Punishment Or A Test To Purify Me

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim discusses

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The speaker discusses how the Prophet has used the test of the Day of Judgment to encourage people to pray for a better life, even if they have been punished for their actions. They argue that the punishment is a purification from a law, and that people may be punished for their actions. The speaker also mentions that people may be punished for their actions, even if they don't repeat them.

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How do I know if a loss punishing me or if it's a good purification for me Allah testing me

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Alia the Allahu anhu Ah, one of the great companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, the cousin of the prophet in the fourth hula fell Raja Deen, he was asked this very same question. And he said to the person, and I say to you today, that if the test that you've been given in life brings you closer to a law, because you've been tested, you're praying better, you're doing more prayers, you're asking a law for more, you're making more, you're standing up at night before him you're reciting the law and you're making a stefarr. If the difficulty the pestilence said has arrived has brought you closer to a law than it is in a punishment from a law, it is a purification from a law, a test from a law that

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will give you greater love from him, and greater comfort. But if the thing that you're enduring leads you away from a law where you rebel against a lot, you used to pray, but you don't pray anymore you used to make, but you don't anymore. Instead of saying Alhamdulillah for what I have, you're saying Allah has never given me anything? Why is this always happening to me? Why am I the one with the worst luck? It's made you hardened and bitter against your maker, then it is a punishment from Allah and Allah punishing you for something in in this life, and perhaps that punishment will free you from its punishment on the Day of Judgment. And perhaps if you return to a

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law, law, law home your children, Allah says, I punish them. I have now humbled that I send upon them the punishment so that they may return to me and may we all return to Allah tat Eb Now, having never been a harmony a lot, man