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Let's keep them in the practice at monaca.

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Murphy brothers and sisters, we live in a time when it's becoming harder and harder and harder to stay a believer.

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The Phaeton are so many. The trials are so great, and people are getting exhausted.

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It hasn't been like this before. I remember 1015 years ago as a demand for almost over 20 years right now, I haven't had that many demands for questions and and sessions to meet with people to discuss the matters of faith. Most people back in the day they were concerned about, am I praying correctly or not? Did I pay my soccer or not? How do I hide my inheritance? Am I doing this right or wrong? People were concerned about you know, practicing their faith. Today they're concerned about you know, having faith or not. It's becoming harder and harder and harder to remain believer in terms of fitting and trials like ours. So the fact to stay a believer, it's a blessing from Allah

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azza wa jal. It's a struggle, no doubt about it. But it's no secret. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that in the Quran, and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in many a hadith mentioned that this will be the case. It's a matter of struggle, until we meet our Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala says, one could drop back

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to Korea when you continue to worship your Lord until you face your certainty and that certainty the certainty of death. Until then, you can always be struggling with that certainty. It's a matter of struggle in hiding

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in the hands of our beloved nom de la Sol de la noir la Rasulullah. His blossom says in an Amana layer la Kofi jiofi a hydroquin cam is la casa del Eman wears out from the heart. Just like you know the design of your clothes just like the color of your clothes are fading out. Eman starts fading out from the heart as much chemical acquisto then he says Casa de la silla infest la Allah and uj the electron Eman pupu become so always ask Allah azza wa jal to help you renew your faith in your heart.

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How often do we ask Allah azza wa jal this question How often do you ask Allah beginning of the day? And at the end of the day, you're Allah strengthen my Eman, you're a lot of new faith in my heart, your Allah as the hearts keep flipping up and down. You're lucky my heart confirmed this faith and you're a man. How often do we say that a German law it is not easy today to stay believer is a huge fitna along with Stan and that's why to renew or fade. It's a skill that we need to acquire. We need to we need to hold on to although technically speaking, and statistically speaking, Muslims, Muslims, among all people of different faith groups, they they register and they have the highest

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level of satisfaction when it comes to life. In a recent study that just came out there was printed out actually at one of the journals, the American Psychological Association journal, speaking about the effect of oneness, you know, the oneness with the law, the oneness with the with the divine, having this kind of connection with a spiritual course in a spiritual realm. It has the highest level of satisfaction Muslims have the highest level of satisfaction when it comes to life. That's great news, but as collectively as a group, but as an individual. Today, we have so much struggle.

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And the demand the emails, the requests from people asking the same thing over and over again is alarming. especially among young ones. Those who haven't experienced probably maybe an ideal or at least a reasonable spiritual life at the their upbringing. They grew up in a time when Islam was under attack. They grew up in a time when Islam was always on the news in a negative way. They grew up like many people who have practiced their faith and did in peace and tranquility. They saw the beauty of our Eman, our Deen our practice of our Deen they saw that our younger generation hadn't seen that. So their point of reference is not as much as their parents and their grandparents was

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come to the practice of the faith and the dean. So they're struggling.

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They're struggling and to renew the faith is a big struggle we all going through Rasulullah his Salah Sam says in the Hadith set the Quran futile Peter nakikita lol Muslim, there will be time there will be time when fit and trials are gonna fall out you just like you know, complete darkness. What does that mean? In the darkness of the night you can see if you wave your way through. And the professor spoke about these times he says that the person used the Harajuku movement and volume see kathira volume see movement, character? Do they know who they are as

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a person in the morning strong believer by the end of the day, they lost their faith

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and it's opposite sometimes at night.

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You're a strong believer that by the time you wake up in the morning, you lost it. He says, God, no, he'll be out of the minute dunya khaleel, he will trade his faith with a three bit amount from this dunya it's not worth it. But it's written. These are tests and trials, and you have to go through it. Whether we like it or not. My dear brothers and sisters, when it comes to renewing our faith, there are certain reasons there are certain ways of doing that. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has shown us the way in the Quran and the prophets, Allah, some in the Sunnah. And I would like to share with you a few things and

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the first thing I want you to understand that a lot of it has to do with how much you know about your faith and at the beginning, how much you know about this. A lot of people they grew up in a Muslim community, Muslim society, Muslim families, and they practiced it so they know it probably inside out. Others they don't have that same privilege. And they barely know just the basics of what they learned in Sunday school, or maybe from here and they want us to come to Juma on the summer probably. So their attachment to that state is not that so great. Some people have that they had that actually very great, very beginning, but then later on they stop learning. And that's the thing

