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Yusha Evans
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I think we'll work here in sha Allah that will work here because there's some things that work and other places that are not going to work here, there's some things that work here that are not going to work other places. But Wednesday, we want to try to make that educational.

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In sha Allah Jota Anna, Friday is going to be more social, it's going to be more of the social aspects that will be knowledge based as well. But it's going to be more of the social activity like Friday Night Lights, and you know, sleepovers when we're able to do so and things of that nature, that's gonna happen on Friday nights. And then Saturday nights are going to be more of an inspirational series, where we're going to do lecture series that are inspirational that are hard hitting topics that are things that that I know that the youth need to hear. And that's where we will also bring in guest speakers from from all over the DFW area, guest speakers from outside of

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the state guest speakers from outside of the country. Inshallah, that will be the inspirational series. And there is a really good program that I'm hoping to institute we have not got full approval on that yet, but when we do, trust me, it will be something you do not want to miss. That will happen once a month on Saturdays. Insha, Allah hooter, Anna, but every single program, I want to try to have four aspects to all of them to all of them. Number one, I want to have the social aspect, whereas we get together we meet and greet, we establish the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood and we get to know each other and work with one another. There needs to be that social

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aspect, a core unit of us getting along with one another. There also needs to be an educational I want to have an educational aspect to everything, everything has to have an educational and religious aspect to it. You know, where our youth programs begin with the remembrance of Allah subhanahu wata and in the end with the remembrance of Allah subhanho to Ana.

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The third thing that I want to institute on almost all the programs is a HELOC. Learning other learning manners, learning etiquettes learning how to behave as Muslims how to behave as good individuals as good sons as good daughters and good brothers and good sisters and then be able to Inshallah, who to Anna when they become good parents, good husbands good wives. So our philosophy is very important, because the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said that the most appeal, the most heavy thing that will be placed on your scale on the Day of Judgment is your good manners. The most heavy thing not your salon, not yours, aka, not your fasting. He said the most heavy thing to be

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placed on one scale on the Day of Judgment is manners is good manners. And we know that Imam Malik Rahim Allah Allah, quoted from the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam that he said, I was not sending, but to perfect good manners that was my goal is to perfect good manners, you can obtain he also at a set out to us. And I'm said, you can obtain with good manners, more than one can obtain standing all night praying and fasting all day. So manners are going to be a very important part of the programs that we do learning, Islamic ethics and etiquettes when we are together in sha Allah, and I am very, very adamant about those etiquettes and manners, carrying over to Home, carrying over to school.

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That's why I'm meeting with all of your parents tomorrow to make sure that we're all on the same page because for me, as a youth director, if what I am doing here in the masjid is not transferring over to home and transferring over to school, then I'm failing and I need to adjust that. So that's I'm going to be always constantly meeting with the parents on a regular basis to make sure that what we're doing is working and if not, we will adjust as needed in sha Allah Who to Anna and the fourth aspect of every single program that we have, no matter whether it's here or anywhere else is Salah, Salah. No matter what if we're here in the masjid no matter what it is that we're doing, when it is

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time to pray, it is time to pray and everyone drops whatever they're doing and we go pray except for the sisters who have a reason not to pray at that moment. But brothers we go and pray that's it if we're out somewhere on an outing, if we because inshallah huzzah and I'm hoping to also when the weather gets a little bit cooler to do a

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an outing trip to where we're going to go camping or something like that, and do bonfire go by the lake something. I also plan to try to do an all nighter before school starts in sha Allah hooter Anna, but when we're together, when it's time to pray, we pray that's it no matter where it is. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made the entire Earth except for the the unclean places like graveyards and bathrooms he made the entire Earth msgid So that is going to be very important for us when it's time to pray, it's time to pray, we don't play with that and drama. So those are the four things I want to try to institute in all of my programs, a social aspect, brotherhood and sisterhood,

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educational aspect, remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala in everything that we do.

