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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of listening to one's heart and being a woke wake to the truth, as it is crucial to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. They also touch on the current plight of Jewish-razials in the region where officials are trying to convince Americans to support nuclear power and the importance of speaking up against it. The speakers emphasize the need for people to speak up and not make the same mistake.
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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Assalamualaikum Welcome to the de show and we are live. Because these are some very sad times that we live in in. We have the oppression that is going on as we speak. You have innocent men, women and children just being blown to pieces. So we want to get a kind of a background on what's going on. We have a good friend of ours Stanford past who we're going to be bringing on. Right now he's going to kind of get into his just a little bit condensed version. We've had him on the show before he comes from a Jewish background born into a Jewish family. And he has a good deep understanding of the history in that area. And let me bring him on so he can kind of take

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a take off from here with the rest. How are you Stanford pass at peace be with you? comp, as good as that I'm making as good as I can be under the circumstances by the grace of Allah. Yeah. Yeah. It's very nice to have you on with us. Just for the for the people that don't know a little bit about your history. And your background. Can you tell us I mentioned that you come from a Jewish background born in a Jewish family? Yeah, I was born 72 years ago into a Jewish family. When I was 14 years old, Kennedy got killed. I put me on a path to look for the truth. I didn't stop looking.

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I found out about all the false flags during my life. When 911 happened, I started speaking up against

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people persecuting Muslims, because I realized it couldn't happen that way. People said what are you defending muslims for? I said, I don't even know any Muslims. I'm defending the truth here. And in 2009 a lot let me home a lot. Let me be become Muslim, made me realize that it is all one story, and that all the provinces and messengers came from the same place and it's all about monotheism. And

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and we even we believe Jesus is coming back. We just don't worship Him. So that's interesting. You have one of your posts here, and I'll share it. You see it here? Yep. Can you share this, your thoughts? When you posted this, he's well back and get is Palestinian, Jesus Christ, Prophet Isa peace be upon him who people call Jesus.

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It's ironic because there's no j in Aramaic or Hebrew. But that's another, you know, they got his name wrong in this story wrong. His name is Isa or Yeshua. And he is Palestinian, and he is coming back. And

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I think everything else pretty much speaks for itself.

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These are his people. These are his These are his, his or his homeys. These are his people. This is where he's from. This is his neighborhood. This is his homeland.

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That they're tearing up in the minister Moshe yalong. Talking just a couple of weeks ago, Israel is going to hurt Lebanese civilians to include kids of the family. We went through a very long discussion. We did it then we did it in the Gaza Strip, we are going to do as in any round of hostilities in the future, as the defense minister, that this is the military Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz, the next round of violence will be worse and see this suffering increase, he headed up the military assaults on Gaza, the last two, this is the Minister for Education in the Netanyahu government, there will never be a peace plan with the Palestinians, I will do everything in my power

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to make sure they never get a state. He also said, If you catch terrorists, you simply have to kill them. I killed a lot of Arabs in my life. And there's no problem with that.

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This is the Minister for justice.

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Palestinians are all enemy combatants. This also includes the mother, the mothers of the martyrs, they should follow their songs. Nothing would be more just they should go as should the physical homes in which

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What do you think that video came in? As we're speaking, this is the Irish MP. And if you had a chance to see that, we'll get back to it. But what do you what do you think is the first time hearing this? First time I've heard this I've heard all of these accusations and, and proofs before I didn't hear it from the Irish before May Allah bless them for speaking up.

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We got

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did you want to go? We'll go ahead and finish it here together and get your thoughts on URL. Right. Okay. Let's see Israeli Minister for justice in the last few months. The Israeli Minister for a deputy minister for defense. Palestinians are beasts, they are not human.

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The Minister for Foreign Affairs. CP hopefully is the last one. So this is his

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We're taught this is an actual

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politician, a MP, this is somebody of some integrity, somebody who's in a high position, who speaking out, you know for truth, like what you were interested in, you know, it's still our truth. And it didn't matter, you know, who you are speaking to or against. You just wanted to get the truth out. What do you think when you hear this person this Irish MP, not scared to.

