A Man Of Jannah Who Walked The Earth

Zahir Mahmood


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the mystery of Islam and mentions a woman named Jana who is watching for her personal information. The speaker also talks about a woman named Amara who is missing her worship and is hesitant to ask others about it. The speaker also mentions a woman named Jana who is missing her worship and is hesitant to ask others about it.
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Imam Ahmed has reiterated his Muslim at the mercy of Allah was in the masjid. And he said the next man who enters into this Masjid he's a person of gender

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so this man enters into the machine

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the next day the mystery of Allah said the man who enters into the machine is not that guy yeah don't give any guarantees for going

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with a goat who enters in the machine

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for him is Jana is watching for him personal Jamna if you want to see a person look at this person

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the next day again the Mercy of Allah says the man who will enter the next quest to enter to the door will be a man who will be guaranteed

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so I'm delighted now I'm gonna ask are the Allah

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said I wanted to know

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what this man is all about. See remember if for those who know Abdullah and I'm gonna I'm gonna ask is Abdullah and Amara was asked was that man who should worship Allah so much so much? That is I sank in the cheekbones began to protrude he would fast every day and he spent the entire night in prayer until the prophets Allah Salam told him don't do it is no good for you your body has a right upon you your family has a right upon you your health has a right upon you and said give everything it's right

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so Abdullah asked Tao makes excuse to stay with this person so he stays with him one day he watches his worship nothing special I'm not gonna ask the old worship was exceptional second day nothing special

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third day nothing exceptional. So the ration mentions as though that he didn't regard his worship as amazing and separation has mentioned that this person I stayed with the southern baby will casado be Allah

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so the third day

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he says to me said listen, I stayed with you for three days and what did you see? What is special about

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your worship? Do you do that message of Allah on three occasions and Jana is module Polish guy? If you want to see a man of Jannah look at this person.

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He said well, I didn't really see anything special.

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So tell me him something unique about yourself.

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So certainly what's unique about yourself?

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He said,

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This is my worship nothing more, nothing less.

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The only thing which comes to my mind other than this is that every night

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before I go to sleep, if I have any ill feelings towards another believer I forgive them

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said that is

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every night

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before I go to sleep, if I have any ill feelings regarding a another believer, I forgive them.

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So that is the reason

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that the Mercy of Allah within his lifetime said if you want to see a man of Jannah that look at this map