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Yusha Evans


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No Masuda indeed

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bolo. tala

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do you see?

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JOHN? Sorry, did you see outside, one after the other.

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good reason not, but it happened in Montana.

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In Montana.

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One reason

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to recombine sexually, mentally nomadic tabouleh was to me was

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the element.

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We're gonna cover

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the common

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issues with the

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major major companies like the juicer making major companies, mega companies, they have never recently started doing these things.

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And you are not nice as

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anyone who's, who's not part of the program, if you were one of the most successful

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anyone who were Muslims, and this is disrespectful to the trying to establish Islam there. That's the person who helped me to also be successful,

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that you wouldn't be alone. You have to know the rules and the country that you live in to help

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you take your restaurant and the rules that you have there and give the people the rights to

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can be great people but don't oppress

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Perhaps you know better but this is just to remind you

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the lesson if you're going

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to finance wah

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wah wah

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dhoka film that

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person the most one thing as long as you continue to see what you know, stay away from seeing something that you're not sure. Then you will be from the most knowledgeable people

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have a prison sentence letter.

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This is this is the stuff that many of the leaders offices like letters ahead describe write it because historically the boss and

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basically, he wouldn't have described right and read it back to him. And then he will hit a subtle mega rate with

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others to look at