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And he's not making this stuff up. These are quotes that he's quoting from other politicians in our area. We need more people like him in the world, coming out and speaking up, no matter who they are, where they're from, to to, you know, to speak up for the truth. You know, people who love God, people, God loves those who love the truth, whatever the wherever they're from whatever they believe, wherever they're coming from. And God loves an honest disbeliever more than a hypocritical believer too. So it's time for people to stand up and start talking. People are committing atrocities in broad daylight. You know, what started me off on this was a president getting his head

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blown off on television, and they got away with that and look at ghosts. Look at us now. Look at what they're doing now in broad daylight. They took that took that don't get me started with the World Trade Center. Okay, but anyway,

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the point of it is at that design is congress of 1897. decided to take Palestine.

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Okay. That's when they decided to take Palestine in 1897. That was 120 324 years ago, Hitler was eight years old. This has nothing to do with World War Two, or the sympathy for the world over the Holocaust. I mean, my heart goes out to all the people that suffered in World War Two, but Zionism has nothing to do with it. They're using it. They're using it as a red herring argument to justify what they're doing now. They decided in 1897 to take Palestine when Hitler was eight years old. This thing is long, and they never intended to keep the Balfour declaration to keep their word that was just their foot in the door. They got into Palestine the following way. Can I go on a little rant

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here? Ready? Yes. Go ahead. Okay. During World War, first of all the khazaria and Jews the Middle Ages in the winter, because Aryans were were grafted into the Jewish religion for a political reason by a king over in the blacker Caspian Sea area, a place called khazaria.

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This there was an element of people within that group, who were just hell bent on just being in charge or whatever they were in. They were just wanted to own everything, run everything, do everything. That was it, all of them. But there was an element within the group. They never were able to land on a home and be welcomed because of this. Germany took them in. They flourished in Germany, the music, art, medicine, philosophy, everything, they flourished in Germany, when we're we're one broke out.

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This group of people who become designers, the Rothschilds came out of them. They were Goldsmith's, who became money lenders, who became money lenders to countries who realized they had all the power, they control the money. They own all the central banks in the world now, but I digress. Let me get back to the point here. When when the when the

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that's when this got started. They decided to I lost my when I started talking about the Rothschild, I got off on a second.

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Give me one second. No, no worries. We're gonna get get we'll continue. When you find your place, please let us know. We're going to go ahead and

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continue on with this year. My position is that between the sea and the Jordan River, there needs to be one state only the State of Israel. There is no place for any agreements of any kind that discusses the concession of Israeli sovereignty over lands conquered in 1967.

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Did you find your place? Yeah, I got it. Go ahead. when World War One began, okay. The Zionist the people who were who were that element of the kazarian, Ashkenazi Eastern European Jewish converts went to England

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after the Zionist Congress and they said

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we want Palestine because somehow England had some kind of mandate or control of the Middle East and area. And England said, Well, what are we going to what's in it for us? And the the German Zionists who had been welcomed into Germany, said if we can get the United States into World War One to beat Germany and for you to be victorious, will you give us Palestine? And an England said sure. So the German Zionist went to

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The United States and got World War and got the United States involved in World War One. And Germany was flattened after World War One. Okay.

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And that's what happened. And that's why Germany developed such a hatred for Jews, which most Jews have no idea about. I'm not justifying what happened to those civilians in World War Two. I'm just saying this is the roots of it. And the fact is that, that Palestine was a pawn, that that the Rachele family wanted Palestine. Theodore hurts, I wanted to go to Argentina, but the Rothschilds you know, Money Talks, so they got they got Palestine, you know, beachfront property, the Mediterranean, they wanted to run the world, the bankers want to run the world from a beach front Mediterranean property. Maybe have Donald Trump run the golf courses, you know?