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that you never stop doing. Allah subhanho wa Taala did not command the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Quran to ask for any increased occasional anything except for knowledge. God aku Rob be Sidney ilma Allah azza wa jal ordered his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he said them say Mohammed, Robbie, my Lord zipmoney Elma increase my knowledge, give me more knowledge. It didn't ask him to seek you know, increase in provision or increase of lifestyle lifetime and no, no, the only thing of such an importance is to seek knowledge and increase in knowledge. Because knowledge is power. The more you know, the more certain you become. That's the certainty of knowledge. We talked about this,

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the previous hobo, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he spoke about the lesson, the excellent level of practice of our faith. And then he said and taboo de la haka, and Nakamura, you worship Allah as if you see him. What does that mean as if you're certain that you have the certainty of sight. And if you can get to that level of certainty, then you worship Allah azza wa jal at knowing that he sees you, which means you have the certainty of knowledge. Knowledge is very important for us to have that peace and tranquility, we looking forward when it comes to renewing and affirming our faith and our demand.

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And as the first step that we should work in on, we should learn more late look for opportunities. Our lifestyle in America, unfortunately, is unhealthy.

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It doesn't support that when you go out to work from seven o'clock in the morning, if not even earlier for some people, and you come back by five, six o'clock, and if not even later than that, in some some you know, jobs and so on what is left for you?

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What is left for you? Nothing much. You want to take one or two hours for recreation, you end up sleeping until the next day, and the cycle goes on.

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And by the time that we can start, you're too exhausted to do anything other than just you know, catch up on family issues.

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That life is not healthy. But you're going to have to make time for seeking that knowledge. If not on an individual level, collectively, by learning govern word there are opportunities to attend programs and halaqaat The second thing I want you to understand that even though you said hamdulillah I have my faith, my faith is in my heart. And it's a humbler solid well, may Allah Subhana make it stronger. But I hope it's the right one.

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You see a lot even demand from the believers to seek more faith in a man God Allah azza wa jal and Surah Nisa yeah you alladhina amanu Aminu Bella, all you who believe, have faith in Allah. What does that mean? Even though he described them as believers, when he says have faith, which means have more faith? Which means according to the tafsir, practice what you know,

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if you're a believer, why aren't you doing what you're supposed to be doing? Why are you missing out on it? Yes, I have the knowledge, but am I working on it? And that's what we have our main main issues. We sometimes fall short on practicing a lot of what we know. And in the process, that knowledge that you don't practice, it goes away. Oh, Lola, they said heterophylla Elmo bill Iman, for in a Java who would love to have knowledge always call upon action. If it doesn't respond to it, it goes away.

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If you don't practice something, you lose that skill. If you don't practice that knowledge, you will going to lose it and you're going to forget about it. My dear brothers and sisters,

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I have few things for you to share a shout out and regard to how we can renew our faith and our email. Things probably already know. But whether or not the kratom meaning remained for the remainder benefit the believer. The first thing

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That we missing in our life today in such a very busy lifestyle we have that should help us re or fit our Eman. Guess what? But

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pondering or reflecting on the creation of Allah azza wa jal

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like pause, just pause, stop. You're running too fast in this life.

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You're rushing you're going and you're 100 miles per hour just slow down, enjoy the size through the window.

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Make a stop and watch that beautiful lake out there. Observe the sunrise and the sunset. We live right now closing this as we come closer to the summer in the spring. Some of the most beautiful colors on the sky. Have you paid attention to this?

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This is what amazed you sometimes how the moon changes in terms of its size and shape and color during different seasons. These are things that are out there have been out there for all these years. But we're busy. We're not paying attention to it. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if you have the semi watch you will walk delightful lady Wanda

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Alba, la escuela de como como de vida, Julian for Coronavirus of the San Mateo robina mahalo about it and supersonic Kakinada not suited earlier Mr. analyzers telling us in the health seminar to load indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth was delightful lady when the heart and the alternation of the night and the day there are signs there are signs miracles aluna Alba, for those who have reason and intellect, those who reflect and think. And he continues and he says, Who are they? Allah venier, Quran Allah Thea, Mahabharata, those who are constantly in a constant state of worship. They remember Allah azza wa jal as they as they get up and walk. And as they sit down and

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rest, while I am on their side, even before they go to sleep.

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What does that mean? They are night? They are night. They are constantly members of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What do they do? What do they reflect over? They say Rob banner, Mark aloka, Barton and Suhana they keep reflecting on the creation of the heavens and the earth.

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And they just like amazed by that beautiful creation. You know, it's, it's it amazed me sometimes you know, how far people can go to show us the magnificent creation of Allah azza wa jal put on a big screen,

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the new CD that comes out every now and then about planet Earth. And the blue planet shows you the creation of Allah, HD high definition cameras, unbelievable things we've never seen before. It's so close. But these things have been, you know, for 1000s of years existed.