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Number three o'clock other etiquette having good manners establishing manners, we're also going to have part of our education series is going to be on etiquettes and other than manners, and then number four is Salam. Salah is very important that we always institute that inshallah to answer any questions about that. Does that does that sound reasonable to you guys? We want to try to make sure that all four of these aspects even in our social gatherings, even on Friday nights, if we're going to do you know Friday Night Lights and we're going to hang out we're going to play basketball or sisters are going to do their social event and I'm going to let the sisters also have a voice in the

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type of things they

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Want to see? Because I understand kind of what the boys want. You know, I mean, I'm a male I understand kind of that whole process. We like to play sports we like to, you know, play video games. I'm a basketball player, by the way, so you will be seeing me on the basketball court regularly in Shama, huzzah. Anna, flag football in the fall time. I do play football. Cricket for you guys who play cricket. Oh, God all for it. I do not understand cricket on the smallest level. It confuses me terribly. I played baseball growing up and people are like, Oh, baseball is cricket and was just like, No, it's not it's nothing like baseball. It's totally different. But we will

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establish that soccer I can play soccer. I'm better at five aside than 11 aside leaving aside just really confuses me. So we'll Institute all of those things I know what the brothers like for sisters I'm going to take your lead on that and Charlotte who Tyler working with the lead team that we will establish on the things that you like to do when it comes to the social aspects and Sharla and letting you have a voice because one thing that I am very very particular on and I want to always try to stay on this plane and if you see me deviate from it please check me is I want to make whatever we're doing mirrored for brothers and sisters so that things are equal you guys have just

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as you should have just as big a voice if not more because I do know that sisters outnumber brothers in the misogyny it's just the way it is. I go to Islamic conferences all the time. Sisters outnumber brothers when I go to program sister and brother we need volunteers sisters outnumber brothers. So we're going to mirror everything across the board in Sharma who to Anna insha Allah they won't be the same programs because sisters don't always like brothers like brothers don't like sisters like but mirrored across the board to where they both have their weight significance and importance and attention from me in Shama who to Iona.

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So that needs to be established and clear. Now, the way that this is going to happen, the best the most efficient way is not by me micromanaging a one man show, it's not possible.

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There's no way I could do it, even if my only obligation was to the youth. But with me having an obligation to the youth and to the outreach committee here at the masjid, I'm going to have to be a good

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delegator of responsibilities and shalom. And the way we're going to do that, as I sat with some of the brothers yesterday,

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I know that there were certain people before Ramadan that were put in chair positions. And that was, you know, before me, and it was before. So I know that I'm coming eyesight, and I had a talk with some of the young brothers. And the best way to do it is to start fresh is to start fresh, and give everyone an opportunity to come on board and help me make these things function, I just think that's the best way for it to work out. Because part of part of having positions is responsibility and accountability. And I want all of that to fall on my shoulders, I want to be the last one who if anything happens, it's got to come back to me, the book has to stop with me. And so the best way to

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do that is to start fresh and Shama that gives everybody the opportunity to even people with chair positions before, and there are going to be four core positions in the beginning, I might have to add to that, I might have to subtract from that. We'll see how that goes. But there are four that I think are of paramount importance to help me to facilitate these programs in the most efficient manner, and in the most effective manner. And these will be mirrored positions. Again, there'll be a brother and a sister in this position. And these people, these four people as of now, until we add more will answer to me directly, they will, they will come to me. So that we are working in sync and

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in unison, and Shama who Tiana and these will only be yearly positions. Next year, we'll do the whole process all over again, we'll do the whole to give everybody a chance and an opportunity. So it will be every year. Starting next August, the beginning August, we'll choose all over again, the four core positions are number one, and this is the most important position. And whoever holds these two positions are going to have quite a bit of responsibility. So think about that before saying you want to apply for these positions is going to be Activities Coordinator. This is going to be like my right hand, my right and my left hand to make sure things are done. These are people who I'm going

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to hold more responsible for everything else. Because I want this system to run to where if I am sick and I'm not able to be here, nothing stops. I will be traveling once a month insha Allah to continue my data activities throughout the United States once a month I won't be here. That does not mean nothing. That means nothing should stop. That's why I'm going to choose these positions very carefully. For people who can do things just just like I do them inshallah. So it'll be an activities coordinator for brothers. There'll be an activities coordinator for sisters. There will be an education coordinator for brothers, an education coordinator for sisters. This will be a

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position that will help me develop curriculum helped me to work liaise, with Imam liaise with Chef he also liaise with other people

