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Anything, there's some that are $40, some that are $20, some that are $10. But at the end of the day, I think they're all pretty much the same thing. It's just where you place it in your house.

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So if you can put it by an outside window, if you can put it up real high, it always makes a lot of difference. And this reminds me when I was a kid, because that's the same thing we used to do is to try to put the antennas close to an outside window, put them up high, and so on. But the weird thing about it is with this, you don't need the cable. How many of you have a cable,

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anybody have cable, anybody have the satellite? Is anybody using the internet?

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Well, this doesn't need any of those things. It doesn't need any of that. And you watch it straight on your television channel.

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Now we have two other channels that are here in this area 26.1 28.2. This is the only place where we have to, I don't have that anywhere else. But I got an option on that.

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And we're just really enjoying that. But now this is how this thing works. See how that pulls up like that they call it revenues. How many of you knew that revenue before? Yeah, this for revenues. And the cord on the back of it just plugs in the same place you would plug in your cable or anything else. Now, you can get these at Radio Shack or Walmart or anything like that. What we're doing right now for all of you at home that want to help us here in Dallas and Fort Worth, you can help us do this. Those of you that are home, they said we're not gonna do any fundraising here, we're not talking about that we'll tell you folks at home, you can help us, you can help us. When you sign up

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to donate on a monthly basis, regardless of the amount you want to donate, when you sign up on a monthly basis, anytime this weekend to date more through the weekend, then we will send you one of these to your house and we'll pay the postage. Okay.

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That's number one, number two, for those that are not able to stick around and see our program that we have coming up on Saturday. We have a few of these here. But we can also mail these out to you if you're obviously if you're on this side of the world watching me right now. If you're in Malaysia, if you're in Afghanistan watching this now, then you'd like to have one. This is what we're going to do. We're going to make these available. But you have to pay postage on this. But this will make available free for anybody that wants to make a donation of any amount. So let us know about that. And now we'll go back to our regular broadcast. We have sister Kim, and South Dakota sister if you

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will remind you so that the brothers and sisters here will get to know how how did you find out about Islam, guidance TV and so on?

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Well, basically what happened was I was studying Islam, completely scholarly point of view I was.

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And I was just studying it to learn about it because I hopefully will be in the Middle East. And why study books about inequality? You know, I hear it in South Dakota, books were

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we like books that were meant to breed with wanting to tell you about it. The more I studied, the more I realized I have to worry about.

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But there's so much more in my area. And so what I did was I went to YouTube, and started watching videos, and anybody who's gone to YouTube and watch the lectures

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is probably realized very quickly that it's about their agency, whether your video is actually good about Islam. And video is very bad about Islam. And I found videos of ideation.

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I love this presentation. And so I wanted to learn more from him and people like him. And so a little bit of research brought me to guidance TV, and it was through direct tv and the lectures on there and the shows, especially the children's shows, because they were basically beautiful.

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I decided that I wanted to be on the mobile phone. And so I drove for four hours to where the shape was doing this.

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in there.

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Thank you.

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So and we also had a number of others who join us in Islam by watching our channel. One of them was yesterday afternoon, we were in the restaurant. And I talked with a gentleman there from Honduras. And in our conversation, turns out, he'd been watching it because I started telling him about it. He said, I've already watched it.

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Last night, we had a lady came to Islam. And I was going to tell her about goddess TV. She said, this is how I know when

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to go too far with that. It turns out non Muslims are knowing more about what we're doing than the Muslims. And I was surprised to how many

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of the Christians and Jewish in our country appreciate what we're doing. One of the first people to inspire me to open and start this channel. Back in 2007, or 2008, was none other than a rabbi from New York.

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We were together for a conference, a peace conference in the UK. We were eating together at the same table in he was asking me about televisions

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in the country, United States, he said you have a lot of Christian channels, don't you? I said, Oh, yes. No, we have many. He said it's in the hundreds. I said yes.

