21 Million Dollars Left In Inheritance

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The speaker discusses the importance of showing the marketplace and the reward of individuals who take advantage of opportunities like this. They mention two examples, one from the Northern Europe and one from the Southern America, where individuals can receive a reward of their actions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing independence and showing gratitude for opportunities.

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You see I have two wives,

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choose which one you want. And I will divorce that one and I will give it to you. You see my business, my homes.

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If you look into the time of the Sahaba of the alarm, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam co created what was called more heart, more heart was brotherhood. So all those Maha God who went to Medina, he created one from the Tsar and one from the Maharaja muah ha brotherhood from the one

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and a beautiful example of this.

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Although is obviously you don't get example really like this today, very rarely is the example of absorb money Oh for the Allah and one of the tender was guaranteed Jana and the Messenger of Allah made him a brother with Southern Europe.

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and South America was Ansari, he was a muhajir. And sodomy Robbie took him how many said yo my brother.

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And you see, I have two wives,

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choose which one you want. And I will divorce that one and I will give it to you. You see my business, my homes,

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I will,

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you will have one share and I will keep the rest.

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So overall, the learners Kamala Hayden, for your offer, thank you very much. But I would rather prefer that you show me where the marketplace is. And I work.

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I work and I earn with my own hands. And this is what I did. So the here you have two categories of people, you have the first one who is ready to give whatever he as, without taking anything back, take my wife take my business.

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And I don't want anything in return my return is by Allah and ultimately Subhana Allah, no matter what good a believer does in this dunya he might not ask for anything in his dunya but ultimately, ultimately, your reward is by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And can you imagine that day,

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that you will wish that nobody ever done you a favor in return when you see your reward, but Allah

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the Messenger of Allah said, a person makes duar either Allah accepts it there and then or Allah accepts it later, or Allah removes a calamity which was to before them because of that da, oh, oh, he dies,

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is resurrected on the Day of Judgment. And allow us as you see this reward that you got here, you know, that dwad that you made in the dunya This is your reward.

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So then he will make he will wish that Allah never accepted any of his diwas in the dunya.

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Nothing at all. So imagine that's what do Ah, imagine why what the reward is for that person who assister

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another person

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and who is the one who said no.

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Keep your wives keep your homes. I don't want anything from you. Let me be independent. Let me go to the marketplace.

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And that might have

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worked, became a businessman. passed away. left in his mirror off $21 million

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equivalent to today's money. $21 million