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The knowledge to help continue the education program and series in an effective manner. Because we want to do it very systematically on Wednesday night. So we're we're starting kind of from scratch from the very bottom and working our way up, focusing focusing heavily on two areas. Number one, the parts of Islam that are required to be known what is known as dura, by necessity, things that you have to know as a Muslim that are required for you to know, by the time you're, you know, 20 years old, these are things you should know very well about your religion, because they are what tie you and bind you to the religion. And also current affairs, current issues, you know, hot button topics,

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how to answer the tough questions, all of those hot button issues, these are the two main focuses, we want to have on the education platform going forward and Chalong to Anna, so I will have an education coordinator who will help me coordinate and facilitate that and Charlemagne to Anna, there will also be a secretary from the brother and a secretary for the sister, these will be people that kind of helped me keep things in order. These will be people who help me, coordinate events, coordinate things, take minutes of meetings, so that everything is in black and white, we have a physical record of all things that are happening, and help me coordinate with like social media,

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making sure that things are getting put out when they need to get put out, etc. So on and so forth. So there'll be a secretary for brothers, and a secretary for sisters. Also, you know, there'll be the ones who helped me manage like the WhatsApp groups manage the email list, and all of those things will fall on the secretary

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position. And then in JAMA hooter, Anna, there will be a treasure, a treasure for brothers, a treasure for sisters, that will keep record and account of money that we have coming in, because we're also going to try to bring in some of our own money, we don't want to just always lean on the masjid to pay for everything, you know, a lot of us are old enough to find the ways to bring a little bit of money into what we do. Yes, the Masjid is here for us, they are willing to support anything that we do. But we also want to learn to stand on our own two feet a little bit. Because one of my goals is to prepare you guys for adulthood prepare you guys to be able to go out, we're

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gonna have life skills training, prepare you guys how to, you know, go out and do things because I know a lot of our youth would not survive on their own today. And I said that before, and I kind of stand by it. And it was not an insult. It's just part of the way the world is designed right now. But I want you guys to have those types of skills, you know, to be able to take care of yourself. And part of that is financial,

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financial stability, learning how to manage your checkbook, learning how to manage credit, learning how to manage all of these things. So there will be a treasurer who will keep a record of everything so that we can also show to the masjid what we're spending where we're spending on why we're spending it so that we can continue to get that funding without question, Inshallah, that all needs to be there. So

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anyone who is interested in applying for either one of these four positions from the brothers of the sisters, if you want to apply for the the Activities Coordinator, remember that this is going to be a big position. I'm going to choose this one very carefully. Somebody who wants to apply for education coordinator, somebody who wants to apply for Secretary, somebody who applies for a treasurer, send me an email, you OSHA dot Evans at Epic mastered.org should be very easy to remember you should that Evans at Epic masjid.org telling me number one, what you're applying for, I want to apply for the brothers Activities Coordinator position, or I want to apply for the sisters treasurer

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position. Tell me why you're applying for this position, why you're applying for this position? And what skills do you have that you think would lend to this position? What is it that you think you would bring to this type of position? So those three things, what are you applying for? Why are you applying for it and what characteristics traits skills, sell yourself, because you're gonna have to do this, when you go out into the workforce, you're gonna have to be able to sell yourself to get a job, you can't be all meek and humble, like, if you give it to me, okay? If none of you want to, if you want a job, you have to learn to sell yourself. So sell yourself a little bit. And then I will,

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in response to everyone who sends an email, I will respond to you with a questionnaire with a questionnaire, well, I want you to fill out some answers to some simple questions and email it back to me. And then I will set up an interview process where I will sit down with each and every single one of you. And we will go through an interview process, it won't be anything scary, nothing like that. I'll just sit down and want to make sure you understand what you're getting into. And then based on that, in sha Allah Allah by by by August 1, I plan to have chosen those four positions. And again, that will change next year in sha Allah, I will if I have to add to these positions, I will

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add to them. If I have to take away from them and we don't need them, then we'll do so those people who go into those four positions will also be able to choose three people under them. So the Activities Coordinator will be able to choose three people as kind of their little subcommittee that answers to them and they need to choose those wisely because they are answerable to me as well as the Treasury Secretary all of that they will get to choose three of