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How many are there for Islam?

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I said, Well, actually, none. Neeson, urgency. It's very urgent, you must do this. Now that's coming from a non Jewish rabbi.

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And also we have Muslims. And one of the biggest ones right here in this area, who has passed away now right Malala, and mercy on him.

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So, but he was used to call me up every day. You should call me every day when I was in Washington, DC and tell me how we're doing with the channel. We want to get guided Stephen going, what are we doing?

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The hamdulillah every time I make dua for him, ask the Lord to accept this effort on his behalf. Because he inspired me so much. And by the way, he was from our very area where we're sitting right now. Most well.

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Anyway, so guys, TV has already demonstrated itself for well, to have a value. And from the UK and other countries, they have men make it mandatory for us to support and they said, This is not an option. It's not like a hobby thing. It is watching, you know the word watching in Arabic mandatory for us to keep going and growing wherever we can. So that's, that's very important to know why would show up on Saturday, and see how we can support the channel. All right, I want to get back to the program. And we're talking about some of the incidences that took place today in today's world and we want to talk about SR what's next on your list?

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today, today.

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Shall I tell you? Shall I tell you why it's called the wolf moon.

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Alright, when I first heard about the wolf moon, I thought it was like werewolf because they say when the full moon in the world and the guy turns into this werewolf and how is it the moon?

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That's what I thought. But guess what? You probably saw that it's from the American Indians. Is that right? system?

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Correct. Yep. And they call that the wolf moon. Maybe because the wolves like to help at it. They used to call it that. I don't know. But the interesting thing about it is it is tonight and we saw it on the way over here and it really looks big. And it's low on the horizon. And it's

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it looks kind of golden covering.

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What led to me it didn't look as white isn't more gold. I don't know. Did you guys see in South Dakota

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just behind my house right now. Okay? How many of you saw anybody saw it look cool.

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And like

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was, they have found

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something that happened last year, but it's really only just starting. Now, we would like to possibly be the earliest human feces. And they found it in Ethiopia. And now they're saying that humans.

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Actually, I know about that from even two years ago, because there were some other things that they discovered. And they were telling us that now human beings have been here, not just 10,000 years, but all the way back. Now they're saying half a million years, 500,000 years, then thing that, that if you read that article real close, you have to be careful because it says it's somebody from Ethiopia that found it, but doesn't exactly say that he found it in Ethiopian legend, read the details.

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Did you notice

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that you gotta be real careful, whenever they word it the way they did, because they were talking about Amanda found it being from Ethiopia. But in any case, what they found was a jaw bone.

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They found a jaw bone, a petrified jaw.

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And to be very, very clear about it, it looked just like a regular human job on.

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One of the things that we learned from another one of our sisters, who has been with the sun goddess TV, even back when we're in Washington, DC, she is the professor of anthropology in the college in Maryland. Yeah. And she had been on our show a couple of times, she made it clear that what they're telling you when in the books and textbooks when they talk about these different time periods, and they try to tie in evolution to those time periods.

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They will tell you about the

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australopithecine period, the CRO Magnon period, the Neanderthal period, and they will try to show you a different form of a human being for each period. You heard about that?

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the reality is that they've always found regular human remains.

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In all of those periods that are exactly the same.

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It's just that they found more have some that are larger or smaller, and so on. So that's what they called it by those things that they labeled that way and made it look like that there were these progressive stages that people went through. And in reality, if you look at the picture in front of your sister, you will see that that job on there doesn't look that much different than a human today, does it?

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Just like a human job, you're talking about, what what did they say half a million years ago.

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Okay, so, so much for evolution.

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We have a website for that.

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And I'd like to promote that right now for everybody who doesn't know Scott share his slim, share slim has portals to different very important topics that we have. Shared Islam is very well graphic design has a lot of attraction for the youth and for non Muslims to go there and see and share Islam has these things that move sort of animated, and you can turn pages in and

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the first one says what's this line and the second one says God along in all of these when you click on them, you get videos and audios that pop up and start going to work right away.

