, they were very angry because he was there kinsmen with man was from Bhanu omega. And I Lee when Bill Taalib, or the LAN who, of course, who loved off man. He was now the K lif, and people began to give him the Pledge of Allegiance. And he was waiting to find the right time to bring the killers of man to justice.

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Unfortunately, it seems that many of the members of the mob that were responsible for killing off man or the Lando they either fled to Basara or they hid in the ranks of the army of Ali bin Abi Talib. This upset many of the Sahaba

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now alira Dylon who he was asking everybody for more time

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to set certain urgent affairs straight before pursuing the killers of man. He was a new head of state, you know, there were many things that needed to be sorted out before he could address this problem.

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But others amongst the Sahaba dreaded that the more time that passed, the more likely it was that the killers would get away with it.

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I share what I did and how I was very upset with the killing of Othman boss man radula and who was not just the K lif, he was also family. He was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam son in law.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or the Muslims had known him as a wound Lorraine, the owner or the person with the two lights, because he had been married to Ruqayyah, the daughter of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and when she died, to Uncle thaum, the other daughter of the Prophet, so the Sahaba were were shocked and upset at the killing of such a great man, especially at the hands of fellow Muslims.

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So some of the Sahaba they really wanted to make a stand, and to bring the killers of man to justice. They wanted to organize a march

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gather an army and march to the area where they believe the killers of man had come from and were hiding. And that was bizarre.

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The great Sahabi tell had been Obaidullah when he was married to a shirt or the line as youngest sister on Google form. Remember uncle foam she was. She was the child who was born after the death of Abu Bakr to his wife, Habiba bent Hajah.

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And actually, the Nana was very protective over that sister of hers, as Abubaker had advised her to be so she was married to tell her been obey the law. So tell her came to speak to Aisha or the Lana in

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in Makkah, and also the great Sahabi. Zubin Allah, one who had also been married to Aisha sister, ESMA. He was the father of her nephew, Abdullah Abdullah bin Zubair from whom she took her cornea or my Abdillah.

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Both of these great companions who were promised paradise they came to Makkah and convinced Aisha Diana, to accompany their march to bussola.

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They saw a shirt or the van has an important symbolic figure, as wife of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they felt that if she accompanied them, and of course, she would be on a camel in her whole dodge, right, which was, as we said, unlike a tent that was on top of the camel, but it made her camel very, very prominent, and the way her whole dodge was decorated or the way it appeared.

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Every Muslim would recognize and know that this is the holder of Aisha or the Lana Amirul Momineen.

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So they felt that her accompanying them would mean that the Muslims hearts would be stirred, and they would support their cause in sha Allah. In the next episode, we're going to continue the story of what happened when Valhalla and Zubair came to ask our mother Aisha to accompany them to Basra. And we're going to talk about the, the so called incident of the camel. Does that come Lao Heron until then, salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Subhanak Allah homo behind the ash hadoo Allah ilaha illa Anta estado firaga What are two bootleg