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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Day one of Ramadan is over the countdown is on guys, I just wanted to share with you some thoughts in sha Allah, um, hopefully you're up, they will benefit you as they've benefited me as well. Now, it's very important that as you're starting this very blessed month that you have a goal. And this goal must be a long term goal, not a short term goal. Meaning what? Meaning it's something that you can continue in sha Allah after Ramadan, because basically, as we said in the past video is that these 30 days is basically a training for your heart. And once you start that habit, insha Allah, you can continue with it after Ramadan. Now, one

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thing I'm going to tell you, first off, write down your goal and put it up, stick it somewhere where you can see it, girls, I know you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, put it on the mirror, put it somewhere where you're going to look four or five times a day, guys, I don't know where whether you're on the treadmill or on the door, or whatever it is that you look at multiple times during the day, put that goal up and stay focused. A lot of destruction happens in Amazon, we start very enthusiastic, and we're going to finish the car and I don't know how many times and we're going to do the throw we have the Sunnah and and this and that. But then after the first week, what

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happens? We burned, we're burnt out, basically. And we're very tired, because unfortunately, a lot of us just jump into Ramadan without warming up before that. You can't go and join the Olympics without training for months and months. If not years before that, what happens if you jump into the race and you're not ready, you get tired very quickly. So first of all, write your goal, put it somewhere you can see it and make sure it's something that you can actually achieve, not something that you know is going to make you basically feel paralyzed, meaning what don't overwhelm yourself with stuff that you know, you're not going to be able to do put something that's realistic, but you

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can be consistent with because it's better to be consistent with small things than just doing one big thing. And then just going off and forgetting about it. The other thing I was I was sorry, listening to something and it was really cool, it was saying that you can have worshipping as your goal. Basically, your goal should be trying to reconcile with Allah subhanaw taala. And your means of reaching that goal is worshiping so your eye baddha cannot be the goal that I bet it is a means of getting to your goal, you try to reconcile with Allah subhanaw taala and work on one trade one thing that you know, that you're not good at, whether it's controlling your anger, or maybe

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backbiting or maybe being very just tough with people or maybe you're not, whatever it is, with relationships with people, whatever it is that you know, you need fixing, work on that make that your goal, take one thing and stick to it and try to really work on it. And through your worshipping in sha Allah Arab and that training every single day say I was talking with some of my students. And some of them said, you know, I'm going to really try to work on not being mean to others. You know, that person knows what they need to work on. And mashallah they're very honest with themselves very proud of that person. And hopefully, it'll be in sha Allah, with the Quran. And with that I've added

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and with the all different kinds of good things that we try to do during this month, in sha Allah, you can reach that goal by practicing maybe one day, you will be mean, hopefully the second day you won't be, and so on so forth with whatever it is that you're working on in sha Allah.

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The other thing I wanted to mention is that, as you're going through the month, remember that you have to work on three things. It's not just about worshiping as well. Because worshiping is, it's not we're not we're not going to differ upon that it's the most beautiful thing ever. But worshipping only benefits you it doesn't benefit those around you. So if you're reading the Quran, or you're doing your salon tarawih, or whatever it is, it's something that's benefiting you have to look I'm sorry, excuse me,

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excuse me, you have to look around those who around you, your family, your parents, your siblings, your children, your spouse, whatever it is, and you have to work on these relations. So it's not just with you and Allah subhanaw taala that with you and the bed, those who are around you. Try to fix these relationships, try to work on that. If you have parents, go to them and talk to them. Your parents being alive is the biggest blessing ever. Growing up being a teenager I know how it is. You want to go in your room, close the door, you're on the phone, because your friends, they're the best thing ever, aren't they? Which is true. May Allah bless you with wonderful friends. But believe me,

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nobody, nobody in this world loves you. Like your parents. Go out of your room and talk to your mom, talk to your dad. Ask them how was your day help them make it part of your, like your goal this year, this month inshallah to help your parents, they invest in us so much and we Subhanallah kind of like put them on the side and don't really think about it to later on in life when we ourselves are parents. And we wish we could go back in time and have them and help them and you know, do everything we can to you know, to kind of pay back everything they've done for

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was growing up. So go out and talk to your parents see what your mom needs if she needs help in the kitchen, help her Don't say Oh, I'm gonna go pray that you have to pray to rise. Yes you want to worship, but remember they're also helping your mom or your dad with whatever it is or somebody who's in need or asking about your grandparents, your aunts, your uncles or helping your sibling that that is also a form of worship. So don't just do what's love to your heart, but do what's also going to help those around you and still give you those good deeds inshallah. Stay focused, write your goal, put it somewhere where you can see it. Don't put something that's too hard to achieve and

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be a person of service for those around you. In sha Allah, it'll be a very blessed month and may Allah subhanaw taala accept your fasting your Salah, and everything in sha Allah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.