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Dawah Training Lecture 1 – Part 2/5

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very seriously, clearly, very clearly says in the Quran that those who seek a law other than the law, the loss of power without What does the law say? Indeed it is they who are.

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These are disbelievers. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. But I told her, but that should not be something that should cause you worry your grief.

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It should be something that Americans should welcome the law of loss of Hannah woods, because He is the Creator, he knows best the condition of his creation, and he knows best how they should conduct their affairs. And I said, the real law of a loss of power, which is the real law, the law, not a law that is tampered with by human beings. But the real law from the creator of all that exists is the most just law that exists, it is the most equitable law that exists, it is a law that will bring about all of the solutions to the problems of the society by default, by default, without any need for for for any injunctions from human beings. You want to talk about racial equality, the problem

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of racial equality in America, Islam brings that into the system by default. There's no option in this, when we're talking about equality between justice between the sexes, Justice between men and women, both of them being dealt with, according to their condition and circumstances with justice. That is in Islam as a default that is in the show to you by default, the poor and the rich, and the social classes, each having their rights, and upon another and each, each having their

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their caretaking, assured by the law, that is initially By default, the problem of alcoholism, the problem of adultery, the problem of gambling, and prostitution, and put out all of the things and drugs, all of the things that we see as a societal ills in America, are eradicated under the Sharia of Islam by default, there is nothing we have to do with this, there is no wrangling about this, it is just there by default. So this should be something that is welcomed by the people of the world. And this is the ultimate goal of the Sharia law is to seek the dominance of the word of the Creator above everything else, and to establish a law that is just upon each and every single individual and

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to bring society much needed success.

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So I had to answer yes. And this is what he was telling us in this verse, let them be a group from amongst you call it to all that is good, establishing that which is good as a law and forbidding that which is evil as a law. And what does the law say about these people? What will he go home?

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pom, these are the ones who have success very clearly on it tells us these are the people who will be successful.

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This is another lesson for us in that one very, very beautiful lesson. Because a lot of people when they hear about getting involved in Dallas, walking around in the streets and calling people and establishing data centers and standing on street corners and dowel tables and you know getting down to work or school. The first thing they get is apprehension. The first feeling you know you get is apprehension, you're afraid of the rebuttal. You're afraid of the torsion of human beings what they're gonna say about me, they're gonna think I'm crazy, they're gonna, they might fire me at work, you know, they might, they might harass me, you know, you might get yelled at to spit on or

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whatever have you.

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But according to this verse, is there any word in this? No, Allah says in a promise from a law that they will be successful, I will make them successful, if Allah is saying

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that the success of that endeavor is upon a large region is on a lot to give the success and Allah does not in the long run that you fool. A lot of promises. So a lot is telling you if you go upon this path, you're going to be successful, you will have success no matter what. Even if they laugh at you, you're successful. Even if they spiritually you're successful, even if they shut you down, you're successful. Even if they lock you, you're successful, even if they get rid of you. Allah says with me with me, you're successful. And who do we want to be successful with the winner? I mean, does it really matter how successful you are in school? If you do it in? By displeasing Allah?

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subhanaw taala? No, it doesn't really matter how much success you obtain in this life. If Allah is displeased with you, it does not matter. But if Allah is pleased with you, if Allah is pleased with you, and Allah count you among the successful it doesn't matter what happens to you this life, it really is not a really doesn't matter what happens to you in this life, because there are prophets who came before us. There are prophet who came before us who no one listened to. We know there is authentically from the prophets, although I never said to him, that on the Day of Judgment, there will be some prophets who will have huge omens like him, like who said he said him like Abraham and

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he said and he said, that is what

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Some profits come we'll have a handful, like no other, he said, and then they will come some profits who will have one or two followers, and then it will come some profits, they will have no followers, they will be alone by themselves on the Day of Judgment. Does that mean they failed? No. Does that mean they were unsuccessful? No, they will be amongst the highest in Ghana, they will be amongst the ones who will have all of the beautiful promises of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we cannot imagine. No matter what happens in this life, maybe they were rejected and kicked out of town and murdered, and all of these things may have happened to them. But when they stand in front of us, they'll be

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successful. And that is the day where success and failure is really counted. success and failure is not in this life. success and failure is counted on to the judgment, considered success and failure in this life is in the eyes of the beholder. It's in the eyes of the beholder. Because some people will look at someone with a big house and a big car and lots of money as successful, but it wants to partner with Adam and count them amongst the theory, the losers, alone may have written for them not forever. So are they successful? No, no, it's only

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it's only a trickery. It's only a mockery for them in this life. And there may be some people who were poor and never had anything and they were destitute, and they were harassed and maimed all their life. And may have died in a you know, in the worst of conditions, but a loss of power without them, count them amongst the soul.