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Well, I will continue on here. And then we'll we'll get some more from some of the history that you're talking about. Yeah, the official statements of several ministers on the current government of Israel, in one case, actually advocating genocide of all Palestinians, including children, I'm calling them snakes. Now, can I ask you tea shop?

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Do you not think that if we're defining terrorism, that is the language and thinking of terrorists, that is absolutely unacceptable, in civilized politics, in civilized international relations, for the heads of government, of a state that we carry on normal relations with and who you met in Paris, to advocate those sorts of views, when we know they have also led on to the deaths of 1000s of Palestinians, innocent children, men, women and children? What have you to say teashop about those sorts of views being expressed by the Israeli government? What are your thoughts? On what do you say he's nailing it? he's just he's totally putting them putting their feet to the fire. This man is

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brave, and he's telling the truth.

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The whole the whole idea that this was a plan since 1897.

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shows like The they had a prudent way premeditation to do this. This is not a knee jerk to World War Two, or the poor Jews that came out of Europe or any of that. They had a plan, way deeper than that. And the Balfour Declaration, which I sent you a copy of. They had never, there's no, no. Go ahead, keep going. It was no intention for them to keep the Balfour Declaration in good faith. That was just their foot in the door, because I sent you another graphic from high end Weitzman in 1923 years after the Balfour Declaration, which was very arrogant, and basically said, we're coming in whether you like it or not. This was their plan since 1897. What you see on the board right now is this is

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their plan to expand the two blue lines and the Israeli flag or the Nile and Euphrates. That's the two blue lines in the flag of Israel. And the star is this Rothschild star not the Star of David. It was the shield of the Rothschilds business. Back in the day, only it was red. Rothko was a red star. But it became a blue one. Anyway, that's that was their plant from square one was this greater Israel. That's what it's, you know, I was a little kid in the 50s looking at a 13 inch black and white TV, watching the Mideast crisis in black and white since I was since I was a you know, knee high to a table, you know, and I've been watching this all my life and that's what I didn't know

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about this till I was almost what in my in my senior years. I didn't know about this. My parents didn't know a lot of good Jews in America dad. No idea. We were both your father and mother. Jewish. Yes. And they were supportive. They were snowed and so we're so most of the American Jews were guilted and snowed into supporting Israel with the whole Violin music and feel sorry for the Jews for World War Two, when really they were just using that as a as a sheep's clothing to do this, which has nothing to do. Yeah. Which has nothing to do with the with the religion of Moses, or the Jewish people or anything. This is something else. Now what would you let me hear your response to

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their particular Jews? I believe this is a rabbi I've had Rabbi Weiss on the program. I don't know if you've heard of him, and others like Nico pillared his father was Yeah, I heard him yesterday. You heard me Okay. Yeah, his father was a general in the Israeli army. His great grandfather was also someone who's the signer of the Declaration of Independence for Israel, but he's undecided justice decided truth. So are these Jews. So this is not something that it's Muslims versus

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Use Arab verse Palestinian. This is just about justice and truth. Does you think she's the people of Palestine now should know, it's, we feel very shame what's going on there, especially to doing everything in our name, in the name of Jews in the name of the Torah, in the name of God, it's so shameful, we are with you, you have to know, design is to us. We are weak, but God is on our side. At the end of the day, if I'm the CVM flag will be on Palestine from the river to the season. Wow, what do you what do you think of that? I think he's another one telling the truth. What kind of Jews are these here that are speaking out against this oppression? I don't know what their sect, but I

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know that they're orthodox. Meaning that I know God didn't create orthodox conservative and reform, I got a lot created, you know, he gave the word down. And these folks are trying to adhere to the Torah, which is, which is the book of guidance, and they're trying to follow the book of guidance, the best they can. And they know from doing that, that what's going on in the name of Judaism, by design is is a total fraud. It's a total lie. You know, for the Jews for Netanyahu to stand there and say we represent all the Jews in the world is a big lie. And he has a lot of stinking nerve to say that.

