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Youssra Kamel Kandil
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the risks of working in a patisserie and how it can lead to winning a box of desserts. They also mention a family member's success with cake and how it gives rights to blessings. The speaker emphasizes the importance of focusing on what is in the box rather than what is in other people's boxes and how everyone can give rights to blessings.
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You know what risk is like? It's like walking into a patisserie or patisserie as they seem French and asking the guy at the counter can you please give me a box of 10 pieces of desserts and he asks you what type you see a variety so he gives you five chocolate cake slices and then two slices of Angel cake and three slices of swiss roll. Okay, and then somebody else comes in and says would you would you like a box of 10 pieces please? Variety. This time he gives him what he gives him some

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three slices of chocolate cake and then two carrot cake and then I don't know five. Something else I don't know blackforest both people got a box of 10 pieces of delicious desserts. They're different, but they're sweet. And they are delicious. And it's the same thing with your risk. Each one of us gets that box with their sustenance in it. Different types. Some of us have beautiful kids, some of us can have kids that have amazing family. Some of us are able to get up and pray for pleasure and some of us are able to acknowledge blessings as blessing for sale handling now, but at the end it's all sweet. It's all beautiful. It's all systems from Allah subhanho wa Taala we would only be able

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to realize this if we focus at what's in our box nots what in other people's boxes. We have lost Hannah and Sally are up the grantee all beautiful risk and make you able to acknowledge the blessings that you have in your life and what give Hakusho can give the rights yeah me way of thinking of us kind of what Anna to what you do have because at the end, it's all sweet salamati Cobra has a labor

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