The Battle of Badr

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The Prophets a lovely summer at this point in time is in his mid 50s 55 years old. He sat on his knees the whole night and he had his arms like this above his head

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and he said yeah Allah Ya Allah please help them Yeah. Save them Oh Allah. Don't let them perish out Allah. Oh Allah if you let them perish there will be no one left on the face of this earth to worship you properly Oh ALLAH. Please help them all.

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And he cried like this all night long. Someone told that Abu Bakr Siddiq Radi Allahu Taala and who walked in and saw the process of his show that he was wearing had fallen off of his shoulders, his beard and his chest was wet with his tears.

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And Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu picked up the shawl of the prophets of salaam he put it on his shoulders, and then he kind of embraced him, hugged him from the back,

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like calming someone. And he said, Allah has answered your prayer Allah has answered your prayer. There is no way Allah would not answer your prayer. So the prophets, Allah de Salam spent their whole night begging and crying and pleading. And Allah said that Allah answered your prayer. And Allah said that I will help you by sending down 1000 Angels one after another after another, like when waves. Angels coming down from the heavens in waves continue.

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Well imagine Owen law who was wrong when he took over in Abbey

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in law, her eyes ice is one hockey game Subhan Allah, and this is what's very important to remember. Allah subhanaw taala says that Allah granted you this victory. Why? So that this would be

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a glad tiding

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a good news, a confirmation of good or reassurance from Allah.

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For the generations of generations and generations of believers that will come after

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Hear that they will all be able to look back at the day of brother at the battle at the Battle of butter. And they will know for a fact that when Allah is on your side, then everything will be alright.

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If you have Allah with you, you have everything.

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And when you don't have a law on your side, you can have the greatest army, you can have the greatest weaponry you can have the greatest resources and the most extensive armory and supplies.

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And yet you will face you will be a failure, and you will face defeat will lead up to my interview here Kullu become.

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And Allah strengthened your hearts in that moment, the Sahaba

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they're the most amazing generation of believers, the companions of the Prophet Allah, they never got it. It's not like they had doubts before this. But still, they had been beaten down for 15 years.

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Right? If somebody looks at us the wrong way, for 15 seconds, we get bent out of shape.

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If somebody kind of tells us, you don't kind of gets on our case for 15 minutes, that's it.

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Right? That's worse than death.

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Can you imagine the Sahaba were tortured, tormented, oppressed, mocked, ridiculed, chased, hunted, killed for 15 years.

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They didn't have any doubt.

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But they were carrying a lot of wounds.

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They were carrying a lot of those bruises.

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So their shoulders were hunched over a little

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right, their backs were were were were weighed down a little.

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And when the battle of burger happened, it lifted them.

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It kind of allowed them to straighten their shoulders.

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You know, kind of stretch out their chest a little

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and gain that little bit of that that confidence. We call it swagger. Right? Get that little swagger in there step

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to be able to say we are on the truth.

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No, I'll Hawk we're Houma. Albertan we are on the truth. They are on the false

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and so very powerful moment woman Nussle Illumina in the Lahaina, Aziz and Hakeem and help. Wanda so let me know in the law help only comes from Allah in the last season Hakeem and indeed Allah is dominant. And Allah subhanaw taala is most wise. And how did Allah subhanaw taala help them we'll take a look at just

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a couple of more ayat. And then we'll transition to Surah Ali I'm Ron and look at a couple of hours over there.

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If you ever see a cool, new I

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mean, who are you and as you know, on a Venus

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new point here welcome.

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Were you would hereby come rages as a pawn while you would hereby come rageous as say upon you earlier Kulu be como youth a bitter be hidden?

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This is the hope from Allah subhanaw taala.

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I wanted to the point is pretty much covered at the end of aisle number 10. But I wanted to read a couple of more of these Iots so that we can actually understand

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the when we talk about Allah's help, being so miraculous and remarkable.

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Understand what that means that he overwhelmed you with drowsiness

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meaning the Sahaba were in the battlefield.