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their own subcommittee who they feel like they can work with to help get things done in an efficient and, and reliable manner at knowing that whoever they choose whatever it gets done, it is all going to fall on them because I'm going to hold them accountable and Shama who to honor? Does that make sense to you guys? You guys okay with that? Remember, just send me an email if you want to apply for the end do it soon. Don't Don't don't wait around because it'd be too long. Because within the next, you know, within the next week, I need to start sitting down and choosing these positions those please send me this email so I can get the question out to you again, what position you're applying

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for, why you're applying for it? And what skills or what talents do you think you have that could help you in this position in sha Allah Who to honor now,

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when it comes to

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these regular programs, these are gonna be consistent. But we're also going to have adding things like

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overnights, you know, like sleepovers. Yeah, that was like, one of the most prevalent things that was on those note cards is that we want all nighters. And I'm fine with that. I'm not an ordinary person myself by most accounts, but I have no problem doing so with you guys. But again, even if we have all nighters, know that they are going to contain those four aspects, it's not just going to be a free for all fun and go, it's still going to have the aspects of social we're going to have fun. We're also going to have you know in it within some type of knowledge and remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala there's going to be etiquette and that there's going to be rules and regulations

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for our all nighters and Salah is going to be without question, so that we're going to do those as well. We plan to have outings as well, I want to do some outings with you guys. I'm going to figure out the logistics of the best way to do it the most efficient, the most proper way to do them, and we will get them going soon. And Charlemagne to Anna, I plan to maybe have things like Taco Tuesday nights where we're gonna get like a taco truck and you know, hang out and, and do things like so there's a lot of fun things that I want to do with you guys. And I want to have a lot of good interactive, fun with you guys. I'm still a very young person at heart. I like most things that you

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guys like. But we always have to remember above all things that we are here for the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala we are still slaves of Allah Jalla wa Ala in everything that we do. And II no matter how much fun we're having, we always have to remember Allah subhanho wa taala. So as long as we're doing that, then the fun can continue. And again, if things get out of hand, we'll always have ways and systems and check backs to be able to get things back under control Insha Allah, you will find that that I am very easygoing I'm very laid back. But also there are certain areas that I just I'm very firm with we're not going to go beyond certain points we're not going to be

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disrespectful of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to be disrespectful each other, we're not going to be disrespectful, the house of Allah, gentle Allah, so those things are going to be very serious inshallah. But as long as we stay within those parameters, we're all good, and we can have as much fun as we want to inshallah. Now, since we have about 510 more minutes, those are the things I wanted to pass on with you guys today. I don't want to give you too much. The first thing I'm trying to do is get those youth lounges open that's like my,

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my area number one a focus right now to give you guys a space that belongs to you a space that belongs to you, that is your space to where anytime you want to come to the masjid and just kind of hang out in your own space that is going to be open and available to you guys in sha Allah, huzzah, Anna

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any questions about what we have discussed? Or things that you want to know how they might happen? Going forward? This is your time you have 10 minutes because we have pizza on the way insha Allah to Anna pizza is on the way and again we're always going to have food Yeah, we're going to try to have some food I'm gonna also try to get with you guys. I want you guys to also let me know next time we get together what kind of snacks you guys like you know what kind of food you guys like. So that because I'm gonna become responsible for making that happen at our future events. So I want to make sure that we're getting things that you guys like and things that that you enjoy and Shawn long, but

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again, we plan to do some other big events like bring a taco truck bring an ice cream truck and all that good stuff. John La Yes, young men

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it'll be on a weekend. Yes, for sure.

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I just said Taco Tuesday because it rings Taco Tuesday on a Friday is not there's no there's no hard and fast rule about that. It's not haram to have it on Friday.

