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The speaker discusses their greatest gifts, including their Islam, guidance, and a book. They emphasize that they were not given anything but guidance and encourage others to share their gratitude for their

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The other day, on one of my Instagram q&a days, I was asked a question that to me was was a no brainer. And I said, rather than just answered that, like that I'm gonna make a video about this one because it's so important.

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What was the greatest gift you have ever been given? Is what was asked to me.

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And without a doubt, without a question in my mind, the greatest gift that had ever been given to me was Islam. Islam is the greatest thing that's ever been given to me. For most of you watching this, you're going to be have probably been born raised Muslim for the majority. I did not accept Islam until the age of 18. So the for the first 18 years of my life, I had no idea who Allah was. I had no idea what Islam really was. I had no idea who the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, peace be upon him really was. This was my greatest gift. I was guided. When I read the verse in the Quran, what would your Dhaka doll and for her the end we found you lost? And then we guided you. I feel

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that verse. I feel I was the last one. I was someone out there who had no idea about the purpose of his life. I was someone out there lost in the world, not knowing what my true purpose was. An Allah Jalla wa Ala, in his infinite mercy, in his infinite wisdom, decided to guide me, he decided to guide me and I had done nothing to earn it or deserve it or be favored upon it, except that I wanted to know the truth. Most of you watching this, you are going to have been chosen by Allah to be born to Muslim parents, your parents grew up. I mean, you grew up with your parents, teaching you the Quran. I didn't grow up with anyone teaching me the Quran. You grew up with your parents taking you

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by the hand and leading you to the masjid. I didn't have anyone taking me to the masjid. I grew up across the street from it my whole life and didn't know it was there. You've been favored. You've been honored. You've been dignified by the fact that Allah chose you from birth, know your identity as a Muslim. Never take that for granted. Because I was not afforded that opportunity. I was lost. And then I was guided, this has been my greatest gift. This is why I have chosen for the past 17 plus years of my life, to try to help other people see that same gift and find that same guidance, because I see that they are lost. And I want them to have the opportunity to be guided. This is why

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I'm trying my best to raise my own children, knowing the Quran, raise my own children, taking them to the masjid so I can start a legacy of children who will trace their selves back to me that Islam beat in the family began with me. This is my greatest gift. This was the greatest gift this was given to me is my Islam. And the greatest gift that I think that I can give to anyone else is Islam. This is your greatest gift brothers and sisters. I don't care what anybody gives you in your life. I don't care if they gave you a billion dollars. I don't care if they gave you 15 beautiful homes, nine bodies. I don't care what they gave you. It will not be the greatest gift that's ever been

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given to you beyond your Islam. Beyond your guidance beyond your understanding of Allah subhanho wa Taala and beyond your knowing his book Beyond you knowing his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam why because none of those gifts are going to help you in the hereafter. All that money is not going to help you all those houses are not going to help you all those calls are not going to help you none of it is going to save you in front of Allah subhanahu wata Anna is set for one statement of guidance. La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, this is the gift brothers and sisters, this is the endless treasure. This is the biggest bounty. This is the most favored and

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honorable and dignified position that you can find yourself in. So when someone asks you what is your greatest gift, what is the best thing you've ever been given in your life? Without a doubt it should be your Islam if you're a Muslim, and if you're not a Muslim, and you're watching this, if you do not know who Allah is, as we refer to him, meaning V God, if you do not know truly whom the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is, then please take time out of your life. Take time out of your life to find out because I was like you at one point in my life and I didn't know and I did not understand and I misunderstood when I took time to do some real diligent research when I picked up a

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copy of the Quran and read it. When I started reading about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I became a Muslim 25 years ago

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Though in everything I have learned about Islam since the more and more I have studied the religion, the more of a shoe or fact that has come to me that I had chose right? What would you duck a doll and for her, he found me last. And then he guided me. That is a favor, I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to the One who created me, I cannot begin to express that gratitude for that. For those of you watching this, who were born and raised upon guidance, be thankful to Allah for every day that you wake up, and you are still able to utter the phrase La Ilaha illa Allah, thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for it, because there are billions of people out there in the world right now that

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were not given that gift that you were given. And guess what, you didn't do anything to earn it. You didn't do anything to earn it, Allah chose it and wrote it for you. In a book that is with him 50,000 years before creating creation, Allah wrote it down, that he would create you and that you would be a Muslim. So that gratitude should keep you fueled. And it should fuel the fire in you to be thankful to him and try to share that gift with other people and try to share that knowledge of what you know about Allah, what you know about Islam, what you know about the deen with other people because it's your greatest gift, and it shouldn't be shared with the world. So my greatest gift that

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has ever been given to me and that can ever be given to me and can never be taught is my Islam is my guidance.

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That is what I'm thankful for. And that's what we should all be thankful for.