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And they dozed off.

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Standing up.

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I know many of you have that mastered as well, but that's different.

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Very different. Okay.

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In the battlefield, a Sahabi says, I'm standing there, and I dropped my sword. And I'm like, that's weird. And I reach down and pick it up and I get ready to fight. And then next thing you know, I dropped my sword again and it kind of jars me awake. And I'm like what is happening? And I reach out and pick it up and said I dropped my sword three times. And after that I finally said forget it.

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This is not meant to be

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I was shared this little kind of tidbit because it makes me laugh.

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I'm delivering Masood Radi Allahu anhu, a great companion of the Prophet SAW Selim. He was there in the battlefield about that that day.

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And later on

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decades later. He's in Kufa in Iraq.

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Right? And he's teaching as a lesson a class going on. He's teaching Quran and Hadith. And there's a student sitting in the front doing this. Right? So he tells him he wakes him up. So wake up, what are you doing? Sleeping in class, what are you doing? And so he says, Oh, *, sorry. Sakina

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right, it's tranquility coming down peace, tranquility, Qur'an, tranquility. Right. And I'm delivering Masuda the Allahu taala. And who says, What? Huh? Says tranquility. He says, Let me tell you what tranquility is tranquility, peace from Allah is when you fall asleep in the battlefield.

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When there's an enemy that outnumbers you, 321 standing across from you, with their swords pointed at you, getting ready to murder you. And then you start dozing off that's called tranquility. What you're doing is called tough love.

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You're doing is called you know, heedlessness, right you're you're you're unaware, you're not paying attention, you're being neglectful. So Allah subhanaw taala put them to sleep in the battlefield. Well, you're not see nor are they come in a semi EMA and not only that, we've been to the those who have maybe some some of the brothers and sisters here who've been with us there to the battlefield, the brother, it's the desert. So the dust is kind of kicking up everywhere. So Allah subhanaw taala made it like a little bit of moisture coming down, not quite raining. But just like a light drizzle, a light sprinkle

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enough to keep the dust down on the ground. And to lower the temperature a few degrees 510 degrees to make them comfortable. Because when you take a nap, you want to be comfortable Subhan Allah, Allah gave them a nap and made them comfortable.

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We will use Heba uncom ridges a shape on when he ought to be to Allah Kullu become, we use something to be healed. And Allah removed shaytaan tries to make you panic. Allah shipshape on out, and he strengthened their hearts, and Allah made their feet firm.

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Go ahead.

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If you hear a book,

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in KTN, email a comfortable way to learn the

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Rainbow mean whom

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Allah subhanaw taala sent down those 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of angels down into the battlefield, and Allah subhanaw taala told them that I am with you. And he's told them that make sure you go and support the believers, the angels are there to support the believers.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala said, I will put fear into the hearts of the enemies of the Muslims. And then Allah told the angels and this part's a little frightening. Allah told the angels strike them on their necks and strike them on their hands.

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And it wasn't many. It was just a few dozen.

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But the angels came down the front row or two, struck their necks struck their hands

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and then gave everyone else the chance to turn and run. And that's exactly what happened at the battle about

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that about, you know, 70 some odd were killed that first row or to the next row or two were captured, taken as prisoners of war tied up by the angels, and the rest turned and fled.

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And that was the victory from Allah and Allah subhanaw taala says, Why did things play up this way?

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The link A B and now whom shall

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allah how old or soon will marry you, shall we Pilla Hello Rasulullah Hofer in Allah has said the dunya

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SubhanAllah. Like we read Allah's mercy, and Allah has hope. And Allah's facilitation, in Allah's kindness and Allah is generosity with the believers. But there is a flip side to this. And the flip side to this is, these people were dealt with so severely because they opposed.

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They defied they dare to try to even defy

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Allah and His Messenger salatu salam, and whoever would will ever try or even think of opposing and defying Allah and His Messenger than they should look back at this moment in this lesson. And remember, that Allah is very severe and harsh in dealing with such people.