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Fridays are going to be social but every we're going to have four there's four Fridays and a month sometimes five, right? Every one is every Friday is going to be a social type of event. But after this weekend starting next week, I will get announcements out that will be everyone will be a little bit different. Like when first Friday of the month will be something different second Friday of the month to be somebody different third Friday of the month, something different fourth Friday of the month, something different

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But it's all going to revolve around social it's all going to revolve around us having you know, a social time and and activity Saturday's again it'll be different every Saturday but it's always going to be some type of inspirational type of series either about the hereafter or life or death, you know, things of that nature. And then Wednesdays are going to be kind of steady on the education and youth forum platform. But Fridays and Saturdays will always have a different theme, but always be revolved around social and inspirational Does that make sense? That makes sense. And what I'm working on doing is getting a TV a TV like the you know, see the kiosk out here, one just for the

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youth one just for the youth a TV that's going to always have the schedule, always have everything that's going on so you guys can know you can always walk up to that TV look at it and know exactly what's happening and what Friday what Saturday what's going on what's next to the calendar of events all of that will be there and Sean Lowe to Anna I think a TV is a very effective way to do that. I know you guys are all in the digital age. Nothing on paper is going to get you guys attention whatsoever. I know that papers DC and I'm gonna look at it. So we'll get something digital on the wall with Calendar of Events and all of that and Shama sisters, any questions? I took one from

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Brother I'll take one from the sister. Nothing. You guys are crystal. All good. hamdulillah Yeah, yes, human.

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So, let's say someone applies for one position, right? But then

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everything turned out to be better for another position. Would you? Is it like you can't No, no, no, it's not saying what if you apply for activities coordinator and after sitting down and talking to you and looking at your thing I say you know what, you might be more fit for vacation I'll let you know that. You know, I'll let you I'll let you know hey, you might be more fit for this would you be yes that's not it's not a hard and fast rule. It's not a hard and fast rule. It's not like you've applied for this that's it if you don't you there's no no no, nothing's a hard and fast rule except the rulings of Allah subhanho wa Taala and everything else is we can we play it by ear in Shama? Any

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other questions young men? Yes sir.

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Yes, 100% I am, I am here for any of the high school MSS. I am your point of contact. I am your point of contact for anything that you need with regards to outreach, any anything

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and the colleges as well. Anything you need when it comes to college or high school mshs I am your point of contact let me know what you need. Let me know what you need. Come to me you know if like if you want shift the answer to come to university reach out to me reach out to me and I can facilitate you make that happen just funneling it through me reach out to me I'll reach out to him if you want mm The dean to come to your high school reach out to me, I'll reach out to him and make that happen. As long as it's flowing through me we want to kind of keep the whole process here streamline because there are four major players in this masjid and we don't want to be stepping on

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each other's toes. We don't wanna be confusing each other double booking each other. So we want to keep things in a streamline process if it's for the MSA whether it's college or high school that falls under my area of responsibilities reach out to me send me a direct email for those of you who are all you guys part of the the WhatsApp group the epic guys Whatsapp group if not make sure you get on it somehow insha Allah the brothers you can reach out to me on the epic Whatsapp group just add me I'll see it in sha Allah I'm part of like 10 WhatsApp groups my that thing is dinging and ringing and being an all night and all day so reach out to me on there or if you want to be formal

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about it send me a formal if it's a formal request like for your school, if you need some resources for your school if you need dowel materials for your school if you need someone to come and speak at your school if you need someone for like Chaplain type services at your school send me an official email you should that Evans epic Masha that org and I'll sort that out for you in sha Allah. Is that answer your question? Um, your contact point for that, sha Allah and I've already talked with the brothers that UTD will start establishing some regular stuff over at UTD insha Allah and some of the other mshs that want to reach out any other questions from the sisters anything yet? Yes.

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100% there's going to be restrictions 100% Yes.

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The TVs are mainly going to be where they're going to be for things like

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for playing like we're going to do like FIFA Madden sports type of games on there. So we're brothers can compete with each other brothers like to compete. I know that things like that. And then you know, I'll try to get things hooked up to a week and watch like Sunday football with each other or Monday Night Football under my direction. So yes, there will be a a that will be under my direct supervision. But for sisters I'm going to that's why I'm going to choose the activity coordinator for sisters very wisely. Also we are looking and I will be looking to hire a part time sisters coordinator who's going to help with the sisters on my behalf. That will be a

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hired positions, so we're going to be looking for that soon, inshallah. So she will be able to help with things like that, to make sure that there's always there always has to be restrictions. That's the number one thing that will lead the youth astray. The quickest is we remove the restrictions has to be rules and regulations. And if they're not followed, there are punishments, it's just the way the world has to be. It's the way the real world is. A real world has rules and regulations. And if you break them, you're punished for them. It's just real reality. I know that the world is set up everybody to think in school now that everybody's a winner. Life is not going to treat you like

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that. The moment you leave school, you're going to realize that life is not like that everyone is not a winner. But you and there are there are repercussions for your actions, everything you do. That's one of the main thing I want to try to teach our youth is that for every action you do, there is a repercussion. Either good from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and from the people of this world, or bad from Allah subhanho wa Taala and the people this world, so you have to choose your actions extremely wisely. So yes, is this that that makes sense?