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And we can look at that for many people in our past starting with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and some of his companions. And people like Abraham or him online, his struggles in Islam, people like him and Malik Rahim Allah and his struggles in Islam and even taymiyah Rahim Allah it we just see it over and over again. But these are people whom we look at with the most general goodness, we look at them, and we praise them up until this day. But in this life, they didn't have much they didn't, they went through a lot of suffering, but a lot of handle with their shoulders, and shoulders.

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Now in Islam, we have two types of obligations, correct? Are there two types of obligations? Isn't? Yes or no? Where are they?

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For the

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What for?

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What is fun time?

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Everyone has to do was an example of Foreign

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Service is for binary. I can't call

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one of your brothers on the phone and you know, tell you what, I'm in the airport, and I have all this stuff going on. I don't have time to make go home today, will you make over for me and then you can take off for Asia?

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Does it work like that?

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Because I can't, I have to pay for CME fasting during the month of Ramadan. For the one everyone has to do it and no one is free from the obligation.

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Now in the reverse of that funky fire means what the definition is right in front of you. It means that there must be enough people doing this obligation in a sufficient enough manner. So they can be said that the job is getting done. What isn't? What is an instance of fortifier?

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What is an instance of occupied?

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If there's enough people praying a lot of janaza, like even four or five, six people praying a lot of janazah are you sinful if you leave? No, you get reward for staying and praying. But if you leave, there's nothing wrong with that, if there's enough people doing it, but if no one prayed

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for this person, then everyone's at fault. Everyone's insane, every single person is is responsible.

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Now that one in the general sense, in in the most general circumstances that was 45 it is 45 meaning that there must be enough people doing a lot in the sufficient enough manner so that it can be said that the job is getting done. That is the message of Islam is being conveyed properly. And the true knowledge of Islam is being conveyed and the proofs are being established.

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If not everyone is at fault. Now. Do you think that this obligation is being fulfilled? Have we reached a point of saying that the obligation of Tao and its general sense of occupy is being established?

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Is it

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mean you can just turn on turn on your TV and flip flip through a news channel, watch it for 10 minutes, and you can realize that the job is not being done? I mean, they blast the Muslims out. They slander Allah subhanho wa Taala openly they slander the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam without fear of repercussion. They carry on misinformation about Islam. The general statistics are that, you know, the majority of the world look at Islam very unfavorably. They look at Islam with apprehension. They look at Muslims with fear. I mean, this list is not the job's not being done. For sure. The fear that they have of us is not the same fear that they should have plus, there's a

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difference and we're going to discuss that a little bit later in Charlotte.

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Now, that's in a general sense.

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According to the edge, this is an element of the older man, that when Islam is under attack, when Islam is under attack, when the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala is being ridiculed in the world, when the Muslims in general are being slandered, and throughout the world with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and his character and his his

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and his life are being slandered openly in public rapidly, then dalawa goes from being 45 to 49, it goes to being forced upon each and every individual. And the rules and regulations have that one follow almost a parallel track to the rules and regulations. Does anybody know?

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They follow almost exactly the rules and regulations of

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fighting for the sake of a loss of handle with that, they follow almost the same track of the rules and regulations of fighting for the sake of a lawsuit, to add, win win win the state isn't a general good. But you know, there may be a couple of threats here and there that need to be checked. And then fighting for the sake of Allah is what sparked the fight. If enough people go, then everybody else's is free from that obligation, let people go, that's fine, leave it alone. But when the state is under attack, when the city is under attack, when the religion is under attack, then it is for the on upon each and every single individual who is capable to fight back according to their

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capacity. This is the same when it comes to down when the world is in a good state, and everything is fine. And Muslims are being treated fairly. And there's a few places where Muslims are not being treated fairly. And there's a few places with a religion of laws being ridiculed. That is 45. And if people go and take care of that, then it's fine, the rest of us can worry about other things. But when Islam is under attack, when the religion of Allah is being threatened in the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam is being slandered. It goes to being everyone's obligation within their capacity to check those threats and to check those

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misrepresentations of Islam.

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this is a big, big one. For me, it's a hard, very hard pill for me to swallow to see the condition of the home and the little bit of work that's being done in this, you know, regard.

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And I just don't, I don't really understand. And it's something I'm still trying to wrap my head around.

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Who are we commanded to love the most in this life?

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In this life, a lot. We love our loved ones I mean, in this life.

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We're commanded to love him more than any single human being that has ever existed.