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That's all Have you ever been labeled this label this term here? Oh, yeah, I've been a I've been labeling on this dometic a lot, especially by some of the people that were closest to me.

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Because, you know, that's, that's just the way it goes. Unfortunately, a lot of ignorant people

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have a hatred, a blind hatred for different people, Jews or whatever other kinds of people too. But when you get down to why that hatred began, actually, Theodor Herzl used anti semitism as a way for fundraising. This was a tool that was used to, and again, as I mentioned about World War One and the Zionist German Zionists getting the United States into World War One to flatten Germany. They didn't, there wasn't they didn't, the Germans didn't hate to juice because of their high intellect, or they were jealous of them, or any of that. They hated them, because they'd sold them out in World War One. And Germany was totally decimated. That's why they didn't like them. Up until then they

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were getting along great. They were getting along great. There's a rich history. I mean, 4000 over 1000 years, isn't it right that the Golden Ages for the Jewish people was living in Spain and the loss when the Muslims were ruling? They were Can you talk about this? I don't know that much about it. But I know that the there was a renaissance before the Renaissance. And the Renaissance that we learned in school as Americans, the European Renaissance was built on the shoulders of the Islamic empire, which was destroyed and

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built upon, you know, that they stole a lot of things and burnt a lot of things and took a lot of things and plagiarized.

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But I'm not I'm not a scholar or well versed in our Deluce knowledge or history.

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But I did want to say that

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Allah is using me, you know, he gave me the life he gave me he led me through Judaism, Christianity, a lot of other things than to be Muslim, that he put me with then I came to substitute somebody at one of your interviews in New Jersey. I was asked to just stand in because somebody couldn't make it. And then you interviewed me again. And without looking for it. I got I got people looking at me. And then because of that,

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this woman came to me in December, who's in Gaza. On Facebook, she came to me and she said, Can you help me? and sister Nevin is in Gaza. She's a single mother with four little children, a brother alive brother and a brother who was killed and a sick mother. And right now you're dropping bombs on her and her family. And she's she's, she's got nothing but the rope of Allah. Because it's all depends where a lot allows those bombs to drop. People are being buried under buildings, they've had to run from place to place. And this all started back in December, when all we were trying to do was help them buy a food cart. So they could go sell coffee at the bus stop. So they could make some

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money. And this is why, you know, they wanted to just be they were weren't they didn't want a handout. They wanted to become, you know, self sufficient. So we were just trying to help them and one thing led to another and now the pet the fact is now we need leaders to stand up and to say, Israel stop. You know, I

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I agree that terrorism is wrong. It's a sin, the Jews that were killed by those rockets. It's a sin. I agree. But I asked everybody who's critical. What would you do if somebody came to your door and threw you out of your house and said you had to leave? Because it's in the Bible, and there's this barn people and there's army behind back them up. What Would any of you do? What would you do?

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Is this one of

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the many posts is this one also, can you go ahead because some people hide behind that all the atrocities, and you have actually have some Christians also who, who will go ahead and condone What's happening? The oppression against the innocent, totally baffles me how the Christians hate Muslims and love the Jews. When the Jews rejected Jesus and the Muslims love Jesus I, it's a total. It's a total ox. What do you call it? cognitive dissonance, because these are the words allegedly in the Bible that Jesus Christ said that you just had up there. And he's telling the children of Israel, he's basically telling of the covenant is going to be broken, the covenant is going to be

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broken. All right, there are no more the chosen people and the people and the and the custodianship of monotheism would be given to people who would honor it. Okay. It's my belief. Nobody told me this. And I didn't read it anywhere. But it's just my firm belief, having been a Muslim 12 years that the Muslims have the covenant now, we are the custodians of monotheism in this world as a group and and we're keeping monotheism alive on Earth right now. Because it sure as heck the Zionists are doing it. And the Christians are worshipping Jesus and three and everything. So the Muslims are holding the fort for monotheism right now and have been for 14 142 years. I want to make that point