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And we're not paying attention to it. And today, we just watch it on the screen just like Wow, this is amazing. Are we reflecting on this beyond just the amazement form,

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that's what that is speaking about. Over here. They reflect have been collected about this is truly the creation of alas dose and that's not trivial. It wasn't created for treat for trivial. It's a serious matter. So gahanna We praise you Allah to create anything in vain. And then they say 14 other but not they know that this day, they're going to be standing before the Lord and the secret of loss protection from ending up in the wrong place. In the firewall. mela protect us from adorable lm in my dear brothers and sisters, lots of hands on what Allah has commanded us in many, many other Ayah to reflect on this beautiful, magnificent creation. Allah azza wa jal.

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He is the one who says amin iottie halco sumati will, among His signs and miracles as the creation of the heavens and the earth was the law for us unity and the different the variation of your tongues, the languages that you speak it isn't that a magnificent and amazing. We come from the same period Adam and Eve just the same couple how old these tongues are all these languages all of a sudden appeared on Earth. But that's divine design. It's a divine design from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So do we get to know each other was delightful all synergy come

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from annual colors. Same thing we come from the same man and woman. We have different shades and different colors. Show the shades of this creation, a magnificent creation, creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah says in the danika in the fidelia color it will only mean that indeed and there are these signs or Signs for those who have the knowledge. It goes back again to having that knowledge. Allah subhanahu wa Donna is telling us to sub be Hello Some are to several or to him. To him soprano what are the praise of the heavens and the earth always goes to Alaska, the seven heavens and the earth. always present in the name of Allah upon a woman fee him and everything

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that's in between everything that's there and we're in ministry and Elizabeth will be handing everything in this creation, magnificent creation.

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Praise is the name of the Lord subhana wa tada what I can but you don't understand their praise.

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Just because we consider the minute is not praising Allah azza wa jal that's the magnificent creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal saying, What's the emphasis of Allah to soon look at yourself?

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Isn't that enough science for you?

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Enough science for you look at the, the you know the the creation of man from Savannah from the inside out the body, the anatomy of the body, the functionality of everything, these beautiful senses that you buy, which you live your life is unbelievable and amazing.

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And every now and then we have a new study saying something about one of the creation of Allah soprano in our own body

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and how it functions is unbelievable. And the loss of hundreds telling us don't look far away. Just don't look far away. Look closer.

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Your body is enough evidence for you to understand that cannot be a trivium that cannot be a creation came by itself. It's a magnificent creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. And once you come to this realization, you should understand that the one who did that deserves my praise and worship. And once we have that praise and worship you have the man is renewed and strengthened. And no matter how difficult things go on your way, you still have that connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala mighty brothers and sisters, after you have this beautiful now realization of this creation comes now your action. What is your action item? Now that I know that this is all amazing, it's a creation

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of Allah azza wa jal put it into practice. And what is the first thing I need to do when I put into practice what Allah has ordered you it's not a secret. It's not a secret. Allah subhana wa is asking us to worship Him. one molecule Gina will insert ilaria Boone that have not created the jinn and mankind but to worship me.

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And he mentioned it clearly. It's not a secret not for you to figure out what Allah needs for me in this in this universe. He is telling you why He created you for the Quran is an open book exam.

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The questions are there. And the answers are there as well. He says you shall be tried and tested. You want to be saved. Just stay there. Stay with me.

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Worship Me. Okay, well worship allies, but how? on his terms, not my terms. That's what many people struggle today. A lot of our young men and women they want, they want to be believers. They want to be believer, or on their terms. Like, you know, I'm humble. I'm a Muslim. But when it comes to practice what Islam asks us to do, even though it's might be a struggle, sometimes in difficult time like this, but still this is the way to safety. This is our way to safety. And the last panel that is making it clear to us in the forum, the sooner Alif Lam Meem Valley, Calcutta lottery Buffy

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That's the meaning of the book. Alif Lam mean there is this is the book there's no doubt it's absolutely no doubt in it. Why? Who the little motto pin guidance for the righteous ones. So the book is open for you to find your way lusterless go back to the book and find your way to me. And how, what are the qualities Allah subhanho wa Taala is shared with us that will give us this guidance. This is

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the first thing those who truly believe in the unseen What does that mean? We don't see a lot of panels but we believe in him. I don't see the angels but I know I believe that they exist. I don't see Jen and Johanna. But I know that exists and there will be a day when we all going to be back to Allah subhanho wa Taala I believe in that. And the stronger My belief is, the more peace and tranquility I'll feel in my heart.

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And the less and less I go far away from my faith and Eman the less and less you know my attachment to this principle becomes and we get scarier and then a larger says after that after believer in the here and the unseen he says alladhina numerable Hi What up Muna Sala and established Allah so the second thing that you need to work on is stablished Allah. How do you affirm and confirm your faith and your reflection of this magnificent creation of sola?

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As simple as that? I know we all know that it's important I know that I have to pray. But do you even know that the importance of Salah is really almost equivalent to the establishment of your faith?