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100%, there's always going to be supervision, there's gonna be cameras, there's gonna be the whole nine yards.

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Number seven, we're going to be working on stuff like that. One thing, though, you have to understand, and one thing I want to be very particular on, I see you and your man is

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we also have to allow our youth the ability to make mistakes, you know, I mean, they're gonna make mistakes, it's just a reality, the youth are more susceptible to that than anyone else. So it's not like, you know, we're going to rule with an iron fist, you know, I mean, that we're just smacking them about every time that No, no, but there will be repercussions, you know, but they're going to make mistakes, but I would rather them make and learn those mistakes under our supervision as parents and as facilitators at the masjid, so that we can guide and direct them on on how to correct those mistakes, then learning those mistakes out in the streets with their friends who are not going

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to guide them and correct them in any way whatsoever. So yes, well, I want to make them feel comfortable, that they can come as they are. You don't have to be a good Muslim show up at the masjid that is that is you know, that's no way the masjid is for everyone on every spectrum of religiosity, every spectrum of ideology, every spectrum of fifth understanding, we're going to be very broad in that I share for those of you who were here. The other night, when chef Yasser spoke after salata, Lucia, with me and him hold a very similar understanding is that we both have our own personal understandings about Islam, we have our personal fifth leanings, his teachers are all

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Hanbali, my teachers are all Hanbali, you know, so, but we also have been around long enough, I've been doing this now for almost 13 years traveling the globe, that I see that Islam is very broad, very colorful, and there is a wide range of flexibility and understandings and I am planning to cater to all of that Inshallah, there are just certain places the same lecture, he said, there are certain places where I draw kind of hard and fast lines that I just don't go across these lines. So and that will be understood, as we lay out the education programs and stuff like that. Insha Allah Huhtala yes, there's always going to be some type of supervision

00:28:09 --> 00:28:27

with the brothers is always going to follow on me with the sisters, I'm going to need people in again, a good education, I mean, a good activities coordinator, and we're going to look for a part time sisters coordinator who can help me facilitate those things in a more direct manner. And Shawn, that works directly with me. Any Uh, yes. Yeah, man, you got a question?

00:28:32 --> 00:28:32

The brothers

00:28:35 --> 00:29:09

were brothers. Right now it's full of ping pong tables. Those Those ping pong tables are gonna go We'll find another place for the ping pong tables in Sharla. Montana for those of you who are ping pong fanatics, don't worry, we're not tracking the ping pong tables. We'll find space for the mission along with Tyler but that room it's actually right there in the gym. I don't know where the sisters room is. You guys probably know maybe know where the sisters began. So the sisters Lounge is no nobody. It's the same place on the other side. So it's on the it's on the it's on the gym side, the sister side room off to the side we're going to those are going to be the lounges for you guys

00:29:09 --> 00:29:16

in Shama who to Anna but again, we're going to make them a space that you feel comfortable in the space that that is that is ours in sha Allah space that is ours

00:29:23 --> 00:29:55

Yes, sports turnips and stuff like that. We're going to arrange viewings for that in sha Allah Hutan under my supervision under the Activities Coordinator supervision. In short, yes, it's going to be a very laid back place for the youth. But again, we're going to use that for when we don't have space like this. We're going to use that far. You know, reminders, purpose and stuff like that because we want to do regular reminders, because that is the purpose of this place. We always have to remember that the building we're in is the house of Allah subhanho Atlanta. We can come here and have fun and come here and and be yourself but you always have to remember this is the house of Allah Subhana