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where we talked about for over 1000 years, you had the golden age of the Jews. So this is not a Jewish, Muslim thing. I mean, you had Muslims and Jews before all of this. They were getting along quite fine. I mean, so you never had in this 1000 years where you had now Muslims attacking Jews or whatnot, you even have you know, people such as the professor David war. Bernstein is an academic, he's a Jewish professor

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in history, and he called said Islam saved the jury. So this is not coming from Muslims. I mean, this is coming from Jewish scholars. So when you look at this Jews are always welcome. They fled persecution, they came into Muslim lands. You even had at the time, you had the best side. This is the from the Albanian saying that, you know, where the Albanians Bosnians anywhere that Jews went by Muslims, you know, they were welcomed, they were taken care of, you know, they they fled Christian persecution to cannabis land. So now when the tables it's ironic when the tables are turned, you have designers so we differentiate you have the Jews, just like this Rabbi was coming out just like

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I had, you know, Mikko pill it and others who are against this, but right you have this Zionist movement. And would you say design this movement is more like it's more of a secular atheist movement, void of God. I believe that, I believe the Zionist movement

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contains a certain amount of demonic energy in it. And

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they worship though they worship the material plane, then there's the Freemasons who worship Lucifer.

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Pretty much they believe that Lucifer is like the, you know, it's like when you have a family and the father is an old, an old grumpy old man and, and the oldest son is trying to like save the rest of the family from his grumpiness. So he's going to enlighten the younger children, the younger brothers and sisters, this is what they believe they believe the old God is like some of you know how to date and Lucifer is going to enlighten the human race. This is like a, what's his name, Albert Pike and morals and dogma, the Freemasons and so forth. And Zionism is has a relationship with them.

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I just sent you a

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link, I just sent you a picture Edie of an Arab, an old Arab man and an old Jewish man walking hand in hand. This was in 1923, before the Zionist like, got their claws into deep. I sent him a picture just now if you have it. This is this is something that we're talking about. And this is where good human beings need to step up, no matter if you're Jewish, no matter if you're Christian, you know, to stand up against in justices and now you can see what happened because in the human being, God Almighty has put in all of us, this innate nature to it to want to do good to stand to be on the side of justice, you know, and it's not a coincidence. Now, this is an Israeli shot soldier who's

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done some of this ethnic cleansing who's committed some of these crimes.

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Look what happens to the soul. Just pay attention. This is very interesting.

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Sound for pay attention to this? Yes.

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He comes to me, did you hear that? The person is a person that he kill comes to us? Why did you kill him? He's like going crazy. Now look how and what do you what do you think about when you hear that I feel like a lot is is turning this person's heart and making him turning him into an agent of good. And he's choosing to use this man to to be a vehicle for the truth. And this is this is a, you know, do we need, you know, this is this is what needs to be heard more. And

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it just it makes me feel, you know, this is a lot chooses who he will to to, you know, carry the truth that

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there has

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been a key monetize by Medina

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You know why?

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That man is the most successful person in that room, because a lot is touching him a lot is making him awake, even though it's painful. And even though it's his suffering, he's the he's the most conscious person in that room. And even though he's hurting, you know, and May Allah guide him, may Allah guide them the rest of the way to the truth. You know,

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talks about your whole system has failed, he talks about you know, the post traumatic stress that he's had, he's living a nightmare because, I mean, there's a verse in the Quran, you know, at chapter five, verse 32, killing one innocent human being as though you killed the world is the sanctity of human life doesn't matter what nationality race color you're from. I mean, this is one of the things that when you come on the Day of Judgment, you know, and if we firmly believe this is what Jesus He warned people of the Hellfire, the consequences of doing the oppression on Earth, you're going to have to be you're going to be held account and now people come with innocent you

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know, you got kids in Gaza, now you got bomb just falling and, you know, blowing up innocent children into 1000s of pieces. You know, and this is a result, you'll see how many more people like this, you know, they think they can go home and sleep, you know, freely without Yeah, you know, the kind of traumas that are happening to them. This is you know, so people need to, I'm talking about be a woke wake, wake up to this speak, speak out, you know, and let the truth be heard. I have a message for Jews. message for Jews, if you saw the movie Avatar.