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And they explain things to you. Then our Quran comes up and then after that prophet of Islam, Islam as women as big, beautiful website for sisters to learn from. Very good. And then the next one after that sciences lab. Now scientists lab is the one I'm talking about right now.

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This one will explain how Islam looks at this idea of evolution. There is such a thing as evolution.

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No doubt, but it's always within the species. giraffes don't turn into crocodiles. Elephants don't turn into snakes. So everything had an origin from something going back to its own species, and then who created the species. And nobody can tell you that humans came from reptiles or fish came from birds, there's no way there had to be a creator in the beginning. Also, Islam tells us and you can read about it on that website, or if you know Arabic language, get a Koran and look for yourself. It tells you about a Holic

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and he is the one who created everything.

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It means created. But it also tells you about how

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they evolve. And he is the one who evolves or reshapes things into other things. So if you find evolution within a species, the one who's all colic is the same one who is being reshaped.

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Simple as that, that's a very good point to bring up at this point at this stage. Now, I would like to mention it backwards, some of the things we've already been talking about before we take a break. And the first thing when I want to bring out clear is about the moon, the wolf moon, this is a great opportunity for us to tell you about another part of sherry slam, because the very second quarter of there is about a lot. And it talks about the moon God that some people tried to attribute to Muslims, saying that we believe in the moon God. And then we have a moon God in the Kaaba in Mecca.

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Dr. Robert Maury wrote a whole entire book about it,

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and published it, promoted it, and universities pay him up to $10,000, a visit to go in and give a presentation about this subject of the movie called the law.

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I read it and knew right away, it was fake. But I'm having authority. So I waited for Dr. Bill Phillips to come up with something. And so we used his work on there. So when you go to the other law.com, or Sherry, slam calm and it will take you to it. You don't have to remember all the names, just remember share, slam.

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If you look at it at the bottom, on the left side of the page, it says moon God, right, click it and read it. And you'll understand right away. Our God tells us in the four on that we don't worship anything but him. The new moons are nothing more than something decide for our hive. That's verse 189, in Surah, bahara also that whenever the if you remember, there was an eclipse of the moon, the time of the death of the prophet SAW sillones little boy. And you know, some people thought that was a sign from God. And he could have used that. And he said three that proves who I am. Instead, he said, No.

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That is not anything more than just

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something from God. But we do

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notice those things. And we definitely remember to worship God even more when we see things like that. But it doesn't mean that that's a sign. Wow, that whenever you see an eclipse that something about the moon or the sun that we worship the sun or the moon. Alright, so we got that.

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And the second thing when we talk about the science, I already mentioned this, we like to take these opportunities to clarify things from an Islamic point of view. And I think we pretty much touched on that if you go to the full story, sister, let's take a break and tell everybody to get guided with

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And I think when we come back we'll talk about the last thing.

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What was the last thing?

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No, it wasn't supposed to it was just to give you an idea of some of their stories.

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All right.

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All right. 543

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and we're back. You're watching TV coming to you from right here, urban mastery in Irving, Texas where the DFW that means Dallas Fort Worth and the mid cities. That's where we are. That's what we're doing. We're broadcasting live on channel 28.2 and channel 26.1. I want to remind everybody how important it is for us to all turn out Saturday regardless of the weather. I know they've been predicting some kind of weird weather here. But rain or shine, we're going to be there line at 101 Glade road in New Orleans right next to Fort Worth. And we welcome you to come out and there will be food. If you fill out one of the reservation forms. Let us know about it. Those of you at home that

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would like to register you couldn't come out here tonight. You can register from home just let us know by sending the word de FW TV, DFW TV to the phone number 51555. Let me give you that phone number. Again. It's real complicated. It's

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51555 send the word d f.

This lecture was delivered on January 13, 2017.

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