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This is Friday so we start off you know with the small little chat inshallah, before we jump straight into some among us play. Again this is a blessed day in a blessed time when you're in a strange time in the world so the more and more reminders we can give ourselves about Allah subhanho wa Taala that the better for us.

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You know, there's always one advice People always ask me, you know, Brother, you should give me some advice, give me some advice, give me some advice. And I will give you some advice in sha Allah.

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also want to make sure our chat went on to the main room as it should and we don't have to post it. No, it hasn't gotten there yet. Hopefully inshallah huta Anna, our NGO bot will put it over there. We need to work on his speed in getting this up into chat room in sha Allah

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Yep, there it went. There it went, What handily loads up on there now we were gonna play in the manga so we'll post that into the chat Alas, the moderators if they're with us to post the code into the chat room once we get it up and running in sha Allah and we will also I will jump into the voice chat for those who want to join us on discord please make sure you are following and subscribe to Muslim gamers league on Discord. Make sure you're following us here make sure subbing here if you're able to give us subs please do so it helps this platform grow and we will be doing some amazing thing for our subs inshallah, who to Anna. We will be having some giveaways for Discord server

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followers. boosters will have special giveaways here. on Twitch we'll be doing follower giveaways. We will also be doing special sub giveaways, etc. So we have plenty of things that are lined up we have them in the works in sha Allah.

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And also for those who were asking I was chatting with the brothers over at the cave, London

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I was chatting over the brothers that cave in London today. For those who are asking people asking what to get my hearts the hoodie I was wearing in the last stream. Those are from the cave in London and I'm going to put that up here in the chat it is www.we need to make sure I put that right for us and you guys somewhere else. We wouldn't want to do that. We want to send anybody to the right place.

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Yep, there it is. www dot

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put the time yesterday cave

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dash they have also offered a special code for all of my followers all of my viewers all you have to do is enter the code you should Evans all you have to do is enter the code

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you should Evans on your checkout and you will get 20% off of any of your orders. They have good hats and hoodies and they have good a bias for sister Masha Allah. They also have good beard oils for those of you who always ask about a beard oil routine, I always buy beard oil when I'm over there. Not only is it a good product in and of itself, but they add author in with them they have like pseudonymise they have like

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rose all kinds of different essential others that they add into them. That smell fantastic. So check them out. Tell them I sent you and use the code USIA Evans and you will get 20% off you will get 20% off insha Allah who to Anna so make sure you check them out.

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People always ask me for some advice and we will ask a stream Labs is kind of messing with us today in that showing us

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showing us viewers who we have on with us 100 Allah so inshallah that'll update itself at some point.

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Stream labs have been a bit glitchy today anyway. But people always ask me brother You should Can you give us some advice can you get and I always get asked that when I travel when I meet brothers. When we go places, but you show Can you just give us some simple advice. So that's how we will start off today's stream. But there's simple advice and Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, which I think is the best advice that one can can be given. It is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam where he was asked by men, he was asked by a man

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or messenger of Allah, give me something Give me something that is, is is comprehensive, so comprehensive that I will never need to ask you anything else.

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After this question, maybe this is the last question that I'm able to ask you. Give me some advice that will be comprehensive and will also take me to Jana. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam told the man who I meant to be lawyer, he almost stopped him say that you believe in Allah and then remain steadfast on that this is where is their arm I'm remaining steadfast in the path of Allah comes from and many many books have been written written on it if you were able to find some good scholarly books on the issue of his diploma, which is remaining on the straight path, then I would suggest for you to check it out for you to check it out. So he said I meant to be Louis Toma, stop him. Say that

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you believe in Allah and remain on that path say that you believe in Allah and remain steadfast on that. So the man said, Okay, I heard that give me something else that was you know, that was that was easy. Give me something else. The Prophet Lisa was around for the second time said I meant to be low he's almost happy. Say that you better even a lot and remain steadfast on that. The men said okay, yes, I heard you but I want something something more I you know, he was looking to get some grand

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talk from the Prophet Lisa that was set him some grand advice. So he said for the third time, a mental below he's almost docking, say that you believe in a lot and remain steadfast on that. This was an amazing advice from the Prophet Li he set out to a slump, and it was about remaining steadfast remaining on the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remaining steadfast on the path of Allah Jalla were added in this will give someone

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the best benefits that you can have Allah subhanho wa to Allah are also tells us in the Quran in surah fusina those who say you're on board along with to misstep, those who say their Lord is or more and they remain steadfast upon that. This This adds on to that and why this is such a beautiful, comprehensive advice. Allah says and sort of the fusi that those who say Robo nomoto mustapa Mu those who say Our Lord is Allah and they remain steadfast on that they have is the palm upon that. Allah says that he will send angels to them, angels to them. And upon their deathbed angels will come to them and they will tell them three things. And believe me, brothers and sisters,

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the day of your death will be the hardest day for you. It'll be the most trying day for you. It will be the most severe day for you. And to hear these words from the angels will be the most beautiful way to end your life.

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Allah says they will say led to her for not to be afraid. Well that doesn't know and don't even be sad. Well, I'm sure but have glad tidings bill Gen metal that he couldn't turn to I don't have Jenna that was promised to you. So this is what is the karma brings to a person and this is why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam gave this man this comprehensive advice to older men to be Allah He say that you believe that Allah thing will stop them and then remain on that because they all here on the day they die led to half of what I know what I'm sure will generate allottee continue to add on. Do not be afraid nor be saddened but have the glad tidings of Jannah that was promised to you Masha

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