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Are we supposed to love him more than we love our mother? Yes. Are we supposed to love him more than we love our fathers? What about our children? What about your wife? Rebecca has

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already been

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told the Prophet sallallahu wasallam I love you more than I love anyone except for myself. What are the profits on the

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internet, I truly, truly believe you do not truly, truly have correct email until I become more than your own self, your mother's your father's in all of mankind, that I become your beloved to you that all of mankind's almost

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all of mankind. Now,

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do we really reflect that in our actions? Do we really reflect that our actions that we love Mohammed symbolizes and more than we love anyone else in this life? Do we? If someone was to insult your mother,

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if someone was to insult your mother in public on television, if someone was to slander your, your father, your family, your children, your husband, your wife? How would you feel? How would you feel you will be hurt? You will be hurt and and, and and almost disgusted? that someone would just openly slander your mother in public? you would you would feel like you need to do something I need to correct this. No, no, this is not right. You can't get away with this. I'm not gonna let you get away with this, right? This is natural, natural inclination within us. Someone was to come out here and slamming your five year old son and your 10 year old daughter and start calling them the most

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awful of names in front of everybody. How would you feel you would get very, very upset. You would get very upset and be ready to react. Right? It's natural inside of us. But what about when we hear them slander the profits of lobbyists and even calling all these ridiculous awful names and even call? What about when we hear them talk about a loss of power without in such a derogatory manner and ridicule the Dean of Islam and ridicule the Muslims and ridicule the Sahaba and ridiculed the Pirates of this Oman.

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We have no we have no function. It doesn't break us. We might say that's not right. Or they shouldn't do that. But no, we shouldn't be more

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reaction, we should have more reaction to that than someone slandering our mother. And we should react to it with wisdom and with the righteous action, but we should, we should definitely, definitely be ready to defend the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam at the drop of a hat. And this is something that really affects me. And I know it's a side note. But this just lets us know how far away we've gone.

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Because if we were doing dowel correctly,

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and we were doing the job that we should be doing, people would not dare say the things they say against the profits of the loss, and they wouldn't dare they would not dare say the things about the loss of power without other they say, they would not dare abuse and slander the Muslims the way that they do now, they would have feared in a different way that they have fear now. They have fear of you now in a different way. You're the enemy, you're you come into this, destroy us and kill us and you're backwards and all of these negative things. No, they would fear us in a very respectful manner. The way that the Muslims of our past were feed, when the time of the Reformation in the way

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the world feared them, they feared them with the knowledge that if you say something against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is going to be at the cost maybe of your life, it will be maybe at the cost of your entire civilization to say something against this friend, do you better not do it? You better not do it? This is what

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I'm trying to remember the name.

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Does anyone remember the name of the companion that first went to the profits of Momo, my name is Solomon who they need idea

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and try to come to an attorney with him. But it did not work out. Does anyone remember the name of the company?

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Off the top of my head? It's lost me

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now wasn't able to feed

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the internet again?

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No, no, it was the one who came with the promise of a sudden what do they do when he went through the VA and he stopped and they said first and emissary to go and try to come to an agreement that they did come to an agreement to what was his name.

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I don't remember the name off the top of my head.

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I think it was maybe

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he had not become a Muslim yet. But nevertheless, the name is lost my mind slipped my mind. But when when when he came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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he came to the Prophet he tried to reach out and grasp his be in charge, you know, that's an affection amongst the amongst the items to read, you know, reach out and caresses bead. And he said that there was someone standing next to the Prophet was in full armor, you couldn't even see his face. And every time he would reach for the purpose of this and and they would slap his hand, he would knock his hand with the indivisible he would knock it down. And

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when finding the purpose of the law, you said him asked the prophet who is this man, this this harsh, backwards, crazy person you have here? Who is he? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that your nephew, that is your nephew. You are his uncle that your nephew is treating you like this. And then his nephew told him if you put your hand out again, I'll make sure you don't get it back. If you put your hand up again, I'll make sure you don't get it back. And so the man left long, I wish I remember his name.

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So I saw he was sorry. And he couldn't get to and he said I took his hand back. So when he went back to the Meccans, he went back because there was no agreement at that time. No agreement was made. He went back to the Mexicans. They said What did you see?

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The man said I have visited the kings of the world. I have visited Kissel, I have visited the next I have visited Caesar.

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And I have never seen any King treated the way the companions treat the profits of Lawson. Whenever he would make wool, they would fight with each other that gets the droppings to rub it on their faces. If a hair fell off of his head, they would fight with one another over its possession. And when he spoke, they would sit as if they had crows sitting on their heads, so that they could hear every single word that came out of his mouth. And he told the Meccans he told double sufian and all of them, whatever he has given you as an agreement, you should agree to it. Because by Allah, they will never give him by a law they will defend him to the last man and you will not be able to

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overpower them. This was the respect that was given to

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him and his users source in the respect that was given to his companions, because of their love and their dedication to the profits of

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his own uncle. He was treating him this way. And we know the story. We know the story of Apple walking around, and his son.