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

Allah Allah. Those rulings are always hard and fast. Yes, young man

00:30:00 --> 00:30:00


00:30:05 --> 00:30:42

age age limit for signing up for the positions no i for those positions I'm glad you asked that because I should have made that more clear for the positions I at least want high school high school and above high school or above for those positions High School and above and if you're signing up for activities coordinator know that it is going to take some of your time so make sure that you have available free time for that because you know I want to make sure that things run smoothly so if something happens and I I appointed Activities Coordinator and it doesn't work out you know then we will transition to find someone who can do it properly because I'm about getting things done I

00:30:42 --> 00:30:45

like things to get done in Sharla who Tiana Yes brother

00:30:49 --> 00:31:11

No, me into into the lounge, we're going to find a way that we you know, have access is just for youth. But I'll work that out with the board insha Allah Allah to find a way that we have access because I also need to know who's coming and going and stuff like that. So we're going to work out a system and Shama Shama, the point is, we're going to make it happen, gonna make it happen Inshallah, yes, young men.

00:31:14 --> 00:31:48

We I if, if the brothers and sisters are interested, I will try to hopefully introduce some self defense classes, not full on martial arts, because that's, that's a whole nother ballgame. But for self defense classes for brothers, self defense classes for sisters, because I guess that that's kind of my forte. That's what I've done since I was 14 years old. So we will try to do that. And John Lewis had to have some self defense classes for brothers and self defense classes for sister like realistic little street self defense, for if sisters got themselves into a situation where they needed to be able to defend themselves and get out of that situation, the same way brothers, not to

00:31:48 --> 00:32:14

use to go to school and you know, show your friends that you can, you know, put them in a very awkward and very uncomfortable position very quickly, because that will cause repercussions for me, but you know, to be able to use them if you really need them in a long time. The best form of self defense is not to have to use it. That is the best of defense isn't to not have to use it to defuse the situation. I have been a black belt in martial arts. Since I was 17 years old. I have never been in a street fight.

00:32:15 --> 00:32:49

I've never been in a street fight. Never. I've never had to. I've always found it because the more you know about how to hurt someone, the more you don't want to do it. The more you want to defuse the situation, the more you know that mercy is walking away. You know, no one 100 has ever put their hands on me that would be the red line that would get drawn if you physically put your hands on me would be a different story. I take that back. I was in one street fight in Egypt. But that I don't want that don't count that was like that happens. It's like and I was there during the revolution. It was like you know the wild west that was a whole nother world altogether. But I've never been in

00:32:49 --> 00:33:04

an altercation where I've had to use my martial arts it's more mercy for me to walk away because Yeah, could I have beat up 2030 people by now and put them in the hospital probably doesn't make me any better martial artists just makes me not have very good self control yes young men back there

00:33:23 --> 00:33:39

100% Yes any any public school anybody who wants me to come to their school for any reason whether it be public school, high school, college, just get in touch with me through my email you should at Evans at Epic Masha that org and we can make that happen in Shama who? Tiana?

00:33:40 --> 00:33:40


00:33:49 --> 00:34:06

We're going to actually address that in some of our outreach in summer Outreach, I'm going to we're gonna have you oriented outreach sessions as well working with Ursuline to do that in sha Allah Who to Anna, to have events to where you can bring, you know, we're gonna have like, you know, basketball tournaments and stuff like that, to where you can open it up to bring your mom some friends and see us in a very,

00:34:07 --> 00:34:33

very laid back environment, cars and coffee, which we started this morning, which is going to be a weekly thing is a good thing to invite non Muslims to the masjid and see us as normal people. We were just hanging out talking about cars. And you know, we're not talking about plotting to blow the world this morning. We were talking about cars and stuff like that, and we eat some donuts and coffee. So it was very laid back. So yes, we're going to find a way to institute that to help the youth share their Islam at school, you know, in the appear groups and Shama?

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

Well, we'll address classes like that too. And Shama Yes. That wouldn't be able to some like I gotta quantify in this small little, because we're running out of time, and I'm sure you guys want to eat pizza. But we are going to have classes just for that just for training. The youth just on the youth on how to share Islam in the high school. world share Islam on a collegiate level. We're going to work on that and shot along with Hannah. Sisters. Any questions? Yes.

00:35:09 --> 00:35:12

middle school, high school and college. Middle school high school college.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:15


00:35:17 --> 00:35:36

no 100% The youth is middle school, middle school to college, middle school to college. But for like these positions and stuff, that's why I particularly mentioned High School in college, because they're more of an adult type themed of a position. But we're addressing the youth programs are for middle school age, up through collegiate age and childhood to Anna.