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I call this having a Jake soli moment. Jake Sully was a wheelie, he was in a wheelchair. And in that movie, if you saw it, they were able to put their consciousness into a cloned blue Big Blue creature of this planet where they were trying to strip the resources. And what this what the wheelie Jake slowly realized is that the blue people weren't the savages his own species were the savages. And he and this is what I call the Jake Sony moment when you decide you're going to go with the truth and not make a racist decision to stay with your species or your race, just for the sake of staying with your species or your race. Because when we get to the when we get to our exit interview,

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only in order to gain time, only in order to strengthen. Go ahead when I just heard a voice so I stopped when we get to our exit interview. You know a lot it's not gonna be interested in anything else. But you know, what we were up to what we were doing, you know, it's not going to be like left or right. It's going to be us in him. And we have to answer he gave us brains. He gave us brains. We can't say Oh, somebody else told me to do it. No, he gave us brains. There's my first team mom taught me this. Yeah, even with a NEMA. You know, because even as a Muslim. You have a question about your religion, about your deen. You can you could ask 10 different moms and you could get 10

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different opinions, and they could all be right to and maybe one could be out men could be outside of the boundary you don't know. But the thing is, at the end of the day, Allah gave you a great

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And when you're standing before Allah and he says, Why do you do that? You have to be able to answer from your own brain. You can't defer to someone else's brain. If your brain is functioning, you're responsible to use it. And you have to use it in this situation. Because there's it's just, you know, and there's another movie. If, in the media in the American, what do you call it culture? There's another movie called the usual suspects. And in that movie, there's a being called Kaiser soaz, who is a very feared being he's he's just a terrible feared creature of a human being terrible, barbaric. You know, everybody, they heard his name, they wet their pants, you know. And

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there was this guy in the movie, Kevin Spacey played him verbal. And he was this crippled little guy, and everybody made, mocked him and made fun of him. And he walked with a limp and his hand was shrunken up. And in the end, he was he was Kaiser, San Jose.

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And I'm maintaining that the the mine the hacked, ID, they hacked ID of the Jewish people, that Benjamin that the giant his government is trying to promote, is the victim monster, the Kaiser San Jose of this world In reality, one minute, they're the victim and the next minute when you're not looking, you're the monster, and this is who they are. And you have to know this and this is not anti semitism. This is anti Zionism. And it's not the same thing no matter what they say. They can weld it together with a blowtorch. It's not the same thing.

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Can you talk about do you know because many people don't understand the current plight of the

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Palestinians they're the Muslims even Christians are Palestinians they also suffer at the hands of this injustice. You know, Okay, stop just off the bat. You know, some of the differences. Let me give you a for instance, going in Gaza, where a sister Nevin is with her family, the Jews, the Zionist, I don't want to say the Jews because this is they mix up the political agenda with the religion design this

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destroyed the infrastructure, back in 2005, in Gaza, and then they sabotage any event any attempt to to rebuild it, the electrical grid.

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And they didn't allow the experts to go in. They didn't allow raw materials to go in. I did a little research because the Israelis were all pointing fingers at the Palestinian management saying you guys just don't know how to manage your electrical system. And that's not the truth. The truth is design is sabotaged it back 1520 years ago, and did not allow it to be rebuilt. And that's why SR Nevin was only getting eight hours of electricity a day.