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I will switch over to inshallah Tsereteli

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now we've been lagging in let's say you find a routine

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where either What don't I mean Nikka to Bowie only moved me numb up are you

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will love who sent me when I need him. So Allah subhanaw taala here is reminding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam that starts off by talking about the Battle of boyhood when you had to leave your family and you had to go and post the believers at all their stations at the bottom of our hood and remember that Allah is all seeing and all knowing

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I'm sorry, start from my number 123 We're not getting sorry

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Well, according to Surah, como love will be better you.

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On this summarizes everything

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one to a villa,

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you were few in number, the translator is being very polite. While you are few in number. This can also be translated as you are weak

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and dilla you were weak.

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But Allah helped you at the place of butter. So always be mindful of Allah and develop that sense of gratitude to Allah. Now, how did Allah help you? Look at how powerfully this laces out?

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Is definitely known Anymote me Nina

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axiocam, Ayumi como poco.

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Iike T mus any. Allah subhanaw taala says that when the prophets Allah, he sort of went to the believers and he says, Is it sufficient for you?

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That Allah your Lord will help you by sending down 3000 angels from the sky?

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Because the believers obviously you're looking across at this huge army armed to the teeth, and there's some apprehension, it's natural, they're human. And Allah subhanaw taala says, no, no, no, worry, not my friends.

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Allah is sending down 3000 Angels.

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So the disbelievers outnumbered the Muslims three to one. There are about almost 1000 of them. So that's why Allah said he will send 3000 He will make the angels outnumber them three to one. He will completely flip the odds in your favor. Continue Bella.

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It was

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filling him had I owned in the Kuhmo Bukom young DiGiacomo boom your former Sati

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Musang we mean and if you remain patient, and you remain remain devoted and dedicated to Allah, then Allah suffer and we took him and folded him haha. And this enemy will come forth to attack you. Your Lord will further aid you by sending 5000 angels from the sky carrying banners and flags

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representing the hope and the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. So go forth, and don't fear what you see. But remember what you believe in

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why Magi know whom wall who in love was run echo Morley Takoma in a

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IV is in hockey. And again, the same verse that we read earlier. Similarly, Allah says, All of this happened Illa Bucha Allah calm, that this was to reaffirm you, in your faith, and to strengthen your heart, to give you that peace and tranquility and satisfaction, that you are upon the truth and always remember, there is no victory, there is no help. There is no aid that can come from anyone anywhere or any one except from Allah subhanaw taala, Who is Allah Aziz al Hakim with that inshallah will conclude. And as a final word on this in another place in solitude, Bacara. Allah subhanaw taala says, it's not even the whole idea. It's a part of an idea, but it captures the essence of the

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Battle of others so powerfully and so well. Imam Bukhari Rahim Allahu Taala mentioned this in Sahih Bukhari in the narration, that the essence of the Battle of blood that can be captured from the eye, or Allah has has come men FY 18 allele

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come min fee are typically lettin how many small little groups of devout dedicated righteous believing good people of color but fee attend Kathy rotten? Be it nila,

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how many of the small humble groups of devoted and dedicated people have dominated, have defeated and have overcome huge armies that far outnumber them and outweighed them. But they were able to overcome them by the permission of Allah. Because everyone's heard this expression, right? Strength in Numbers. People usually think that's a really fascinating idea, strength and numbers. Wisdom, ooh, strength to numbers. No, absolutely not. We don't believe in strength to numbers. We believe in strength and faith.

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Our strength is our iman

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and that's what Allah subhanaw taala taught us on the day of

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to be able to draw inspiration from the battle of mother and may Allah subhanaw taala raise amongst us and amongst our children amongst our future generations, similar strong believers that can lead the Ummah forward. I mean, our ability to meet Subhanallah he will be humble he Subhanallah humble humble, Nash Hello Allah Illa illa Anta na Saphira Governor Timberlake

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Monica Luffy Jacqueline Makita