Amr ibn Hishaam & The Muslim Lockdown

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There was a group amongst the mushrikeen, who actually had sympathy for the Muslims. So one was a man called a sham. We don't have time to go through everything, but one was a man called Amma dimension. So I'm very, very interesting was not from the bunny Hashem was not even from the family Abdulmutallab who was the grandfather. He was from the age, but he had this concern. So what he would do is that he would sneak food in.

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So over a period of time, he sneaked food. And then one day he started thinking to himself said, this is wrong.

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These are our people.

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So how can my children eat and drink when other people from our people don't have anything to eat and drink? So he thought, who can he speak to? So he said, the best clan to speak to is the buddy mazuma. The name of zoom? I was a military clan amongst the Quraysh Have you been bullied from was the was from them, will lead him nimbahera was from them. Also, Abu Jamal was from them.

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But he thought he can speak to the leader because Abu Khalid Abu Jamal. So he said, Who could he speak to? So eventually he finds the head. And so his money mother was from the bunny Hashem. So he thought he was the best person. So it goes to your head and he says, Oh, hey, look, these are our people. For HR, our family, our children sleep at home, eat and drink. And for three years, we have seen these people suffer.

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So here's it, I agree with you. But what can unite

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with two individuals?

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He said go find me somebody else. So he goes through now he goes to multimedia ad

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and multifamily ad goes to multimedia ad and he says these are people starving to death is a May you be destroyed. What can one man do? He said, find me somebody else. He said, I already got you somebody else. He said who he said myself. He said find me somebody else has already got somebody else. Oh, here. He goes to a boo boo, boo boo. He would also sneak food in he was the cousin of Khadija rhodiola and ha the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I might have been a sham. Now he's got four people, several books, you say find me somebody else. So then he goes to the fourth person.

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And now there's five of them. So they say let's go to the GABA. That's where all the leaders would sit. So they go to the garba. And one of them stands up and he says, I want to say something.

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But he Hashem is our family.

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They're starving. They're going through difficulty. They women and children have nothing to eat for three years, we should tear up this boycott.

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So Abu Jamal stands up and he said, Never you will never stand do that. Then the second one out, the five stands up, he said the same. The third one stands up, the fourth one stands up. And finally Mr. Abraham stands up and he says the boycott must finish. This is after three years. And the other thing I want to mention

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is a man Sham

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who actually became a Muslim after Fatima. One man

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not a Muslim,

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but had the concern for the Muslim cause. Well, why oh gee

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wasn't a Muslim himself, but has a concern for the Muslim course.

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work day in day out, spoke to people made enemies within his own people for a group of people that he wasn't even on the D.

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And today you have Muslims suffering in the world where Muslims never say a word.

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Never rigorous nothing, no two hours, somebody puts a message on Facebook, just just Facebook. This Facebook, he puts a message on Facebook. And you and I won't like that message because it might bring some heat on me.

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Show me an apricot

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or some fruit which has been split into two and it's gonna align it we'd like it.

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suffering of the birth never say a word.

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Never put your hand in your pocket to assist.

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And this was a man who wasn't a Muslim. But he had a concern for the Muslims at heart. Allah when he says in May. Allah is not referring to him that the believers are brothers and sisters. He's referring to you and I

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We what we won't speak up. And here you have a man who is a non Muslim, he she remembers him

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that with the finger and the concern that he had

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May we make dua my time is up obviously we have a couple other tumors after this. We make dua,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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give us the ability to have other and do shocker on what we have those things that we realize and those things that we don't realize, the mela pump Allah, always keep them masajid open. May Allah Subhana Allah make our masajid vibrant mela swamp Allah give us this time will lie this time.

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If this time Listen,

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when you come out this there are two types of people.

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There are those who have come out and they they they are desiring for the dunya you know, I need to go back to work I need to earn money. And there are those who have reflected

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in this time in these three months and thought you know what? I need to get closer to Allah.

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I need to have sugar and I need to have other on what Allah has given me. Because you know what? What you have most likely witness possibly is the greatest lockdown ever recorded in human history.

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You know, the flood of Noah's Flood slump? The alarm? I have an extra laugh regarding the flood of new la salatu salam. Was it local?

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Or was it the entire world, many of them say it was low.

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So if that was local, then there has been no other lockdown in history recorded as what you have just gone through.

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A lot is in control.

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Allah is in control.

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And therefore brothers and sisters brothers. Let's take this three months to think about our lives. Think about who is in control and think about occupa think about a final outcome Allah subhanaw taala preserve you all may have lost $1 keep a heart United dunera united again for those