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Okay, food was rotting kids were getting food poisoning. We got them a new refrigerator. Right before all this stuff started happening. We got him a new fridge. She'd been to the hospital a couple of times, with situ with medical emergencies. Her brother broke his hand in the shower because they didn't even have a mat in the shower. So many things happened. But what I'm I don't want to get into the What I'm saying is that that Gaza has been an open air penitentiary basically, there's nowhere to go. They got the ocean and they got the fences, and there's nowhere to go. And they and their electricity was down to eight hours a day. In this latest bombing thing. They blew up

00:33:35--> 00:34:00

the transformers. They blew up all the electricity in Gaza. There is no electricity that I know of in Gaza. People food is rotting children are hungry people are getting sick. There's no light at night, except whatever battery operated things there are P and then they're terrified because they got f 30 fives flying over, which are like the Porsche of fighter jets, which the United States provides.

00:34:01--> 00:34:51

And Benjamin Netanyahu says why is supporting it because he's got the F 35. That's why I want Americans to stand up. I sent you a link Eddie, that any American can contact all of their elected officials with one stroke of keypads or web keyboard or whatever. I sent you the link for that. Contact your politician for all Americans to do this, whenever you have a chance to work. What for people who won't get that link where we can put that up? It's contact. What's the URL? I think I sent it over to you. I can't I gotta look i'd have to look it up right now to find it. I think well, we'll Yeah, we'll put it up. So this is you have Yeah, okay. You have it. But anyway, Americans can

00:34:51--> 00:35:00

like can get I sent a video. You know how Joe Biden says, Come on. I told Joe Biden to come on. on video. I said, Come

00:35:00--> 00:35:21

On, people are dying over there. I said, let's see what he does about it. He said, he's a Zionist. He says, I'm not a Jew, but I'm a Zionist, you know, they're all this all these politicians are pretty much the same when you boil it down, because they're all answers to Israel, the one who stands up and says no to Israel, the last one, I know, I've got his head blown off in 1963.

00:35:22--> 00:35:31

He wouldn't he didn't want to give nuclear power to Israel. And when when Kennedy got killed, they tripled the nuclear the money to go to Israel for their nuclear program.

00:35:34--> 00:36:08

So once again, this is not about Jewish Muslim, let's just clear that myth. Because no academic as the academic Professor David Orr sustained in his paper, Islam saved the jury. So when Muslims were ruling, when Jews were living with Muslims, they had their full rights, they were able to prosper, they were able to grow. This is against injustice, you have, we're commanded, we're commanded to live in peace with anybody who wants to live in peace with us. Yeah, this is from Allah.

00:36:10--> 00:36:48

So what advice would you have for people who are just kind of confused, you know, they read the headlines, and they see that, okay. You know, they're getting the spin of the story, they're not understanding, you know, the real history of what's going on on their the in justices, the open air prison, where people are living in the lack of food, water, basic human necessities, the basic rights that a human has, you know, they're been taken away, and nobody would stand for it here. You know, imagine, you know, should that person because he's Palestinian Muslim have to stand for their you know, what, what advice where people get, there's a great documentary called occupation, 101,

00:36:48--> 00:37:24

it's on YouTube, occupation, 101. Anything else for people we're hearing this for the first time and get, they want to learn more, you know, haters are gonna hate it, he, you know, you could you could consider a buck or you could talk to some people to you're blue in the face, and then nothing is going to change them. But those who might be that one person sitting in the back, just taking it all in who's going to, it's going to change their life. And all you can do is just keep, keep letting your light shine and keep telling the truth. And whoever preaches a word, that means God broadcast and you are a preacher, because you're broadcasting your visit, you're really you're actually

00:37:24--> 00:38:05

whoever is broadcasting, alright, you broadcast and when you broadcast, people have a choice to pick up the frequency or not. And that's up to them and up to Allah Who here whose heart is open, and who hears this, and is, you know, we're getting up to the money shot these, you know, this is the time we're getting so close to the time before the hour. This is, you know, Muslims need to understand and realize this is I'm talking to somebody every day now who could die the next moment. And now then again, they could outlive me, I could die the next moment too. But their probability, if you look at the odds with your orange, and he cuz everybody goes when a lot takes him, I could, I could

00:38:05--> 00:38:22

sneeze now and busted capillary and die. But the fact is that they're under bombing right now. And to be in contact with these people, and to be having contact with him for eight months, and to have developed emotional ties, she calls me Father, she calls me father.