00:35:49 --> 00:36:23

Oh 100% 100% If I sit catch somebody on a cell phone during a an official, if you're hanging out, that's another thing. It's another thing. But if we're having like, a Class A session, or something where you need to be paying attention and you're on your phone, you'll probably lose it until the end of the program. That's fine. Yeah, same I do with my children at home. I was it during times where the phones need to be away, the phones need to be away. I know you guys screen time is probably like 1617 hours a day. I know it. I know this. So we're going to try to try to keep that down. When we have these programs and shout Allahu Taala your Snapchats not going to catch on fire.

00:36:23 --> 00:36:53

If you don't answer it for 30 minutes. You know, your Instagrams not going to forget about you. If you don't post for an hour, we'll we'll learn to train that and Charlemagne to Anna, I know it's gonna be some withdrawal symptoms from some of you. And I'm not like I'm saying I'm taking away your phones. But I'm saying if you're hanging out and we're hanging out chilling, you want to be on your phone is another thing. But if we're having like a class or a session or remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah or a session like this, where you're supposed to be paying attention. That's disrespectful. And that's one thing, I'm all good with having fun, you can actually come to me and

00:36:53 --> 00:37:26

tell me you don't like me, you can actually come to me and say you hate me. No problem. Disrespect is one thing that I draw the line at, I'm a southern boy born and raised, respect is primary. If you don't have respect for one another, then then you're just not even really a human being anymore. So we're going to learn to have that with love and other even when we disagree with each other, we're gonna learn to do with other and respect even when we don't like one another. We're gonna learn to do it with each other and respect and get over that and learn to build bond bridges Inshallah, any other important question before I call it to an end and we can have some food in sha Allah. Okay.

00:37:27 --> 00:38:02

Now those things will be getting announced. For those of you who are part of the brothers group, we're going to be announcing the programs that are coming up next week, we're going to start on Wednesday, with in all of this is going to be between Maghrib and Isha until the time changes and we bring it back to after issue after issue insha Allah Italia but for now, between Marguerite and Asia, Wednesday, we're going to start with just a primer of what we're going to do for education and Shawn long. And then Friday and Saturday. All of that will be announced at the beginning of this week in sha Allah Who to Anna, for the parents, for those of you who are I'll talk to them tomorrow,

00:38:02 --> 00:38:18

but I'd see that we have a couple parents here. Make sure you subscribe to The telegram broadcast group. If you don't have telegram download on your phone. There's a broadcast only channel for parents where I send out announcements, advisories and things like that. So find out how to get involved in that telegram.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:52

Broadcast lists so that you can know what's going on and make sure you're keeping up with the newsletter sign up to the masjid newsletter, the one that comes out on Fridays though the email updates so you can always be aware of what's going on in sha Allah. Also for the youth, we're going to Inshallah, start an Instagram feed for epic youth. We're gonna start on Instagram for epic youth. Those of you who are not following us on Facebook, follow epic youth on Facebook in sha Allah, so you can be in the know of what's going on. I plan on using those social medias heavily because I know that's where our youth live, they live on social media I know you guys live on social media

00:38:53 --> 00:39:23

because I'm on social media and see you all the time. So we're going to have Instagram Facebook and work it out that way inshallah and for those of you want to keep up with me I'm going to be posting some stuff on my own social media you should Evans across the whole platform on Facebook, there's only one and as a blue checkmark next to it. Don't follow any of the other ones because they're probably going to try to scam you out of something there's so many Facebook's that are created about me I have to shut them down weekly if it doesn't have a blue checkmark verified next to it. It's not me it's not me Instagram I'm still working to get verified they have a very they have a big problem

00:39:23 --> 00:39:46

of verifying me on Instagram. But there's there's only one of me that right now as of right now has like 60,000 followers so follow me on that one. And you can keep up with my personal stuff in sha Allah BarakAllahu li calm Jimmy and Subhanak Lahoma will be handy commercia doing hola hola and so Furukawa to be like, what is that combo? Hiren I look forward to seeing you guys on Wednesday night and then next weekend we'll have some amazing program starting in sha Allah said Mr. Alikum.

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