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Rasulullah is still awesome says in the Hadith. Allah had already been an albino masala Metallica aka

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the covenant that establishes you know the connection with allies between the believers that separates between the believers and non believers is a Salah fermenter aka hotcopper anyone who abandoned Salah completely the left faith

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so for those young brothers and sisters and even you know the adults of our time right now Mashallah they have their Eman and their hearts but they don't practice the Salah at all. How are you going to be able to find that peace? How can you find

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That piece maybe today you'll find it because of your age. And because you think you're in control. But as we start getting older, we start aging, we start losing control of our health, and our economy, we're losing our job, because you're too old for this right now. All that stuff is realizing, you know, life is not as rosy as I thought it would be. And as you know, I was going to continue the way it should be. That's when people start coming back, you know, to subject to faith, which is why, by the way, Pamela, it is very commonly known that the people once they hit the, you know, 45, closer to 50. That's when the sub becoming more spiritual, more religious.

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Because that's when they realize, okay,

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now I'm not gonna live longer than I lived already. And that's when they realize they're going to emotional phase. It wasn't worth it. All what I've done, was that something that was worth it for me. And if they were, if they were content with what they've achieved, they move on with confidence, but if not, that's when they start becoming, you know, shaky and confused. You don't want to come to that phase in life. We don't have a strong faith in your heart that you must strengthen that Eman with the establishment over Salaam. Allah subhana wa tada is telling us a Salah is important because that's when I find my strength and power. Carla was there in the subject of Salah, seek assistance

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and help through salah and through patience. You see the answer is there he says. You're having troubles. You're struggling. You need to help find it in Salah.

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Find it in Salah. Okay, but I've been doing this for the past 1015 years What are you doing it right that's the first question you asked yourself about. And if you're doing it right that hamdulillah Are you connecting with a Lazarus Allah, Allah subhana wa tada says, but after the honeymoon, Allah Dino houfy Salatin posture on successful other believers, those when they pray they pray with who should concentration and focus. What does that mean? Those when they pray, they connect with a lot.

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A lot of people they pray, but their mind is wandering all over the place.

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You just be communicating you never connected to the last panel wattana you have to have that strong connection. Allah did not praise them for being believers. A lot of praise them for praying because they should pray because they are believers. He praised them because when they prayed, they connected

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cause you ruin the when they pray they connect with the last soldier. So my Salah is indeed the key for me to stay strong. But am I doing it right? Am I doing it regular? Am I doing good focus and connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala how often Am I doing this in my day and my night? Ramadan is coming up inshallah very very soon. There is a time to reboot the system. It's a time where everybody just press the button and reset

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is the time when subtle Alhamdulillah I do have the energy to make extra Salah hamdulillah I don't have the energy to have more focus on my data. I do have energy to pause slow down and have time for the masjid half time for the Quran. half time for the it's a blessing will lie Ramadan is an enema is a blessing especially in terms of hardships and difficulty. This is the time when you start you know waiting for Ramadan to come. But until then urine Siobhan

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and Siobhan is a warm up for Ramadan. Wherever you want to plan to do in Ramadan. Make sure to do this in the month of Shabbat Abu localizada was thought through a lot in Morocco welcome. What is mo similar stuff through

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen Salatu was Salam Baraka Mohammed you know that my brothers and sisters in terms of difficulties the challenge of redoing our faith once again is to the practice. And one thing I would like to mention here quickly before it fell out that Ramadan starts is the Quran. I know we all know how valuable the Quran is especially when Ramadan starts. But the understand that Allah Subhana Allah that a student has a solution for your agonies for your pain for your warriors for uncertainty for your anxiety lightsome darynda for an Allah azza wa jal says panel with Allah, organizational karate Maha Shiva Rama to the meaning that we indeed we revealed we sent down to

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Mohammed in the Quran, revelation that is healing

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and mercy,

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healing and mercy for the believers. Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, you harness all mankind, but you're at Kumamoto to Morocco, there comes to your reminder from your Lord, when she found Lima for sudo and healing for that which is in the heart, like whatever you go through, they have healing, they're in the forum, how often do we connect with the book of Allah? subhanho wa Taala? That is a question. You know, the answer is left for you.

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How often do you connect with allies? And are you do you have a daily word with the Quran? Do you do it once a year? Once a month? How often? That is a question you need to answer yourself because will lie. The answer to all these agonies are mentioned there and the one son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we have

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The knowledge that we need to practice my last panel the maker some others listen to the speech and follow the structure but I mean, a lot of molybdenum and Fina, when finally my Atlanta in Atlanta lollywood Hakeem Alomar musataha was a fireman Zika antibody, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah saloon Allah nebby Yeah, you're Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima llama salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali was Germaine de la Mancha for Rashid you know better Mama was nanavati one sir Sahaba Jasmine women who do have the masala