I Want That Feeling Back!

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mics dirty.

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I'll clean that later.

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Seems like a nice day to ride it shall

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be a short ride today.

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Feels good to be back on the bike.

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When there's not too hot weather is just perfect hamdulillah.

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And I haven't done a model vlog in a while as well. So let's see how this goes.

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Cars stopped right in front of me.

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I don't know why every time I got on the bike, I'm like, why did I wait so long? to do that?

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So what am I motovlogging about today? I'm actually one of the topics I wanted to speak about

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was since Ramadan, you know, it's not too far away.

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Since Ramadan, left us not too long ago.

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You know, oftentimes people talk about Ramadan and Ramadan over and I hear people say,

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I want that feeling back.

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Meaning I want that feeling

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that I had in the month when I'm alone.

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Now, I have some good news. And I have some bad news.

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Good news is that we'll start with the bad news. Bad news is you cannot exactly get that feeling back right outside of the month of Ramadan.

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The good news is that you can get quite close, you can get quite close to how you felt in the month of Ramadan. And usually I say like in summary, if I were to summarize this whole issue,

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I would say if you want that feeling back, do what you were doing in Ramadan.

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That's it. Think about all that you're doing in Ramadan. And you'll get that feeling back.

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Every man I've spoken about this before, doesn't go up and down automatically. It's not like

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it's not something that is out of our control. Or you man is something that the more work we put into it,

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the more it strengthens. And the more we let it go, the more we neglect it,

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the more it goes down, and it weakens. So our man was strong in the month of Ramadan or spirituality was strong because we were working at it, I mean, think about everything you were doing in the month of Ramadan. And obviously, our amount is going to be strong. Obviously our spirituality is gonna be strong, obviously, we're gonna feel great.

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So as I said, you know, the you can think about

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it in a couple different categories in terms of what you were doing.

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First of all, the Quran, right? You had a relationship with the Quran every single day, you were, at the very least listening to the Quran, maybe not reciting. Maybe not, you know, reading the meaning and the translation and you know, the interpretation, but at least you were listening to the piano on daily basis. You can do that. Right, to get close to that feeling.

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But also, you were reciting, some people were reciting. And that helped. Also, most likely you're praying your five daily prayers on time, all of them.

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That's something you can do.

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You can have that relationship with your son or your prayer like you had in the month of Ramadan.

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So being consistent with your prayer,

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outside of the month of Ramadan.

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There's one aspect of the month of Ramadan that is kind of hard

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to get outside of the month of Ramadan.

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And that's why I said earlier. The bad news or a little bit of the bad news is that you cannot completely get that feeling back. What is that aspect of Ramadan? That is the aspect of congregation jamara so every day, you're going to the masjid.

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But it wasn't just you going to the machine right? So if you're going by yourself, it's a cost you can do that now go to the masjid every day.

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You've gotten the machine and you saw the machine was full. And you felt the Brotherhood and the sisterhood and everybody's worshiping together by doing goodness together.

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How did that make you feel?

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and made you feel great.

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And that doesn't happen outside of the month of Ramadan Shabbat extent at least. For us, that's why it's hard to duplicate that. But there are congregational things that we can do outside of the month of Ramadan, that can get us close. So obviously, the Juma prayer

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is important. Any other congregational prayers, even if it's, you know, maybe let's say your mission, there's 200 people there. For Asia. Now, there's 10 people, that is still a congregation, that is still the jamara. And we know that I'm told us that a person who prays in jamara congregation, we have in one narration, 27 times more reward, right. So automatically our spirituality goes up.

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When we pray in congregation, so trying to praise many prayers in congregation as possible,

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outside of the month of Ramadan, that's something we can do.

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Also, you know,

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do going to events where Muslims are together.

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So it doesn't have to be just the masjid or you know, just the prayer in the masjid. You know how to caught in the masjid or lectures, that would be good. Any other classes going on anything that you can do, where you're together with Muslims learning

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is great.

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Anything that you can attend,

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where Muslims are together, learning doing things, you know, goodness,

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increase your demand that you feel some of what you felt in the month of Ramadan. And, you know, I say this, because of my first hand experience. You know, I teach seminars, and those who attend our seminars, if you've never attended one, you know, I would highly recommend it. Those who attended always, always talk about how they felt during the seminar, and then how they feel after, there's this thing that a lot of students call the element of blues. That's basically the day after the seminar like Monday morning or whatever, you know, these students have spent, you know, two, two and a half days learning together and growing together, becoming stronger, and their fate together. And

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then boom, they go back to their everyday life, you know, whether it's like work or school or whatever, and you feel kind of sad. And even as a teacher, I feel that, you know, the day after the seminar is over, I feel a little bit sad, you know, that that weekend is over. But those are the moderate blues. But that's what you know, what that is, is a normal reaction, because you just spent all this time with your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters learning.

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And so when you cut that off immediately, that's going to,

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you're going to feel that amount of blues, and likewise is the blues, right? We feel that I'm about blues after a moment is over. But you know, we want to try and minimize that. And by the way, built into Islam, we do have something to kind of eases off, you know, fasting the six days of Sha one,

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fasting six days, after the month of Ramadan. There's a reason why that's there. And one of the wisdoms behind fasting, six days after Ramadan is over is so that we don't go from fasting every day, to not fasting at all. So doing at least six days out of the month. And that's there, you know, apart from the reward, obviously.

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But it's there so that we have we keep that contact with the slim with the fasting. Right that we don't completely cut it off. And that should be a theme for us after the month of Ramadan. We don't have to do everything that we were doing in the month of Ramadan. But we shouldn't go from 100 to zero. That's important. And so, yes, you know, we can have that feeling that we have in the month of Ramadan. We just have to find ways to supplement what we're missing from the month of Ramadan.

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So yeah, that's just a couple pieces of advice. I mean, obviously, there's a lot more that can be done

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outside of Ramadan. So you know what I'd like to hear from you, inshallah, what would you advise me, first and foremost, and everyone else who's listening everyone else who's here. So in the comments below,

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what would you suggest to kind of bring that feeling back or to get some of that feeling back from the month of Ramadan? What What do you do personally, and what would you advise intel on Java?

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And I'm gonna get back to my ride.