00:38:24--> 00:38:28

And lately, I've been calling her daughter now, because I want her to know, you know,

00:38:30--> 00:39:11

that she's loved. And that I guess she didn't have one that loved her, or he's gone, or he didn't love her or something. Because she calls me father. And, and I have a responsibility to, at least on my heart, be a father to her, if I can't do it any other way just to be there. And and it's, it's, we know that martyrs are successful, and they go straight to Jenna. And they don't stand on the Day of Judgment. And we know that it's some, you know, they're like the rock stars of paradise of martyrs or the treated first class. I know that but it hurts on the way it hurts on the way. And and I just ask a lot of protect them, and all the people that are going through and not only in

00:39:11--> 00:39:53

Palestine, but in Yemen and in India and China and all the other places where it's going on, you know, we're in the time before the hour and you know what the digital, the Antichrist hasn't even shown up yet. Okay, it's going to get worse before it gets better. We have to understand this. And as my father used to say, may Allah light his grave, and bless his heart for making the Shahada before he died at 95 a Jew all his life. You know, he said, When times get like this, it's time to buckle down. It's just time to buckle down. Get serious. You know, there was a mom in New Jersey when Trump got elected and he said to the brothers, he said to all the Muslims in the hood, but he

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

said, What do we do? What do we do Trump's elected? He said you do what you do what you do. You do your salaat

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

You do your song, you'd either would you do your, you'd be Muslim, that's what you do. And that's what we do now, only we do it in earnest, we need to do it in earnest, we need to do it with with gusto. We need to turbo boost our mind. We need to strengthen our mind by by obeying Allah, praying on time, speaking the truth, uncomfortable, doing all obeying Allah will give us the energy that we need to do what we have to do, because it all comes from him. So if we hook into the source of energy, and we do what He tells us to do, what the source tells us to do, then he will give us what we need to do what we need to do.

00:40:42--> 00:41:24

Thank you so much. That's all I can say. And I since I can't, you know, I got to say I you know, I watched the shows or to Golan Osmond the stories about or to Golan Osmond. The Turkish series about the our 12th century ancestors in Islam, who kept Islam alive in Anatolia during when the Byzantines and the Mongols were going at each other. And the MA and the Muslims are right in the middle. And it's the same as it ever was. Because you got the Byzantines, you've got the Western world and you got the Mongols you got the eastern world, and you got the Muslims in the middle and the same stories going on. As was going on then. And and it and we just have to realize that, you know, we

00:41:24--> 00:42:06

can't pick up a sword anymore and go into field and do our business. And sometimes I wish I could. But that's not where we're at in history right now. So I can't do anything physically but I can speak. God gave me a mount to speak with a brain to think with a heart to feel with and I'm using everything in my power to do what Allah wants me to do at a time like this. And I advise and I For God's sake, don't whoever's listening to this don't go Oh, look at him. Oh, look, oh, by boom and giant roaches I could look at no do it yourself. Do it. Do it. Don't make the same mistake. You know, with everybody who steps up and tells the truth everybody puts him on a pedestal don't put

00:42:06--> 00:42:43

anybody on a pedestal. Look, Muhammad peace be upon him wouldn't even have pictures. You don't do to me what you did to Jesus. Don't do to leaders. What you do to other leaders. Be one yourself. Be one yourself, everybody. It's time for everybody to speak up everybody. thank everybody who loves the truth. If you love the truth Speak up. Stanford pairs brother Thank you very much. We started with peace we end with peace keep our brothers and sisters Palestine all over the world. Those who are suffering we're being impressed in your dewas Thank you brother jackal has salaam aleikum topcat, Polycom, solo.