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We know the story of the son of Abu Bakar during the Battle of mother and developer, I will walk her son was not a Muslim. He had not yet accepted Islam. Later on in life, his son accepted Islam and he was sitting with

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This father Walker, and he was telling his father,

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oh, Father, you know, during the ballot burn, I kept you you kept appearing to me amongst the during the fight you kept appearing to me. And I kept avoiding you, so that I would not have to confront you and fight with you

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know what workers replied to his own son, his son.

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He's replied, I did not see you. But have I seen you, I would have killed you. had I seen you, I would have fought you and take it off your head, because you're an enemy to a loss of God and His Messenger. So this was the dedication they had to align His Messenger.

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I have two sons, I could not imagine doing harm to either one of them. But this is what they had. And blast, I'm going to be one last example there was,

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there was a daddy who came to our universe.

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And he asked him, How did you deal with the messenger of Allaah some of the law how it was said, and how did you treat him and so

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on and human said, we treated them like this and like this, and like this, the tablet he was not mentioned, said, by a wife, he were with us, we would kill him on our shoulders, meaning that we would have treated him better than we treated the nutrient we would have treated him better.

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To live in a basketball, the law said do not say that do not say that do not say, because you do not know how you would have acted in our conditions. We were fighting our own families. For this Diem, we were fighting father against son, Uncle against nephew, killing each other for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It was breaking up families and tribes and lineages that had been established over 1000s of years. We were doing it for the sake of Allah and His messenger. So don't say how you would have acted in our condition. Because your father's a Muslim, your uncle's a Muslim, your family's Muslim, so don't even think that you would act, how we acted. So this is a just a side note

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for us and how much love We should have for our lives messenger. So

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we've established that that was an obligation, right? Does anyone disagree with us? Is everybody in agreement with that? Now, with any obligation from a loss of kind of with the other two things come along with every obligation, one of those two things.

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Two things come along with every obligation.

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punishment and reward, yes, or no reward and punishment for law commands is to do something He rewards us for doing even though it's a command, Allah still gives us reward for everything that we do in obedience to Him. And when we disobey Him, we're punished a lesson with either says, For those who disobey me there is a painful, painful punishment waiting for them, either in this life or in the next. So with every obligation, there's rewards and punishments, and the and the rewards of punishment, are in tune with the greatness of the commands yes or no. With the greatness of the command comes the greatness of the reward, and also the greatest punishment. Now being the Dow is an

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obligation, I want to show you how great the obligation is, we can tell the greatness of a deed, by the amount of reward and punishment that comes along with it, we can tell the greatness of a deed like for instance, what is the greatest deed in Islam?

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What is the greatest need?

00:23:20--> 00:23:32

there before simple calling, the fight in the sake of a loss of power, that is the greatness of recent deeds. Right? He said, this is the greatest deal you can do is to fight the sake of Allah, what is the reward for doing it?

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If you die in that, cause you go directly to China, no in betweens, no stops, no, no, do not pass, go do not do any of that. You go straight to gender, what is the reward of abandoning for the sake of long running?

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The lowest ranks in general, some of the lowest ranks in jahannam. Allah has promised for those who turn their back for five minutes calls. So the greatness of the deed comes the greatness of the reward and the greatness of the punishment.

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Now, what about the reward for that? How great Do you think the reward and the punishment is, this is what we're gonna find out? How great is this? We're going to find out how amazing calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala is, and this is what allows me to keep doing this for so long, even though it's one of the hardest occupations for those of you who may have in your mind or if you you know, people didn't have in their mind that that was some hobby that is vainglorious and is glamorous. And you get to do TV and tell them to think again. This is the hardest occupation one of the hardest occupations that you could ever put yourself in. I mean, realistically, anybody who's involved in

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that will full time. You will know that this is by far, one of the most difficult jobs and

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honestly, I'm glad I didn't know how difficult it was the first time

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because it may have been second thoughts because it's no joke. It is literally very very you put your hand we're going to talk about why it's so difficult in a moment but that should not discourage you because you're going to see the greatness

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of course you know, the law says woman

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So no problem even dialogue or I mean, I saw the how Apollo In any event, I'm assuming there's three things that I want to point out in this verse. This is why I say to this go on forever, because every single point we could spend an hour on

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was the first thing that says women absolute golden women dialogue, what is the law saying? Who can be better than one whose speech is calling to a loss of animal with? Who can be better than one who calls to Allah, the One whose speech is calling to Allah?

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Who can be better? What is what does this word mean?

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In the terminology that Allah is using, what is he basically saying? No one is better. No one is better for long as two is better. Or if I asked who is more evil than it is a statement to let us know that there is no one. No one is better. I was saying that who can be better he's asking you who can be better than this.