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said Mr. Aiken, what happened to law? What I got to this is coming back on another raw vlog. I know it's been a while, so I apologize for that. Anyhow, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you regarding what took place and I'm sure many of you probably all of you know about the two incidents, the tragedies that took place. Firstly, the Sydney siege in Australia and second all Second of all, the

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horrific event Depeche, our attacks in Pakistan. Now, like many of you, I posted stuff on Facebook and Twitter shared my thoughts and all that, condemning what took place, obviously, but also just, you know, just expressing my sorrow, but you know, what took place? Anyhow, I want to share with you some of the responses I got.

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Yeah, so let's let's get to them. In particular, these are some of the responses I got from some of the atheists. So I'll read some of them off to you. This is just a small sample. Number one at same. Religion is a direct cause of the push our attack, the killers believe they are commanded by God. Okay.

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Second of all, and they get obviously better and better at the same Haha, Allah is responsible, you fool. Okay.

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Here's another one. And this is probably, you know, very, very, very good, very well done, very eloquent. Mashallah, they said, to name a few.

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Okay, so these are just a sample of some of the responses I got. Now, while reading stuff like this, I started to think of how a lot about how,

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how some atheists are using or the, you know, not just this time, but it happens quite often, that they will use these type of tragedies, as an excuse, or as an opportunity, I should say, to curse, religion, curse God, curse anyone who believes in God or condemn anyone who believes in God, telling them how foolish they are, and so on and so forth. And I thought to myself, how, like, how desperate Do you have to be like, how desperate Do you have to be to use a tragedy like this, where you know, innocent people died, innocent kids died, to use a tragic like this, to shove your beliefs down someone's throat, talking about shoving atheism down people's throats. I mean, we live in a time

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where we see a rise of people that I tend to call hyper aggressive atheists, right. It's not just about them, being atheist on their own, it's about condemning anyone who believes in God ridiculing them, making fun of them, all that kind of stuff. And for me, like one of the thoughts that I had about this was that, in reality, it's, it goes back to to two main reasons I would say why they have, why they behave in this way. First and foremost, as we know, as Muslims a lot created mankind upon their fifth law, I was probably set up said kulu, mo luden, you will do that every newborn child is born upon their, their nature, their inner their innate nature, and that is to want to

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worship God and to believe in God. So to live a lifestyle of atheism, to reject God is actually not easy. It's actually very difficult to live your life like that, because the heart just never agrees with it. The fifth law is, as I said, is our inborn need to want to worship Allah subhanaw taala to believe in God. And when you take that away, it's very difficult to live, that type of lifestyle is very difficult for you to, you know, continue in that type of lifestyle. And this is why

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these people often become very aggressive, very rude towards other people, and they try to make fun of other people. And I would say that's, that's the first thing you know, because it's, you know, evens out a lot of Muslims, a lot of young Muslims, they get duped into believing that atheism makes sense. And it's great. And it's, you know, religion and God is such a ridiculous belief. In actuality, it's one thing to flirt with, with atheism. It's another thing to actually live that type of life because honestly, it's a facade. It's a life upon atheism is empty, a soulless type of life. And when you're living that type of life, like I said, one of the ways that you deal with that is

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being super aggressive towards other people. Secondly, I think the big cause of that is insecurity. I honestly think atheists are very insecure about themselves. And those were insecure about themselves. Usually, what they do is they put other people down, you know, they're the ones who are bullying other people and all that. And this is what I quoted to you today. How much just some of the tweets it's not. I mean, you go to look at look at other people's pages, other speakers, scholars, whatever, and you'll see how the atheist app like the most foul mouth, cursing a law cursing God, cursing religion, putting people down and like I said, I honestly believe it's because

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of their insecurities. And it's very sad. Like I said, it's sad when you see young Muslims being duped into thinking that atheism actually makes sense. It doesn't it doesn't make sense. It doesn't even agree with the heart. It doesn't agree with the knifes it doesn't agree with the soul. Like I said, it's actually very difficult to live a life upon atheist

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Because what you're doing is you're covering up your fifth or you're covering up the need that Allah has given you the need to be spiritual being the need to worship a lot, the need to believe in God, this is something this is how Allah created us. So when you pick atheism or you reject God, this is the type of behavior that people will often resort to and ask a lot to

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guide them obviously, but asked the last printout, it gives us the patience to deal with people like that and ask Allah to protect us and keep us firm upon his belief, the belief in Allah and the worship of last Pinter, Adam, I want to keep this short inshallah Tada. So, hopefully I'll be coming out with more of these roadblocks. Just a couple of thoughts I had that I will share with you that I wanted to share with you. So until next time in sha Allah said I'm on equal Mohammed ally or what I can do